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Finish the Roster - Trade for Reynolds and Sign Chafin or Fulmer

We're close to a contender. We still need a middle of the order bat and another quality reliever. How do we do this? Here's a radical plan. Four simple steps: 1. Trade Larnach, Ober, and either Salas or Emmanuel Rodriquez to the Pirates for Bryan Reynolds. Add in Martin or Reyes if you have to but then Pittsburg throws in a real A or A+ ball pitching or catching prospect, not filler, especially if you add in Reyes. Reynolds goes to LF every day, hits 3 in the order. The trade for Lopez and

One Unanswered Question from Correa Contract

In my first blog entry, the last thing I want to lead off with is a topic that has already been picked apart ad nauseam. The Carlos Correa offseason free agency saga has been analyzed 500 different ways. But, for me, one part of the finalized contract still makes me scratch my head and wonder if there is more to the story.  Much has been made about the ankle and who knew what and when. The Twins have maintained that they already knew about the ankle and it did not stop them from reportedly


NebraskaTwins in Correa

Does Alex Reyes Make Sense for the Twins?

The St. Louis Cardinals non-tendered their once top prospect; since then, there has been little news regarding Alex Reyes. The former all-star has seen a lack of reported interest so far in free agency and could be a fit for any team looking for relief help, meaning every team. There are several reasons to and not to sign Alex Reyes. I want to examine his current outlook to see if he is a fit for the Minnesota Twins.  Feature Image Via Jeff Curry - USA Today Sports  The first thing you

Ted Wiedmann

Ted Wiedmann in Free Agency

Dream blueprint for the rest of the offseason

Ok, I am curious what your individual hopes are for the rest of the offseason, prior to opening day. What other moves or changes are you still hoping for, if anything. *I will preface this by saying, hoping for a healthy roster doesn't need to be one of the ideas. That is one that everyone should hope for every player on every team, let alone your home team/favorite team that you cheer for.   Ok, if I am going to pick a few things that I want to have happen prior to opening day, h

Cory Engelhardt

Cory Engelhardt in Blueprint

Matt's Top Prospect List (January) + Writeups

It's prospect season again. Pitchers and catchers will soon report, so our effort at Twinsdaily to cover the minor leagues will fire up once again, and that includes our prospect rankings. The system looks surprisingly strong. Despite a flurry of trades over the last 18 months or so, the Twins still have a top nucleus of elite talent, and the franchise enjoys solid upper-level pitching depth. They're a little low on gamechangers at the elite positions—centerfield and shortstop—but so is bas

Matt Braun

Matt Braun in Minors

An Ace From Within; Dreams of Duran

Jhoan Duran is not only the best reliever the Twins have had since Joe Nathan; he is the most talented pitcher they have had since Johan Santana/2006 Francisco Liriano. There have certainly been talented players throughout that timespan, even an all-star or two, but no one has had the absolute shutdown stuff this guy possesses. If he is remotely near the zone, opposing hitters have little to zero chance of doing anything. So why not try him in the rotation? Twins fans have been begging for

Nick Hanzlik

Nick Hanzlik in Twins

A Potentially Curious Pattern this Offseason?

One thing I've noticed this offseason is that the Twins seem to be following a curious pattern.  So, they signed Christian Vazquez, right? He's a pretty decent hitting catcher, a very good defender and swings from the right side.  Sound familiar?  They also traded for Michael A. Taylor, a right-handed hitter with some speed and terrific defense. Sound familiar? To some extent too, the Twins bringing back Carlos Correa is also maybe a signal for another player they though


bloggymcbloggerson in speculation

What a difference a month makes...

The Twins away game idea emerged as a "rooting for laundry" dream. Roster moves over the past month have started to imply that something more might be underfoot for our 2023 squad. All of a sudden, I have new names to learn and new expectations to decipher. A trip to re-introduce myself to this nation that I call home now is beginning to reek of fanboy angst... Are the Twins for real in 2023 all of a sudden? I wasn't anticipating a need to feel nervous at these ball games. I was just g


Can anyone tell me anything about Helman?  I know he isn't high on the prospect list but is on top 30.   He is at AAA and looks like he could be a good utility.   What is holding him up, Farmer/Gordon?

Paul Walerius

Paul Walerius in Prospects

Baseball is Faith, Faith is Baseball

I cannot claim original ownership of this, I merely stumbled across this the other day.  However as we embark across another Spring with thousands of players readying themselves for the most humbling game I know of on this earth, I thought I would like to say a small prayer for our boys.  Not just our beloved Twins, but ALL young men who's drive and passion for this game bring us such profound and indelible feeling, emotions, and memories.  "God is in the details". A phrase that to this day hold

2023 Minnesota Twins Top 15 Prospects

Coming into the 2023 Major League Baseball season we have seen plenty of graduations from the top of the Minnesota farm system. Players like Joe Ryan and Jose Miranda are now fully entrenched as big leaguers. With another year removed from the season wiped out by Covid, we have more development having taken place on the farm. As the Twins head to Fort Myers in a matter of weeks, they will be looking for their youth to again be well positioned to supplement the big league club. Rocco Baldell

Is there a way to calculate the Value of "Fan Favorite"

Since Arreaz was traded for Lopez and a top 100 prospect and a lotto ticket prospect.  There are lots of people here writing how disappointed they were.  I am disappointed even though I know the trade was a good one.  With so many people not happy how will that affect the Twins and for how long?  Is there a bell curve to show how team revenues or attendance changes after popular players leave the organization after a trade?  Do the TV ratings drop as well?   I am sure some players wont change th


Brandon in Valuations

One Guy's Time at the Hall of Fame

TD didn’t have gobs of coverage and discussion around last summer’s Baseball Hall of Fame induction weekend for Tony Oliva and Jim Kaat. With the announcement coming on Wednesday for this year’s selections by the writers, I decided to share something that I put together. I had attended Kirby Puckett’s induction week with a dear friend, but had generally assumed I wouldn’t attend another. Though I’ve been to the Hall several times since then, it was always at another time of year. If you’re

Who's on 1st

First off, it is very sad to see a fun, popular, and "kid friendly" player such as Arraez get moved. As has been said in many other places though, it was the right baseball move. Has enough time passed where we can ask what the impact will be on the roster?  if so... What is the impact of the Luis Arraez trade on the roster??  hehe Obviously 2 big areas are immediately impacted.  DH & 1B Who's On 1st? Obviously you have to start with Kirilloff. You would assume it is his to lo

What the Recent Number Changes can Tell Us

On December 10th, it was announced that a few Twins had changed their jersey numbers. Trevor Larnach from 13 to 9, Emilio Pagán from 12 to 15, Kyle Farmer from 17 to 12, Bailey Ober from 16 to 17, and Griffin Jax 65 to 22. This is nothing out of the ordinary; a few players each offseason on any team will request a number change for one reason or another. However, this time, something peculiar happened shortly thereafter. Joey Gallo was signed less than a week later, and he claimed the

Twins 2023 Roster Projection

What does signing Carlos Correa do to the Twins roster in 2023 and going forward? It's safe to say he improves the roster, as Carlos Correa is projected for 4.9 WAR according to his Steamer Projection for 2023. In comparison, Kyle Farmer is projected for 0.9 WAR by the same projection. This shows that Correa is a significant upgrade over not having him as the starting Shortstop in 2023.  Now that we know that, what does the rest of the roster construction look like if Opening Day were tomor


CoryMoen in Twins

Rocco Baldelli; The Perfect Modern Manager

Numbers, numbers, numbers, they dictate everything in baseball today. What pitch, how far a runner takes his lead, and everything in between is controlled by analytics and NUMBERS. This makes modern-day baseball the perfect medium for a manager like Rocco Baldelli. Scenario time. It's the 6th inning, the score is 3-0, and the starter is at 75 pitches. However, the opposing leadoff hitter is now walking toward home plate for the 3rd time of the day. Baldelli discreetly puts a finger to his e

Nick Hanzlik

Nick Hanzlik in Twins

What if the Twins Didn't Trade Max Kepler?

With Kyle Garlick being dfa'd and Gilberto Celestino being far from reliable, who should the Minnesota Twins have as their bench outfielder? Free agent options such as A.J. Pollock and Andrew McCutchen have signed elsewhere; options are becoming thin for the Twins. Adam Duvall and Tommy Pham are available, but both are 34 years old and could be nearing the end of their time in the Big Leagues. I want to look at one option still in-house that could fill this role for 2023 that would be a practica

Tony Gwynn 2.0?

The Minnesota Twins have recently re-signed Carlos Correa if you have yet to hear. Re-sparked trade rumors surrounding Max Kepler and Luis Arraez are swirling. I understand packaging these two players to acquire a high-end starting pitcher. I would have to be mesmerized by a deal to trade Arraez. His abilities and skillset are too unique. Here are the top 10 comparisons on baseball-reference.com and when they played Major League Baseball. Fred Tenney (1894 – 1909 and 1911) Jo-Jo Moor


jlarson in Twins

Luis Arraez’s Value Goes Beyond Excellent On-Field Performance

For months, there has been speculation that the Twins may trade Luis Arraez to bolster their rotation. The Twins need at least one controllable starter as they will lose three starters to free agency next season and could definitely use rotation help in 2023. There are some baseball reasons to trade Arraez, as the Twins have a surplus of left-handed hitters who play corner positions in the infield and outfield. Bringing back Correa makes the infield even more crowded, and the looming additi

Have the Twins Spoiled Their Next Move?

The Twins officially made Carlos Correa the wealthiest man in franchise history on Wednesday, to the tune of a 6-year $200M deal with vetted options that could make it up to a 10-year deal depending on the number of plate appearances he has in the latter years of the contract. The final resolution finally came after a free agency experience filled with more twists and turns than an Ari Aster film. In the end, Carlos Correa ended up exactly where he began this journey, with the Minnesota Twins.

Winning more games with better outfield wall padding

I believe that injuries to outfielders could be greatly reduced if the outfield padding at Target Field were replaced with high tech padding.   One option would be to replace the existing padding with much thicker padding that has a layer of low density foam on the outside (facing the players) and thicker densities closer to the concrete wall. I have a mattress that came in a box that has this arrangement and believe that this approach could be adapted to baseball to cut the trauma from hit


glunn in Player safety

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