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  1. It's always about the ride. The problem of late is that the changes in the game are turning the ride from the Renegade into the Antique Autos. Hopefully, the rule changes in 2023 will help to change that.
  2. Couldn't agree more, but, in the end, they'll follow the greenbacks. I can't imagine a downtown location having those massive tailgate lots, and that will be a bummer for many.
  3. My siblings and I got New York Times birthday books for my parents last year for the Ma and Pa holidays. That led me to check if they have baseball books. Guess what? https://store.nytimes.com/collections/custom-gifts/products/baseball-history-book?variant=37270400776 Unfortunately, the "deluxe" editions are only available for Mets and Yankees fans, but I guess I can give a publication from New York a pass on that.
  4. "Baseball is constantly looking for ways to make improvements to the game so that younger fans are more likely to stay interested. "
  5. Hopefully, Luis can stay in a Twins uniform as long as those other guys did.
  6. I started at 79-80, then I upped it to 81-82 after the hot start. That'll teach me to stick to my original calls.
  7. Congratulations, Luis Arraez!!!

  8. Wow ... the Twins were one of six teams to have no pitchers qualify for ERA. the times they are a-changin'
  9. Watching on Game Day ... Did Martin's arm fall off? I saw injury delay and then a new pitcher.
  10. This season started with Kershaw tapping out on a perfect game chance, and it ends with Judge tapping out on a triple crown chance. Lame. Roberts and Boone are probably Simone Biles fans.
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