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  1. The color on my TV with Sanchez's homerun showed their usual road gray uniforms with Minnesota across the front. Just verified watching it again off the Twins team website.
  2. Kepler currently has a lifetime BA of .234...the same as Miguel Sano. More context.
  3. Does anyone else who is old enough to remember Les Nessman from the TV show WKRP think of Chi Chi's first name with a long i?
  4. The increase in walks is an improvement, but a .243 BA with just 6 HRs? I expected much more than this from Kepler.
  5. What a terrific read, and great thinking outside the box content. Every pair of eyes at Target Field offers its own perspective. Reminds me of when Leroy Neiman painted Harmon Killebrew on the David Letterman show dedicted to Harmon.
  6. A little deductive reasoning once the Toronto series begins will answer the "who's" vaccinated or not question. Good one on the Simmon's quote...coffee nearly shot through my nose.
  7. The best part of waking up, Twins Daily, the Minor League Report, and my coffee (with French vanilla creamer), cheers!
  8. I've enjoyed sections 104-108 along the firstbase line, in the middle rows. The firstbase box seats are a special treat for games with my wife, family, and friends. I sat downb in section 111 for my first game this year on April 22, and those seats were really nice. Pizza Luce is a frequent stop before a Twins game.
  9. Urshela introduces the Stop, Drop & Roll, and Throw.
  10. You are right though in that "You probably think this song is about you", but in a good way.
  11. Stats aside, through the eye test I see growth in Larnach with more of his swings going to left-center and centerfield, I would like to see Max Kepler do that with more frequency too (he had a hit there on Saturday I believe.)
  12. Cue the Carly Simon because when it comes to covering the Minnesota Twins minor leagues, "Nobody does it Better" than Twins Daily.
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