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  1. Wow ... I agree with Morneau. That's one everybody needed.
  2. He also expanded way to much on that pitch at 3-2. He has to be patient and keep the line moving there.
  3. I was offered seats about halfway up section 114 last night and passed. I just didn't want to deal with the 5-6 hour and minimum $60 food/drink/transportation for two commitment in 90-95 degrees to watch what I knew would be a bad loss during a bad season to one my two most hated teams. I also couldn't get a taker for the second ticket from any of my kids or those in my close circle. Maybe I don't really love baseball, or maybe I've appropriately prioritized it. I'll still watch though. I was high on Dobnak, but right now it looks like the Twins will be pressed to get fair value out o
  4. That Funderburk line is pretty impressive. Looks like he gave up a blind squirrel homer and then wild pitched a guy around the bases. Hopefully, the system can polish the edges and develop a pitcher here.
  5. Reasons aren't excuses. If he couldn't execute pitches due to the finger ailment, then he shouldn't have been out there. Fire Rocco.
  6. Between grad parties and my daughter's Sweet 16, I didn't have time to watch this one. They won. Maybe I should be so narcissistic to just stop watching and assume that the winning will continue.
  7. I think Shoemake needs to go back to sewing Lebron's. LeBron could even go hang out.
  8. FFS, Charlie Barnes, please. It can't be worse than this.
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