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  1. You're clearly shooting at a soft spot saying, "is the best they can do". And here I am responding to it... so kudos to you. Heaney has maybe 5 starts that were good and 3 months on the IL total before and after that. My cat's asses have a better track record and probably more upside..There you made me do it. Kudos again...
  2. I get it. It's not a popular choice this time on the off season. C by the way is Myers numbers from rotowire. Try and here me out. The Twins have and excessive number of left-handed players. They could really use a right-handed outfielder that hits left-handed pitchers well and has power. Due to the Urshela trade (not a fan of) we can plan on Miranda/Arraez manning 3rd. So, a platoon at 1st is possible. Let's say Skubal is pitching for Detroit. Do you want Myers in RF or Keplar? Luis Arraez or Myers at 1st and Miranda at 3rd? Max Kepler MLB Split Stats (rotowire.com) Luis Arraez MLB Split Stats (rotowire.com) It's an improving on the fringe's addition not a Correa addition. You decide.
  3. I realize you're kidding here. I've been a Paddack fan for a while now. After his rookie season there was talk of him possibly being one. Him Being healthy for 2024 I wouldn't discount. He was good to really good before the last two seasons on elbow trouble. He could surprise all the Rogers trade haters...
  4. After last season....A starter gets injured by May..SWR makes 25 starts of 3.30 ERA 140 innings with 10/9K's for 3.5 WAR and a 125 ERA+ and wins AL ROY award. Hopefully I'm wrong no one gets injured that badly and he wins minor league pitcher of the year honors. Either outcome works for me.
  5. I don't know about an ace. Of the Twins pitchers that will be free agents after the 2023 season. He is the one I'd put a qualifying offer on. So maybe I'd call him the staff ace. Seems like a prime spring training extension candidate.
  6. MLBTR's Anthony Franco chat last night said Myers should be around 1 year for $5 mil as a platoon player. I like the fit even if others don't
  7. I'd rather keep Polanco around. If we want to move a 2nd baseman to make room for Julien then I'd wait till Aug 1st. 3-4 month at AAA for Julien should help decide if we have depth to trade from. Arraez would be my 1st choice to trade now. He's likely at his high point trade value wise. A 1b/.2b/3b with 8 homers in 550 ab's with bad knees. Even then it'd have to be a pretty decent return or I'd just hold onto all of them.
  8. Thanks for the response. Baseball reference says he played a little less then 1/2 his games at 1st in 2022. It fits the FO's MO of can play multiple positions but not a star anywhere. I want the FO to sign Correa, Rodon, Haniger and some decent BP arms. Will they...highly unlikely. I didn't dig into current Twins but Myers .800+ OPS against left-handed pitchers is valuable. On top of that he's way better away from Petco Park. Also 800+ with RISP and RISP/ with 2 out. All thing this team was not very good at last season.
  9. I really like Mitch Haniger but wanted to do a little searching for other options. After trading Urshela and putting Miranda at 3rd you could say we have a RH bat opening at 1st. So now I'm looking for an outfielder/1B who hits lefties that I can platoon with Kep/Arreaz/Kirlloff/Larnach/Gordon, start in a OF corner or at 1st base. Wil Myers: https://www.rotowire.com/baseball/player-splits.php?id=10972 Mitch Haniger: https://www.rotowire.com/baseball/player-splits.php?id=12491 I'm just looking at their offensive stats here from 2022. I don't believe either is a gold glover anywhere on the field and neither was fully healthy last season. Haniger is the better overall player but if I'm looking at just lefties and home/away splits. Myers makes a lot of sense, plays 1st base and likely could be signed on a one year deal. Just food for thought
  10. I'd rather get Bassitt for an extra year at the same total.
  11. I'd rather hold onto him and see how the upcoming season plays out. I don't think the player(s) you get back will be equal to his value in right and with the bat without the shift. Holding off till Aug 1st will probably get a similar return as what you can get now at his low value. A playoff team Keplar in right is an asset, a lottery draft team can trade him at the deadline for similar prospects and maybe even increase the return.
  12. I hope this is his year. With the new jerseys and Sano let go. I'm looking for a current player who's jersey I'll need to buy....What do yeah say Alex? It's you, Larnach or Lewis. Whichever plays the most games wins.
  13. I was looking at it on BTV as well. Those seem like the most likely packages. Maybe Ober, Enlow and Rodriguez with a lottery ticket or two coming back on the Twins side. Keep in mind Rodriguez has played all of 6 games in AAA ball and requires a 40-man spot.
  14. I agree. I am leery of the lineup. With or without Correa. I think it's safe to expect better health as a whole. But who other than Polanco and Arreaz have any proven anything in the lineup when healthy? Jeffers? nope. Keplar? nope. Kirilloff? not really. Larnach? for a month. Buxton? Yeah, just plan on 100 games or less. That's a lot of IDK's. I hope Correa is settled early so they can pivot or fill out the margins while quality players are still available.
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