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  1. Good thing we kept finding reasons not to let Gordon play huh?
  2. In place of your lord and savior. I'm using b-ref to cite that. Simmons has the highest rate of BOWCN, otherwise known as Being Old While Contributing Nothing.
  3. 2006. When an 83 win team benefited from the tyranny of small sample size we call the Playoffs.
  4. Quite a few, you should go look back at how many deep playoff runs were made with some fourth starter going on a bender for two weeks. Or a bullpen that suddenly couldn't be touched. This is a myth we tell ourselves to avoid accepting how random playoff baseball really is.
  5. Only if he's constantly telling the dummies on the mound to "throw strikes, but not easy to hit strikes, only strikeouts and weak contact" Then everything will be just peachy. And only if it comes with the promise of a bunch of whacky versions of this.
  6. Dodgers fans were not confident. His legacy has been tarnished by it. You can find a lot of articles like this: https://www.theringer.com/mlb/2018/10/29/18039728/clayton-kershaw-los-angeles-dodgers-world-series-failures I'll restate my thesis: we make too much of "aces" in the playoffs.
  7. Clayton Kershaw is an ace. He's also been downright awful in the playoffs. Which was my point and doesn't need a lot of work to demonstrate: https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/k/kershcl01.shtml He's a decidely not-Acey postseason pitcher. Based on what you said above, that would disqualify him.
  8. Is Clayton Kershaw an ace? I'll just suggest you take a gander through the last ten years of playoff stats and see how this is largely a myth. People forget that even great players struggle and the small sample of the playoffs has chewed up many a good ace. Or good offense. Or good bullpen.
  9. Sure, but in a large stretch of those failures we were marching out the best pitcher on the planet! Think of how many Yankees losses had nothing to do with Radke or Santana and everything to do with a futile offense or the bullpen. If an ace was enough to feel good about the playoffs, we have very different memories of all those Johan/Twins failures.
  10. Baseball's unwillingness to sever the regional anchor is killing the sport on multiple levels.
  11. All the NFL got was a sniff of "too long" and they made clock changes. MLB continues to dinosaur itself into oblivion. There is no reason there can't be 12 hours of baseball every day April through September in tight 3 hour games.
  12. The NFL can charge more because they aren't bleeding their viewership with 4 hour snoozefests.
  13. And yet they advertise all over the place during every sport, all the time. Advertising has no lack of exposure in sports. Diminishing fan interest in over-long games will make the advertisers more frustrated than anything. The most successful sport in the country has repeatedly made efforts to tighten up games and keep them streamlined. Pretty sure the NFL ain't hurting for advertising.
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