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  1. The offense is what separates us from being the solid #3 in the AL. Last night was a great example. Bases loaded, productive out leads to a tie score, and the hitters are Miranda and Gordon against a nasty reliever. Both hitters are young and learning and it would be a good learning experience for young up and coming guys on a non-contending team. But that isn't what we want to or should be. We're a contending team. That's why I say the lineup is a hitter or two short. My take? I would rather that those two spots were Lewis and Kirilloff (but only if his recent surge is real). To me, that's the kind of marginal improvement we need to be making if we want to take this year seriously. I know it's tough because unless we make a trade, Gordon is probably good enough that he would get claimed if we DFA him. Still, I think his days are numbered any way. Bring up Lewis for Miranda and give Arraez and Garlick or Sanchez First Base until we think Kirilloff is really ready. When he is, try to either package Gordon and a decent prospect for a reliever or trade him for prospects to create the spot for Kirilloff. Lewis is in a 3B/LF/DH grouping with Urshela, Garlick and Larnach until then.
  2. Somewhere between 4 and 6 behind Houston, the Yankees - both clearly better- and Toronto. The Blue Jays rotation and lineup are both better than the Twins. We are right there with the Angels, Rays and White Sox in that second tier. I thank for the Twins to move up to the first year is entirely dependent on that lineup hitting better. The rotation is what it is and unlikely to get better. I think the bullpen will be fine with one more arm that we could pick up for prospects at the trade deadline. The way to get better is to get more offense. There is a possibility that the lineup could get better if Buxton remembers how to hit, and one or two of the Lewis, Kirilloff and Steer group comes up to replace Miranda, Gordon and/or Urshela. Correa Is actually hitting about what you would expect, his value is that he hits like this and plays gold glove defense at a premium position at the same time, and I don’t think we can expect a lot more out of Polanco, Sanchez, Jeffers, Urshela, or Kepler other than marginal improvement. We need another bat or two so we can stop playing the backup catcher as the DH. Those two guys should only catch and the DH spot should then be available for Arraez or one of the starters taking a half-day with one of those three AAA guys playing the field. I hope we call up at least Lewis and Kirilloff within the next 2-3 weeks and they give the offense a boost.
  3. interesting article. It sounds like "active rest" is exactly what the Twins are doing wiht Buxton. It also looks like a 10 day Il stint isn't going ot help much and may even be counterproductive. It seems like what they're doing may be the right to do.
  4. Like this idea. It's only 10 days and the next 8 are games against KC and Detroit. He would probably miss the Toronto series 6/3-5, although he could come back on 6/5, and be ready for the Yankees at home starting Tuesday, June 7. This would give him time to hopefully clear things up through the All Star break.
  5. I agree I think that's exactly what they intend to do. He has played four games at AAA, 2 at SS, and 1 at both 3B and LF. I would expect a similar situation in their six games this week (he played SS last night) and then I think he's back as a super utility player.
  6. I could actually see the Twins trading Gordon individually or as part of a package for a non-40 man A ball type with potential but not a premium prospect. He has hit and played SS well enough that I can see a weaker team looking for a young shortstop taking a chance on him or a better team in desperate need of a utility guy being willing to give us at least a little something for him. I like him as a player but given what we've seen so far from Lewis Gordon's value to the team is a little superfluous so I think his days are numbered.
  7. Bummer on Ryan. Good thing we have at least a little SP depth. I guess the silver lining is that we can't expect Ryan to throw more than 130 - 150 innings this year given how few he threw last year so I was always expecting that he would start 25 – 28 games, not 32 – 35 games. This might be a good way to limit his innings now during this stretch against weak teams and then probably do it again in say August.
  8. Chemistry is one of those ephemeral things that is very hard to measure but actually seems to make a big difference on sports teams. I guess is like any other group effort at work; that effort tends to be more successful if the participants get along well and really work for the group rather than for their individual glory. For some reason, this team seems to have good chemistry and that tends to create success (or is it the other way around?). I think that's a very important part of their success so far this year. What's the big difference? I would say adding Carlos Correa and Josh Donaldson playing somewhere else. I also think losing Eddie Rosario last year killed the team in the clubhouse because I think he was their leader. Correa has taken over that mantle.
  9. I concur. It looks like Buxton is playing through an injury. His swing is off. Maybe a 10 day IL stint would help?
  10. We could still get that 3 days a week We could still get that 3 days a week, and I don't think that Lewis would be a huge downgrade given that he showed himself to be a solid glove at SS. Urshela part time at 1B would also improve the defense on that side of the IF.
  11. By the way, Cano demoted yet for Moran? You gotta think that with 18 games in 17 days (15 in 14 eft) that a guy who gets cuffed around and throws 38 pitches to become thus unavailable for at least 2 days is going to be on the train to St. Paul today for a fresher arm.
  12. I was going to say the same thing. The thing that impresses me is the change in Kepler. I've been one of his biggest critics here but I may have been wrong. Watching Kepler use the left side of the field and hit lefties has me hoping that he might be a .260/.350/.425 hitter. That guy can hit 5 or 6 every day for a contending team and is a very valuable guy when you add in his very good to elite defense. Popkins has also apparently helped Sanchez hit better by using the opposite field. A .235/.290/.450 hitting catcher is a good thing if he is even a tick below average behind the plate. Now he just needs to help Urshela, Polanco, and Jeffers...
  13. Why not Arraez as the everyday 1B for the rest of the season, at least against RH pitching? Urshela has played 1B in the Minors and either he, Garlick or Sanchez could be the RH half of that platoon. Lessens the need for Miranda, who could go back to AAA for some work, leaving a spot for Lewis who can play 3B when Urshela is at 1B or resting, a day a week at SS, a day or 2 a week in LF, and a day at DH. Plenty of room for Lewis to play at least 4-5 days a week. What about Kirilloff? We may need to write him off for now. He isn't really hitting much in AAA outside of one game and he isn't hitting for power at all. Another surgery wouldn't be a surprise although this may be a much mental as it is physical. I feel for the kid but I think his chances of helping the Twins this year are not looking very good.
  14. Maybe. I'm hoping the plan is to play Lewis around the diamond in St. Paul until 5/31, then bring him up to play every day as a super utility with Urshela taking over the RHh hitting 1B role 2 games a week and giving those games to Lewis at 3B. Miranda goes down for Lewis. Same idea as Celestino last year - give Miranda some time, see he isn't ready, send him down, and then he's ready next year.
  15. I agree on Lewis and Maeda with a twist - I think Maeda will come back as a key bullpen piece for 2022. I live in LA. When Maeda was with the Dodgers he would start for 1/2 to 2/3 of the season and then be shifted to the bullpen for the remainder. He was a great bullpen weapon during the stretch run and playoffs, reliable late inning guy who could close. That's the role I'm hoping he fills for this year's Twins.
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