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  1. Although not mentioned getting Larnach back would be a nice boost. IMO, when Correa is activated Lewis needs to head to AAA to practice being a SS. He is most likely our SS FT next year.
  2. It will be interesting to see who the PTBNL is. The structure of this trade suggests to me that it won’t be a throw-in. The $6.6MM added had to be about something more the average low A ball lottery ticket.
  3. Paddack’s first 3 seasons look like a lot of high end prospects numbers while they are learning. The raw material here is very good, is 26 years old, and comes with 3 years of control. It would not be surprising to see him at or near the front of our rotation in a year or two. Pagan also has a very good arm and good control with 2 years of team control left. My opinion is that these are both pitchers who need a new environment and more thoughtful coaching. There is a lot to like here. Rogers is the oldest player here and the one at the most risk of injury and is in the decline phase of his career.. He had one year of control left. If he has the good year that so many fans seem to expect he will be $9mm+ Next year. If he doesn’t he could be looking for a job late next winter. Brent Rooker was most likely someone we would have been releasing within 30 days for his roster spot. I rate this a solid win for the Twins
  4. Is there an injury news on Sonny Gray?
  5. I would prefer the Twins try to a make a run at John Means. I think we would line up better with the Orioles on a volume prospect trade and the Orioles have at times indicated Means could be available. He will be starting to become expensive before there window is open so I think it is inevitable that they are going to trade him. They are drastically moving and raising the outfield walls in Baltimore so perhaps they want to shine his numbers a bit before moving him.
  6. Pretty shocking how low of value they placed on Garver. Apparently the FO didn’t believe that Garver could stay healthy. IFK is a nice addition at short but did we really have to give up one of the better hitting catchers in baseball to get him?
  7. Even Jim Pohlad seems to be backing away from this one. It is time for some good old fashioned owner meddling.
  8. I like the idea of Kluber and Wood although this market suggests that those numbers may be low.
  9. I like the idea of high quality pitchers on short term contracts. We have one of the deeper starting pitching pipelines in baseball which seems to be getting forgotten. I feel the disappointment of the Berrios signing but that trade may come to look brilliant. The Thor signing bothered me more as I feel that the quality starting pitchers available on 1 year contracts is a short list. I would be happy to hear that we traded for any of the 3 SPs presumed to be available from Oakland, as well as the Reds or Marlins SPs. Every offseason there are a number of fans that think the Twins should be in on the very top of the starting pitching market and are angry when we are not. The list of teams that get to shop in that aisle of $30mm+/yr pitchers is about 8 teams. Moreover I can not recall a top SP FA ever clamoring to pitch in MN. Being perpetually upset at the FO for not taking steps that are not even on the table is ludicrous. The Cheap Pohlad saw is equally lame. They may be perceived as mega rich but they are not obligated to spend for the entertainment of others. All the owners could spend more but most scale their payroll to the size of the market revenues. We don't have it any worse than the majority of teams in MLB. I think it sucks that their is no financial parity in MLB. To me that detracts from the game of baseball. just my .02$
  10. The Twins have an awesome AAA setup. St Paul should be really proud of that beautiful park. On the night Miranda debuted their was a double rainbow. Sign, yes?
  11. On a more hopeful note I was able to watch Miranda’s AAA debut and a few days later Winder’s in person. Winder was hitting 96 regularly according to the ballpark radar and seemed to have great command of all of his pitches. Miranda’s 3 homers were all smoked. I would love to know the exit velo on two of them. Scarcely time to stand up before they left the yard. Both nights were pretty cool. These were the first Saints games I have seen in years as I live in San Diego.
  12. Maybe Shoemaker can get a locker next to Winder. What an opportunity to share some of that veteran “savvy”.
  13. The front office did well in their trades for Odorizzi and Maeda. They came up with a solid solution to acquiring the services of Pineda. They came close on Lance Lynn. Many forget that he was coming off TJ surgery. It is pretty common for a SP to need 5-10 starts to start getting their control and velo back. I do think there are ways forward to build out the pitching staff. A lot of references on here to Tampa Bay. One of their strengths has been to find unheralded players on the rise and trade for them or sign them. Oakland is another team that seems adept at finding such players. I hope this off-season the FO can play to their similar strengths. It would appear that their strength is not finding the aging SP with something left in the tank.
  14. Tyler Wells is pitching well for a lousy Baltimore team. I had mentioned 3 players in an earlier thread that seem like the type this FO won’t audition. Palacios, Cano, and Moran. All 3 should be at AAA right now. IMO They are all better than their counterparts at STP. There are other names such Miranda & De la Trinidad that fit the criteria of being better than much of the STP roster. The Twins have a reputation for promoting their players slowly which is often described as “conservative”. I can think of other descriptions for that. Let the kids play! Give your top minor league club with which you share a market the best available minor league talent. Who knows, maybe it would be synergistic and help local fans overcome the malaise induced by the mlb squad. Might even provide a better setup for the FO to evaluate possible LT pieces…(smacks forehead)… I will sit back and wait for the chorus of “that’s not how it is done” that will come from some quarters
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