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  1. A lot to cover here but I've got a beer in my hand, so I've got the time. Poor umpiring and cheating are two totally different things. No the best team will probably not overcome blatant cheating I stopped watching the NBA years ago because of the things you mentioned. The last one I agree with totally. But if your giving up human error for complete fairness what about salary caps? How will our twins compete with 200-300 million payrolls? Would the Miricale Mets pulled it off with Rodo umps? What about the worst to 1st 91 Twins? My point is they overcame whatever diversity they faced and won and I'm certain their was plenty of bad calls and 4th Stikes their along they way. Imperfection is part of the game. That's why any team can win every year.
  2. Going from the White Sox, Gaurdians and Royals to the Yankees, Rays and Red Sox 19 times each per season I'd guess has a lot to do with it. Plus the parks are no where near as pitcher friendly. I think the results if the Twins had given him that contact would have been quite a bit better. As for the prospects i expect both of them to be quality big league regulars. Pair Martain with Arraez and hopefully you have two .300+ hitters with .400 OBP and maybe 10-15 homers per season. that's a lot of RBI's for whoever follows either of them. Richardson who knows?? Pitchers are so hit or miss compared to bats. Hopefully he's a 1-2-3 starter. But maybe he's a BP arm. I still believe in a couple years he'll make it to the show.
  3. So you have a problem with Buxton, Correa or whoever getting a 4th strike? I want to believe the law of averages kicks in. So sure I hate it when a ball is a strike against the Tigers. But if in October one of them gets a 4th strike to work with I'm pretty good with it.
  4. I'm not a fan of computer umpires. I may be wrong but the teams that can overcome bad calls are probably the better teams and win in October. Who wants to watch a football game where every holding is called? Not this guy. Imperfection is part of the game.
  5. I'd like to agree till I look at the Mets. I know they added talent, but the big ones are on the IL, I still believe the manager is the difference from a playoff team to a World Series team. talent being similar
  6. I'm going to say something that at the beginning of April I'd put $ on that I would not say...Gary Sanchez has been pretty good as a Twin..i'd be good with an extension. Now that I said it I feel like i have to defend it... He's Sano...i know I know..but can play a tough position adequately..But looks like a better DH option then Sano.
  7. I'm hoping Larnach forces me to add him to my fantasy BB teams. He's been really good since returning from Milb
  8. Good day for the Twins minor leaguers. Smetzer was great, Sand up next and Jermaine Palacios gets the start in both games. Great to see all of these guys today. Jermaine Palacios has paid his dues and deserves his major league pay check. With the 13? on IL hope most of them get to stick around for more.
  9. Put me in couch I'm ready to play...today..OK nvm who can we get from AA to fill out the roster?
  10. i know a few didn't like the Gray trade but so far he has been money. Hope it continues.
  11. MLB game cast just said Lewis left the game due to a knee injury..sweating that info
  12. Even with the Paddack having a 2nd TJ I'm not against this trade. Assuming he comes back late next season and is decent. If you look and the Kenta trade its similar in that the Twins got around a season worth of starts (over two seasons) from him and he went under the knife. Yes I know Paddack hasn't made that many starts yet.. I wouldn't call that trade a bad one. I believe the Twins have about the same amount of team control left with both of them. But Graterol was/is more valuable because he wasn't a pending free agent. The Twins were going to be save by committee whether Rogers was here or in San Diego so his number would be a bit different if he was still a Twin. Getting Rooker off the 40 man was a win all by itself. Getting a starter, a scary BP arm and a top 20 prospect for a season of a very good reliever, a player with no place to play and 6 mil seem like a fair gamble. Escobar, Pressly and Berrios trades all were disappointing trades at the time. They don't look so bad now. Like so many other trades it's in my opinion to early to declare this trade good, bad or other.
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