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  1. Um, I quit counting at game 27, at which there were a total of 6 games where a Twins starter completed 6 innings. and not one where they completed 7. Maybe all of them came between May 11th and 31st. LOL AND a number of those 5 inning or even 5+, or even 6 full inning starts pitchers were pulled with 60,70,80 pitches. I guess we must just be looking at different box scores?
  2. Doc Munson

    Lets go big!!

    well I guess great minds think alike. hehe would love to see yours!!
  3. Doc Munson

    Lets go big!!

    I guess I keep forgetting how poor of a fielder Arraez is.
  4. Doc Munson

    Lets go big!!

    Have Always Loved Kris Bryant!! maybe between Buxton and Bryant they could get a combined full season of AB's hehe
  5. My immediate response was... HUH???? Trade Urshela to free up a 40 man spot, and then immediately trade a prospect you just protected to secure Farmer? But you have put me at ease a bit. not bad move overall I guess. As long as he was not traded for to take Urshela's place at 3b. This Since it is SOO early in offseason I am not going to try and figure out "what this trade means" in the way of how it impacts other potential signings. There may be others I would have used to take up a 40 man roster spot, but not a bad move. Your article calmed me down on it, nice job. hehe
  6. With the deadline for finalizing 40 man roster in advance of the Rule 5, There are some very cheap, low risk high reward type players out there. These are right in teh Twins wheelhouse. Gamble on the cheap and see if you hit the lottery. So the first one isn't a FA or rule 5 but he is the type of player that COULD be. 1B/OF Dom Smiht of the Mets. Dom is a GG caliber 1B. This kid actually CAN hit. He has just never been given consistent ABs in a consistent position in the field being behind Pete Alonso on teh Mets depth chart. Between 2019 & 2020 while playing in 139 games (close enough to a full season equivalent). he hit .299 with a .936 OPS. 31 doubles and 21 HR. and struck out less than 25% of the time. Now at 27 years old, he is no longer a "cornerstone" player for the Mets and could be had relatively cheaply via trade. Why do we need him? I mean we have Kiriloff coming back healthy (hopefully), we have Miranda (possibly.. unless 3B opens up) Arraez was an AS 1B, but is he true 1B? I would have no problem getting Smith even if it meant Kiriloff is "blocked". The next 2 are both available ot be plucked from teh Angels. First is Touki TOussaint. Touki was DFA'd to make room on 40 man roster. CLAIM HIM!!!! He has been flashy and dominant in short stretches in his career. He is a perfect Twin. he can start or relieve. His control is his main issue, but he also has a big lively arm. GO ahead an claim him. Low risk high reward. FInally an even bigger stretch, is to make a claim via the Rule 5 draft. Draft Jordyn Adams. an OF from the Angels system. Normally I would say this type of move should ONLY be done by a non contending team. Taking a flier on a player who is clearly not ready for the big leagues, but keep him as a bench player anyways. Who cares if you lose? you get a potential player put him on roster all year and then develop him the following years. He does strike out a bit, but after striking out nearly 42% of the time last year he cut that rate down to just under 29% his .238 avg still leaves something ot be desired, but it was an improvement over his .217 the year before... AND he improved from .228 to .249 after the promotion to AA. Bu treally there is one reason he should be in play. His truly elite speed, a true 80 on a 10-80 scouting scale. With upcoming rule changes shifting more of a focus back to a speed and hitting game vs pure power game, these are the kind of players you want to have. Claim him, let him take a bench role, and 4th/5th OF type slot. perfect pinch runner, and his defense is elite in the OF with his speed. (arm not as much), but again SPEED SPEED SPEED!!!!. Let him be a back up, occasional starter and bat him 9th. He could be a Jarod Dyson type player. just an absolute pest a pinch runner where you scream from the dugout "GO ON THE NEXT PITCH" and he can still swipe the bag. Do NOT underestimate the difference the bigger bases will make when it comes to the value of speedsters. Bunt hits will be at there highest total in decades, stolen bases will too. And hey, you catch lightning in a bottle and he is a Akil Baddoo type. These moves will cost next to nothing from a payroll perspective. And these are exactly the kind of players you build a TEAM with. they wont be starters (Dom would), but they will contribute. and seriously who do we have that would be any significantly better than them? a Adams will cost you a Garlick, but if we are relying on Garlick our season is tanked anyways.
  7. Doc Munson

    Lets go big!!

    There have been a number of wild posts that are not based in any sort of reality. This is another of those. Twins should sign Verlander, Correa (I would prefer Turner but let's stick with Correa), and Judge. Because of course it is only that easy. lol... But.., they CAN afford it. Reason #1, Verlander's deal will be no more than 3 years, so that will come and go before you know it and not impact long-term roster building. the other 2... well that is a different story. Reason #2 A with any other Twins roster, we do not have many other big contracts on the books, and we have some young guys coming up who will be on the cheap for a few years. 3B = Miranda has 5 years of control 1B/OF = Kirilloff, Larnach, Wallner 1 or 2 of these guys should stick around for the next 4-5 years on the cheap. CF = Buxton is here, and contract could be pricey, but that just means he is playing MVP caliber, 2B = Arraez the batting title and AS will give him a good raise but still 3 years of ARB. (And could be a great trade piece in another year with another big season, if Lee/Lewis ready) Prospects = Speaking of Lee & Lewis. Lee is a recent draft pick but showing he is the real deal and should/could move fast. the "should" is other organizations would fast track him, the "could" is because, well this is the Twins and he is not 24 yet so he may not be ready. where to play??? 2B? 3B? SS? OF? Dsposables = Kepler, Polanco (sorry, but yes this one hurts me too) Neither are overly expensive, btu there are just simply better, more cost effective options. As mentioned, Kirilloff, Wallner, Larnach all could put up similar, if nto superior offensive numbers at a lesser salary. Defense maybe not, but if we get Judge then really this is moot. But Kepler should be gone regardless. Polanco was still a quality player, and I would not give ANY thoughts of moving him if it were for Arraez, Lewis & Lee. Arraez played 1B out of necessity. That is not a long term home. neither is 3B with Wallner, or SS with Correa (or Lewis or Lee) so if we keep Polanco, then where exactly does the AL batting leader get his ABs? This is why you mov a fairly valuable 2B in Polanco for some more young pitching.. Onthe pitching side we have few big contracts. as well. Sonny Gray for $12.7 is chump change for an ace. Maeda at $3M+ incentives, Ryan & Ober are both still pre-arb. and lets say Mahle gets a small raise to about $7M in arb. that is a 5 man rotation totaling around $24M. So roughly (leaving holes for the three mentioned above) using MLBTraderumors ARB estimates 1B = Kiriloff = $750k 2B = Arraez = $5M SS = ?? 3B = Miranda = $750K LF = Larnach/Gordon = $750K CF = BUxton =$15M RF = ?? C = Jeffers =$750K DH = Wallner = $750K That is a lineup minus SS & RF for around $24M Combine that with a rotation of around $24M and factor in a bullpen for around $10-12M. and you have a good young team at about $58-60M with 3 holes left to fill. Assuming a similar year end total of about $160M. and that leaves about $90M (after filling other bench roles) Now plug Correa and Judge into that lineup and it is a scary good lineup. plug Verlander into the top of this rotation and if Ryan continues to pitch well (and has Verlander as a mentor) that bumps Sonny Gray to our #2 starter, Rayn is a phenomenal #3, Maeda as a #4 is outstanding, and Mahle/Ober as a #5/6. yeah Ill take that. Of course this WON'T happen.. All am saying is it COULD!!
  8. I believe I had shared this thought last year, If I hadn't., I thought I'd throw it out there for your thoughts While a draft lottery for the top 6 positions is at least a start to preventing tanking, still there is an incentive to losing. Albeit not as great as before, btu ask any team, would you rather have a16.5% chance (like teams with worst records) or a 0.9% chance like the Twins have. I am guessing any GM that wants to rebuild will take the 16.5% chance and tank. The way to prevent tanking is not to just disincentivize tanking but rewarding winning. Fielding a poor club with a small payroll is a CHOICE, it is not something that just happens. While low payrolls do nto 100% guarantee poor results (see Guardians) it does correlate pretty darn well. of the 3 teams with teh best shot at the #1 pick (16.5%) they finished 30, 27 & 19 in payroll. In order to incentivize winning, you simply have a MLB Draft Tourney at the end of the season. However, you want to do it. Single elimination tourney, All best of 3, heck even a 2 game series with run differential as a tie breaker. You have the best team to NOT make the playoffs get byes. and they get home field for all games. The winner gets the #1 overall pick, the loser of "title" game gets 2nd, Winner and loser of 3rd/4th place game/series get 3rd/4th. and all other are based on how they finished in the draft tourney (come up with whatever rules you want, they can't be any more random than a lottery anyways, LOL). This incentivizes winning, which would drive up payrolls, Before the start of the season do you think the A's, O's (surprised everyone a year early) Pittsburgh really thought they would contend? No, they were content having micro sized payrolls knowing they would get top draft picks to boost their future. Do you think they would stay at $61-85M team payroll if they thought that would field them a team that would get them the 10th overall pick in the MLB Draft? OF course not. And on the plus side, a MLB Draft Tourney currently does not exist, which means TV contracts for these games also do not exist, which mean it is yet another money-making TV contract they can put out to the highest bidder. Make more money AND prevent tanking by incentivizing winning??? Now THAT is a win/win. I am curious, how exciting do you think a single elimination tourney for the top draft pick would be? Would you be interested in watching your team in such a tourney?
  9. I am not an expert on the MLB CBA, but I am wondering if something like this would be legal... Could the Twins and Correa come to an agreement where he opts in for 2023, and teh Twins agree to allow him to negotiate with other teams for a long term contract? Hasnt something like this happened before with disgruntled (not the case with Correa, he just wants long term deal) players who "demand trades"? Maybe it is only in other sports, like NBA, but I could swear I remember stories of where teams allow players to speak with other teams to try and get trades done. and they basically pre-negotiate new deals in advance of a trade. If this IS legal, then Correa coudl lock in a guarantee 1 year deal at another $35M, and then still negotiate with other teams. and then if he finds a team who is willing to give him the long term deal he wants he comes back to the Twins who either get to match it, or finalize a trade. Correa gets a guaranteed starting point (and possibly some leverage), and the Twins position themselves to still get a fairly decent haul in a trade. its a win/win. But I guess if it was legal, it would have been done already.
  10. Doc Munson

    High Marks??

    OK, Honestly I really do not enjoy being critical or a pessimist. But I nearly did a spit-take when I saw Dave St Peter give the Twins FO and "Falvine" "High Marks". Seriously, from what benchmark can you give this FO high marks? Can you blame them for the injuries and the failures down the stretch? Well yeah, at least a little bit. They trade for TWO starting pitchers that had injury histories. Anyone could see Paddack's injury coming, and it was called here and many other places at the time fo the trade. No Monday Mornign QBing here. Mahle had his shoulder. yet we gave away some good prospects for pitchers with injury histories, so yes, you can. They did sign some OK pitchers, Archer, even though could not go past 4 innings was serviceable most fo the year, and Bundy was also serviceable. but nothing overly exciting, and neither at this point is on the Twins moving forward, so still left in the same position pitching wise as last offseason (ok maybe a little better, should have Ryan, Ober, Gray, Maeda) Our position players are in a state of flux at best. Kudos for signing Correa, but he is gone. Sanchez and Urshela were decent, and you cant fault them for Buxtons contract, that was a pretty good signing, regardless of what BUxton does. A couple good young players, Miranda.. Coudl Wallner be decent? otherwise top prospects busted for various reasons injury Kiriloff, Lewis, Larnach, and some just didnt pan out. So we made some decent moves, and our Major league club overall was good but fell completely off map at the end with little momentum or positivity going into th e offseason. SO maybe they receive "marks" but "high marks" they were average at best!! Well maybe they have put our Minor League program in a stronger position... Well MLB has our system ranked 23rd. down from #12 as recently as 202 mid-season rankings. and #8 in 2019 with (Lewis, Kirilloff, Graterol, Balazovic, Larnach as the keys). So you sign ONE top of the shelf FA, who will be gone after this year, a couple pitchers off the scrap heap, deal some top talent for injured pitchers (and one quality starter in Gray) to field a below .500 team, all while dropping your minor league system from #9 to #23 and that earns High Marks? I just have oen question... Mr. St. Peter, can you do my next performance appraisal for my end of year bonus???
  11. Both Judge and Ohtani are having potentially historic seasons, which one would you give MVP to? Judge: Has hit 60, will break the AL (and TRUE) HR mark of 61. He also while absolutely running away with HR and RBI title could be having a triple crown season. Leads league in... HR, RBI, BB, AVG (as of yesterday), OBP, SLugging, OPS, WRC+, XBH, WAR, and has 16 SB. plus Yankees are in 1st place, with him being the major reason why. Ohtani: While "just" a DH when hitting has added value as a 2 way player. P 203 K, 2.47 ERA, 14 W, which is 21% of team wins. HITTER 4th in HR w/ 34 at 92 RBI with abotu 12 games to go. could be 1st ever 200K/100RBI player!!! How can a 15 win, sub 2.50 ERA, 200K, 35 (or if he gets to 40HR), 100 RBI pitcher/Hitter NOT win MVP? yet it could happen. ONE historic season will nto be MVP. Who is your vote for MVP? Kills me to say, but I think mine is Judge
  12. Everyone has their own opinions, and I LOVE debating each side. In discussion one commenter (Seth Stohs) Who I love reading his stuff and so should you!!! look up his posts they are great!!! basically asked "what does "no heart" look like on TV"? Well, win or lose against teh Angels tonight we are being shown the answer. Yes people can make errors. That is not playign without heart, but allowing errors to compoun dis a part of that. I luned in late, and literally turned on the game right as the #9 hitter made contact in teh top of the 4th. It is now the top of the 5th. so one inning. This is what I have seen. I will again preface this with I hadnt seen teh first 4 innings, so we could have done soem great things!! #9 hitter pops up to short right-center. High, lazy pop-up. Palacios (2B) Celestino (CF) Wallner (RF) all slowly jog toward teh ball and each watch it drop untouched in the middle of them. Now they are all young, and have not played a ton at the major league level, let alone with each other. But you HAVE to have a major league standard, and comin off teh heels of losing 17 of 23 and riding a 6 game losing streak, including 4 straight against even WORSE teams, you cannot allow this. SOMEONE of that group of three had to be removed from the game, if for no other reason than to say "This is not acceptable". I dont care who it is. I would pick whoever you think can handle that "tough love" I would choose either Celestino or Wallner. This ultimately did not result in runs scoring, but that is not the point. THEN to start the next inning, we decide to pull Joe Ryan after 4 innings and 69 pitches. Here is where my "I didnt watch the earlier parts" comes in, maybe he was injuerd, maybe he was struggling, but thisis where you build heart!! While we want to win, what is the consequence of a loss now? Now is when creating a culture, settign teh standard is more important than any single win. This is when you let Ryan stay out there exactly BECAUSE he may not have his best stuff. NOW is the time you let him work through struggles, in a meaningless game, so that when there is a game that DOES mean something he knows he has been through games without his "A stuff" and can still get innings and win. This is an opportunity to let your coaching staff see what the kid has when he has 80-90-God forbid 100 pitches with subpar stuff. THEN... Same inning, lazy fly to left field, Cave comes in to make the catch and it pops out of his glove into the stands for a double. Again mistakes can happen, (and to be fair to Cave he did bust his ass on a triple) But in the span of 1 inning you see poor play in the field, perceived lack of hustle, or communication, poor (in my mind) managing decisions, and THIS is why it looks liek we have a team playing without passion or without heart, no pride, or just no understanding of what is acceptable, ro no consequences for not meeting expectations. Just plain ol' bad baseball to watch. And of course this could just be one bad inning in a season long battle and even the best team have innings like these, This just seems to be the exception rather than the norm. And it makes me sad.
  13. And this does not go towards "heart" and obviously I am not int the dugout, and dont knwo the players personally, BUT... What is teh productive reaon to pull Joe Ryan after 4 innings and 69 pitches? Yes you want to win, but at this point in the season development is more important. Thsi is EXACTLY the type of game you let your starting pitcher work. let him learn how to pitch if he doesnt have his best stuff, let him learn through adversity. SEE what they kid has after 80-90-God forbid 100 pitches.. There is ZERO value added with the decision to pull your young starter in this game. Let him demonstrate a "bullgod" mentality.
  14. and aint mad atcha. hehe I like most of your takes. and DANG I am a bad typer. maybe my lack of double checking my typing shows MY lack of effort or heart?? LOL
  15. OK... how can we see on TV??? I give you righ tnow... 2 out top of teh 4th against the Angels... a pop out by the #9 hitter turns into a single as teh ball drops in between 3 Twins all watching. THAT is not playing with heart, or urgency, whatever you want to call it. If you are the manager trying to make sure your team is not quiitign on you... ONE of those three does not go out in the top of the 5th. I dont care who the manager picks, but SOMEONE has to taek teh message for the rest of teh team
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