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  1. I still think Lewis is destined to be a CF'er so if I HAD to choose between Buxton & Berrios I would choose Berrios. Berrios is durable. As bad as our pitching is, we don't get better by giving up on Jose. Subtract Berrios from this staff and how much worse would we be ?? Finally, Target Field was built to KEEP our best players. Come on Pohlad's ! 5-years and $100 million for Berrios. Should have been done last winter. Now Buxton. As it has been mentioned by others, Target Field was built with the promise we keep our best players. Buxton is our BEST player. Even if I fee
  2. What I'd like to see in "theory." C JEFFERS RORTVEDT (Garver traded for pitching SP/BP) 1B KIRILOFF (SANO TRADED for whatever they can get) 2B POLANCO/ARRAEZ 3B ARRAEZ (Donaldson traded). SS FA Signed. STORY---The high end. BAEZ---The low end. OF LARNACH--BUXTON--KIRILOFF--KEPLER (I would do what is needed to keep Buxton and Berrios. They are the cornerstones you would build around) (Possibly trade Kepler if the deal is "right." SP BERRIOS, MAEDA, OBER, DURAN---2 FA signings. Someone like a Gausman/Stroman/Duffy and a low
  3. I agree ! great comments and discussion. I think 6/$150 is a little high. But it depends on how close they think Balazovic, Duran and Canterino are and what they could get in a return trade. I think they need to keep him and build around him.
  4. Obviously if you're going to trade Buxton, NOW would be the time. His value has never been higher. Clearly, the Twins have nobody who could adequately fill CF if we DID deal him (maybe Kepler ??) But despite being the 2 years running Central Champs this season is exposing the flawed roster the Twins currently have. I really like the idea of a Buxton and Sano trade package to someone like the Red Sox or anyone else looking for a CF'er as well as 1B. Maybe the Braves would be interested in playing Sano at 3B and they would move Austin Riley out to LF. Here's another angle: There's probabl
  5. At this point, with the prognosis for the season dismal, move these guys up. It's time to cut bait with Shoemaker. Happ isn't far behind. The FO isn't going to get a bag of baseballs for either. So send them packing and accelerate the progression of these young pitchers.
  6. I could see giving Garver reps at 1B and let the kids (Jeffers & Rortvedt) handing the catching. It's time to trade Sano for anything. What we get doesn't matter. Getting his $11-$13 million off the books so we can use it for other areas. I'd trade Pineda to the Yankees TODAY (their rotation is a mess). Maybe we could get Miguel Andujar, who is looking like he's starting to find his stroke again. He'd be a 3B/LF type of RH bat. Cruz, Simmons, they need to be moved. Come next year we will need a full-time SS and there are a LOT of FA possibilities. Lewis is going to end up in CF.
  7. Good point about Oakland dbminn. But I think Tampa is the BEST fit. And I agree with Seansy, pay Cruz's salary for the rest of this season in full if it will upgrade the one or two prospects the Twins would receive in return. That money was already budgeted for 2021...pay it and upgrade the talent level. The current group of mis-fit toys needs competition !
  8. The above quote from Rocco is baffling. No matter how bad the Twins are playing you've got to recognize that "Shoe" just ain't the present or the future. If I was forced to keep him around I'd move him to the BP and give someone else a chance at his rotation spot.
  9. Now that the cold, hard reality of this Twins season is sinking in (and it's a bitter taste, for sure) the FO has to determine to what extent do they re-tool. You can't trade or release EVERYONE, even though it seems like we're all just fed up with them. Sano needs to go. I don't care how little they get back, he is a prime example of addition by subtraction. SOMEBODY should be intrigued with his power potential. Maybe the Rockies after their one year look at CJ Cron is done would have some interest. I don't really care what we would get back. I just want to spend his $12 million o
  10. I'm all in favor of making some significant changes in Twins-Land. But I'm going to pass on this particular deal. Bradley has never done anything for me, just not a fan, and if Josh gets "hot" even his pricey contract will have a couple of teams needing a 3B (Mets, Brewers) very interested in adding his bat and glove to their lineup. I "get" that his contract makes him a negative value as well (I've played a bit at Baseball Trade Values) but these are contending teams looking to make a move or two to get over the hump. I can't see the Twins taking on a dumpster fire like JBjr and a pitcher
  11. I think it's time for the FO to realize that guys like Sano will never be more than what he is. Move him for a bag of baseballs. Max Kepler has probably played himself into a trade as well. With Kiriloff and Larnach basically "up" now, Max hasn't demonstrated that he's superior to either, and that's saying a lot about a guy who clubbed 36 HR's in 2019. They need a new SS and since I don't think Lewis will be the answer (CF is where he'll end up) the FO needs to make a big signing from the stacked FA market for SS next year. I expect Pineda, Cruz, and possibly Buxton to be dealt at the dea
  12. I must admit, I've been very disappointed in Donaldson. He's been nowhere near what we all expected or hoped for. Last night against the Royals he had several opportunities to come up with a big hit, and came up empty each time. As it looks more and more likely the Twins will finish this year in jarringly disappointing fashion, I'm wondering what the "re-tool" is going to look like. If Donaldson is even "average" coming up to the deadline, I'd look to move him for very little return to a contender (would the Mets want him?) just to clear that salary to be used for other areas needing impro
  13. Any idea when they would move him to High A and if he shines there, up to AA ? His command of the strike zone is something badly needed in the current collection of Twins hitters.
  14. I agree cHawk. Just make Rogers the closer. This "OMG, we can't have a guy close a game on back to back nights" crap is driving me NUTS ! It's like the "magic" 100-pitch count (watching the game, and holding our breath every pitch after 100, just HOPING someone like Berrios doesn't spontaneously COMBUST on pitch #104)!!! I was thinking the other night that Donaldson is due to start heating up, and yes, some "clutch" hits would do wonders for this team right now.
  15. I thought Rocco whiffed on the way he handled Dobnak from the beginning. In ST, Dobnak flat out earned the 4th or 5th spot in the rotation. Happ was better than Shoemaker. So I thought Dobs should have been #4 or #5 from the get go. Lately, Shoemaker has been better than Happ who was pasted not once but TWICE against the White Sox. It's too bad Alcala gave up the two run bomb last night. he looked really NASTY before the rain delay, then BOOM ! We're down a run. I would leave Dobnak in the rotation for some time and pay close attention to Happ & Shoemaker. One of them eventual
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