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  1. Possibly wait until you see the end product before firing? Everyone agreed Donaldson at his salary needed to be moved. Stand still, or change. I like it
  2. I am interested in how this post ages. You would trade Lewis, Rooker and Enlow for Greene. I have no idea how it ends but look forward to seeing
  3. Thank you Brock. That's a good mission and why the site I great. It seemed I disagreed with Squirrel, who I maybe had mistaken as a moderator, and then was told to be hi-jacking by him. Go twins, don the masks, get healthy, and bring the World Series to Minnesota! And long love Twins Daily...
  4. This, unlike Squirrel's response, is completely fair and makes sense. I Just don't want the site to be a platform, as there is such awesome content about the team we love (and hate at times!). The Author was great, the responses started to bend. Thank you Brock, this makes a lot of sense
  5. Feel free to have folks ignore.... But is that what TD wants? This is my concern as a very long time lurker. I'm assuming, but do not know, if this site generates revenue off hits. But if so, politics should not not be here. 3 years ago Sano was crucified on this site and I don't remember hearing of all the racism defense of his case, which he was cleared of. It was venous. Am I the only one that remembers that? Please owners, do not let TD become Canis Hoopus. We come because we love the Twins, the great baseball insights and the minor league updates. This site is incredible. There are other outlets for social views. I agree capitalism matters, and want TD to thrive.
  6. Double post....see, I am a lurker and don't know how to navigate
  7. Thank you for posting this. I used to love CanisHoopus for the wolves, but now its all politics. Despite being a lurker not poster, Twins Daily has been a staple of mine for 15+ years, even back to the SethSpeaks days (I forget when Seth went to TD). I hope TD doesn't follow Canis' lead.... I would completely miss what this site brings.
  8. Well written and thank you but hard to agree with it all. What exactly did they accomplish by using their 'leverage'? It didn't move the needle one bit. Escaping to the outside world will push back hard? Maybe spending time with kids, exercising, reading a book, going fishing, calling to chat with your grandparents now and then? Not sure what all the push back is you mean. I'm possibly selfish, but sports are/was my escape, not what I thought I would ever need to escape from.
  9. Terrible headline. Long time reader, dissapointed.... Lewis? Stud. Rooker? Love it.
  10. They got the top talent at 1. A stud at 35 and huge upside at 37? If Carlson was obvious he lasted many picks later to a team with no $$ leverage. This is a great draft, and going to get better
  11. So to be clear in the future... your 2-3 top picks - based on who were available - were??
  12. No offense... but a post that should be revisited in a few years. 3 studs, affordable. How it should be done
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