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  1. A banjo hitter is someone who almost exclusively hits singles right? That was my only point.
  2. It's like the MLB is trying to invent reasons for the Twins to keep Lewis down!!! I kid. Mostly.
  3. Jorge Polanco has averaged 70 XBHs the last two full seasons. Banjo hitters are typically known as guys with little power and rarely find themselves further than 1B after their at bat, which still seems to describe Arraez. Rob Deer and his career .766 OPS certainly wasn't considered a banjo hitter. But again, I was trying to celebrate Araez here.
  4. I mean, maybe he can stay up if his leash terminates after one poor start. The guy has 2 strikeouts in 10 2/3rds innings. That just is not going to be sustainable. When the wheels fall off it's going to be swift and unrelenting.
  5. Well I mean he still only has 6 XBH, so he's still kind of a "banjo hitter." In 2022 a banjo hitter is way better than most of the league though.
  6. And I think you could make an argument that batting average is more important then on base percentage, as walks absolutely should not be valued the same as a hit. No one has ever driven home a runner on 2B with a walk. I just meant to imply that I found his OBP even more obscene than his batting average. He's been a super valuable player no matter how you slice his stats.
  7. If there's one encouraging thing about Buxton's slump, it's that he's only had 10 strikeouts in the 12 games. I mean that's not elite or anything, but that's pretty typical. That would be the the one stat I'd find alarming. I was ready to get rid of Kepler too. Not because I didn't think he could play, just because I thought as a corner outfielder, his production was pretty easy to replace for a much cheaper price tag. It's possible in a month or so the TWINS might find themselves in that exact situation with Larnach, Kirilloff, Lewis, Celesitino and maybe even Wallner or Martin taking off, but clearly the rest of the league is struggling at this position. Kepler certainly is more valuable than I assumed in March. Mea culpa; I posted that fairly regularly too.
  8. Yeah, I used to memorize every stat on the back of baseball cards; winning the batting title was a big deal to me. Only one guy from each league was worthy enough to have their batting average in BOLD numbers. Alas, sorry, but I am one of those who have put a diminishing value on batting average. But that is hardly a loss for Luis Arraez, because I am more than willing to celebrate his team leading OPS of .861. Good lord, an on base percentage of .446? Kudos, well done sir.
  9. We don't need more prospects. We don't have room for the ones we have.
  10. The bullpen is the easiest and cheapest thing to upgrade at the trade deadline. They're not going to waive the white flag, trade the star shortstop and call it a season just because the bullpen is subpar. But Duran, Smith and Jax are looking good. Soon they'll have Acala back, and my guess is Archer will be there by mid year.
  11. He likely would be the third best shortstop on the free agent market next year. There's a pretty reasonable chance he's going to see another 35M one year payday as the preferable option since he may have the SS market all to himself in the following offseason.
  12. Geez, maybe I never paid attention before, but Steer sure does have a pretty swing for a righthanded hitter.
  13. Even if the Twins "got an offer they couldn't refuse", the Red Sox would just swoop in and steal it with Bogaerts. Correa's not going anywhere.
  14. Josh Donaldson obviously. But really, all that Luis Gil fretting seems more to do with giving up anything of value for Jake Cave. The guy walks way too many batters, and he has at every level. Maybe he'll make it as an inconsistent reliever, but most likely he'll flame out. It's been a bit understated, but the Twins haven't been keeping these types of pitchers hanging around like they were a few years ago.
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