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  1. I didn’t like the contract initially, but at this point I think the Twins should just keep Josh around. Have him play more DH to try to keep him healthy, and play out this contract.
  2. I’m not saying that is an indication every year. However, after trading Berrios and with Maeda out for most if not all of next year, the Twins are unlikely to be a serious contender without signing a number one starter. Otherwise, they are looking to 2023 - and that might be the best course anyway.
  3. If the Twins sign Pineda, that’s an indication that they are building for 2023. Pineda would be a one year placeholder for someone else. If the Twins sign a number one starter, that is a sign that they plan to contend.
  4. Some of the players that have been listed were obtained by trade. I think an international signing like Nishioka shouldn’t count either. Ricky No-Fastball was given a four year contract and stunk for the two years he played with the Twins. So - he is indeed the biggest loser of all. Colome may have been overall a bad signing but his recent good performances will lead the Twins to pick up his option next year.
  5. Andrelton Simmons certainly deserves to be number one. Remember, he was the guy who publicly refused to get a Covid vaccine, then he got COVID. Then a few other Twins players got it too. Of course, the Twins stuck up for Simmons and claimed he didn’t spread it. Who knows - but with that attitude I’d like Simmons to viewed as a bigger Super Spreader than Sturgis, Lalapalooza, that big Martha’s Vineyard birthday party and all of last weekend’s college football games combined.
  6. An anchor can drag everyone else down into the deep.
  7. I would certainly like the Twins to sign one Top Starter as a free agent and otherwise go with a youth movement and Dobnak to fill the rotation. The problem: any top starter is likely to want to play for a contending team and is likely NOT to see the Twins as such a team. So, practically the Twins will be relegated to bottom feeding and aging (probably fully aged) veterans and hoping they get a SP who can bounce back or have a career year. They should not overpay for a legit number one in the rotation at this time.
  8. The Twins should pick up one big time FA starter. Otherwise, they will probably be bottom feeders again and hope to develop some of their young pitchers for sometime in the second half. Longterm, that latter option could be the best course. In other words, don’t break the bank to boost a below average team to mere average status.
  9. I wouldn’t make too many moves based on the last two injury-riddled, pandemic years. We are only two years removed from the Bomba Squad. Relax - but next year get a short-leash ready.
  10. I like targeting shortstops since they often end out playing in a different position. But it would be nice to see at least one top pitcher targeted.
  11. Two rules 1. Change the DH to the DPH for both leagues - a designated pinch hitter who can bat once in the ninth spot in the order anytime in the first five innings (and the player in the ninth spot continues to play in the field). After another run through the order, the DPH becomes like any other player on the bench. Otherwise, the ninth spot in the order (usually a pitcher) must bat or a pinch hitter must be substituted 2. Limit the annoying shifts - Two infielders must be positioned on the dirt on the left side of the infield and two on the dirt on the right side. A line from home plate to second base continuing to the edge of the dirt divides the sides. It doesn’t eliminate shifts, since one player could stand on the half line and the other two to the left or right of him. But it limits the most excessive shifting that ruins double plays and makes the game ridiculous.
  12. More than a few years ago, I went to a low A-ball game in Cedar Rapids to see Byron Buxton play. Jose Berrios started. But the player who made the biggest impression was Jorge Polanco. He is one of the proven cornerstones of this franchise going forward. Who else? Mitch Garver and uh uh uh uh
  13. Royce Lewis not only has incredible athletic talents but is reported to have great leadership capabilities. It would be an extremely poor decision to trade a potential “Derek Jeter” (a ceiling I have seen someone else give to Lewis)!!!!
  14. If Albers is showing success, the Twins must give him a call-up to see if it’s the real deal or a mirage. Nothing to lose
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