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  1. This should be a question of philosophy: Are the Twins a team which will seek to develop aces (like the Rays) or a team which flails at free agents (like Robbie Ray). When the Twins started the FalVine era, the former was the goal. And it should be the goal. If the cupboard is bare, fill it in with the probable has-beens and maybe an ace that slips through for a short-term contract late in free agency. But the goal should always be to develop starters to be stars between ages 24-28.
  2. Japan makes sense. The Nippon League could be enamored with his big bat for one or two seasons before they get bored with him.
  3. If the price is right, signing or trading for a stud catcher makes more sense than signing a stud shortstop or stud starter. The Twins have an abundance of talent at the other positions. Patience from the fans will bring a more than competent young shortstop prospect to our big league club. Maybe there isn’t an ace, but the Twins have enough starting talent to field a decent rotation. At the very least, the Twins need to sign a legitimate backup at catcher.
  4. No No No No. the Twins are stocked with quantity in Starting Pitching. Joe Ryan has shown some flashes of potential in being more than a #3 or #4 level of a starter. The Twins clearly have confidence in him, evidenced by naming Joe as the opening day starter. I’m hoping for a boring off-season for the Twins. The 2022 season was marred by injuries. So, get a stop-gap shortstop until one of. the younger players (Lewis, Martin ….) is worthy of taking over. Add some depth at catcher. Then take advantage of any last-minute opportunities that are available (like Carlos Correa last year). .
  5. Not only would Correa require a huge long-term contract but he would block other players the Twins will soon have ready at Shortstop: Lewis, Lee and Martin (currently excelling in the AFL). Only one of those three has to stick at Shortstop to make it a lousy idea to give an expensive, long term deal to Carlos “Shops at Dior” Correa. Moreover, a recession is likely, leading to a likelihood of even lower attendance than last year. Keep the powder dry and use it when there is an opportunity. Don’t get into bidding wars at this time.
  6. To partially use an analogy from Carlos: I would rather have the Twins sign a guy from Northern Tool and Equipment than go to Dior to sign Correa. - a chain saw rips through the opposition better than an overpriced gold chain.
  7. I’m expecting the off-season conversation will be whether Joe Ryan can be a legit ace or if he’s something less than that. But for now - enjoy the nice run in this disappointing season.
  8. I think Carlos lost the fans and management with the Dior reference.
  9. Injuries doomed the Twins this year. Without them, they are the team that was a consistent winner in April and May. In 2023, a healthy Twins team should be an improved squad with the additions of Maeda and Mahle to the rotation, and adding Matt Wallner’s bat, along with Trevor Larnach. Question marks are Polanco (is he overrated by us?), Kepler (Will he really significantly improve at the plate with the end of “the shift”) and the entire situation at Catcher. I believe it is unlikely the Twins will suffer a similar tsunami of injuries. There is room for optimism after this disappointing season.
  10. With larger bases, stolen bases and bunting will return to the game at least a little
  11. I was in attendance. It’s. Hard to put up more runs with Sanchez as DH and Cave starting. It was a game I so much wanted to see the Twins win for two reasons: 1. To punish all of the fans who left way too early. I saw a group leaving after 3 innings (apparently worried about getting a kid who looked 12 years old to bed on time - they could have taught that kid a good lesson - IF YOU ALWAYS LEAVE EARLY, YOU GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL MISS THE MOST EXCITING GAME YOU WILL EVER SEE. In fact, that almost happened last night 2 To punish the Guardians for the crappiest defense. It was t just the errors
  12. As COVID-mania wanes, I don’t think we will see a return of vendors to Target Field. There are no more cash transactions (except side bets between fans), everything is by credit or debit card. It’s all part of the new cashless world.
  13. Maybe I missed this thread (but I don’t think it’s been discussed). Part of the experience about being at the ballpark has been lost - No more vendors walking through the stands. From the beer guy with umbrella hat at the old Met (who would respond “Milk for you son” when my juvenile friends and I would order a beer in vain), to Wally the Beerman at the Dome to the hotdog guy with a flair at Target Field, and more, the vendors have been part of the experience. But there is no more din of “Hey Hot Dogs” to “Get Your Frosty Malts”. All we have is some guy hustling raffle tickets. Maybe the view of a big play won’t be blocked by a vendor, but I’ll still miss this part of the American baseball experience. Hasta La vista.
  14. I love the State Fair. But - bring back Zambora the Gorilla Girl to the Midway (the version where the Gorilla escapes - not the sanitized version). Meanwhile, the Twins could have a better exhibit (I don’t even know if they have one!).
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