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  1. Festa was not on my radar. Always happy when a guy not on my radar is throwing mid-to-upper 90's and has an outing like this where he looks untouchable. and it's a sign of a good and deep system when guys like that can't crack the top 20 at the start of the year!
  2. So happy to get Balazovic back out on the mound. He's really talented, but needs the innings. One to prove he can stay healthy, and two to settle on that 3rd pitch he needs to deal with lefties. Glad he had a strong first start in Saint Paul (I still dislike the Saints unis that look like they're the flippin' Dodgers, though. bah.) I'm not going to worry much about results for Enlow for a while; after that surgery it's going to take a while. Where he ends the season will be much more significant than where he starts it. Wonderful start for Steer, and hope he can follow the Jose Miranda path: destroy AA for a while, then come up and destroy AAA after that. I'm going to feel very positive about him if he can maintain this BB/K ratio. Speaking of which, Wallner is rolling right now. I hope that early slump was just one of those early season flukes. The current version of Wallner is the one who can make it to MLB and have success, but he was struggling so hard early on that he still has a stomach-churning K ratio. I don't see any way for him to have long-term success if nearly 50% of his ABs end in a K at AA, because it only gets tougher. We'll see where he gets to this season in terms of making enough contact, but it's good to see him rolling right now.
  3. The Correa news sucks hard. He was really heating up at the plate, and his defense is spectacular. But it is exciting to see Royce come up to the majors. He's been playing so well at Saint Paul that it looks like he might realize his talent in all the ways we hoped. It's also great that when someone like Correa goes down we're bringing up a highly-rated prospect to fill in, rather than hoping a journeyman can slot in and have a couple of great weeks. That's what building the pipeline is all about. Personally, I'm bummed that I'll be on a plane during the game and will have to miss the debut!
  4. I'm sorry, but no. Don't use these two pitchers in the same sentence. Jim Hoey got tee'd up on everything he threw. His high octane fastball was straight and flat, his splitter wasn't very good, and he couldn't throw strikes or miss bats at the MLB level. Even after a rough game, Duran still has a pitching line that Hoey would have killed for.
  5. Baserunning may be a problem with this team: Watkins has made some poor decisions on sending runners, but we've also seen quite a few guys getting thrown out at 2B, and if not for some bad plays by the opposition we would have run ourselves into additional outs on the basepaths. When the ball isn't flying out of the yard, you really can't afford those. It's probably the area they're most wobbly this season? It's a disappointing loss, because it was a winnable game, and when you add in the Correa injury it adds a sinking feeling to the whole enterprise. But it's baseball, and you can't overreact to one game or even one series. (you can't underreact either, of course, but staying even-keeled does seem to matter in a long season) Urshela is really scuffling at the plate right now, but with Sano on the IL, Arraez out for COVID and us still carrying a limited bench on the position side, the options are limited. (and now we're losing Correa for some time? UGH) You'd like to see him get a couple of days off and maybe get a mental reset Duran is going to have some of these kinds of struggles. He's a young pitcher, he's new to the bullpen, and it's going to take some time. But giving up HRs is the biggest danger for him. When you throw that hard, the ball can fly back out if/when guys square up on it, whether it's the fastball or the splinker.
  6. Ugh. The best part about cable was you had everything you needed in one spot and for one price. But cable has been getting worse and worse (prices keep climbing, service is dreadful, you realize that you have 400 channels but rarely watch more than 15 of them, it's a huge pain and expense to just set up to watch in multiple rooms of a house, etc). With streaming, it's become terribly balkanized and to get all of the stuff you want, you end up paying a heck of a lot more than you think going in...especially if you need to get internet service from somewhere separately. $20/month for Bally Sports North? That's a big nope, especially since we know their corporate overlords are slime, and every analyst in the business said they vastly overpaid for the FoxSports affiliates they collected and now they're trying to desperately grind the dollars back after treating their fans like garbage. The Benz move is pretty clownish: he was a quality announcer (it's remarkable how many local play-by-play guys simply aren't very good) and he did a good job with a color man in Jim Petersen that talks A LOT. (YMMV on whether he says enough that's worth listening to, I think, but Petersen talks a lot for an analyst easily more than most) is it on Ballys or the Wolves? Because some of that seems to be a "new owner needs to put their own stamp on the team" feel about it, since they claim to have consulted with the team on it. Of course, if Ballys had a damn clue they would have simply renewed the contract and not asked for the opinion...
  7. Especially tough on guys who had injuries last year: you can be looking at 2 "wasted" years
  8. Accurate. Bundy got jumped on by TB for 4 in the 1st in his last start, gave up another run in the 2nd and 3rd, then threw 3 more shutout innings. Bundy's first 3 starts, he had Game Scores of 66, 60, and 63 which is quite good. (I like Game Score as a single metric for evaluating a starter's performance; it's not perfect but it's useful and fairly easy to understand for a game-by-game metric) I understand the thinking behind trying to get another inning or two out of him: he didn't have an absurd pitch count, and the first 2 innings had gone fine. Didn't pan out, but I get the thought process, especially since we'd since Bundy settle down before and claw throw more innings
  9. Rough one from Bundy. He was the starter signing I was the iffiest about in the offseason, and right now he's not looking up to the challenge. With Gray coming back, and everyone else pitching well, he looks like a candidate to move out of the rotation if he can't get it together quickly. Yes, there were some poor defensive plays and a bit of bad luck, but Bundy also pitched poorly and was very hittable. That's on him. Tough night for Celestino. I have some sympathy for him on the fly ball he couldn't run in on; he didn't get a good read on it and it wouldn't have been an easy play even if he had...but it didn't help his pitcher much to miss that one. And then he rockets a ball that should have been an easy hit and it tags Sanchez (who must have felt like he had extra baseball attraction spray on or something). Correa's HR was a beauty, though! And I'm a fan of Moran and his changeup, so I'm happy to see him back up. He's going to drive some people nuts when he's wild, but that change is a weapon that will make hitters look silly, and it's so fun. Go get 'em tomorrow, win the series with 3 out of 4 and move on happy.
  10. We've only got the extended bullpen for a few more weeks, so I'm guessing the thought process is: if you have them, use them. While it might not be as aesthetically pleasing baseball to not get your starter through 5 (first time that's happened to Ryan since opening day, btw), I don't mind Rocco deploying his bullpen to save his rookie starter (yes, he's still a rookie) in order to try and hold the line with runners on base when his pitcher is fighting his command a little bit and the umpire a lot. BTW, WTF was with Alan Porter last night? Walking out to the mound to lecture Joe Ryan because he lost control of a slider that the hitter was all too happy to let bounce off him? (Nevin didn't even try to get out of the way, he was a freakin' statue in the box) I was happy to hear Morneau rake the ump on that one. Everyone knew Ryan wasn't throwing at anyone, just a ridiculous play by a grandstanding ump. Note the multiple times said home plate ump waited that extra second on the called third strike to give the big punchout signal. Don't think either team was happy with his zone (rightfully), or his BS.
  11. I had no idea until last night that the O's had made changes to the fences at Camden. Be interesting to see if that suppresses offense consistently there, but the combo of early season weather/short spring training/higher fences/improved pitching held down the Twins a lot more than any O's staff in quite a while. Fortunately, ours did well in matching them! I like Paddack, and I hope as he gets greater confidence and mastery over his breaking pitches it will help his fastball play up a bit (and it's good to see him cruising that in consistently at 95-96, instead of 92) and I like his changeup a lot. I didn't think he had his best game last night but still kept the team in a low-scoring affair, which is definitely something to like. Correa is a heck of a player. Thrilled for Jose Miranda to get his first MLB game action. The results weren't there last night, but the approach was good and he didn't looked overwhelmed at the plate. Looking forward to seeing him while guys get healthy! He's a talented hitter, and his ability to get a bat on the ball will be nice with RISP.
  12. I think Kepler would be an option, except we're a little short on OF with Kirilloff on rehab, and Garlick possibly needing some time off as well. I just hope that if they do pull the trigger on bringing up Miranda that they put him in the lineup. While riding the bench will fatten his wallet, it won't do anything for his development. I'm a fan of him as a player, and I think his feel for the strike zone will keep him from getting overwhelmed early.
  13. I would have put SWR #1 as well. Stankiewicz is off to a great start, but he was also 23 pitching in low-A. Stankiewicz has a better k/9 & bb/9, but SWR takes him on WHIP & ERA, while doing it at a younger age and two levels higher.
  14. seriously. based on Yankees fans, I thought we were getting The Butcher of Cairo back there, and while I wouldn't call him great, he hasn't had any of those "oh god get him out of there" games either. Defensively, he's been no worse than Garver, really.
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