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  1. The 2021 season was horrible, but there was some consolation to be had from getting relatively high draft picks this year. This year there was genuine reason the feel that the Twins could win the division, but next year's draft picks will be middle of the pack.
  2. I am personally forfeiting the rest of this season. Without Buxton, I see no chance of the Twins succeeding.
  3. They would have disintegrated once you hit the "water".
  4. If you were to mix a million rotting fish with a million gallons of sewage then boil it for a year with a million pounds of sulfur then add a million pounds of toxic waste then that would smell a million times better than the Salton Sea.
  5. The problem with that is that once you are there it takes time to get away from the smell, and a lifetime to try to forget it.
  6. At least you avoided the Salton Sea, which makes Tijuana seem like paradise in comparison. And the drive to Dodger Stadium was faster than usual -- LA afternoon traffic is usually worse than what we experienced and like Rain Man I am a very good driver. It was great spending time with you -- a highlight of my summer. I wish that you had spent the entire 18 days here. Joey and Rosie miss you.
  7. The traffic jam around Camp Pendleton is a common occurrence. I like your idea for the extra lane, but the cost would be massive due to the terrain. And traffic would be a nightmare during the construction.
  8. Farmers use the vast majority of water in California and most of them seem to be climate change deniers.
  9. It was almost certainly almonds. There are tons of them along that section of the interstate.
  10. Thanks for your very educational posts. Do you think that it could be helpful if he could find a batting glove that absorbs more of the energy when he makes hard contact?
  11. Not my favorite trip to Dodger stadium, and some of the defensive plays were painful to watch. As Rocco said, the Twins were outplayed in every facet of the game.
  12. I am a big fan of physics. And I want Kirilloff to be a hall of famer.
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