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  1. Harmon Killebrew. He was the everyday LF from’62-64. Played in 470 games as Twins starting LF. Allison started 472. Harmon averaged 47 hr’s as LF. Of those listed, only Rosario and Allison played more LF.
  2. I hope Ober is okay. The way this game is going injury-wise, I hope the Twins have enough guys to finish the game.
  3. Frustration. Guys are hanging their heads. Murphy’s law in full effect. I’m not saying anyone has quit, but there sure seem to be guys who accept taking a called third strike far too well. We need some fire, someone to bust up the clubhouse, show some emotion. We need a Corey Koskie type, someone to bust Murphy in the ****ing mouth. We don’t SEEM to have this.
  4. Actually, not on MLBTR yet. Found it on the mlb site, my bad.
  5. Minaya up. Stashak optioned. Per MLBTR.
  6. If he makes the team, he provides versatility that Blankenhorn, Gordon, Riddle or Lin don’t. He can play ss, 3b, or cf. After the super-two cutoff date, Lewis should come up to fill that role, and Romine will be expendable ( or perhaps Cave is expendable at that point).
  7. He reminds me of Bob Allison. Even looks like him, both in and out of the batters box. Their swings are a couple of generations apart, though. Hopefully Rooker can achieve similar results.
  8. I thought I had heard that his change-up was much improved as well. 99, plus change, good curve, high floor. Got to love the potential here. He could leap-frog the pitchers ahead of him this year.
  9. Cruz and Colome aren’t officially announced yet.
  10. Good list. I would assume Kirilloff starts in the minors until the super two cutoff. One of Blankenhorn, Gordon or Lin will probably be the second utility. I’m expecting Arraez in LF with Rooker sharing it until AK comes up. Thorpe is out of options, so he might stick. Probably between him and Thielbar for the 2nd lefty role. After the super two cutoff, I would expect both Lewis and Kirilloff up, with Cave/ Rooker and the second utility spots vulnerable.
  11. Looks like Cincinnati is having a fire sale. Luis Castillo is rumored to be available, as well as Sonny Gray. The cost in prospects would be huge, but Castillo has three years of control remaining. Either one would be a good get, but Castillo is an ace. The opportunities to get guys like this don’t come around that often.
  12. Lebron is from Cleveland. They could be the ‘Bronnies’. Or maybe the Lakers. Or just maybe the ‘Edmund Fitzgerald’s’ finally make it to Cleveland. They could be the Cleveland Dockers. Or maybe Steamers. So many options.
  13. I believe Joe is deserving of induction (as are, IMO, Oliva and Kaat). But guys like Dimaggio, Killebrew and others didn’t get in first ballot. Joe DiMaggio had to wait, Joe Mauer should as well. First ballot induction should be rare, reserved for the Aaron, Mays, Mantle,Griffey,jr, and Maddox types.
  14. Obviously none of us think quite like Bauer does, but I would expect him to look for a multi-year deal with lots of player options. Basically he is in a position to have his cake, and eat it, too.
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