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  1. Linus


    Another age reference. Might want to be a little more nuanced.
  2. What a brutal check swing call. Gut punch if you are a Giants fan.
  3. If you want quality you have to give something valuable up. Would you rather have a strong catching situation or a stronger rotation? I’ll take the pitching every time.
  4. I would say the trade is looking better than it did when Alcala was struggling with control and getting hammered by lefties. If the last 20 appearances are the future then I would call it a win win. Anybody besides me wonder how Houston magically unlocked Presslys spin potential? Possibly spidertac?
  5. Griffen Jax and Charlie Barnes need to be stalwarts in the St Paul rotation next year. If either get starts in the big leagues 2022 will be similar to 2021.
  6. Wow. Just wow. I’m starting to think that over all these years of people being mad at Terry Ryan and now Falvine we missed the real culprit-ownership. Jim Pohlad should just not do any public speaking.
  7. Game 7. When Morris said let’s get it on you just had a good feeling. A strange second one: when Herb Carneal would open the broadcast with Hello again everyone
  8. Yes the injuries, we all get it. I’ve been following the Twins since the late 60s and I will say that when he is healthy he is the best overall player in the history of the franchise. You don’t pay him and many fans like me will consider it the last straw. Wouldn’t it be ironic if he has good health going forward.
  9. I think the technical changes are really important. If he is now pitching in mechanical/anatomically better position he may be able to withstand a higher jump in innings pitched. An amazing bright spot in a bad season. Love watching him aggressively go after hitters.
  10. My guess is he isn’t a MLB SS but in a lost season I sure as hell would try to confirm the opinion with actual play. This FO has missed on player evaluation enough times that they have no basis for making this decision without actual proof. He might show them he can be the primary backup at SS next year. My guess is that he would be as good as Polanco was at short.
  11. It will be a long season if we count on any of the pitchers listed as primary contributors.
  12. Thanks for the clarification. I am not well versed in Simpson references. I’ve been properly admonished down thread.
  13. Sigh. I’ve had better things to do than pay attention to the Simpsons
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