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  1. Well the Mauer extension was a net positive, so yes, I feel fine about extending Buxton too.
  2. I'd be shocked if any of them got an offer from the Twins. It's just not gonna happen. I'm hoping for 2022 they can find a defensive specialist that can hit a better that Anderlton did. And re-evaluate next offseason. I'm still hoping Royce Lewis can be a competent SS.
  3. Maybe watch this to gain a new appreciation for him and his character. It’s incredible what he’s overcome.
  4. Gladden basically just said he got in trouble for complaining about that hit call.
  5. I desperately hope the Twins win a playoff game this year, it only to stem the negativity from fans a bit. It’s gotten over the top and comical at this point. There’s nothing wrong with being critical of the FO but I feel like people aren’t being reasonable. Anyways, I’m happy to see Astudillo make it. Garlick is a surprise but I’ll take the better defense in LF. I think Rooker needs to be a DH. Hopefully he hits enough to be an option there when Cruz is gone.
  6. Shoemaker is a veteran who was promised a starting spot in the rotation to sign here. You can’t send him to the minors. He’s good when healthy. When he or anyone else in the rotation gets hurt, Dobnak will be there. Relax. Unless he himself gets hurt, he’ll end up starting more games than someone that is currently in the rotation. They could have not signed Shoemaker but then they have less SP depth. I don’t understand how people are confused or upset about this.
  7. They’re 29th in team BABIP this spring. They’ll be ok. Edit: Although, dead last in walks by a fair margin is a bit concerning.
  8. Debacle seems like a really strange word to use for this situation.
  9. I’m skeptical he’ll ever be much more than what he has been, but I’d sign him to this kind of deal. Solid mid rotation starter.
  10. I wouldn’t say Google and Disney are much better companies. But good point on flexibility. I thought most cable companies had gotten rid of contracts.
  11. I suggest comparing Hulu/YTTV/etc prices to cable prices. They’re no longer the deal they used to be. Plus with cable, you don’t have fluctuating streaming quality.
  12. I suppose athletes shouldn’t get preferential treatment when it comes to visas, but it’s surprising they don’t. Especially established ones.
  13. Interesting article if his projected salary was actually significant. I would have simply tendered him a 1.5-3 million dollar deal and DFA’d him if he turned back into a pumpkin. What’s the point of taking a flyer on a guy like Wisler and cutting him loose when he achieves the best possible scenario of performance?
  14. Calvin’s father, Clark Griffith, was a former MLB player, manager, and owner who truly loved baseball and never moved a franchise from it’s city. And as far as I know, wasn’t an avowed racist. Calvin was a racist who inherited his daddy’s franchise and got rich off it. P.s. removing a statue that was built 10 years ago isn’t “erasing history”. Neither is removing statues built in the 50s to intimidate the Civil Rights movement. Honoring and whitewashing the deeds of awful humans with statues is erasing history.
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