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  1. I'd sign Berrios to a 5 year $100M deal immediately. he gets that on the open market in my mind for sure, unless he blows out his elbow next season, and there's nothing to suggest he will. I just think he's comfortable betting on himself and won't sign it. Feels like he's looking around and thinking "I'm already there, and if I have a good season in 2022, I'm going to see 5/$125M or more." Can't say that he's wrong. He's definitely not taking a home-town discount. Buxton is the harder call. Kornheiser ain't wrong when he says the greatest ability is availability. Can you offer a $100M dea
  2. LF is probably the thinnest position in Twins history. Either had guys cycle through for a season or two or longer tenured players just never being stars. On this list, I'd probably take Bob Allison, even if his best seasons weren't in left.
  3. I don't think Miranda has to worry much, but it's easier for him to get consistent ABs at AA than it might be at AAA, depending on organizational health levels. He'll likely get the call to AAA in the next few weeks.
  4. I'm always rooting for Astudillo, but there's not really a spot for him on the roster, except as "emergency fill-in guy". He's not hitting, doesn't get on base, has no power, no speed, and is below average defensively at every single position he plays. Would rather see what we have in guys like Rortvedt, Gordon, Jeffers, Kirilloff, Larnach etc then toss in La Tortuga just for fan service. Because that's what it feels like at this point. He's just not really a major league player at this point.
  5. Isn't the comp to look at Zack Wheeler? Yes, Wheeler was a bit older, but from a career perspective there's a lot of similarities: very good pitchers, never great. Belief that there's still another level to unlock for them, similar ERA+. Wheeler got 5 for $115M. I'm sure Berrios is thinking "I;m younger than this guy, I'm better than this guy, I'm never hurt...I should get 5 for $125, minimum." Is he wrong? It's an interesting question. All it takes is one. I'd lock up Berrios on 5 for $85M in a heartbeat, and I think the Twins would too. I think he's said no. The number will have to
  6. I'm still bummed about Enlow. Hope he can come back strong. All I want for Balazovic is health and innings right now. I'm confident in his talent, just want him to stay healthy the whole years and build up some innings. It's a lost year for the Twins, so no need to rush or push him, just get him ready to compete in spring training next year with Duran and if he's ready, great. If he needs a little more time in AAA, that'll be fine too. He could be great. Huzzah for Jose Miranda. I hope he keeps rolling all year. Not worried about finding a place for him in the next year or two: if he
  7. Miranda is the minor league story of the year for me so far. He's doing a wonderful job at the plate, showing an advanced approach with discipline, power, and contact skills. He absolutely has to take a huge leap up the rankings progressing like he has at a new level and having his best season as a pro. Would like to know more about his defense, but it can't be that bad at 3B if the team is willing to run him out a SS for a couple of games if in need. It's not like he's an older player beating up on a bunch of teenagers, either; he's the 2nd youngest player to hit for Wichita this season (behi
  8. You're not wrong in that their analytics told them he's not likely to be a player with long-term success. And frankly, the analytics suggest that he's riding a lucky streak right now, which happens to relievers all the time since they don't have tons of innings. But Littell was also a guy who has been passed on by every team when he got pulled from the 40 man. The Twins were interested in bringing him back on a minor league deal; he just chose to go elsewhere as a minor-league free agent: no one gave him a major league deal, not even the Giants. The Giants took a flyer on him on a minor l
  9. Colome wasn't a scrap heap find, though: he'd been a fine and reliable reliever for 5 years in a row. (interesting question on Colome: is he cooked, or is he going to bounce back, either through the end of this season or next? really hard to know) I was thrilled with the Colome signing and based on what we knew then it was absolutely a fine move...it just hasn't worked out. He's literally having the worse stretch of his career since moving to the bullpen. Maybe it's small sample size and will look different by the end of the year, maybe he's just cooked as a pitcher at 32. But he's a sunk cost
  10. Might be a little too soon to declare it one way or the other; one things we've seen is that relievers at the margin are awfully fungible. Up one year, down the next. Colome had an outstanding track record going into this season and has been trash this year. Robles has been good this year, bad last year, great the year before, etc. Look at someone like Stashak: had two nice years where he was a good reliever...trash this season. How's Trevor May been? (hint: meh.) Littell has a nice shiny ERA right now, but his FIP is sitting at 4.08. With his K/9 unimpressive (he's a bit above his career
  11. Winder has 41 IP above A-ball, and didn't throw a single inning in organized play last year. Yes, he's off to a great start in AA, but it's still only 8 starts from a guy whose career high is 125 IP in a season. Let him take a couple of additional turns and move him up at midseason if you have a slot for him a AAA. Not like he's going to fly in and save the season at Target Field. Cano is doing well, but is still pretty hittable; I'd feel better about a pitcher of his age in AA not giving up about as many hits as innings pitched. He's likely to move up fairly soon anyway. Moran looks like
  12. fair amount of similarities, frankly. Rooker's issue is entirely whether he will make enough contact for it to matter that he makes really hard contact. He doesn't have Sano's control of the strike zone (yet) and weirdly is probably less valuable defensively even though he can play OF and Sano definitely can not. Because Rooker is...not good out there. It's not looking like he's going to make enough contact to be a real MLB player, but more of a AAAA guy. Still a little time to find out, but it's not looking great.
  13. Thielbar's peripherals are all over the place, but you don't cut bait on a lefty reliever with a 13.3 K/9 rate. As you note there's a big difference in the level of competition; if Cano is giving up that many hits in AA, he's likely to get lit up in MLB.
  14. I think one of the biggest challenges in the minors this year is going to be deciding on mid-season promotions. There might be a bit of a logjam as they try to work through everyone coming off a non-season. Normally, someone like Javier might be really pushing to move up to better competition at AA now that he's showing something in high A at 22...but finding room is a big tougher.
  15. Nice game by the Twins. Actually got some hits with runners in scoring position! If you can't root for Nick Gordon right now, you have no soul. Love seeing him seize the opportunity he's getting right now and really happy he's healthy again. Good for him. I got nervous when Berrios gave up the second dinger. Looked like he was mad at himself for giving up the first one and didn't get himself locked back in. Those kind of lapses are what will keep Berrios from taking the next step as a pitcher, but I think he can still figure it out. I would not trade Berrios (even if the offers are h
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