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  1. I hope next season Kirilloff is able to shake his Buxton-like label of "when healthly" and put together a complete season with 500+ at bats. The kid can flat out hit "when healthy."
  2. McCutchen has batted .222 and .237 the past two seasons. Ten years ago, I would be all in, but I would pass on him today.
  3. I'm just fine with scenerio A with Farmer filling in until Lewis is healthy.
  4. Jair Camargo is just 23 and has put up double-digit HRs each of the last two seasons, 13 and 18. The Twins received him from the Dodgers in the Graterol trade. I think Camargo needs to be part of the Minnesota Twins catching depth conversation in the minors.
  5. Terrific article. I remember being so high on relievers like Chargois, Reed, Burdi, and starters Stewart, Romero, and Jorge. Being a high pick is no guarantee of making it to The Show. Saw Hildenberger pitch in Cedar Rapids, and visited with him for an inning at a spring training game in Port Charlotte, where he was charting pitches in the stands behind home plate. Very classy guy who was generous with his time.
  6. No problems here with TD, It's as solid and consistent as a Luis Arraez plate appearance.
  7. Great read and info. For sure, Jair Camargo has to be at the top of the Twins priority list, especially with their lack of depth at the catching position. I saw him play in Wichita this summer and he made solid contact and seemed to handle himself well behind the plate.
  8. He looked awesome when I saw him pitch in Wichita this summer. Good stuff.
  9. Saw him pitch in Cedar Rapids and he looked downright nasty at times. Saw him in St. Paul in July of this year and he was atrocious. That being said, he seemed to figure some things out at the end of the season. I'd lean toward keeping him on the 40 man because of his upside.
  10. Twins Daily is "Simply the best" when it comes coverage of the Minnesota Twins and their minor league affiliates. Thanks TD on another terrific season of reporting.
  11. Congrats on a terrific season Wind Surge. I had the chance to catch a couple of games in person down in Wichita and they're a fun team to watch.
  12. With one notable exception (the Bomba season) Max Kepler has been an underwhelming MLB outfielder.
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