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  1. Well, some often maligned pitchers had a really good night overall. Offense just couldn't make good contact. Jeffers was the only guy who showed up tonight in the lineup.
  2. This isn't even remotely the profile of a "number three starter". And by your own definition he would make 4 out of every 5 starts a quality start. Examining a player to arbitrarily rank him should demand you do more to look at his performance in context.
  3. Yeah....Star Wars is broken outside Mando.
  4. We've had people predicting they'd be under .500 by *checks the posts* last week. So, no, not in a free fall. Had some crappy performances with a team that is finally getting healthier. Hopefully as the reinforcements come back we can get back rolling again.
  5. Agreed. Add to it that teams whine about the unwritten rules when it happens and I'm ready to call for MLB to officially make forfeiting allowed.
  6. Interestingly, only 4 of his 14 starts have been against the ALE. He's been lit up in 5 of his 14 starts as well. His Barrell% and HardHit% are through the roof this year. People seem to be seeing him really well for some reason this year.
  7. Some of you should really hear this guy out after the first 7 pages.
  8. This team is too slow to run. Though I'm consistently confused on why Buxton isn't running at all. Early in the season the team was running dudes like Sano and now nobody tries.
  9. With the way we know middle infielders age....I'd be really wary of a deal in the 7-10 year range. But I doubt any team locks in him in with less term than that. I'd happily pay him 3 years and 45M per, but I don't think he goes for that either. Which leads me to believe an extension just isn't in the cards. Baseball can't get a salary cap soon enough.
  10. Both the team's current and future make-up and payroll indicate an ideal year to buy. And not just nibbly sort of buys....but go get a bigtime DH/OF or SP. Not to mention some RP help.
  11. Twins have the 3rd most wins in the AL, 4th best win %. Sometimes you just have a crummy game of ABs.
  12. This. The Twins got a few bad breaks, couldn't get a big two out hit, or didn't execute with the bases loaded. Just one of those games when things didn't bounce their way. (And then a bunch of fielding blunders)
  13. Part of the problem is that if you use that crew, you get compared to TNG. And that's a high bar. Even Season 1, which was good, never felt like it touched what I loved about TNG. I too will give Season 3 a shot but I'm not coming in with much enthusiasm. I have to give SNW a shot, I've been meaning too but Picard soured me pretty hard.
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