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  1. Watching Lewis at bat, it appears he has gone away from the big leg kick.
  2. The Correa signing came out of nowhere. So would a trade for deGrom. He has stated that he will test free agency after the 2022 season, maybe the Mets want to get something for him before he walks.
  3. His final year in Boston was also only the second time in his then thirteen year career that he averaged over a strikeout per inning. Perhaps his usage of steroids pre-dated previous estimates.
  4. While the zip projections seem to project @ 300 wins for Clemens, his 2 seasons prior to steroids look like he hit the end of the road. With about 200 wins. Not HOF material. Same with McGwire, without steroids he would not have been able to be on the field. Bonds likely would be in if not for the steroid cloud. 500 hr and 500 steals were attainable for him. Of all the alleged users, to me Bonds is the only one who would make the Hall, if he had not cheated.
  5. I feel Simmons was brought in on a one year deal, with the thought being Lewis would be up around the same time Kirilloff and Larnach came up. And Lewis would be the back-up at ss and cf. But Lewis showed up lame and missed the year. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Twins sign another low budget one year deal at ss, and hope Lewis is recovered and ready by June. Spend on SP.
  6. Jovani Moran up. Albers down, Dobnak to 60 day IL
  7. Just for perspective.. Jacob deGrom was older than Ryan when he made his debut. He also wasn’t all that highly regarded. Not saying Ryan will be the next deGrom, just saying that none of us know.
  8. Strotman had very good control before TJ surgery in 2018, came back in the second half of 2019, then missed 2020. I’m not worried about his control, he just needs reps. His scouting report shows 60 command.
  9. I see what you did there. Except it’s not just a couple good starts. He’s been successful at every stop, from his freshman year of college. I hope he is the Twins no. 5 starter. That just means the other four are better. But I believe, given good health, that Ober will be in the rotation for many years. And be very successful.
  10. I’ll say it. I wear Bailey Ober colored glasses. This guy is not a number 5 starter. He is a potential playoff caliber starter. The four seamer plays up because of his release point being so much closer to home plate than the average pitcher. He has great command. The games I’ve seen, which is all but one, when he gets tagged, it’s been the change up that hurts him. If he can stay healthy, he will be a mlb starter for a long time. You can tell he is very deceptive when guys are consistently late swinging at a 92-94 mph fastball.
  11. Harmon Killebrew. He was the everyday LF from’62-64. Played in 470 games as Twins starting LF. Allison started 472. Harmon averaged 47 hr’s as LF. Of those listed, only Rosario and Allison played more LF.
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