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  1. That sound you don’t hear is teams not pursuing Happ.
  2. This was the same Jim pohlad that said they have enough money to sign buxton and Berrios. It’s time to stop listening to this guy.
  3. Complete joke. This proposal would get a belly laugh followed by a click.
  4. All of these are light and mis guided. We need starting pitching prospects not relievers and SS that can’t stick at short. Berrios is the most valuable available trade piece at the deadline. If Berrios is traded the other team is going to need to hurt big time.
  5. I don’t see Jeffers or Garver rating that high. They are praised for their pitch framing but are pretty substandard traditional skills like blocking pitches and throwing.
  6. I hope you are right and I am wrong. I took it to mean whoever he signs with it will be in free agency.
  7. I was in the keep Berrios camp as I don’t want a rebuild. then I read today’s article in the Trib. Berrios isn’t signing until he is a free agent and I don’t like our chances in that contest. So here is my new plan: trade him now and gain several valuable prospects. Take the money you would have given him and sign a comparable starter in the off season. We end up in a similar spot next year (the rest of this year doesn’t matter) and we have a prospect haul. I like Jose but he is a good pitcher not a great pitcher.
  8. Corey and Dan are talking about Caves return. If he takes any ABs from Larnach or Kiriloff I will have a stroke.
  9. Obviously if all things are equal you want someone who throws harder but you can miss bats with movement and location as well. Berrios is a prime example. If he threw 97 instead of 93 he would be slightly better. If he had better command he would be an ace. Jorge Alcala isn’t going to get better by throwing harder he will get better by improving his control. If he doesn’t he won’t be any better than he is right now.
  10. This has become the most overrated factor ( was going to say crap) in modern baseball. There is so much more to effective pitching but people have one track minds on this topic. Here’s a wild thought: how about pitchers having an idea where they are throwing the ball?
  11. I too would love for Nick to get the second half at SS. No way to know for sure without giving him a chance.
  12. Should allow him to stick at shortstop. If I had a dollar for every time that gets tagged to a prospect I could buy the Twins. Players that can play legit SS in the big leagues are few and far between.
  13. How many teams successfully build good pitching staffs in this method? I think it’s important to note Cleveland did for a specific period of time and may have gotten fortunate. As for replacing starters and half a bullpen every year who’s responsibility is that?
  14. I think some of the decisions made last off season were eminently open to criticism while acknowledging they made some good decisions prior years. What I can’t really understand is how they have drafted unathletic corner boppers while disregarding pitching. We won’t pay for pitching but we won’t draft it either?
  15. Well that’s how front offices succeed or fail is the quality of their decisions. Pretty sure the Pohlads aren’t ignorant of the situation.
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