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  1. Well written article containing some under the radar info. Getting ahead would surely make him look like a different pitcher and may get some chases on the splitter. However I think people are expecting him to be something that he’s not. He’s a bullpen piece not some dominant reliever.
  2. He is showing promise at short but is hardly exceptional. He needs the work. If you think Correa is here next year then… well I guess we agree to disagree. The most prudent path is to prepare him for the most likely outcome which is playing the most important position on the field next year.
  3. He absolutely needs to go back to St. Paul and get as many reps at short. He will need to be our SS next year and can improve substantially between now and then but not if he is fooling around playing positions that are less important and that we already have covered.
  4. Jeffers couldn’t throw out my grandmother. I mean he might not throw a runner in May. Teams like the Astros will just abuse him.
  5. At the end of the year Berrios will have his typical stats. Nobody will know anything about this trade for several years.
  6. If we are going to make proclamations based on SSS the last several starts don’t bode well for our club. Bundy and Archer are starting to look like the long shots they always were.
  7. I’m not sure about what should happen. Injuries will likely decide. However they should NOT keep the 6 man rotation which allows for equal starts for Ryan and Winder as Bundy and Archer. Give your best pitchers the most starts.
  8. Since I’m paying $90 month to watch BSN this is great news. I will drop ATT and save $70 month.
  9. Given that most of these guys have injury histories why not run them through the bullpen first like Winder? I’ve never seen a pitching logjam so not in favor of trading any of them.
  10. I said 81 pre Correa signing. I’m now saying 87.
  11. You can literally read this same stuff on every fan website. We had plenty of veteran presence last year. I guess they didn’t share their wisdom.
  12. Apparently everyone has forgotten that Lewis hasn’t played in two years and has big developmental needs at SS. He will be our SS next year and needs all the reps he can get. So no he will not be playing a different position this year for the Twins. And no Correa will not be playing for the Twins next year unless something really bad happens.
  13. I agree about not pigeon holing the guy to the 9th. Let him pitch whatever inning has the toughest hitters whether that be the 7th 8th or 9th. And let him pitch two innings. If he is already heated up anoth 15-20 pitches is not going to hurt him.
  14. I’m as frustrated with Sano as anybody but what is important is for the guy to have successful surgery and regain his health. Baseball is second.
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