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  1. I hope the product tanks. MLB and NHL need to find another company to work with for broadcasting games.
  2. Not winning a playoff game in how many years? Being awful last season. Twins aren't on TV for me (youtube.tv) so I just forget about them. I can see the Twins easily falling out of the playoff race once they start facing teams that are actually good.
  3. Does Sano have options left? There is no reason he should be on the MLB roster right now. They should have sent him down for a conditioning stint if he didn't have options. He's an automatic out.
  4. I don't understand how someone can consistently injure their calf muscles.
  5. I'm confused. What did the cop do that was wrong? There are clearly two people who are extremely drunk and not following any of the directions he was giving.
  6. He played his last game on September 21. The Angels were 6.5 games out of the playoffs with 5ish games left to play. From what I read he cleared out his locker and texted the coaching staff and then just left and gave the pandemic as the reason. I get these are strange times but if you're nervous about the pandemic why not opt out at the beginning of the season? What has changed his mind now a few months later when the US is actually in a worse spot than it was in September? To me, he realized the Angels weren't going to make the playoffs and decided to pack up and leave.
  7. Hopefully he doesn't quit on the Twins like he did the Angels last year once their chance of reaching the playoffs was basically zero.
  8. The PC culture wins again....what a shame. I totally get removing the Chief Wahoo logo from their uniforms and signage but there is nothing wrong with the word Indians. It's in no way offensive or degrading like the Washington Redskins name was.
  9. How did the top relief pitchers from 2016, 2017 and 2019 do? Just because there was 1 season where the top relief pitchers signed didn't do well doesn't mean you shouldn't try to bolster the bullpen. I'm not saying the Twins should sign any of these relief pitchers to long term deals and I doubt any of them will get deals longer than 3 years. But going into next year hoping Rogers rebounds and then just bringing up a bunch of young guys it's likely to be a recipe for success.
  10. The Falvine offseason bullpen signings could be described in two words...dumpster diving.... It'd be nice to see the Twins sign one of the top 5-6 relievers listed above.
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