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  1. There is a trio of interesting lefties: Danny Duffy, Eduardo Rodriguez and Steven Matz. Target Field is tough on LHP but any of those guys could help.
  2. Seems as simple as renting a block of hotel rooms at an extended stay hotel in each market. They should be able to negotiate a decent price for a block of rooms for 5 months. Hell, I bet some of the owners OWN hotels in these cities.
  3. They picked the wrong pitcher with Happ. Several pitchers signed after Happ, including Rich Hill who had been successful with the team in 2020. There are 5 shortstops who will be pursued heavily. The Yankees are going to sign one of them, probably Correa. The Dodgers will sign one, probably Seager. The Phillies are also in the market for a shortstop and can outbid the Twins. Most of them also have a QO attached and the last thing the Twins should be doing is giving away draft picks in the upcoming draft. That means it's sign Javier Baez or hunt for bargains.
  4. Based on Falvey's quotes in Reusse's article in the Strib today you will be quite disappointed. "We had LaMonte. He was an on-base, line-drive guy and we liked him a lot but what he and the Giants did this year, he looked like a totally different human at the plte. He was standing upright, swinging harder, hitting for power." "People complain about the emphasis on home runs, but they win games," Falvey said. "Already in this postseason, teams are 13-1 when they outhomer the opponent."
  5. The Twins ended up in last place because they only had one good pitcher and they traded him at the deadline.
  6. If Rooker was not already on the 40 man roster I doubt the Twins would acquire him from another team.
  7. There will be a lot of SS on the move this winter. Not just the free agents but also players who are displaced when their team signs one of the free agents. For example, I expect the Yankees to sign Correa and make Gio Urshela available in trade. He graded out as average in 200 innings at SS for the Yankees. I also expect the Phillies will essentially pay to get rid of Didi Gregorious. I don't think the right strategy is to target a particular free agent. Better to be opportunistic when a bargain presents itself.
  8. Pretty easy to look up. He's owed $15.3M over the next two seasons with a $2M buyout of an option. Like you said, he's become all or nothing at the plate (19 of his 70 hits in 2021 were HR). If the ball stops going over the fence he's unplayable. I'd trade Sano for DeJong but I doubt St. Louis would be interested.
  9. No, it's two full seasons until Garver qualifies for free agency
  10. I agree 100% with this. I don't even have any confidence in Ryan or Ober pitching a full, productive season. If they really want to contend next season they can't depend on the minor leaguers at all. None of the high level prospects pitched over 100 innings.
  11. One more name. A familiar one. Jake Odorizzi is pretty expensive for a 5th starter in Houston.
  12. I would look at highly compensated starting pitchers who underperformed in 2021: Yu Darvish, Blake Snell, Miles Mikolas, Garrett Richards. Then there are the players looking at large arbitration awards: Matt Boyd, Chris Bassitt, Sean Manea, Zach Eflin, Kyle Freeland, Jameson Taillon
  13. I think you can probably rule out anyone who would require draft pick compensation. The Twins have some high picks in what should be a loaded draft. That makes Gausman and Stroman more attractive. OTOH - Ray, Syndergaard, Kershaw, Rodon, Desclafini and Gray might be less attractive or off the market due to the QO. Greinke is unlikely. He's always had the Twins on his no-trade list.
  14. "Secretly delighting when fans start the wave and spill beer and nacho cheese on themselves" Oooh, I didn't know this was an option. Can I change my vote?
  15. Both Atlanta and San Diego would be interested in Garver. Seattle might also want him.
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