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  1. Defensive value has been "shifting" from 2B to 3B. With the new anti-shift rules you will see range at 2B become more important and 3B less important. That would be good news for Jose Miranda. I don't have much confidence that Miranda will become a better defender. Players are mostly finished products at age 24 defensively. If they can't handle a position by age 25 they get moved to one that is more suited to their athletic ability.
  2. It is interesting to me how baseball does not seem to be as sticky as football when it comes to the postseason. So many baseball fans seem to abandon the sport during the playoffs if their favorite team doesn't make it. I don't think this is the same for football. People still watch the NFL playoffs even if they don't have a rooting interest. I'd rather watch any MLB playoff game than a single Vikings game.
  3. That's probably why he had to wait until Sunday. They're all out of spaces.
  4. Good thing they gave that person a few days notice. They might need to re-order some letters.
  5. The Cubs might be ready to spend some money. Seattle could use another infielder. It only takes one team.
  6. Hopefully they do more due diligence than the 10 minutes I spent avoiding work this afternoon.
  7. Killebrew was an established All Star at age 23. Schmidt had MVP votes at 24. Berkman won Rookie of the Year at age 24. Trout was the best player on the planet at age 20. None of them are good comps for Trevor Larnach or Matt Wallner.
  8. Stars for stars trades are pretty rare in baseball. It's usually expensive vets for prospects. They won't get Cease for Arraez but the Brewers have holes at 1B and 2B and could use a bat. Would they deal Freddy Peralta for Arraez?
  9. Friends reruns on the scoreboard at Target Field would be more popular than the Twins. The joke wouldn't work as well.
  10. I wouldn't trade Arraez for a catcher. For a top of the rotation starter or a starting SS with 3 (or more) seasons of team control like Arraez? Yes. That's a short list: Dylan Cease, Freddy Peralta, Andrew Civale, Bo Bichette.
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