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  1. I didn’t think the 10 day minimum applied due to Varland being added as the 29th man.
  2. I think Balazovic and Martin have been banged up. I have hope both will come back stronger next year. The strange thing with Canterino is I have never heard that there is anything wrong with his UCL. They just ran out of other things it could be, so they will repair his UCL. Doesn’t seem like the most sound strategy.
  3. While Hosmer may be gone, the padres are probably still motivated to shed payroll. Perhaps Snell could be had more easily. Or Clevenger, Darvish or Manea.
  4. So was Gaetti’s and Koskie’s at first. If he works at it, it will improve.
  5. I feel that Winder is one of the 13 best pitchers in the organization. He should be up. I would like to see him and Ober at the back end of the bullpen, with Duran and Jax. Instead of long relief, let’s see some three-inning saves.
  6. I feel that if Pagan were an injured pitcher, it would greatly help the twins.
  7. I would like to see the Twins draft Lesko. Organizational depth is good everywhere but perhaps catcher. Take a shot at a potential ace.
  8. Miami is said to be looking at Oaklands cf. Maybe Celestino would interest them. Ordinarily I wouldn’t suggest this considering Buxtons injury history. But it could be time to sell high on Celestino.
  9. Watching Lewis at bat, it appears he has gone away from the big leg kick.
  10. The Correa signing came out of nowhere. So would a trade for deGrom. He has stated that he will test free agency after the 2022 season, maybe the Mets want to get something for him before he walks.
  11. His final year in Boston was also only the second time in his then thirteen year career that he averaged over a strikeout per inning. Perhaps his usage of steroids pre-dated previous estimates.
  12. While the zip projections seem to project @ 300 wins for Clemens, his 2 seasons prior to steroids look like he hit the end of the road. With about 200 wins. Not HOF material. Same with McGwire, without steroids he would not have been able to be on the field. Bonds likely would be in if not for the steroid cloud. 500 hr and 500 steals were attainable for him. Of all the alleged users, to me Bonds is the only one who would make the Hall, if he had not cheated.
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