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  1. For me, his healthy track record pushes the scale toward overpaying and keeping him. Most free agent pitchers come with injury concerns; it's really hard to find quality arms that are healthy. He's close enough to an ACE and he's consistent. If he played for another team and was a free agent, everyone would be begging the Twins to sign him.
  2. Hard to believe these guys are worse than the staffs of the early 1980's, mid to late 1990's or the 2012-14 clubs. But I suppose those clubs were mostly made up of no-name waiver-wire finds and cheap fringy prospects who may have lacked name recognition and MLB level skill, but probably had a bit more desperation in their game which probably adds something. The current rotation is made up of league-wide known commodities. Whether these guys are worse than their predecessors is probably less important than the fact that these guys were expected to be good while the other famously bad
  3. I'm pretty shocked at all the usable vets the team has been able to bring in. I hope their experience makes it easy to mesh and it's not one of those situations where there's too many fresh faces who are going to have a lot of adjusting to do before they're compatible. I think it will be the first option though. Anyone know what the Vikings vaccination percentage is? Because that's what they have to get to work on next. I think the teams that have the lifted restrictions are going to be way more in sync than those that still have to distance, mask up, travel separately and test daily. I'l
  4. I'm DISAPPOINTED in them all, but if we are voting for WORST pitcher as the poll states, I'm going with Dobnak considering he has been the most consistently terrible pitcher. He's had maybe one start and a couple of relief outing that weren't abject failures. Hard to believe, but even Shoemaker managed to eek out four or five usable starts. And somehow oddly, out of the four candidates, three of whom were free agents, Dobnak currently holds the contract most difficult to be separated from. But that's just my vote amongst the four listed candidates. Based on recent pitch usage, I can
  5. Funny, the best pitcher of the nine on the BP pitching chart threw the fewest pitches. And half as many as the #8 pitcher. What a whacky coincidence!
  6. MLB needs to buy back the rights to their product, clean it up, nurse it back to health and then showcase it affordably and to the masses on any and every platform they can. I mean, that's what they should do if the owners want the game to be around for more than another decade. If they'd rather make as much money as they possibly can for the next few years until the game is dead, I guess they should just keep turning a blind eye. Casual baseball fans are not going to pay more than a nominal fee to watch baseball on TV. When only the diehard fans watch your sport, you become lacrosse
  7. Yeah, I couldn’t figure out the reason for that extension. Dobnak looked like a Scott Diamond, not a diamond in the rough.
  8. Where do you procure your dead hedgehogs? Asking for a friend.
  9. I didn't see what they offered, what was it? Or are you just basing it on what the Bears gave up to move up?
  10. I had no interest in Matt Jones. Still don't. Good for him if he works out; but this is 2021, I want a QB who can move. My interest in Fields was always pretty tepid, though I have to admit, when he started dropping and it looked like the Vikings could make a play for him, my interest was piqued. Would have liked Lance, but it was a bit of a relief once he was off the board right away as I knew I could commit to drafting a non-QB finally.
  11. Feel bad for Mitch, not just because he had to have the surgery, but because he was really finding his groove. That's got to be a rough feeling.
  12. I feel a lot better about Fields being a bust for the bears....now that I know he was Spielman’s first choice.
  13. I'm not really interested in filling the #3 WR spot because I don't think Cousins will ever really look that way. I'd be more interested in seeing the rookies they just drafted get those very few reps. I'm more than happy finding more talent to help on the DL though.
  14. What's black and white and red all over. The new Twins Daily!

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