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  1. Kyle Garlick's setback means you will see Larnach continue to get plate appearances.
  2. Palacios is having a good year at AA but hasn't forced his way to AAA the way Miranda did. I imagine the trade deadline will force some players up the ladder. The Twins will need to move an infielder from AAA to replace Simmons and that should give Palacios a spot at AAA.
  3. Doing nothing more than saving the $4.87M owed to Cruz the rest of the season would be a grade "C" trade. No sense spending that money on losing and it can (and should) be re-allocated to the 2022 budget. The roster spot and playing time can be used evaluating the younger players. The Twins added two halfway decent pitching prospects on TOP of that. Pitching is the biggest area of need in the organization. This is a very good trade.
  4. Well, on Twitter he just announced he isn't signing, so probably unlikely to be the first one of the draft picks to make it to the majors for the Twins.
  5. 34 year old Byron Buxton doesn't matter. He'll provide nearly $70M worth of value in the next 3 seasons (ages 28-30), just like he did 2019-2021. If the Twins can spread out those payments over an even longer time period they get a discount due to the time value of money. Every team would like to pay out a 3 year deal over the next 7 years. He's not an old player in decline - he's in his prime. He's not taking 7/$70M because someone is going to offer him 3/$70M after 2022. He might take 4/$70M as a base if the incentives are good because he's looking at less than $10M in arbitration next season.
  6. That's a very pessimistic take. Any GM inking him long term is also taking a significant risk that Buxton is the MVP one of those seasons. Over the last 3 seasons he's produced 8 WAR in 153 games. 2 WAR averages $16M on the free agent market, $10M was a lowball for his production over 40 games.
  7. It's a tiny risk unless you think Buxton is going to get hurt and never play again. Buxton puts up $10M worth of value in 40 games.
  8. He has to turn down 7/$70M. He can make that much in a 4 year deal on the open market.
  9. Can't say I'm worried about that at all. I also don't worry about lightning strikes or bear attacks in my neighborhood.
  10. I voted Cruz, Pineda, Simmons, Robles, Duffey, Rogers and Sano. I'm only sure about the first 4 names on the list; if they don't move Cruz, Pineda, Simmons and Robles they screwed up. I would have voted for Colome and Happ but I don't think any contenders will want them even if the Twins pay the salary. They're the kind of veteran pitchers you see eating innings on bad teams. I think Duffey and Rogers will be in demand and they'll be able to make a deal that is right for the organization with each of them. Moving Sano might be wishful thinking.
  11. Pretty much relievers and not very many of them - Brusdar Graterol, Lewis Thorpe and Edwar Colina are the most recent. They traded away Huascar Ynoa. Fernando Romero was a bust. Silva and Liriano both came in trades.
  12. My original comp for Larnach when he was drafted was Geoff Jenkins. I'm still pretty happy with that comp.
  13. 5 years, $100M seems like a significant discount compared to what each of them would get as a free agent. If possible the team should sign both of them to a contract of that length and value.
  14. Yes and no. They need a spot for him at the next level, which means Palacios has to get promoted too. It's important to make sure he's successful. 750 OPS in 140 plate appearances doesn't scream "promote me". Canterino is the player at Cedar Rapids who is the most impressive.
  15. I'm pretty convinced that some of the success found by pitchers after leaving the Twins is cheating. Some organizations seem to have a "knack" for increasing spin rates.
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