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  1. Is it possible that this was partly a psychological phenomenon? Maybe Puck was inspired by the home field fan energy, and would have excelled in home games regardless of the ballpark configuration?
  2. I think that both debaters did an excellent job. I am not voting on a winner, because in my mind this was a tie.
  3. I will play. Buy out 2022 for $15 million, then $20 million per year for 2 years, then team option for 2025 at $30 million, plus large incentive payments for years in which he plays more than 100 games. I don't know what incentives are allowed, but I would want a contract where he gets a lot more if he plays in enough games.
  4. Eddie has already scored a run tonight. Go Eddie!
  5. And he made an amazing catch in the last game -- https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/braves-eddie-rosario-makes-best-catch-of-2021-world-series-to-rob-astros-jose-altuve-of-extra-bases/
  6. If the Braves win then Eddie should easily be the series MVP.
  7. Just saw Eddie hit a 3 run blast that puts the Braves up 4 to 1. Amazing clutch hit when behind in the count.
  8. I am happy for Eddie. A great clutch hitter and role model.
  9. It's odd that we are just now hearing this. And we have no details as to what the Yankees supposedly offered.
  10. It might be good to lose and get a better draft pick next year.
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