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  1. Should have had Cave bunt Correa over, you knew he was going to roll one over.
  2. Yeah his last three fastballs were 92, 93 and 94, yep he was really losing his velocity quickly.
  3. We have no way of knowing of what would have happened. But he struck out his last batter, it didn't look like he was running on fumes.
  4. Rocco has no pecking order in the bullpen, because he is smarter than everyone else and he magically knows the right match up at the right time to use. If your bottom three or four relievers can't get outs in the middle innings how do you expect them to get outs in the later innings. And Smeltzer should have been left in longer.
  5. It could happen with the reliever coming in as well. Rocco is overthinking it again, Ryan was still going strong. You can't manage afraid.
  6. Great move taking out Archer, he was getting batters out and he is taken out. Quit overmanaging this team Rocco, this is getting old.
  7. There is a simple solution, put him at 3B. There is no way he is not an upgrade over Urshela, he is the one that can play a couple of days a week.
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