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  1. Possibly Smeltzer??? He proved his worth and was sent down last week. He promptly returned and proved worthy again. Put away the pencil and use the Sharpie to put him in the rotation, at least ling relief.
  2. 3 Other factors: 1. Crime in Minneapolis, especially downtown. 2. Inflation fears. 3. Wild and Wolves in playoffs, competing for sports fans’ dollars (although that doesn’t explain the recent poor attendance).
  3. Not only will Royce Lewis be a force in the line-up before the All-Star Break, but remember Kenta Maeda is rehabbing and likely to be ready for playoff run and playoffs. Who knows if he will produce after surgery? But it’s a potential factor that is being ignored by the “gotta trade for an ace” crowd here.
  4. The newer style, outdoor ballparks are simply better places to watch baseball. Admit it: Vietnamese Egg Rolls are always better than Chinese Egg Rolls (even though the Chinese version has a longer, more storied history in America). The Vietnamese recipe is simply a better way to make them. Similarly, the new Post-Camden outdoor parks are a better way to design ballparks. So the worst of this best type of design is better than the best of the others - despite any “storied history”. I agree that the retractable roof ballparks generally lack the charm of always outdoor venues
  5. What’s with all the empty seats at Target Field??? I get it A LITTLE: the Wild and Wolves were in the playoffs, the weather was lousy, kids are still in school, inflation is starting to limit discretionary spending, some are still stricken with 2020-style COVID-fear, fear of crime downtown, Minnesotans were too busy fishing, farming …. BUT and this is a big huge BUT - The Twins are in First Place, they are playing exciting baseball with a team that looks like it can carry its current success through the season. They signed the top free agent on the market, Carlos Correa. Buxton bashing homers, great defense, solid pitching, depth at AAA except at catcher (maybe it’s time to make a minor league trade for La Tortuga) … So I ask about another kind of BUTT. There should be more of them in the seats. The bandwagon has already left the station. End of RANT!
  6. Agreed. That is the most important fact in this article. If AK has bone on bone pain, I’m unaware of any long term medical solution. But I’m not an orthopedist. If anyone out there has some medical expertise regarding a la k if cartilage in wrist bones, I’m sure we all would like to hear your opinion.
  7. strumdatjag

    A great problem

    Gio Urshella had an all-star day in the field and at the plate today. I had him as an odd man out. Wow. This team is deep.
  8. strumdatjag

    A great problem

    Depth is a wonderful thing!!!
  9. strumdatjag

    A great problem

    Carlos Correa is not the odd man out here. I think he is sincere in wanting to work out a longer term deal. Royce Lewis can move to 3rd Base. The odd men out are Miguel Sano (unless he proves his worth as a DH, after a stint on the 60 Day - but time is running out for the big guy) and Gio Urshela, who is a capable major league player, but the Twinshave too many better options (sorry Gio).
  10. I’m mostly anticipating a PAGAN having a prominent role on Faith Day at Target Field. Bring your own graven image.
  11. He’s making a better contribution to the Twins than he did with the Timberwolves.
  12. You’d think Bundy could boost his velocity a bit if he didn’t have to pitch five plus innings as a starter. Could we expect more effectiveness out of the pen? A crafty veteran could be a big boost to the bullpen.
  13. I’m not thinking that Correa just might be Wally Pipp. But you never know. If Lewis shines at SS, where does he play after Correa returns: 1. Left Field 2. Shortstop 3. St Paul. I’m picking number one.
  14. Hopefully, this gives us an opportunity to see Royce Lewis, while members of the current Twins roster wait out their time period of contagiousness.
  15. Bundy’s last outing in April was not as sharp. I actually would have gone with Joe Smith who has looked very good. Of course, that is for the Honorable Mention.
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