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  1. Bundy for Cotton makes sense, Correa for Miranda makes a whole lot of sense. Miranda isn't ready. It's that next move that's tough. I think Lewis has earned the right to stay up on the big club and I would start him at 3B 3-4 times a week, SS once, and move Urshela to the more UTL role he was going to play with the Yankees. He can also be the RH hitting 1B. I also think sending Lewis back is what will happen with the idea of bringing him back up later in the season after a trade, injury, etc. Who would I send down/DFA? I think the answer is Kyle Garlick. He's a one trick pony and not part of any sort of long term future. Celestino and Lewis have shown that they are ready - let's keep them up and play them regularly. Gordon helps the team as much as Garlick does in a different way. The only other answer I see is losing a pitcher, maybe Cano or Smeltzer although both looked good in their last appearances and given our lack of length from starters we sure could use as many pitchers as they will let us carry. Maybe a trade of Urshela/Garlick in the offing?
  2. Agreed. I think the roster crunch most likely gets resolved by an injury or two but if we're lucky.... could be an issue. It really effects the limited players - Garlick who can only hit LH pitching and is a detriment in the field and Sano whose hitting challenges are well documented and who also is a problem in the field. Those are the two guys at risk of being gone when and if a roster crunch occurs. BTW, the one plae I disagree is the assumption that Sano will ahve a stron 1/2 a season (all that will be left when he is eligible to return in July.) I honestly think that he is regressing and we've seen the best he has and it's all downhill from here. Hope I'm wrong.
  3. Good. We need Larnach's bat in this lineup if he can hit like he was before he got injured. I vote Miranda down.
  4. Arraez needs to play 1B to get into the lineup - there isn't anyplace else for him to play. Count me on the team that says when Correa comes back, Lewis goes to 3B 3-4 times a week, and Arraez and Urshela become a tandem 1B/3B/UTL entry. I don't think Lewis needs to play SS everyday but I agree he should play every day. I think it should be at the MLB level. Why? Because he is one of the best 6 or 7 players on the team and has earned a spot. He needs to devlop at the plate as well as in the field. Arraez goes to 1B against RH pitching, Urshela or Kepler plays there against LH pitching. Lewis plays 3-4 days a week at 3B, 1 at SS, maybe DHs one. Larnach plays LF or DHs every day when he comes back, Celestino plays CF, LF or RF. Gordon and Urshela are UTL players with Urshela in the lineup more often than not. Best lineup we presently have.
  5. What's the ETA for Larnach? That's when the decsion time comes. Garlick for Contreras, Correa for Miranda, Laranch for . . . Cotton? Lewis (hope not)? Cano? Smeltzer?
  6. Thanks, this is a good explanation of Miranda's troubles. This might be as simple as him being over eager in his first trip up to the MLB level. Unfortunately, it looks like he needs a little more time at the AAA level. I expect him to go back down when Correa or Larnach is ready to play. Good first look, but just not ready yet.
  7. Hs to be Contreras for Garlick. He's traveling with the teem to Oakland. Correa is traveling but not yet ready for activation.
  8. After today, Lewis is looking strong in the field and hitting .286, albeit with limited power (.333 slg, .619 OPS) and no walks. Admittedly, very small sample size of 21 ABs. Conversely, Miranda is hitting .128 with a .427 OPS and not looking so great in the field. Urshela is hitting .222 with a .562 OPS and looks very good at 3B. Kirilloff is hitting .172 with a .398 OPS and is looking very average in the OF, a little better than that at 1B, and completely lost at the plate. Once Correa and Larnach are back next week, you can keep 2 of the 4. Hmmm, maybe the better answer is to keep up Lewis and send down Kirilloff and Miranda. Both look like they could use more AAA ABs and in Kirilloff's case, a lot more. Play Lewis at 3B 2-3 times a week and SS 1-2 times a week. Larnach is the regular LF with Celestino the 4th OF playing 3-4 days a week in LF and/or CF so Buxton can DH 1-2 days a week. Correa DHs at least once a week to let Lewis play SS. Urshela splits time at 1B with Arraez and 3B with Lewis - best bat wins. DH is a mix of Buxton, Correa, Larnach and Sanchez with an occasional half day "rest " day for Polanco and Kepler. Lewis plays 2B when Polanco DHs or sits, Celestino plays RF when Kepler DHs or sits. Looks like the best lineup to me.
  9. Well, this is ugly. I guess running our our AAA best isn't going to cut it against a good team. Who knew? BTW, where is that great pitching depth I keep reading about?
  10. I agree that the Twins should at least contend for the division title. Frankly, a wild-card spot might be tougher to get this year. I hope the team took notes last night because the Astros showed you how to play. They advanced runners and took professional at bats against a starter who was only just a little wild. The scored at least some of their runs on a ground out, a 2 out single after a player walked and stole 2nd base, and a sacrifice fly. Combine that with a pitcher how threw strikes and made the opposition put the ball play into an elite defense and you have a real recipe for winning baseball. It is also the recipe that would work best for these Twins. We don't have the offensive talent to bludgeon anyone to death nor can we expect ace stuff from the rotation, We need to play smart situational baseball at the plate, good defense, and get pitching that requires our opponents to put the ball in play. Just like the Astros last night.
  11. I agree that the baseball is deader and suppressing home runs - that's exactly what baseball intended to happen. Baseball as an entertainment product is trying to deal with 2 negative issues (1) almost all games lasting longer than 3 hours, and (2) a lack of action in those games. This causes baseball to appear "slow" and "unexciting" when compared to a 2 to 2 1/2 hour basketball or hockey game that has a lot of scoring and excitement during that time frame. Football lasts just as long but there's excitement or least potential excitement on every play. Not so in baseball. By deadening the ball, baseball hopes that the trend towards the 3 true outcome layer is reduced in favor of more athletic, contact oriented types. Think more Gilberto Celestinos and fewer Miguel Sanos. This is going to take a while to play out, probably more than just one season. Teams that were built based on slower power types have to adjust and you can't just do that overnight. I expect that we will go back to the day where each team has a lineup of 2 or 3 power/homerun/strikeout guys and 6 or 7 contact oriented/single/doubles guys rather than the other way around which is what many teams have now. That should mean more players on the bases, more high stress situations, and more pitch to contact pitchers. Pitchers will be less worried about guys hitting home runs on mistakes since many of them will hit singles or doubles on those same mistakes, nor homers. The end result is theoretically a more exciting game because of more runners on base and a faster game because of fewer strikeouts, which is what baseball wants to make it a better entertainment product. It is far from certain that any of these changes are going to happen or that any of this will work in practice the way it "should" work in theory. I think this season is the test. Baseball is losing popularity or to basketball in particular and it felt like it had to do something to improve the entertainment product. We'll see if this works and whether we like the result. Pretty unclear right now ...
  12. Astros are playing solid situational baseball and its given them 2 runs without much hitting. Verlander looks the same as always. Tough night for the home squad.
  13. Larnach is the 3rd OF/DH, Krilloff or Miranda is the odd man out. Larnach is hitting .313/.351/.48 (.813), and that's after having a couple of home run balls die 400 feet out and being caught. Celestino is hitting .324/.390/.405 (.795). Those numbers may drop over time but even a 5-10% drop leaves both players hitting well. By contrast, Kirilloff is hitting .091/.130/.091 (..221) and looks even worse than that at the plate. When Laranch comes back and he should play every day in LF or as the DH. Celestino should play 2 days a week in LF and 2 days in CF to give Buxton half days off whiel he sits or DHs. Celestino is definitely the 4th OF and looking good at it so far. Garlick may be the 5th OF/RH DH or bench bat although that limits the play time for the excess IF guys. The next question who goes Arraez and Garlick are ready to play. Godoy is first back to AAA and I suspect that Kirilloff is next. Arreaz and Miranda can play 1B and Kirlloff adds no defensive value in LF and can't hit right now. The big question is when Correa is ready to goo every day, where does that leave Lewis? Does he stay in the bigs and play 3B with an occasional day at SS? What about Ursehela? Is it better to send Lewis to AAA to play SS every day so he's ready for next season? Hard to do when he looks ready now. If he stays, what happens to Gordon? There's room to keep 4 of Garlick, Miranda, Gordon, Lewis and Kirilloff on the 26 man roster until Sano comes back. Right now I think it's pretty clear that on performance the guy that goes down is Kirilloff, with Mirnada not far behind, unless they're not wiling to bench Urshela for Lewis or want him on the field every day playing SS some where (like AAA). I'd really like to see Lewis get a nice long 40 plus game look playing every day even if that means that Urshela watches from the bench or DHs.
  14. Great to sweep the As when half of the starting lineup is out. Think about it, of the 8 positions only 4 positions had starters in or available the lineup for more than one game this weekend - Polanco, Kepler, Miranda/Urshela, and Jeffers/Sanchez. Pretty amazing we could beat anybody 3 straight. Great seeing Lewis and Celestino perform well, and Miranda is close. Pitching is really carrying us but the young guys are making a contribution. The only real disappointment is Kirilloff. He looks bad. I'm guessing a lot of it is phycological with the wrist as much as it is physical. Godoy is probably the first one to go back to AAA when Arraez is ready but Kiriloff has to be second when Garlick or Larnach can come back. Sad to see, but Kirilloff needs to go back to AAA and really show he's ready before he should be on the 26 man roster. I hope that when Correa is ready to play full time in about a week (DH until then), that Lewis stays to play 3B/DH with Urshela, Miranda stays to play 1B with Arraez and Celestino stays to be the LF/DH/4thOF tandem with Larnach. Bye bye to Garlick and Sano (60 day injured list) and option Kirilloff.
  15. Could be a win-win depending on how Lewis plays. It's interesting that they called him up even though Correa isn't going on the IL. I guess they're down to a few guys on the 40 man roster to call up without DFA'ing someone but still, it shows that they want to be aggressive with Lewis. It wouldn't surprise me if he stays if he hits over the next few games, maybe in place of who? Miranda, Gordon, Larnach, Celestino? We've got a few guys playing for jobs in the next few days while Correa is on the shelf. . .
  16. 6 weeks, Ouch! Well, I guess that's right about the perfect amount of time to see if Lewis is ready to play and can handle MLB pitching. We'll know a lot more about this team by the end of June after Lewis and Miranda have each gotten 100-150 ABs, and Larnach has another 150 under his belt. Add to that 6-8 more starts apiece for Ryan, Ober and Winder and as they say, the future is now. Scary but could be exciting.
  17. This COULD really work out if Lewis can handle MLB pitching. I have ZERO concern about finding him a place to play when Correa comes back. Let's not forget, we have the DH spot without anyone hitting well play to put there regularly. We even have our backup C hitting there; seems like we can do better. There's plenty of room for Correa, Larnach, Arraez, Urshela, Miranda and Lewis between SS, 3B, 1B, LF, and DH. If either Miranda or Lewis needs more AAA time because they can't yet handle MLB pitching, they go back. Perfect time to give each of them a 60-100 PA run to see if they're ready. Weak schedule the next month, and a so far weak division. Let's set ourselves up for the second half. By the way, when is Correa coming back? Anyone hear?
  18. My bad - just saw that someone on the Covid IL doesn't count towards the 40 man. This woudl open spots for non 40 man guys like Smeltzer, Contreras and Terry.
  19. Who do we have to bring in that's on the 40 man? There's a couple of pitchers (Sands is really the only choice over Strotman and Vallimont), but i think Lewis is the only position player on the 40 man who isn't already on the big league roster. This could get ugly.
  20. I had them at 78-84 earlier. Now I think it's more like the reverse, 88-74. I like the team and the pitching is so much better than I expected, especially the starting pitching. SO why not 90+? Depth. We jus don't have a lot of depth. I think we are going to have pitching issues when one or all of the following happens - Bundy and/or Archer start to pitch like last year and significantly regress, Ryan, Ober and/or Winder hit innings limits of around 125-140 and have to be shut down or rested, the bullpen implodes, Kepler, Sano and/or Urshela regress to their former hitting selves and Miranda isn't ready to fill in the gap, Buxton gets hurt, etc.... Botom line - good but not great team, makes the playoffs, wins some playoff games, maybe even a wild card series, but falls in the second round.
  21. I'd love the Correa exercises his option scenario but I think it's pretty unlikely. He is well set up to get a long term high value contract this winter, particularly if he plays well and leads the Twins to the playoffs and they win a series or two. The Yankees will need a SS, as will others, and I can see him getting a 7-8 contract at a high AAV. I just don't see the Twins doing that and Scott Boras doesn't really believe in home town discounts. Now in the good news category, the Dodgers will need a SS since Trea Turner is in the last year of his deal but I just don't see them signing the face of the "cheater Astros" from the 2017 World Series. The Dodger fans would never accept him.
  22. Yes, I think it is far from certain that Kirilloff will be of much help in MLB this year. Something is still not right with him and his wrist, whether it's a continuing physical issue or more of a mental adjustment to playing through pain. I'd be very surprised to see him before June 15. I think it's possible that he will be up for the second half but wouldn't be surprised if it takes him a season to work through these issues, including possibly a further procedure. I think we have to plan on 1B being manned by someone else. On the bright side, that someone else could be Miranda. Between Sano's injury and Kiriloff's rehab issues, there's a huge hole at the 1B/DH spot. Here's his big break, hope he can take advantage of it.
  23. Wow, A Kelly's Heroes reference? Impressive and kind of spot on. If I remember the character well, they kind of look alike, and Sutherlands character turned out to be a lot smarter and more savvy than you thought when you first saw or listened to him. Well done.
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