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  1. But they'll pay that amount for an aging 3B? The "Pohlads are cheap" bit is getting old. They obviously don't spend anywhere near the top of the league, but they also don't spend anywhere near the bottom feeders either. Sure, I'd like them to do more, and sure I think they CAN do more, but this organization is VERY reactionary; to combat the remembrance of a terrible, terrible 2021 season, I think it's almost certain they're going to go hard at a big time free agent even if it's for the wrong reasons. Seager may very well not want to come to MN, but there are five elite SS available in free agency, they aren't all going to have the luxury of both getting paid AND being choosey about their destination. But my guess: C - Garver 1B - Sano 2B - Polanco 3B - Donaldson SS - Trevor Story RF - Kepler CF - Buxton LF - Kirilloff DH - Cruz Arraez will be moved along with some prospects for pitching.
  2. Risky or not risky, the Twins almost always have done free agency the same way. We have X amount of dollars to spend and plan to use it on free agents to fill xxxxxx roles. How about just once, they try something different. We have X amount of dollars to spend and plan to use it on Xxx. We will fill the remaining holes with the internal options even if they are untested. Internal options, who let's be frank, may not pan out, but likely are no more risky than the desperate aging vets we'd end up singing in late January anyway.
  3. I just need Zimmer to continue to not have a filter. I want him to complain about the distraction of the team's low vaccination levels, the top heavy contracts not allowing them to have any depth and the decade long problem of not being able to put together an OL. I really want to be sure he takes Spielman down with him when he gets canned.
  4. At least Breelund getting that starting job was a good decision.
  5. At least Hill and Ham are doing their best to spread the penalties around and take the pressure off of him.
  6. I assume it would be considered knee-jerk to fire the OC at half time? How can the offense be so undisciplined?
  7. Sean Mannion is getting promoted from the practice squad. Meaning he’s almost certainly the #2 QB. Why? I don’t imagine anyone actually thinks Mannion could win an NFL game. Who cares if the #2 has (minimal) NFL experience? If Cousins goes down, they’ll lose the game unless they’re up big. If he’s out long term, the season is over.
  8. I don't disagree with your take on signing one long term asset and developing the young pitchers to see what we have. But they've been signing multiple one-year, stop-gap starters for two years now; they should have had a blueprint to putting together a long-term sustainable rotation at least since 2019. Winging it for the last several years, particularly years they were winning the division seems unorganized and reckless.
  9. Right, in addition to giving out regrettable contracts for average to below average pitchers, the danger with trying to immediately fix the awful rotation into a contending rotation would be once again not developing their own young pitchers. Giolito and Cease were absolutely brutal early in their careers. Are the Twins expecting their top young arms to hit the ground running? They'd be foolish to assume that will be the case. But you aren't going to be a contender if you're giving 20-30 starts to a couple of young guys who put up Giolito's 2018, Cease's 2019 or Jose Berrios' 2016 seasons. They organization is going set the club back years if they do 2022 wrong out of desperation.
  10. Yeah, they certainly need to START to build a rotation next year, but being a real contender? Not likely. I mean has anyone looked at Chicago's rotation? They can't match up with that in one offseason. This is going to require long-term planning, which I'm not sure is even in the blueprint stage yet.
  11. Well Kyle Gibson was awful in 2020 and almost certainly would have cost the Twins their division championship last year and he most definitely wouldn't have made a lick of difference this year. So that was a pretty good "pass" in my book.
  12. Bad offseason for sure, particularly when it came to the pitching. They had made some pretty decent decisions prior to this year, so I don't know that their evaluation system is completely busted. But I think it's fair to say that they typically wait to sign their pitchers, which means they are signing guys who will lower their demands to meet the Twins value. This would obviously indicate that the Twins aren't aggressively choosing the pitchers who might be best for the team but instead settling for the best pitchers who will fit the team on the terms they most prefer. For permanent fixes, they probably have to do some contracts they'd feel uncomfortable with. Well, or suddenly learn how to develop five starters and a handful of relievers of their own somehow. That seems quite unlikely.
  13. Or it may say a lot about 38-year-olds.
  14. Yeah, anyway for most of the vets on the team, I'd be more inclined to move them based on when you need to start getting MLB at bats for the prospects and not on the return they'll bring back. But that's based on the belief that the return would be pretty modest. If Polanco, Arraez or Taylor Rogers hold significant value, then of course I'd move them based on the return. Or keep them if they'll help for years to come.
  15. I figured Sano and Kepler are probably moveable, but I probably disagree on how much value they actually have to this team or another organization. Kepler has been a pretty underwhelming offensive player for a couple years now. I figure you can get a comparable free agent corner OF for less than the 8-10M per year he is under contract for. His inconsistency and continued inability to get on base are starting to look an awful lot like Eddie Rosario. Maybe I'm the low-man on him though. I suppose whether or not Atlanta picks up Joc Pederson's 10M option this offseason might help demonstrate what kind of value Kepler still has. I also kind of thought Sano and Donaldson's contract might have negative value at this point. Maybe I'm wrong.
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