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  1. Thanks for doing these again, Seth. Julien is probably the one from this list that I look forward to seeing the most. He seems to be a top of the order sparkplug that can do it all in the batter's box and on the basepaths. It will be interesting to see which top 30 overall Twins prospect from MLB's list doesn't make the top 30 (let alone top 5) hitters on this list. I'll guess: 5) Rodriguez 4) Miller 3) Miranda 2) Martin 1) Lewis De Andrade gets the womp, womp, womp.
  2. Max Kepler has really fallen out of favor in the TD community. I'd think he'd get one more chance for a bounce-back after a sub-par short season and an injury riddled 2021. He'll be missed when Lumbering Larnach or Rigid Rooker don't get to balls in the gaps and watch limestone caroms bounce for XBHs. His contract isn't really that bad for a fourth OF, if the Twins get back into contention and he's still OPSing in the low 700s. I think he's worth more to the Twins than he would be in any sell-low trade scenario.
  3. I would guess Javier and E-Strand will be ticketed for Cedar Rapids, Wallner for Wichita and the youngins for some more Mussel development. They all have stuff to prove and should be in the right place for that opportunity. Question on qualifiers. Did Celestino (62) and Rortvedt (98) accumulate enough PAs to no longer be considered prospects?
  4. There isn't an easy answer to this at all. In the land of the haves (USA), you're going to run into resistance having kids more than scouted at that young age. In the land of the have nots, do you think those players or families want to wait an extra two years to get out of poverty, possibly abject poverty? It's not really a baseball issue. Baseball is actually helping with equity in the current state. It isn't solving the whole problem, but it is helping. Those kids are getting an education as well. It would be great if it was the same across the board, but the extra two years of control probably isn't a deal breaker on the front end for any one of them.
  5. I would consider myself a card-carrying member of the Rocco Hater's Club, but I don't see how he would be responsible for failing to roster a collection of competitive starting pitchers. Falvey and Levine? Sure. My gut feel is that we'll see some additions when/if the lockout ends, but they won't be any guys that you can pencil in for 150+ innings or really get excited about. They'll likely be 20ish start guys like Pineda, Wily Peralta or Brett Anderson that will give you a chance to win most of their starts and shave some innings off what is needed from the young guys, but they will have IL stints and won't usually go deep in games. I could easily see a reliever leading the Twins in Wins in 2022. Hell, Thielbar almost did it last year.
  6. I voted 1-2 (if I thought Danny Torrance and Dick Hallorann would get called up, it would have been more). I'd guess that Ryan will do fine, and then one of the starters that debuts will possibly take the opportunity and run with it. A lot of these guys will end up with too few innings to really make a judgement. If the Twins somehow have five prospect starters hold their own at the big league level, then it will be a quick retool and a nice few years being a Twins fan. One can hope.
  7. This is one of my favorite Sporcles to keep my memory working. I also like the one where you have to name the opening day starters all the way back to Walter Johnson days. The fun part is going and looking up the old Senators pitchers on Baseball Reference and finding guys who only struck out like 75 guys in 200+ innings. Different era, but often similar ERAs. If you want to really work your brain, try doing the same quizzes for the Tigers, Indians/Guardians, Royals and White Sox. It took me a long time to get 100% on any of those. Royals Opening Days Starters is obviously the easiest target.
  8. Cruz is definitely the intriguing one for me from this group. I hope he makes the Kernels, as he would be one to watch when I get down there next summer.
  9. Well, that checks the box for World Series game-winning run-scoring experience. Hopefully, that can be passed on to the youngins.
  10. I'm guessing one of the events will involve Trevor Larnach. BlackJack will be in the booth letting out a kidney-stone-passing groan.
  11. I'd settle for Simmons at 1yr/$5M, only because I agree with the response above about the value of continuity up the defensive middle. I would hope that all stones are unearthed before doing this though. Obviously, the gold stones have already been taken, don't appear to be of interest or may just be pyrite. Iglesias seems to be a popular fallback, but his dramatic fall in UZR is a concern. Is that an outlier at age 31 or just good old fashioned decline? He was much worse than Simmons in that regard in '21. His bat was quite a bit better, so maybe it's a wash. I'm definitely in the camp that Polanco is the second baseman going forward. I see that position as locked up through 2025, and I hope his ankle holds up enough that he can end up being a Twin for life.
  12. On the bright side, we get to kickoff the Bowl Season on Thursday with the American Motors Corp You Couldn't Beat The Lions Bowl.
  13. I'm set for 2022. I almost don't want the Twins to bring in any more pitchers after reading this. Sounds like a fun season!
  14. Kyle Zimmer was released by the Royals, so the FA pitching market where the Twins can play isn't dried up yet.
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