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  1. Agreed... I don't really have a tremendous complaint with how Baldelli is working players in. I want him to work all players in. However, there has been a recent shift since Kirilloff has been called up. Miranda 3 starts Sanchez 6 starts Urshela 6 starts Kirilloff 5 starts Larnach 5 starts I also understand that we have faced 5 RH starters in a row so I get it but I'm also hoping he doesn't get short sided with the Kirilloff addition. I'm just responding to the article while also hoping the recent shift isn't a trend. All good
  2. Plenty of discussion this week about the necessity of using roster space on Duffey and Thornburg in consideration of their current usage. The question is why Duffey and Thornburg "Don't come around here no more". The lack of their usage is causing Emilio Pagan to tell them "You Wreck Me" due to lack of other options. From my perspective and looking at the pair of them on the roster and their current lack of usage. I can't explain it and "I need to know". "You don't know how it feels" to be me without that information.
  3. While I feel the use of the word "Crippling" is a little pre-mature and dramatic, I do agree with what your article is saying. Many moons ago when Miranda was struggling I felt he should have been sent down but they sent down Lewis instead and provided Miranda with plenty of playing time while he was struggling. Now... Miranda seems to have straightened out a bit and now the playing time isn't as available. I understand that we are healthier than we were back then but this is kinda backwards. You are absolutely correct. Sanchez can yield some playing time to give Miranda more playing time. Urshela can yield some playing time to give Miranda more playing time. KIrilloff can also play OF so that means Kirilloff, Kepler and Larnach can yield playing time and nobody has to sacrifice significant playing time to make it happen. If you want to simplify it and just compare Miranda to Sanchez without factoring in everybody else. Both are righthanded Miranda has an OPS of .874 over the last 30 days - Sanchez has an OPS of .653. This suggests that Miranda is hitting better than Sanchez right now. Miranda will be a free agent in 2029 - Sanchez will be a free agent at the end of this season. This suggests that Miranda is clearly the better choice for our future. The combination of playing better right now and a potentially long future with our club makes the consistent selection of Sanchez somewhat curious to me.
  4. Agreed... The season isn't lost. The Ups and the Downs are going to happen. We are still in contention. And there is absolutely no question that this is indeed... your fault.
  5. Absolutely fair consideration and a great point. I don't know... it all depends on the cost of the necessary acquisition. I do have the assumption (right or wrong) that decent effective rental relievers won't come with the type of price tag to move the needle past my personal comfortableness but it clearly depends on what we have to give up to fix it. Even in consideration of the Paddack injury. Paddack was significant enough value at the time of the deal to justify the potential chain reaction replacement cost for Rogers but yeah... let's see. Regardless... Great point. Deals like this are never zero sum considerations.
  6. The traditional strategy of closer/set up/set up only really works if your starting pitching gets you 6 innings fairly often. They have too many young arms that need innings management and they are too adherent to the 1st time/2nd time/3rd time through the order data to even think about the traditional strategy. Gonna need a bullpen full of arms that they trust.
  7. Agreed Moran Up and Thornburg down right now seems necessary and time sensitive. We absolutely need to know if Moran can be trusted. He has certainly out performed existing options this year. Tyler Duffey will not be here next year. If he can't be trusted in his final year... he should not be allowed to take us down with him. There is nothing to develop with Duffey... He's gone. He doesn't have to directly cough up leads on the mound to take us down with him. Not being trusted to pitch which in turn reduces the options available can indirectly take us down and it quite possibly did last night.
  8. I'm not sure if my comments are part of the people you refer to but just in case. To clarify. I don't believe they should have used Duffey last night. My trust in Duffey is pretty limited at the moment. But... I do believe that because he wasn't used last night it signifies that the Twins also have a lack of trust in Duffey and I don't blame them. I do blame them for rostering someone they don't trust though. Teams can't afford this type of thing. Roster spots can't be wasted with players that can't be trusted... especially in the bullpen. If Duffey and Thornburg can't be trusted with a three run lead. They must be removed from the roster. Going back to Pagan on Wednesday after he coughed up the lead on Tuesday indicates a lack of options and is more of an indictment on Duffey and Thornburg than it is on Pagan because as bad as Pagan was last night. Duffey and Thornburg are viewed as worse options. It makes no sense to find a replacement option for Pagan while leaving Duffey and Thornburg on the staff. Pull the weeds.
  9. Yep. The odds of crooked numbers increase dramatically with each extra out provided to the opposing team.
  10. While I remain OK with the Paddack/Rogers deal. I continue to wait for the front office to get bullpen serious. In order to be bullpen serious, they need to replace the members of the bullpen that are not trusted. Either Duffey is hurt or Rocco doesn't trust Duffey right now. I don't blame the team for not trusting Duffey, However... if there isn't trust and he remains in the bullpen. They are not bullpen serious. Duffey was fresh and Rocco went back to a 2nd inning of Pagan instead. Not replacing arms that you don't trust leads to moments of no other options like last night. The bullpen is used too much these days to hide liabilities. It is entirely possible to build a bullpen with stuff up and down the line. Not only possible but necessary. We are not bullpen serious yet.
  11. I Did... Here's how the conversation went: Riverbrian: Dick? Jim? Can you both hear me? Dick: Loud and Clear Jim: Yep Riverbrian: I'm always amazed when I'm able to merge calls on my cell phone. Jim: Back in my day, the phones were on the wall and you had to answer the phone to find out who was calling. Riverbrian: The reason I called... I was hoping to talk about the importance of establishing a rhythm. Color analysts talk about this rhythm and the importance of it. I was hoping to dive into it a little bit with both of you. Dick: I suppose it's like any job when you do it day after day. You establish a rhythm with the repetition, it doesn't matter the job you do, it isn't just baseball players, it's the same for doctors, lawyers, even announcers like Jim and myself. I've been doing this a long time. You learn things as you go. Riverbrian: Such as? Jim: Like the sound a ball makes when it comes off the bat. Dick: Yes Exactly Jim: There were times when I wouldn't even turn around on the mound because I knew from the sound. In the booth, you can close your eyes and recognize that sound. You know what happened and this comes with doing a job day in and day out. Dick: Yes Exactly... That sound,.. As an announcer you pick up on it with experience. You know it when you hear it,... it... becomes a cue that it's time to put some excitement in your delivery... it's time to inflect. That sound... that pure sound of a routine flyball. Riverbrian: Let's talk about the baseball player specifically and the importance of establishing that rhythm. Jim: Baseball is all about timing. You need to be able refine that timing. Establishing a rhythm is important. Riverbrian: What about platoon hitters? Can they establish this rhythm? Pinch hitters? Can they establish this rhythm? Jim: Obviously it is much harder for the platoon hitter but they have breaking pitches breaking into them instead of away. So it's easier. Riverbrian: What about slumps. Why do slumps still happen once that rhythm is established. Dick: They are not robots Riverbrian! Sometimes... doing the same thing every day can lead to a certain... Jim: Complacency Dick: Yeah... Complacency. Riverbrian: So the rhythm is both good and bad. Jim: Well yeah. Like everything in life. Riverbrian: I really appreciate you both taking the time to talk about this. I hear it mentioned so often... this importance of establishing a rhythm. Dick: Baseball games are three hour broadcasts. Have you ever tried to fill three hours? Jim: You pull a lot of things out of your... you know what... about the old days. Riverbrian: Congrats on the Hall of Fame Jim... I'll be watching the induction of Tony and yourself with Twins Pride.
  12. I'm aware of how the conversation started and I'm actually on your side with one exception. I'm simply cautioning against mid-summer odds as a basis for trade deadline decisions. I don't ever want my front office looking at a contending team and thinking they know better because that is the type of thinking that will get you terminated. The front office needs to be thinking. "There go the people. I must follow them, for I am their leader". . I don't agree with Whitey at all (not even close) that we should just spend our prospect capital to acquire whatever we need because the prospects rarely pan out anyway. That type of thinking will just put your team in a death cycle of a recurring state of starting over. The farm has to produce or the Twins have no chance at sustained competitiveness. We've been there before and for quite some time... I don't want ever want to go back there again. The truth is somewhere in the middle. Front offices have to walk this line between the short term and long term constantly. With all of that nuance to consider. Contenders buy at the deadline. Rental relievers that can help a contending team won't cost us Martin and Lewis. Josh Bell or Trey Mancini won't cost us Martin and Lewis. Buyers Buy and Sellers Sell. Doing neither is just standing still. I'm just letting you know... that I'll put down $100 bucks. I have. My wife would rather I'd spend less time doing this exercise and more time fixing the screen door.
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