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  1. #1 is the rotation. Combination of injuries and ineffectiveness was brutal here, because not only did you have that hammer on Happ & Shoemaker (ineffective), Pineda & Maeda (injured), but it also hit the depth: Dobnak & Thorpe (injured & ineffective), Duran & Winder (injured), etc. While some of it was predictable (Pineda should never be predicted to get through a full season healthy, and Shoemaker had enough issues coming in to not be counted upon) having so many hit in sequence was crushing. #2 was the early implosion of the bullpen. Cost a bunch of wins and really changed the perception of the team and what it was capable of. Took way too long to find some reasonably reliable options (note: the bullpen has been fine recently, but it hasn't been consistent), but unfortunately the small sample sizes on bullpen innings and the fungibility of relief arms makes this one of those things that happens. Taylor Rogers injury was bad timing, but didn't meaningfully impact the season. One of the biggest issues with this bullpen is the walk rate; too many guys with BB/9 rates over 3 and 4, something that was not a problem in 2019 (or even really in 2020). The bullpen WHIP doesn't have a lot of guys who are down around 1.0-1.1 this season. #3 is the injuries in the lineup. yes, every team should expect to have some, but the Twins injuries were definitely concentrated in the OF and it really hurt their depth. The infield has been pretty healthy except at catcher; Donaldson, Simmons, Polanco, and Sano are all going to finish above 125 games played and could easily clear 130 (if Donaldson and Simmons don't it'll be because the team gave meaningless games for them to younger players), which isn't bad. But the OF isn't going to have a single player make 125 games, and only 1 guy clear 100. Look at the standings: most of the winning teams had 1-2 OF playing 130-140 and 2-3 playing 100+.
  2. As noted elsewhere: he's faced the same team twice already. Sure, both are poor teams with bad offenses but a) you only pitch to the guys in front of you, and b) as noted by LaTroy Hawkins last night, most pitchers hate facing the same team again right away. Both Cleveland and the Cubs should have had good scouting reports on Ryan and these hitters had already seen his stuff, so the fact that he pitched as well if not better the second time around is encouraging. I would have liked to see him get another inning, but maybe they were playing it safe after the injury scare (or maybe they're just not looking to push his pitch counts over 90 this season). Bremer isn't anywhere close to the worst, and is relatively low on the obnoxiousness scale. Where he (and LaTroy, especially) get into trouble is when they lose track of the game and go into the comedy act. You can always tell when they're reaching for the joke, which makes it inherently less funny. I thought LaTroy was really good last night when he was talking about pitching and Bremer did a good job setting him up for it when talking about Minaya's pitch repertoire and then again with Alcala. That's when that team shines and makes the game more interesting. When they're looking for things to giggle about it doesn't work as well. but Bremer is a very solid pro who generally gets it right (and corrects himself when he makes a mistake)
  3. Varland is an interesting prospect. The Twins system depth is pretty high right now so it might be a challenge for him to crack the top 20, but based on performance he should get some serious consideration. He's responded really well to not having a 2020 season, but it still put him a year behind on his development track; you'd like to see him in AA at his age, but it's hard to say he should have skipped A-ball entirely after less than 10 innings in rookie ball and coming from a small school college program. but when a guy executes, you have to reward him for it. I'm guessing he's borderline top 20 for the Twins next year and starts in AA. If he can make that jump he'll be on a good track. I'm not super worried about Balazovic either; yes, he hasn't finished as dominant as we'd like to see, but he's handled the transition to AA pretty well, especially while working on a new pitch. He still looks like a guy who's going to be in line to make his MLB debut at some point in 2022, and I'm happy to have him pitching this late in the year. I'd bet on a spring training looksee and a start in AAA. Duran, Balazovic, Strotman, Winder, Woods-Richardson, Canterino, Sands...nice group of guys with good upside to compete for shots in the rotation after the injuries/ineffectiveness hits for the MLB club. (right now, I'm betting on the rotation being: "best FA starter we can get", Pineda, Ryan, Ober, and Dobnak/reclamation project flyer out of spring training with the 7 guys I listed above getting looks in spring training and fighting for their shot by May. Duran could grab the 5th spot if he's healthy out of spring training...) The upside on these 7 guys is higher than guys like Thorpe or Jax, so hopefully the talent pays out.
  4. Well, some of this context has already been done at places like Baseball America and FanGraphs; didn't take hours to track it down, more like 10 minutes. But you're putting forward the analysis of the front office's draft ability, so it's fair game if you've missed something important, and I think you have. But the biggest problem with this as a blog post for me is that the thesis feels incoherent. Almost everything you're presenting is highly critical of the front office's draft results and strategy...but then you tell us that the final grade is still ok and you're not calling for them to be fired like an Uber driver. If you believe that their strategy is wrong, that they're making a lot of mistakes, and that their drafts are not panning out and should have better results by now, then stick with it. Don't cop out and tell me a "C" grade is ok; tell me why you're right to give them what will be perceived as a pretty crummy grade.
  5. I don't think your expectation is borne out by baseball draft history. Sure, for a top 5 pick like Royce Lewis the expectation is that he's going to be a major league player, and have a good chance at being more than that. And those top five picks almost always get to the majors and with at least some success. But first round picks still bust all the time, and expecting that the twins picks are going to be immune to that doesn't make sense to me. Falvey has had 1 top 5 pick (#1 overall), 1 pick in the top 15, and everything else 20 or lower. If all these guys make the majors it'd be amazing
  6. You're a tough grader. I don't think most fans are going to consider a C to be acceptable? I also think you're skipping an analytical component in this: signing status on the pick. We got Enlow because we were able to go above slot on him. Why did we have the resources available? Lewis was a guy we didn't have to go high on to get him to sign, and Rooker was signed below slot. but the bigger issue is you explicitly say player development is separate from drafting...but your grades seem very much tied to the player development side of things, as you evaluate these players today on their progress in the system and projection in the future. For example: Landon Leach got crushed in this analysis, but he did fine in his initial exposure to rookie ball and then got hurt/lost a season to the pandemic. (btw, he was a HS selection not a collegiate one)
  7. I'm glad to see Sabato finishing the season on a high note, but goodness he was so bad early on that the bar was low. the first 3 months of the season he had exactly one skill at the plate (and he's not a player that adds defensive value) and that was drawing walks. In A+ he finally started showing the ability to do damage with the ball when he made contact, but he still doesn't make enough of it. A slow start may have been predictable for him, but it lasted an awfully long time, which is much less good. He was properly downgraded as a prospect midseason, and I'm not sure I expect much rise in the off-season when the ranking gets re-done again. I'm rooting for him, but right now he's got a long way to go and my expectations and confidence are fairly low.
  8. I think Colome is likely to have a solid season next year and be a good-to-very good closer. I think his option is pretty reasonable. but I think the Twins might not pick it up just because the fanbase might have too much PTSD from the early season disaster. Colome still has a negative WPA (hard to dig out of that hole when you have so many brutal outings early and the teram overall being so bad later) but the ERA+ is decent. It's harder to argue for regression back to the mean in a player who is getting older, but considering the relative fungibility of relief pitching and Colome's otherwise fine track record...he seems likely to do pretty well next year. Which would be worse for twins fans? bring him back for another go, or watch him leave and pitch at least adequately elsewhere?
  9. I assumed that the 4 points related to concerns about Donaldson's trade value were: 1. His health, 2. His health, 3. the health he is experiencing, and 4. How much health he has.
  10. Does Jax have good stuff, though? I'm increasingly unconvinced. He's got good command and control, but he doesn't have a ton of velocity or movement on his fastball and all of his off-speed stuff just seems...ok. He looks like a guy who needs to go back and re-tool something in the offseason to have any hope of surviving as a starter, and without a go-to out pitch I'm not sure he has much future as a reliever except as a long man/mop-up guy. I like the guy and he was worth giving a shot, but...right now he just looks bad. When Berrios was getting his brains kicked in, he still had a lively fastball and a plus curve to work with. Not sure jax has the weapons to compete. I'm confused as to why Moran got sent out for that long of an outing as well. Do they really think he's a 2+ inning guy? With his change-up I still think he's going to be fine, but I'm not sure that 30+ pitch outings are in his wheelhouse
  11. He's struggled a bit at the plate this year, had a horrid July and been on a tear every since. But his OPS+ is sitting at 103 and takes into account park effects. He's probably going to finish with a bWAR of 3.5-4 but with with his D sliding back a bit from Gold Glove levels and the hot market for SS's...he might not get the deal he's looking for. Maybe he will, but if it's not there and he wants to show that he can get it done outside of Colorado at the plate...there might be a bridge deal available. Figuring out the SS market is going to be interesting, but there definitely should be enough options that the Twins don't have to trade for a guy like Torres.
  12. I'm a no on this kind of deal and Torres as a good fit for us. the FA market on SS is going to be a really good one this off-season and I'd rather get a guy there than buy low on a Yankee, especially one who is stretched at SS. we already have a bunch of guys who are stretched at SS; if we trade/sign a player for SS they need to not be stretched there. (Trevor Story is the guy I really like right now, but I suspect someone will give him the 4 year $20M deal he probably is looking for...but if it's not there and he wants to go short term to build up his value again away from the Rockies? yes, please.)
  13. Good to see Strotman have a solid outing. I still have a lot of questions about him, but I wouldn't mind seeing him get a shot before the season ends to see how he reacts to MLB hitters (it's not like Andrew Albers is blocking him). I suspect he'll get a chance to impress in spring training next year and likely start in AAA as one of options 6-10 for the rotation as the season goes on. be interesting to see how he continues to adapt to the organization. If they can make good adjustments with him the way they have with Ober... Any reason Woods-Richardson came out after only 3 innings? I like him as a prospect, but starters only throwing 3 innings in AA doesn't exactly make my socks roll up and down. I think it's fair to rank celestino where he is; should he be up a few more spots? maybe, but I don't know how much difference there is between 10-15 on the list, really. He's bounced back well after being thrown into the MLB lineup too early: could be a great fit as a bench OF next year with defensively flexibility and being a RH hitter helps him as well (an OF rotation of Buxton, kepler, Kirilloff, celestino, and Larnach could be pretty great)
  14. So happy to hear that the x-rays were negative. Maybe he'll only have to skip a start and can finish the season strong and healthy.
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