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  1. Here's a good read.) Nick, I've been singing this very song on TD for quite a few years now. I've spent a life time working with demographics and the obvious conclusion is: Baseball's current demo's are not sustainable for the long run, the sport will age out unless significant changes are made. The game needs to become more appealing to a wider demographic range for the future and it has to start ASAP. They can start by eliminating of Grandpa's stoic unwritten rules, that are still enforced today. Let players express themselves and have FUN out there instead of getting a bean ball for a bat flip. This move alone will increase youth interest across the board. There are many things the sport can do to increase youth interest. Old Grandpa rules used to be that ex-ball players were the ones qualified for coaching and front office positions and if you are hiring ex-ball players, the actual demographics of ball players will play a role in your coaching and front office numbers in the years to follow. However, the recent trend of Ivy league front offices have blown that old grandpa convention out of the water. Front office personnel who never played the game are all over the place now and if front office personnel who have never played the game are running things today and they are... Past and future baseball player demographics don't matter anymore. Meaning, we have qualified black candidates who can be hired today for advancement to the big chairs and there are qualified female candidates for the big chairs. And let's not forget about the females. There is absolutely no reason why a female couldn't do what Dick Bremer does or what Derek Falvey does. It is systemic. Baseball has a demographic problem because it has stubbornly clung to it's traditions and we have all read the history books to know what was happening when those traditions were set in stone.
  2. I never judge draft picks because I really lack the knowledge to form specific opinions on individual players. However, I like the idea of drafting players with the skills that cant be taught, which are Power, speed and velocity. This guy apparently has the power so now the Twins are tasked with teaching the rest.
  3. In Grand Forks North Dakota today. A funeral is being held for 29 year old police officer Cody Holte. Cody was shot and killed last Thursday while coming to the aid of other officers who were serving civil papers and unexpectedly fired upon with an AK-47. The suspect also accidentally shot and killed his mother while spraying bullets in the small apartment they shared and wounded a county sheriff. Cody leaves behind a wife and young child. This entire issue is complicated and beyond my skills as a human being.
  4. Lobbyists, PAC Money. Washington can be a dirty place. https://www.sbnation.com/mlb/2018/3/23/17152778/spending-bill-minor-league-baseball-explained-save-americas-pastime
  5. You are not calculating the implications of being drafted and held. Walmart can't draft me and prevent me from working at Target if the job is better for me and my career advancement. If you eliminate the draft and give players the same rights for employment that you and I have, you will see the pay get competitive real quick especially in consideration of the high demand for highly skilled talent when the reality is that it takes highly skilled talent to even be considered and highly skilled talent is routinely tossed aside. A Shortstop 6th on the depth chart with the Blue Jays can't apply for the 2nd on the depth chart job with the Orioles that he is qualified for. A performing SS who is held back because of the subjective opinion of a superior can't work for someone else who may not have that opinion. These underpaid individuals who you correctly state have the option of being dentist's instead, and are choosing to pursue a major league job despite the salary structure, have no other options in their chosen profession. They must subject themselves to the system to avoid being a dentist and you are correct they do. In my opinion... they might as well cut a bunch of minor league teams because they hyper focus on a handful anyway. Low Level Draft Picks have to be extraordinary to move into consideration and High draft picks are given chance after chance even if they are striking out 3 times a game. Let independent baseball take it's place. It will if the market supports it. They can still raid the independent leagues to mine for talent rising to the top.
  6. I think these answers are still yet to come. It's driving me crazy. I'm putting this map up again because it's driving me crazy. https://www.businessinsider.com/how-restaurant-air-conditioning-gave-nine-people-covid-china-2020-4?r=US&IR=T The uncolored circles were patrons in the restaurant who did not catch the virus, including one who sat next to the infected patron. The chart shows AC Airflow in the building as an explanation and that is certainly plausible but you can see uncolored circles in between red circles. Why were only a couple of NBA players infected while others were not despite playing over 30 minutes against an infected player or players? Reports coming back that we may have seen a Covid death long before the first reported death suggesting that the virus was in the United States long before the first diagnosed case of it. So then go back to the diagram showing one patron infecting 9 others in one restaurant due to air conditioning? If this thing has been percolating undetected since January in the United States and passed around via restaurant airflow. The number of infected would be staggering prior to the shutting down of March Madness. February would have been free flow spreading of the virus exponentially unchecked. Santa Clara County, Los Angelas and the state of New York have released early 3,000 sample antibody test results. NYC released today is the highest percentage with a potential 14% of the random sample showing antibodies and therefore assumed infection. The initial impression of the 14% is "Wow... That's A lot". I'm thinking it should be much higher when you look at the restaurant map. And I'm back to the question... Why did the White Circle individuals not get it? Why did only a few NBA players get it. Individual Immune Systems leading to luck of the draw? We need more testing and the data that comes with it. TEST TEST TEST
  7. If I start project tomorrow instead of today. It won't get done today. Each day I don't start, the longer it will take to complete the project. It's April 22nd.
  8. My opinion isn't worth anything. I have no experience or training in any relevant field to have a valid opinion. However... that has never stopped me. I believe that a (maybe significant) portion of humanity are naturally resistant. I also wonder about things like: Why didn't more NBA players catch it. The infected players played a lot of minutes while infected. I don't know... I wish I did.
  9. In regards to the hairdresser discussion. I don't have an opinion myself... but as sure as I'm standing here. We are at a crossroads and the country can't take much more. Businesses will attempt to get back to business and we will be massively dependent on each other. (Not the Businesses). The political lines have been drawn. As North implied: We will all have to come to grips with our own personal comfort level in regards to how much we individually participate in.
  10. https://www.businessinsider.com/how-restaurant-air-conditioning-gave-nine-people-covid-china-2020-4?r=US&IR=T After viewing this map showing how one patron passed on the virus to others in a restaurant. My questions will be. In the Blank Circles... Was someone sitting in those spots or were they empty chairs? If there were people in those spots... I want to know how they avoided getting it. Were they tested? Asymptomatic and not tested? In other words... Why did some get it and not others?
  11. For starters 15,251 Covid Deaths. News reports have it over 42k.
  12. The early Antibody testing in California is interesting. even if they are not sure about the current value of Antibodies. Test Test Test
  13. It did warm my heart a little to see Ohio and Indiana join Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Kentucky. The Governors have no choice but to fill the void. The people inside everyone of those states though. Not so much.
  14. Those 53 foot reefer units used to carry food. The protests are Right Wing Led. This crisis should be something that unites but what it has done is... perhaps... shine a light on just how enormous the canyon of political division that exists, and its getting wider by the second.
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