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  1. It's Kirby, Radke, Johan, and Knobby. Probably in that order and pretty close together.
  2. Yup, I said it earlier, I think Spielman's biggest mistake was hitching his wagon to Zimmer and giving him so much deference.
  3. Baseball is waning rapidly among kids. And those that do care about baseball don't care about MLB. Baseball's fandom is literally dying off with no one to replace them. A strike and lost games, with no pandemic to blame, are going to be another body blow to the future of this league.
  4. It looks like Oscar Isaac is totally throwing himself into the role. It could be bonkers. Marvel is setting up a supernatural/scary wing of their universe with Dane Whitman, Blade, Moon Knight, etc. That could lead to some seriously good stuff.
  5. Looking forward to hearing anything you think is interesting!
  6. I'd deal Cousins straight up for Hurts. However, Philly is looking to go bigger than Cousins with the capital they have.
  7. The problem with the Saints is money and there is a good chance Seattle is restarting if Wilson is dealt. Cousins needs a ready-made roster with available cap room and the only spots I can think of that fit that are Denver and Cleveland.
  8. Tomlin is one of the three best coaches in football.
  9. With you on Kirk. I think Jimmy G is the guy who ends up in Pitt.
  10. Those are reasonable amendments. My thought with Cook is Miami is desperate, hometown star, depleted depth chart, lots of draft picks. Trying to find the right spots for the best payoffs.
  11. I struggled with that....are they lopsided or just speaking to the heart? I honestly didn't know what to conclude, hence my caveat.
  12. That Dallas game should effectively end the idea Moore is ready for that promotion. Brian Daboll literally did nothing short of coordinate the perfect offensive game. They didn't punt, kick a field goal, or have a turnover. They scored touchdowns or victory formation'd. Hire the man!
  13. I'm betting on the Broncos losing out on the QB carousel. I think Wilson ends up in Philly, Rodgers stays in GB, Watson doesn't go anywhere. In that case, they may be willing to take that gamble. But I'm good with the Cousins option too. I hope you're wrong about Ridder. I think people aren't seeing the talent there. He's so fluid in the pocket. At this point, I'd be cool taking him at 12. My only concern with him is that he's a little short on some of his deep balls.
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