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  1. SInce I dont know hwo to EDIT a post, I will add it here. Demote Jeffers to AAA. call up Kirilloff. WIth Sanchez as the Primary C, that leaves DH open to have rotation of Kirilloff, Miranda, Urshela (and Sanchez when not catching, to rotate between DH/1B/3B. I never thought I would say who cares about Sanchez catching struggles. LOL he is at least hitting, and he has not been HORRIBLE. And then Godoy, or any other caccher with a pulse can be Sanchez's backup
  2. I have never been a HUGE Jeffers fan, but at the same time I have never been anti-jeffers. but as this season goes on, I have to wonder what the best decision is to fix our catching. Or does it need fixing? The Twins are exactly middle of the road when it comes to team ERA, and for the Twins that is a huge win!! We do not have aces to rely on, or stud bullpens, so being 15 out of 30 is quite acceptable. A certain amount of that has to go to the catching. so in that aspect you have to give Jeffers some credit. But how long can we go with a primary catcher who hits .176 with a .570 OPS? on top of that he is only throwing out 13% of base stealers. The book is out, and any team that has any semblance of speed is now running at will against us/him. So now a walk turns into a double or triple. Jeffers cannot remain the primary catcher on a contending team. Is he just havign a bad year? well considering career numbers are .201 and OPS of .656 say it is not UNUSUALLY bad for him. He did throw out about 27% of base stealers last year, but that isnt super great either. SO how do you fix the C spot? 1) an absolute pipe dream, becasue no way they will trade in the division, and KC loves him, but I woudl give up a LOT to get MJ Melendez from KC!! 2) How about we get into the Wilson Contreras trade game? I am otherwise not a brilliant cacthing mind, so help me out here... What do the Twins need to do at Catcher?
  3. Twins fans, like most fans tend to have a hot/cold, love/hate relationship with coaches/managers. What exactly is the Baldelli Lama? IS he a wunderkind for babying and piecing together a top 10 starting rotation getting the max results from a bunch of #3s or #4s? Will he end up looking like a genius by not letting starters go past 70 pitches regardless of results? With the delayed start to the season, OBVIOUSLY no pitcher should be able to go past 4 2/3 or touch 80 pitches per game right??? I mean they are not conditioned for such a workload. The whole rest of MLB will look ridiculous when Ryan, Ober, Archer, Bundy, Gray end up in a 5 way tie for the Cy Young with MONSTER second halves because they were not overused at the beginning of the season right?? All smart alecking aside (and I can guess you can figure out where my views land) Has he done a good job with the starters? keeping them healthy, slowly... ever so slowly loosenign the reigns, or doing a 2 steps forward 1 step back approach. I mean Archer just went 5 scoreless on 57 pitches and was pulled. It doesnt seem to be the case, with Sonny Gray having multiple nagging injuries, Paddack needing TJ (again who didnt see that coming when the trade was announced??) Bailey Ober has already had a stint as well. Still it is impossible to prove a negative, and one could easily say that if the Twins had NOT slowly built up the arms there would have been even MORE carnage and poor performance, so for the Hero argument, lets give Baldelli his due!! HE is the coach, and the starters have pitched very well. If you get the blame, you should get the credit as well. Now, speaking of getting the blame... Is Baldelli the Villian for not allowing the starters to go deeper into games? to learn how to pitch out of tough situations? to not build up that arm strength to be even stronger in innings 5,6 and God forbid 7th innings later in the year? And what kind of impact has the low number of innings had on the bullpen? Both now and going forward? Are we burning out the pen? Will that come back to haunt us? This is a results based game. and going back to the Archer 5 inning game, if Archer comes out after 5 innings and we hold onto a 2-1 win, then Baldelli gets praise for beautifully handling the pitching staff, since we lost, he gets tore apart for pulling a guy after 5 innings and just 57 pitches . and it loses a bit of actual "sting" since it wasnt the NEXT pitcher who gave up the lead, Duran came in and gave us 2 strong innings. AND to Baldellis credit before Pagan gave up the game, he had a 2.12 ERA. but we did not hold the lead so it was a "bad decision" And again with it being a results based game, we are still in 1st place, and a single win counts only as a single win, so it shouldn't matter if it is from a dominant 3 hit CG shutout on 115 pitches or a "two times through the lineup max" game for 3-4 pitchers. they still count the same. but they do not FEEL the same. and the losses sure the heck dont!! a well pitched 7-8 inning start we lose feels like we lost to a better team. a 3-4 pitcher game where the bullpen gives up a few runs feels we lost because we are just bad. Maybe I am just too "old school" who likes watching pitchers go deep, get out of trouble, and have a theory that you use the pen when you NEED to, not when you CAN. Maybe the game has passed me by, because I have great unease about this team, and what may happen going forward mainly as a result poor pitching management. Should I just be happy that we are in first place, and not care about how those wins LOOK? Take the pleasure in the win, vs the pleasure of watching entertaining baseball? But I am digressing... Getting back to the question at hand, I think our success/failure comes down to pitching more than hitting, And I think it is because I truly do not have an answer to my own question... Is (will) Baldelli (be) a hero or a villian?
  4. flawed in so many ways... 1)reinforcements? Celestino is a "reinforcement"? and where exactly will these "reinforcements" play.? are expecting a 12 man batting order? Yes Correa is a good get to have coming back, Lewis has shown in a short sample that he could be exciting, but where do you play him? especially if you are hyping Kirilloff? Kepler is in RF, Buxton in CF (2/3 at least) Larnach in LF (sorry but he aint coming out if he keeps hitting). so we have Celestino< Gordon (who is playing better again) already them fighting for 4th OF. Arraez needs ABS so 1B is about onyl spot for him, and Polanco and Correa have 2b/SS down. (unless Lewis is a utility guy) and Urshela at this point is not coming off 3B for long stretches. which means not onyl is it not a FT position for Lewis but Miranda is going back down. DH is Sanchez/rotation. and offense isnt our main concern. and yes Ryan will be back, and Sonny Gray will hopefully be back, but that still leaves us needign replacements for Bundy (ok so lets say that is Winder) and do we actually LOSe our best pitcher recently when "replaceents" come in Smeltzer? 2) at this point we should no longer only be concerned with the Whitesox, it is the pesky Guardians who are coming hard, and have their next dozen games against teams like Baltimore, Oakland, Texas while we face the East. 3) the third wildcard spot as of now we would hold, but with a slight dip an dwe are out of that spot as well. So yes there are things to be concerned about.
  5. The Twins are in 1st place in the AL Central by 4.5 games, yet there is creeping concern everywhere regarding the Twins future. Are all of the sweaty palms and consternation? is it an overreaction to just a bad stretch against a bad team? Are the Twins about to lose their hold on 1st place with us playing the AL East while Cleveland gets Baltimore, Texas, and Oakland? Lets take a look at some of the concern in Twins Territory and see what we think. 1) Our offense. Before last nights game with the Blue Jays we had scored 3 or less runs in 7 of our last 12 games, with multiple shutouts, and low number hit games. We do not seem to have much consistency overall recently. and those low runs scoring games came against the likes of KC and Detroit. Does that make it seem worse? I think it does. also, Buxton has been a shell of himself, and we have been putting out a number of replacement level players due to injuries. Hopefully last nights game re-ignites Buxton. It has been incredibly clear to anyone, even morons like me who know nothing about hitting mechanics, that Buxton has been off-balance at the plate. He has been off balance because of his right knee. His back knee, his leverage knee. As a result of not being able be comfortable putting his weight on the back foot/knee, and torque of it twisting, he has been swinging with his weight on his front leg, causing him to be off balance and losing power. Hopefully this is beginning to change as his knee gets a little better, but of course even a "healthy" Buxton plays only 2/3 of our games. The others... Miranda has been unplayable, although ironically has been hitting pretty well during this stretch. Garlick should not be on a MLB team, Jeffers has been horrible offensively, But really, overall everyone else has been at least decent. Urshella and Sanchez have been hitting well lately, while not eye popping numbers they are playable and have come up big recently. Losing Correa again, will be a short term hit with no long term impact. Hopefully Lewis is only out for a short time (but then let the debate reignite) Kepler has been decent, Larnach has been hitting well, Arraez has been the Rodney Carew/Tony Gwynn clone many saw him as when he was a rookie. So our offense should not be a problem going forward once we get everyone back healthy. 1B - Arraez ?? while nto an ideal position we need his bat in the lineup. 2B - Polanco. I would actually submit that even though he leads the team in RBI, and even though he is coming off an All-Star year, and has been a great Twin, he has to be the one to be impacted when Royce Lewis gets back with the team. 3B - Urshela - his .270 avg, above average defense and clutch hitting has him holding down 3B for the rest of the year (at least for now) SS - Correa - He is obviously there longterm... unless we crater, then he is traded and Lewis slides in at SS. RF - Kepler - very serviceable, and actually having a pretty decent year, CF - BUxton - with the obvious exception of his rest days is a lock. LF - Larnach - Mashing with strong exit Velo, lots of doubles which are starting to turn into HR C - Jeffers/ Sanchez - Jeffers cant hit but plays majority of games, with Sanchez backing him up and being primary DH DH Sanchez/rotation - His bat is starting to come alive. His bat was never really the problem. Again the only real issue going forward here is where do you put Lewis? and what happens if Kirilloff continues his 337/449/932 play in St. Paul?? I am not overly concerned with our offense, we should be just fine. Which brings us... "gulp" to our pitching. and I am going to combine coaching with our pitching, because a lot of the pitching performance is also based on how they are used. Starters; While there is good here, lets assume the good is good and only concern ourselves with a few questions. Chris Archer: ERA is good at 3.89, but just 39 IP in 10 starts??? This cannot hold up, if we only let him go 4 IP then he needs to be in the pen as the "long guy" Each starter impacts the game before and after him as well as the one he starts. we cannot regularly use our pen for 5 innings every fifth start. Last night he was cruising and still pulled after 57 pitches!!! This needs to change!! we may be able to compete in a pathetic AL Central like this, but this kind of ball does not win against good teams in the playoffs. At this point it is more of a coaching issue than an issue with Archer, but it is still an issue. Sonny Gray: Again great numbers, but another trip to the IL? is this concerning? I guess only time will tell, but we will be without him for another 2-3 weeks and then another month plus of treating him with kid gloves to get him "ramped back up". he only had 33 innings in 7 games for less than a 5 IP per game average as it was, so look for more bullpen busting, innings restricted starts when he gets back Dylan Bundy: Throw out back to back bad starts in Aoril/May and he has been quite good. but can you "throw out" 25% of a pitchers starts? and can he hold up over the long haul? History says no What is Smeltzer?: Is he a fluky guy with a weird delivery that team will hit better the more they see him. or is he legit now? he has always been phenomenal in short stretches in the past. Ryan is good and Ober has been decent. OVERALL: Be scared, be VERY scared!!! IF we continue to have starting pitching go less than half the game, whether by plan or by play, then our pen will get overexposed, burned out and we will start losing games we should win. Unfortunately I think our philosophy about never letting a starter see a batter a 3rd time will be what holds us back.
  6. Nice article. WHile I knwo this article was strictly about targets and not about what it would take to get any of the targets, the price to be paid has to be considered. At the same time I do not think it woudl cost much to get any of them. Bell probably being the most expensive prospect wise. and even that wouldnt be too much given he is a rental. I will go ahead and preface my next comments with the fact that I have always been enamored with "potential" so my suggestions have a built in flaw. But here are a few alternate options... 1B = Instead of Bell, how about trading for Dom Smith of the Mets. Yes, he is struggling, an dwhy would/should we take a risk on a :change of scenery" guy, but he is Gold Glove caliber 1B, the guy CAN hit, and he has always been a slow starter, granted not THIS slow. I think given every day AB's would help get him back on track. Given his struggles and lack of ABs with the Mets he could be gotten relatively cheaply. Bullpen Arm = While I am trying my best not to comment on a bullpen arm we could still have if we hadn't traded for a pitcher with known elbow issues, I will just say SD seems to have a pretty decent closer. The arm I would love to see in a Twins uniform is AJ Puk. Scary stuff, but has always been injured. SO there is the injury risk there. But he is the perfect Twins player... an older player who is still under team control. He is 27 has 1 more year of TC then 3 years of Arb, meaning he will not be a FA until his age 32 year. by that time he is past the window of big contracts, so we will be able to retain him for the rest of his career should we want and should he work out. Besides the years of control, as a reliever Oakland is rebuilding team that already has a strong closer in Jimenez. and while I hate to harp on the Paddack trade, the fact that we also included Rooker, means Rooker is now no longer a trade piece available in a trade for a reliever like Puk. Starter = While it would be great to nab a true #1 or #2 via trade, we would have to give up a lot to get one, and what can we give at this point? (short of Correa, and anyone taking Correa would be a buyer not a seller, unless of course we go with a 3 way). Lewis is now untouchable, Larnach is proving valuable and will stay, We are a cheap team who loves our young pitching, and we have already traded away Petty, Rooker is gone, Kiriloff is struggling to recovery from wrist injuries, Martin is 23 at AA and is proving to be averag at best, Miranda is struggling mightily in the bigs, so tell me what exactly we have of value to trade for a #1 or #2? As a result I would suggest an older pitcher on a 1 year deal (as not to disrupt our youngsters) who is having a breakout , or resurgent year. Someone who is on a team that is below .500 and even with expanded playoffs, really doesnt have a CLEAR and easy path to a WC spot, that team is Texas, an dthat pitcher is Martin Perez. Perez is having an All-Star year, btu should come cheaply. I would counter Eovaldi, Bell, and Lopez with Perez, Smith, and Puk
  7. It cracks me up that pretty much EVERYONE in the clubhouse said they were surprised by the move. Which begs the question, which "surprised" player thought THEY were the one who was going to be sent down, or what player(s) were thinking their time with the Twins is short lived? Lets also nto forget that Larnach and Kirilloff are both also potentially back at some point, while neither is BETTER than Lewis, Larnach has at least proved himself ready as well. and with him on a rehab assignment should be back in LF sooner rather than later, so LF is not a place that will get Lewis AB's in the MLB. BAsed on Performance, the top of the list is Miranda. His .332 just is not currently cutting it. and no the .332 is not BA, it is not his OBP, it is not his slugging % it is his OPS!! LOL I am sure he may still be a quality MLB in the future, but right now, HE needs the reset at AAA. Based on potential positional transition: Urshela... I am not sure if he has options, would be more of a trade. While his overall offensive numbers aren't great, he plays a nice 3B, We are not married to him for the future, so maybe sacrificing some potential defense to get a bat like Lewis is the right move. and a somewhat brutal move of its own... Jorge Polanco. Polanco is a fan and clubhouse favorite, he is coming off All-Star season, and is very well cost controlled. Would be hard to move a longtime Twin, BUT his numbers are down, and 2B woudl be about the easiest transition from SS on the diamond.. One has to wonder how "nervous" Polanco was getting as well. Ultimately the right move is demote Miranda, possibly move Urshela to 1B and let Lewis play 3B
  8. Doc Munson

    A great problem

    While it is still quite early and anything can happen for good or for bad, it looks like the Twins will be contending all year long. We have a potntial great problem to have. Is Lewis Legit? and if so what do we do there? The Twins will need pitching help along the way, as mentioned before our rotation consists of either unproven pitchers or reclamation projects with nearly all of them coming off of year(s) with very low innings. With Paddack already out for the season, Bundy struggling, we already have two holes to fill. Archer is still on a pitch count, and Baily missing time with a hammy.. Ryan has been solid, and Winder has done quite well filling in, We do have more young guys who could help fill in, but do we try and contend with young inexperienced pitchers? On the offensive side,,, Sano has been an even bigger dissapointment and then got injured, Kiriloff so far has not translated, Larnach started hitting well before going on the shelf temporarily, Buxton has been a stud, but again misses time. Correa started slowly, but has been coming on before getting hit in the hand by TWO pitches and going on DL. So what do the Twins do if we are actually contending, yet have a lot of holes to fill? Would it be borderline blasphemous to suggest trading Correa? Lets say Correa comes back and plays at MVP Correa level, do you trade him or run out the season with him? Yes he has said he would like to stay, but what else is he going to say right after signing a deal with opt outs after each year? It is a small sample size, but is Royce Lewis the real deal? could he be a viable future SS? Let's take a look at a best case scenario. The Twins are contending and Correa is playing very well. To me the best move i to actually trade Correa at the deadline. What can we leverage from our 1/2 season of Correa? Take a look at some contenders who could use an upgrade at SS. Cardinals: Would the Cardinals give up their top prospect in Jordan Walker for Correa? IF they would, then we should jump at that even if we need to actually ADD to the deal. Jordan Walker at 3B and Miranda at 1B for the future??? Yankees: Yes they have Kiner (from us), and he is playing OK, and yes they have "cant miss" prospects like Volpe and Peraza at AA & AAA, but they are both actually "missing" this year. They are on pace for 122 wins, so do they NEED an upgrade? What if the Twins would get a package of Jasson Dominguez and Luis Gil? Dominguez more of a project than Walker but has MASSIVE potential. Lets say you think Lewis is the real deal. I would love to hear opinions on what you do with Correa this year. DO you trade him? if so to who and for what? Do you keep him and demote Lewis back to AAA for the season? or move Lewis to a new position? Let me here your thoughts on the one truly intriguing position decision for the Twins.
  9. And now I am reading memo's that say the increased pitching rosters will remain in effect until the END of May. Citing "player safety" in order to help "monitor players health". SO pretty much just as I figured, just the next step in babying the players. In the generation of players training year round do we REALLY need to "protect" players from injury?? When they already throw 1/2 the innings and 1/3 the pitches of pitchers from previous eras?
  10. If this is not the definition of the AL Central I do not know what is. Twins in 1st place!!! with a.500 record. Just a couple of weeks in I think it is important to take a look at a significant season milestone. May 1st. May 1st is when the "skinny mirror" gets replaced with a normal one. You know those skinny mirrors, those mirrors that make you look skinnier, or "better" than you actually are. While I am very happy to be in first place, and I am thrilled, and surprised with the Twins pitching this year, The Twins, as have all teams, have greatly benefited from a 28 man roster, and the ability to carry extra pitchers, carrying extra pitchers allows you to rely more on the bullpen, This also allows you to baby your starters and not give them too many innings, or pitches at the start of the year. This is evident by Chris Archer's comments after his last start. after his last start he said he knew it was going to be a short start because he was target for 50-60 pitches.... FIFTY to SIXTY??? Normally I would be screaming at the top of my lungs how this is nto baseball. BUT given the "unique" rules this year (Although I can see MLB permanently going to a 28 man roster for the 1st month to "ease in pitchers") you have to play and take advantage of the rules that are in place. I am not slamming the Twins for taking advantage of them, I am saying the Twins may not be the pitching juggernaut they currently look like without them. As stated previously by me, and every other baseball fan with at least a modicum of intelligence, the Twins pitchers are a collection of young pitchers who have not thrown more than 120 innings, and veteran starters coming off injuries/poor performance who also have not thrown more than 120 innings recently. This can be very easily covered up with a 6 man rotation, and a 28 man roster to allow for short starts consistently. Again, EVERY team got this benefit, and also again Twins pitchers have been GREAT!!! Just brace yourself. the Twins will be hit harder than most with the rosters going back down to 26. This is because not only is the roster trimming down to 26, but if the Twins continue to go with a 6 man rotation (and really who do you take out??) then that means you can no longer allow your starters to go only 4-5 innings because your bullpen with get overworked. This then in turn puts more workload back on those inexperienced starters and veterans coming off injuries. We will have a much better idea of where we are at at the end of My than at the beginning. Maybe it is just the typical MN sports fan in me, but I am very excited and happy about our team, yet at the same time will not believe it and am waiting for the train wreck. But until that happens, I am choosing to say the Twins Roster is half full instead of half empty.
  11. The one discussion that actually does speak to some value... the controllable yesrs. I may be too focused on this year, since this is the only year we will have Correa. So i guess i figured that $35M could be spent on FA pitching, but yes with Bundy and Archer most likely not here next year, even with Winder, Balazovic, and other potential starters being a year closer, having another MLB capable pitcher locked in next year does make some sense. I guess though i still wouldnt have donebit at the expense of Rogers. If you cant have a dominant rotation, then need a doninant bullpen. Will be rooting for Paddack!!! Just wish we could have gotten him without Rogers. Oh well. And then the IMMEDIATE question is... Do we go with a 6 man? Or if we dont then who gets dropped?
  12. So far nothing has moved me. I can see the need for pitching depth. I have also discussed how Archer and Bundy are risks coming back from injury and poor performance. AND Paddack may be an upgrade over Bundy, but not at the risk of losing an All-Star Closer. I HOPE Paddack realizes his potential, I also HOPE Bundy has a strong bounce back year, and HOPE Archer does as well. And the "pitching depth" community will undoubtedly, yet incorrectly scream "I told you so!!" When Archer/Bundy either get hurt or get moved out of the rotation for performance, but that misses the point here. My opinion isnt that Paddack isnt a decent pitcher, it is that the separation between him and our other #6-8 potential starters is not significant enough to move Rogers. And if you truly intend to win this year, then you do not worry about losing him in free agency "for nothing". you keep together the team that gives you the best chance to win. All of that being said, I am not a scout, my opiniosn are based on pure numbers on paper, and baseball is nto played on paper. He COULD be a much better pitcher than I think he is, and I guess if our scouts believe he is a significant enough improvement over Bundy/Archer then I can support the move. I just dont personally see it based on numbers.
  13. This article is not meant for me to give MY opinion, I have done that in a previous post. This is to beg the fan base out there to help me understand how this move makes any sense except to cut costs (yet we are also sending cash considerations to SD as well). I liked Rooker, even though he is an "old" young guy and not much of a fit here. I don't have an issue moving him though. My question is why move an All-Star Closer who is a significant clubhouse presence and a fan favorite for an average at best pitcher a not significantly better than any of our other current starters. and here is where I need help understanding. Who is/should Paddack replace in the rotation? and how big of an upgrade is he over that pitcher? As I stated earlier, unless there is already an injury we have not heard about, the only one who gets moved out of the rotation is Bundy and is Paddack a significant enough upgrade over Bundy to warrant sending out Rogers? or do we go 6 man? But again this is not about my opinions. Help me understand, I legitimately cannot see the added value Paddack could bring. Please explain how this move makes sense and who gets impacted.
  14. The Twins go all offseason barely touching on the rotation, then they make a move for Sonny Gray. Ok a decent move, but again trading away Chase Petty is only a good move if they make other good moves. Then with abotu a week or so to go before real games they sign Chris Archer. OK, doesnt really move the needle, but isnt a move that will hurt you. Now on the Eve of what would have been the Twins Opener there are strong indications the Twins are trying to get Chris Paddock from the Padres. NO. FULL STOP!! I don't care if you get him for a bag of used batting practice balls. He brings ZERO added value above what we already have available to us!!! It is crazy to say we are already flush with pitchers, BUT... we are already flush with THAT KIND of pitchers!!! We have 3 quality starters a 4th with potential and a 5th starter we can easily replace with Winder after his first few horrible starts. Top 3: Sonny Gray, Joe Ryan and Bailey Ober. Quality pitchers, 2 of the 3 unproven over the long haul, but still quality. 4th = Archer. yes a reclamation project a bit, but if you are selling hope, he can be a decent #4 with "flash games" where he dominates. 5th = Bundy is a joke. he will be out of the rotation and off the team by the end of May, but that will allow Winder to step right in. and we have a couple other potential starters who could use the first month to get in pitching shape as well. SO what does adding Paddock do? He doesnt replace the top 3, or even top 4. so that means Bundy goes. and even with all of the afore mentioned Bundy Bashing, he has been good in Spring. so you gonna replace him now?? It makes ZERO sense to bring in another pitcher unless it is a marked improvement over another pitcher. And Paddock simply isnt. By every single metric he is a pitcher who had a good rookie year and has gotten progressive worse each year after. PLUS has injury concerns with his pitching arm!!! What is even MORE alarming are the reports that we would consider moving Taylor Rodgers!!!!! Seriously??? I understand Jhoan "Splinker" Duran could be a bullpen stud, but to move Rodgers in a package for Paddock??? This could be rampant speculation, but if this happens the Twins better get some SERIOUS other compensation for Rodgers.
  15. Twins FO obviously is content with Bundy and Archer filling out the rotation. I am not nearly as rosy on the perspective of counting on them to anchor our rotation. I would love to be wrong however. As I have said in previous posts, the Sonny Gray move only makes sense if we end up making other significant moves, whether no or midseason. After all you do nto give away a potential arm (and personality to be a face of your franchise) like Petty in a "first move" without making final moves to ensure you are in the best position to succeed. Also as I have noted many times over, I beleive the crux of the Twins pitching plan all along has been to allow our young pitchers to takeover. Maybe not at the beginning of the year, but by the end of the year. Another concern I have shared is the relatiely few innings each of our rotation members have logged each year over the past 3 years. even if successful, 150 IP level will represent MASSIVE jumps in workload, adn with our "data dorks" running the team, they will be reluctant to hit those big jumps. so it is either 4-5 innings per start, or a number of our guys being shut down (or injured) for parts of the season. and this was BEFORE the Chris Archer signing. The preamble above is just to remind those of where our rotation sits. and remind people that even with the arrival of Archer, smart money says it is not enough. The two main trade pieces that remained seemed to be Manaea, and Montas. Manaea is off the board, so lets take a look at what Oakland got in return, if the Twins could have matched that, and whether the Twins makign a similar move would have been worth it. WHAT DID OAK GET.. #1 an 19 year old infield prospect with 55/40 scores for hit tool and power tool, and 50/50/50 for run, arm, field. so a decent infield prospect but not overly pricey in terms prospect quality. #12 prospect in SD. #2 #26 SD prospect in a 25 year old RHP. who split time between AA & AAA in 2021. with the following grades. FB=55 SLIDER =45 CHANGE =60 CONTROL =50. I am nto an advanced scout, but just looking at the scout rankings, and reading brief bios, I think a very comparable, if not better package, coudl have been doen by the Twins... Keoni Cavaco is still only 20, with toosl at 45/50/60/60/50. SO one could argue a better prospect. OR we could use 19 year old Noah Miller as a comp with his 55/45/50/55/55 comps. I mean we gave up our 2021 1st round pick for Gray, why not give up our comp balance pick for Manaea right??? Now for a comp for the 25 year old middling pitcher. HMMMM I wonder if the Twins have any "aging prospects" on the verge of MLB that are in their mid 20s? This one may be tough, btu I will dig deep!! Chris Vallimont, Blayne Enlow, Drew Strotman, Cole Sands, Louie Varland, Matt Canterino, Josh Winder, Jordan Balazovic, Jhoan Duran, Jor Ryan. Now of course there are names in their that I would not touch, but just including the list of pitchers who are all at least as good as the pitcher the A's acquired, and equally close to the majors. So with that it is pretty easy to conclude that the Twins COULD have matched or exceed that package SD sent to Oakland, without even flinching. Now the question is why wouldnt we? Wouldnt we rather have a Manaea over a Bundy? Why are the Twins standing pat when quality pitchers are beign made available for what appears to be very modest prospect returns?? But DANG!!!!! How fun is this going to be to watch Buxton and Correa this year!!
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