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  1. One more run, sounds like a good plan if we get one run for every inning!
  2. Not scoring any dang runs made them lose the game! Pitiful.
  3. This is some pretty awesome writing! I just hope we don't miss the playoffs by going down..."swinging"
  4. So just not in the Twin Cities or Twin Cities viewing area? What about greater Minnesota?
  5. Nice 4 innings so far by Smeltzer, or as 93X calls him "cool Whappel" Hopefully he can go 6 innings!
  6. Hey equal opportunity right?! We are equal and the same?? Totally just kidding..stirring the honey pot a little. But yeah that's messed up.
  7. Right no happy medium, pull him when somehow miraculously he's doing decent it getting quick outs. Or just let him burn for 5 or 6 runs.
  8. I know it's Bundy..but we're up 9-1 let him go the 6th! He's on got 63 pitches!
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