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  1. Glad it’s done. But I really hope the no-trade clause wasn’t actually what held this up. I’m not quite sure where that came from or if it’s true, but if it is, the Twins are once again failing to adapt to modern baseball. No trade clauses, opt outs, these are part of paying players in the 21st century, deal with it.
  2. I would have at least liked to have heard the Twins linked to Gray. This AAV isn’t an issue for them. Scherzer isn’t coming here, but we need to hear the Twins linked to Ray, Rodon and Stroman, even if I don’t actually want to pay Stroman.
  3. This contract is nuts and I wouldn’t want or expect the Twins to do it. But inflation is hitting all businesses and consumers, the Twins better be ready and willing for team a record payroll in 2022 and by a substantial margin. Employees are getting paid more, they need to deal with it just like every other company.
  4. The last three years of Wander Franco’s deal guarantees him more money per year than Buxton can earn if he wins MVP. The Twins got an absolute steal here, they need to re-invest this savings and not expect every deal to be so team friendly.
  5. Wow, good news for the Twins. This seems like a huge bargain for the team, time to go use that savings on big ticket starting pitching.
  6. Cotton and Columba would be easy “no’s” for me. They need to find better strikeout artists in free agency. I’d also rather put the young prospect “starters” who are less likely to end up as starters in the pen.
  7. Heard we’re looking into a six year extension with Dick Brewer.
  8. Yeah I suppose it just seems longer ago that the vaccine came out. I’m still struggling with the Vikings being the worst franchise about COVID. It’s frustrating and embarrassing as a fan.
  9. Tomlinson isn't vaccinated either? Why did Spielman keep (re)signing these guys?!?!?!??! I'm more furious with the GM than with anyone else on the team. Zimmer isn't a good coach, but Spielman is the one putting together a roster full of selfish guys you can never count on.
  10. Changing the individual players' skillsets and how they actually play the game seems like a much more unachievable task than actually changing which players are on the roster.
  11. Over-villainizing someone is the quickest way to invalidate an argument. Acknowledging the positives while discussing the negatives is a far more worthy debate tactic. This isn't a movie, these people aren't ALL bad nor are they ALL good.
  12. The front office transformed an identity-less team into a wall of mashers when that was absolutely the key to winning. The league then immediately negated the advantage the Twins had purposefully built. Now you’re complaining because they didn’t re-rebuild the club in two years? I mean no one’s happy with the front office at the moment, but being incredulous that they couldn’t flip an entire roster overnight and using the poster child for poor plate approaches to condemn them is crazy.
  13. Agree with others. This only makes sense if the Twins make about four other moves bigger than this, which seems unlikely.
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