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  1. The Twins have an awesome AAA setup. St Paul should be really proud of that beautiful park. On the night Miranda debuted their was a double rainbow. Sign, yes?
  2. On a more hopeful note I was able to watch Miranda’s AAA debut and a few days later Winder’s in person. Winder was hitting 96 regularly according to the ballpark radar and seemed to have great command of all of his pitches. Miranda’s 3 homers were all smoked. I would love to know the exit velo on two of them. Scarcely time to stand up before they left the yard. Both nights were pretty cool. These were the first Saints games I have seen in years as I live in San Diego.
  3. Maybe Shoemaker can get a locker next to Winder. What an opportunity to share some of that veteran “savvy”.
  4. The front office did well in their trades for Odorizzi and Maeda. They came up with a solid solution to acquiring the services of Pineda. They came close on Lance Lynn. Many forget that he was coming off TJ surgery. It is pretty common for a SP to need 5-10 starts to start getting their control and velo back. I do think there are ways forward to build out the pitching staff. A lot of references on here to Tampa Bay. One of their strengths has been to find unheralded players on the rise and trade for them or sign them. Oakland is another team that seems adept at finding such players. I hope this off-season the FO can play to their similar strengths. It would appear that their strength is not finding the aging SP with something left in the tank.
  5. Tyler Wells is pitching well for a lousy Baltimore team. I had mentioned 3 players in an earlier thread that seem like the type this FO won’t audition. Palacios, Cano, and Moran. All 3 should be at AAA right now. IMO They are all better than their counterparts at STP. There are other names such Miranda & De la Trinidad that fit the criteria of being better than much of the STP roster. The Twins have a reputation for promoting their players slowly which is often described as “conservative”. I can think of other descriptions for that. Let the kids play! Give your top minor league club with which you share a market the best available minor league talent. Who knows, maybe it would be synergistic and help local fans overcome the malaise induced by the mlb squad. Might even provide a better setup for the FO to evaluate possible LT pieces…(smacks forehead)… I will sit back and wait for the chorus of “that’s not how it is done” that will come from some quarters
  6. I started this thread saying Moran and Cano would be examples of pitchers that we should look at. Just noticed that you wrote a piece on those exact 2 players as players to watch. Guess you are coming around Seth. The actual start of this convo was not what internal options should be brought up now but rather why we let promising pitchers go in the offseason only to replace them with some one else’s castoffs. Add Tyler Wells to the list I started with. Not sure why this view needs to be corrected, rebutted, or deconstructed. It was just my opinion
  7. Rogers, Duffy, and Stashak were products of a prior FO. In a sense though this reinforces my point that internal development could be a stronger component of our bullpen composition. All of the pitchers above were allowed extended auditions and rewarded the organization with high upside, cost certainty, and years of control. In the case of Duffey his combined first 4 years were pretty forgettable. I am not sure why Law, Waddell, Anderson, etc warrant an opportunity over internal candidates. This is not a rant about the FO. I like much of what they have done.
  8. I would hope we would take a look at Palacios at AAA. Relievers Cano & Moran should be promoted to see how they do against better competition. It would be frustrating to continue to add to the list of relievers that we simply gave away such as Nick Anderson, Curtiss, Chargois, Littell, etc. It stands in stark contrast to the “has beens” such as Colome, Robles, Minaya, Waddell, Law, etc. that populate our bullpen annually. We somehow seem to have roster space as well as perceive (imagine) some upside for these type of reclamation projects. It would be refreshing to see the organization actually vet more of their own young relievers. They would be cheap, controllable, and still have some upside projection. It can’t be worse than the annual squander of $10-$12mm on retreads to try to fill out a bullpen that has become a winter tradition with this front office.
  9. Seems too soon for this convo. For my part I would like to see how we do with Chicago in the upcoming series. I understand we may well get to this situation but I am finding it emotionally difficult to go there yet. I am still shell shocked by our heinous start
  10. Could someone enlighten me as to Happ’s absence? I must have missed something explaining why he did not pitch when it was his turn.
  11. I like the Dobber as our 6th starter and durable long reliever. Either way he is going to pitch some meaningful innings this year. The Twins will be a better team if they prioritize a 5th starter that can successfully get thru a major league lineup 2-3 times. IMO this requires a higher strikeout skill set than the Dobber presents
  12. It would appear to me that Happ has outpitched Odorizzi for the past 5 seasons. My opinion is this signing does improve the team. Plenty of time left in the offseason for more constructive roster moves. It may seem right now that we are “losing” the off-season to the White Sox. Perhaps we will. I trust this front office and I respect that they play the “long game” rather than reacting to other team’s moves.
  13. This is just what I needed to read today. Corey Koskie rocks!
  14. My vote would be for LaTroy Hawkins. He seems to understand entertainment as well as baseball. To me he brings a fresh perspective and does not lean on old yarns and outdated baseball philosophy. To me by far the worst is Smalley. I have to mute him when is sharing his smug and often dreary commentary. His style reminds me of Joe Morgan. Boring know it alls. Blech
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