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  1. I would bring him back as he would not bring much in trade. However playing time would be an open competition with Wallner et al and I would also tell him he is the new back up CF whether he likes it or not. This would bring value to the club.
  2. Yea I missed this as I turned it off after Gordon’s bonehead running play. Glad to see it although it’s about 3 months late. I’m thinking Celestino might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer.
  3. Or they could have built an actual pitching staff from the most robust free agent pitching market in years and skipped all this crap.
  4. I love Nick Gordon but he is another nightmare on the bases. You absolutely don’t try and take third there. There is huge risk with almost no reward. What the hell is going on here?
  5. Celestino is brain dead. He constantly makes mistakes on the bases and when he throws better take cover. I’m not giving up on the guy but he needs to go back to AAA and get his act together in all phases. If he can’t he is of no use to the big club.
  6. My frustration for this year is two fold: our FO sat out a robust free agent pitching market and put all their chips on the vaunted pitching pipeline. Of course it was a disaster and torpedoed what could have been a good season. Second is the complete lack of fundamentals this team displays. Sloppy play almost every game and in all facets. This has to be addressed before next year.
  7. SWR has had a very good season. Consistent performance across AA and AAA and good health. He’s quickly running out of things to prove in the minors.
  8. I never knew so many people were that close to the Twins scene that they know what Baldelli is like and his impact on the team. Where do I get that kind of access?
  9. Has to be the FO sitting out the most robust free agent pitching market watching their pitching degrade into a shot show and then being forced to give up valuable prospects to try and fix the original problem. Who is honestly surprised that Joe Smith wasn’t great or Gary Sanchez can’t catch?
  10. Agreed. Prospects are nice because they provide hope. It seems that is what most people consider. If you look at things objectively it is a completely different story. I think Enlow is in this category. Last year I posted skepticism about Balazovic and received much push back from many posters. Objectively he was wildly inconsistent at AA and really struggled at times. There was nothing in his performance that screamed top prospect. And there you have it.
  11. This is the most fundamentally unsound I can recall in my many years of watching the Twins. I don’t know who gets the blame but this is ridiculous and they’ve played sloppy most of the year. 4 fing errors and a bunch of botched plays. Tommy Watkins has made a career’s worth of blunders in one season.
  12. Yea this is starting to look like a medical clown show.
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