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  1. A very good read, however, Gilberto Celestino on the list of assets, but not Miguel Sano? I view Celestino as a fringe 4th MLB outfielder at best. Kepler at #9 seems a bit high, especially coming off of back-to-back disappointing seasons. Kepler has the advantage defensively, but Sano bested Kepler in R, 2B, HR, RBI, and BA last season. IMO Sano should be on the list.
  2. Such a wonderful read and a delightful stroll down memory lane.
  3. Hopefully the baseball off season will change from a "Silent Night" to Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" soon. Merry Christmas TD!
  4. Thank you Twins Daily staff, you are definitely on the Nice List too. My first source every morning for the latest news on my favorite team. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you TD!
  5. Enjoying the list, bringing back some great memories. Thank you.
  6. Loved hearing about Harmon and Tony, they first peaked my interest in the Minnesota Twins. Rod Carew cemented them as my team. I told Mr. Carew at Twinsfest one year that he was one of the players that made the Twins my favorite team and that I used to try and copy his batting stance. He smiled and asked me if it helped? I responded that while I may have had a batting stance that looked like him, no one could hit like Rod Carew. He laughed and then said thanks. Throughout the years my favorite Twins have changed, from a brief Bombo Rivera phase, Tom Brunansky, Kirby Puckett, Chuck Knoblauch, Torii Hunter, to most recently Eddie Rosario (which my friends say is a border-line obsession.) While the player names may change, my favorite team holds steady and true. The Minnesota Twins.
  7. My Gabriel Maciel moment. He was solid in low A in Cedar Rapids and I follwed him, and we went down to Cedar Rapids for their Snoopy Jersey Day auction (I'm a big Peanuts fan too.) I chose to bid on Maciel's jersey because we have the same birthday, and I couldn't really decide on any other player. It still has the infield dirt on it when he dove back into firsbase on a pick-off attempt.
  8. nclahammer


    I am thankful for my favorite local team, the Minnesota Twins, who like family I may not always agree with, but still love dearly. I am thankful for Twins Daily and staff, for the best coverage of my favorite team, and the first place I go to read about them every morning.
  9. Teams have been using the shift since the days of Ted Williams. It's up to the hitters to adjust, to the adjustments being made to them, and so on. This would also be my #1 change as umpires continue to miss balls/strikes...well said h2oface.
  10. I love the Kansas City Royals team museum they have at Kaufman Stadium and the fountains in the outfield, especially when lit up at night..
  11. If not for blowing out his knee, Tony Oliva's total career numbers would be even more impressive. Tony O for the HOF!
  12. Growing up in SD, it was always reassuring knowing we were going to be able to watch a game when The Dome was around, no rain outs. For TwinsFest, I loved the way so many dealers were spread out on the floor of The Dome. Great memories, that being said, I love Target Field as well.
  13. We've seen this before from Eddie Rosario, a hot streak where he can carry a team for a week or two. Doesn't matter whether the pitch is a strike or not, he's zoned in. I miss Eddie and I'm happy for him and the Braves.
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