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  1. I'm bummed there won't be any baby blues going forward but I like all of the tops. I don't love the stripe down the side of the grey pinstripes and like a lot of people the M hats are terrible. They look exactly like the Miami M hats.
  2. No. The Twins don't need more over the hill redemption tour players. Spend the money on legit free agents or make trades for good players. They have plenty of 3-5 starting pitchers and need an ace. They have plenty of outfielders they need to try and give at bats to. Buxton, Kepler, Larnach, Kiriloff (Maybe), Gordon, Walner and Celestino. Plus they might have guys like Austin Martin and Royce Lewis part way through the year. If the Twins sign a legit SS this offseason both Martin and Lewis become outfielders or tradable assets. Unless they're going to spend the money on legit upgrades for the outfield don't waste money on never has beens.
  3. Just more bargain hunting by the Twins. I wouldn't call a career OPS of .839 mashing when it's such a small sample size. He'll be 31 by the time the season starts and only has 186 plate appearances versus lefties.
  4. Go get Sean Murphy! Jeffers has only ever shown flashes of being good in the MLB but nothing sustained.
  5. I love baseball and love going to games but I can honestly say I haven't been to a Twins game since 2019 and I'm glad I haven't wasted my money on the garbage Falvine has put out onto the field.
  6. I know this comment doesn’t belong in this forum but my god have ads absolutely ruined this website. There are so many pop ups and and videos that play every time you scroll down. I have to exit some new ad 10 times just trying to read an article.
  7. I have zero interest in seeing a lot of advanced stats during a game. Really the only stats I'd care to see are pitch velocity and exit velocity off the bat. I don't want to see a bunch of arrows all over the screen showing where the ball is being thrown across the diamond and how fast it is compared to the baserunner. Additional information provides zero value. The game of football is a much faster sport with receivers and running backs lined up all over the field running various routes. It can be difficult to track the play at times. Baseball is very much more stationary. Pitcher throwing to home plate and hitter running in one direction if they get a hit.
  8. So, again a starting pitcher was taken out of the game after only 79 pitches and would have started the 7th inning against AAA players who're batting 8th, 9th....
  9. I hope the product tanks. MLB and NHL need to find another company to work with for broadcasting games.
  10. Not winning a playoff game in how many years? Being awful last season. Twins aren't on TV for me (youtube.tv) so I just forget about them. I can see the Twins easily falling out of the playoff race once they start facing teams that are actually good.
  11. Does Sano have options left? There is no reason he should be on the MLB roster right now. They should have sent him down for a conditioning stint if he didn't have options. He's an automatic out.
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