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  1. I think Rodgers falls into the same category as Berrios or Buxton. I think the twins need to first see if they can sign him to a longer-term deal. He can be a core part of a championship team‘s bullpen. If they can’t, trade Him at the deadline but only if you are completely overwhelmed. The better market tends to be in the off-season and that also gives you a chance for one last attempt to re-sign him. My personal prediction is there will be a lot of talk, rumors, etc. about Berrios, Buxton and Rogers but none of them will be traded at the deadline.
  2. I don’t think this is that hard. Kepler starts in right field as part of a platoon with Refsnyder/Garlick until he loses the position, which will probably occur in the next year or two. He’s then the 4th OF. Love the defense, but he simply doesn’t hit well enough to be a regular every day starting corner outfielder on a contending team. That stinks to say, but it is the reality. I think Kirilloff will play first base and I think Sano will be gone or moved to DH. I have read that the Twins tried to trade Sano this year already but could not find a taker for his contract. Whether or not that is
  3. I think optioning Astudillo was the right call, because it shows the organization is committed to using this year as a development/retooling year. While I love his versatility and personality, having him on the team would take away at bats from guys like Gordon, Rortvedt, and Jeffers. We need to evaluate those guys more than anything else this year so we know what we have. Same for Larnach and Kirilloff. We know what Astudillo can do, and what he can’t do, and we have him under control for next year if we need his services. Sending him to AAA is the right call if your goal this year is to eval
  4. I think the Twins would love to trade Sano and Donaldson but I don't think they can or will. I don't think Sano is going anywhere because no one will take his contract. Same with Donaldson and with him, we don't have an MLB ready 3d Baseman to replace him. I just can't see the Twins sending 10-15m to a team to take Donaldson or 5-10m to take Sano. I love the thought experiment but I think our tradable hitters are Cruz, Simmons, and maybe one of the OFs, possibly Kepler. It may be time to move on from Buxton but I think the FO will have to be bowled over to make a deal on him before the next of
  5. I would accept that friendly amendment. It would have to be a huge offer to tempt me, however, particularly with respect to Berrios. The Twins don't do a good job of developing pitching so we need to hold on to what we have until it's very clear that we can't re-sign him.
  6. The path forward is clear now and frankly has been for the last month or so. This is a developmental/retooling year. What we need to learn from this year is what pieces we have and don't have and whether our focus is short term or a full rebuild is in order. I think if you start there, the steps are relatively straightforward. First, you DFA or trade the players on expiring contracts or who aren't part of the next contending team, unless you want to re-sign them now. DFA Shoemaker TODAY. Get ready to trade Cruz, Happ and Simmons. Trade Pineda if he's healthy enough to be interesting, you
  7. Hope Gordon is put in CF every day until Buxton comes back. Would really help us if he could be a multi-positional player. Gives us some speed that we desperately need and it looks like he can hit some.
  8. Thank God Shoemaker is going to the pen. I've been advocating for this for 3 weeks. That's his only chance to stay in the Bigs; he can't stay as a starter. If Buxton isn't coming up will Gordon play CF or RF? Celestino isn't ready but Gordon may be. I'd love to see him playing every day in the OF until some of the "real" OFs come back. May as well see if he can do it and expand his usefulness to the team. Also a good way to find out if he can hit as an everyday player.
  9. I wasn't watching the game at the end. I read the Twins 9th went single, homer, single, homer. And that they won. Please tell me this isn’t a cruel joke….or a dream
  10. I also agree with your list of who to trade, except that I would try to keep Pineda and Rogers. I think Kepler will wind up staying because of his "team friendly" contract and the hope that there just is another gear in there somewhere, but I think he is destined to be a quality 4th outfielder on a contending team, not a starter. The rest of those guys have 0 value to the Twins after this year so trade them for what you can get and play the younger talent. It just doesn't make sense to keep these veteran guys in the hope that we could win 75 games instead of 68 games (and that probably oversta
  11. Trading Simmons shouldn't be about what you can get for him, it should be about where you have someone younger with a possible future that you want to put into that position or, potentially, if moving someone you have opens up a spot for that younger player with a future. We are going nowhere this year so keeping around a one year rental player isn't a smart move unless we plan on also having him next year to keep the spot warm until someone else like Lewis is ready. That's the question. If we got somebody else who could benefit from the reps, trade Simmons for whatever you can get. If not, we
  12. While I think you are probably right that there have been at least 5 to 10 games where you can point to a lack of executing on a fundamental play as costing us the game, we would not have won all of those games by any stretch, I think again the poor fundamentals are a symptom of the problem but not the underlying disease. Let's say we win 5 more games by making a simple fundamental play, like the game in Oakland, 5 more wins would make us 29 – 32 instead of 24 – 37. Better? I guess, A move into playoff relevancy? I don't think so. The Problem is simple: we don't have enough talent. If yo
  13. I agree with your premise - the Twins' injuries have been tough, but that isn't the main reason we are 24-36. I think the main reason is poor fundamental and situational play. We make too many errors and also don't execute simpler lays like converting ground balls into double plays and hitting cut-off men, and so we let the opponent have too many at bats. We also don't execute well on offense when it's time to move over a runner, run the bases well, etc. or hit well with RISP. We can blame a small part of that on injuries - putting Astudillo in the field is an invitation for an error, for exa
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