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  1. My number one rule change would restrict shifts. Prior to the pitcher releasing the pitch, at least two players must be on “the dirt” (area designated by MLB rule) on each side of 2nd Base. This still allows for the shifting of infielders, but will reduce the extremes and the use of “short-outfielders” (sorry, if you really like watching a batter grounding out to short right field and being thrown out at first base). . By requiring the players to be on “the dirt”, it could also encourage more bunting. Note - this rule change does not prohibit the rare use of two outfielders with the third outfielder moving to the infield.
  2. strumdatjag


    I’m thankful that the Twins and MLB brought back live baseball to ballparks around North America, and I’m glad the Twins did NOT bring back the stupid, annoying Dance-off.
  3. Has anyone considered that Buxton may want to prove himself in 2022 in order to get a better contract in FA after the season? Not a slight on the Twins, but consider what logically could be “reality.” I suspect that Byron likely views himself as a victim of freak injuries (2021’s wrist injury) and “running into walls” injuries that he believes he is now able to avoid as a smarter, seasoned, veteran player. However, the Twins can’t afford to let him “play it out” (and join next year’s off-season bidding war). The Twins are more likely to get a good return this offseason than mid season 2022. If they are contending in midseason 2022, the option to trade Buxton is off the table completely. Now is the the time to make an effort to sign him, but upon being rejected - TRADE BUCk. That may be REbuilding; it may be REtooling: but it is likely to be REality.
  4. I don’t go with blowing up the future to push a long shot bid for a wild card. I’m glad Atlanta is succeeding against the cheaters. But it ain’t a blueprint.
  5. Going for the Braves vs anyone. Astros.- still marred by the trashcan scandal Dodgers - big market team with a huge payroll - not for me Red Sox - East Coast Media darlings who should be rejected by all here in flyover country Meanwhile, Atlanta was denied an MLB showcase earlier this year. I’d love to see the “Manfred Man” (with no Earth Band) have to hand over the Championship Trophy to the Braves in the City he eschewed. Finally, with the Braves in the World Series we get to shout “Eddie! Eddie!” at our TV screens when Rosario does well for the Braves AND shout “Eddie? Eddie?” If he blows the series with one of his bonehead plays. The Rosario roller-coaster drama is inevitable if the Braves make it. Go Braves.
  6. For those of us looking for a team to favor simply as fans - I suggest we are relegated to Atlanta. I agree that the “Chop” is annoying, but consider the alternatives The “big city” Dodgers are trying to spend their way to a Championship, and Houston is still stained by the trashcan cheating scandal. Boston is a Northeast Team, with its long overhyped “rivalry” with the Yankees - those of us in flyover country shouldn’t go for that!!’ That leaves the Braves by default. Finally, it would be nice to see the Commish, the “Manfred Man” (with no Earth Band”), forced to give Atlanta the biggest spotlight in baseball. THEY can’t move the World Series a mile higher!!!! So - Go Braves (but still wish the Brewers could have held on). Prediction: The Dodgers and Houston will win just as you said (except Houston does it in 5 too).
  7. This was a no-brainer. Hopefully, the Twins will write in Polanco at 2B with a Sharpie. No need to mess with success. Only Buxton gets the Sharpie treatment. All other position players are in pencil (for durability reasons, even Josh Donaldson might DH and share 3B duties with Arraez).
  8. So give me a scientific explanation. With my antibodies recently tested off the chart (>10), explain how having the virus neutralized in my bloodstream makes me an equal danger to someone who is unvaccinated and has cells become Covid factories producing more viruses at a high rate and causing sneezing to spread the virus further into the air. There is no coherent scientific explanation.
  9. Funny. Now try to get a vaccine for Kirk Cousins - before he becomes the Vikings super-spreader that some of us believed Andrelton to be (despite lame denials by the Twins brass) But then again, some skepticism of the “conventional wisdom” is often wise. Remember that allegedly “debunked” Covid origin “conspiracy theory” of the Wuhan Institute of Virology leak? In the last few months, it’s been generally UN-debunked and is seriously being considered as an explanation (check out Jon Stewart’s cogent and funny comments on this on Colbert’s Show). More important (possibly!) - Remember, when we all thought signing Max Kepler longterm was a great move?
  10. As our TOP short season hitter, I’d like to be wowed in all areas of hitting. Just saying.
  11. The numbers you list for Rodriguez don’t look that great. Unless I’m reading it wrong - he batted .214. Yes with 10 HRs, and apparently some BBs. But tell me why to ignore .214???
  12. Half of the left-handed hitters in baseball should learn to get bunt singles to the third base side. They either can’t do it or won’t do it. That’s a shame. Hits that beat these annoying, ubiquitous shifts are my favorite plays in baseball in this shift-happy era
  13. I’d put Sano ahead of Kepler. But number one should be Byron Buxton who will play in more than 140 games at a high level. That would be the biggest bounce back.
  14. Josh hasn’t been able to stay healthy. The extra defense is a luxury that is likely to backfire when he is inevitably injured.
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