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Twins To Sign Carlos Correa

No, this is not a RandBalls Stu article. No satire here! According to Mark Berman, the Twins and All Star shortstop Carlos Correa have agreed to a three-year deal worth $103.5 million. The deal is believed to have opt-outs after the first two years. Also, Holy Wow! 

Mark Berman is the sports director at Fox 26 in Houston is the one breaking the news after contact from an "MLB source."  Carlos Correa will be the Minnesota Twins shortstop in 2022. 

There were never any rumors about the Twins having interest in the former Astros' All Star shortstop. Then as the clock passed 12:30 am in Minnesota, news broke that the Twins were the team. It is a three-year deal for $105.3 million, which is just over $35 million per year. However, he will be able to opt out of his contract following the 2022 and 2023 seasons. 

The agreement has now been placed on twitter by Jeff Passan from ESPN. Yes, we needed to see the rumors from a second source, and then a third. 

 Carlos Correa was the first overall pick in the 2012 draft by the Houston Astros. He made his big league debut in 2015 with the Astros and was named the American League Rookie of the Year. 

Over his seven seasons with the Astros, he played in 752 games. He has hit .277/.356/.481 (.837) with 162 doubles, 133 home runs and 489 RBI. He has twice been an All Star. 

In 2021, he finished fifth in the American League in MVP voting after hitting .279/.366/.485 (.850) with 34 doubles and a career-high 26 homers and 92 RBI. In addition, he won the Gold Glove, his first. 

Over his seven seasons, the Astros have made the playoffs six times including winning the (now-controversial) 2017 World Series championship. Correa has played in 79 post-season games and hit .272/.344/.505 (.849) with 16 doubles and 18 home runs. 

It has been a great year for players taken in that 2012 MLB draft: 

  • #1 pick Carlos Correa received a three-year, $105.3 million contract from the Twins with two opt-outs. 
  • #2 pick Byron Buxton signed a seven-year, $100 million contract to remain with the Twins. 
  • #4 pick Kevin Gausman signed a five-year, $110 million contract with the Blue Jays. 
  • #18 pick Corey Seager signed a ten-year, $325 million contract with the Rangers. 
  • #32 pick Jose Berrios signed a seven-year, $131 million contract with the Blue Jays. 

Correa was the #1 ranked free agent this offseason, just ahead of Seager. Maybe following the lockout, he wasn't getting ten-year offers (like Seager) and the Twins gave him a shorter deal for a higher Average Annual salary (at $35.1 million). He will not turn 28 until September, so he could enter the free agent market next year, still very young for a free agent, and get a ten year contract, or more. Same if he plays for the Twins in 2023. And, if he plays all three seasons with the Twins, he becomes a free agent at 30 years old, still young for a free agent. 

In addition, the Twins may only be locked into this contract for one year. If Correa is great, the Twins likely do well, and he opts out. If he does well and the Twins struggle, they could trade him (unless we hear of a no-trade clause) and get quite the haul. 

That means that the team doesn't have to feel rushed to push Royce Lewis to the big leagues. After missing the last two seasons, Lewis simply needs a lot of at-bats. He can get those in Wichita and St. Paul this year, and he can get himself ready if he is needed. 

The Twins were believed to be in on Trevor Story, who may also accept a short-term deal after expecting a nine-digit deal. On Friday, news broke that the Red Sox and Giants, and other teams were starting to contact him too. 

The Twins quickly turned their intention to the top guy. Even if this is a one-year deal, it is great for the Twins. The shortstop position is covered for 2022 (and likely just the one year) by Correa. They added Sonny Gray. They are still believed to be in on the A's top starting pitchers (Frankie Montas and Sean Manaea). 

Earlier on Friday night, many Twins fans were disappointed to have heard that Michael Pineda had signed with the Detroit Tigers. Twins Twitter got a little heated. Hopefully when Twins fans wake up on Saturday morning, they are very happy! 

Finally, can we stop worrying about the Twins not spending available funds? Each year, this has been a concern, but they use up the budget. In addition, can the #CheapPohlads narrative finally go away!? 

What are your thoughts, Twins fans?! 

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Verified Member

welp, I will admit I did not see that coming! I figured Story was the guy, if we were going to nail SS. Correa seemed out of the realm. Can't say I'm mad about it!

Gotta say, this is where I want them to spend this kind of money. Sign Pineda and I feel awfully good about the Twins offseason and the potential of this team to contend in 2022.

If Correa is healthy then he's an all-star, maybe an MVP candidate. That's awesome. (This move might even be enough to get people to stop complaining about losing Rortvedt)

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Verified Member

I guess Twins' fans don't really care about cheaters, and welcome them when it suits. I should know, as I am one.

I hope Correa performs to his best level, and he should be motivated, as he is really looking for the long term deal. Probably a 1 season Visitor. 

I hope he and Buxton have a 2022 that makes it tough to decide who gets the vote for 2022 MVP.

Personally, I would rather have had the $ spent on top of the line pitching, Story, kept Garver, no Sanchez, no proud cheaters, and am happy to not have Pineda available. But I encourage Pohlad to spend that money, and have some fun before he dies. It is only money, and one can only really use so much. May as well compete with the Mets and Dodgers and spend. 

Montas was a PED suspended pitcher (80 days, June 2019, for Osterine - which, of course, was a mistake as they all say), too. 

It seems character is not so important for the clubhouse, or fans, after all. I don't really mind. It should make for an interesting season, and much more anticipated than yesterday.

I still don't believe it. I'll check in the morning to see if it is still true that Correa is the new shortstop.




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Good deal for 2022, as the Twins have money and nothing else to do with it.  Could be really horrible if Correa has a bad injury this year and misses (most of) 2023.  Best case scenario is probably that he's decent (I wouldn't expect his numbers to match Houston) and still marketable prior to the deadline.  Or, of course, that he leads the Twins to a successful playoff run.  So the Twins get a good shortstop for one year with a chance to lose all payroll flexibility the next two years.  I hate these deals.  It's no-lose for Correa but possibly dangerous for the Twins.  Would have loved a simple one-year deal.

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