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  1. So chickenfingers69 is Beck Bradford. Can't believe you doxxed him.
  2. My guess is Smeltzer gets DFA’d after he starts today to make room for Bundy.
  3. If they show enough or if the team really needs them, they can always be added to 40 man and called up. The Twins just have a really stacked 40 man currently.
  4. Terry isn’t on the 40 man and isn’t much of a prospect. Miranda will platoon with Arraez at 1st and occasionally play 3rd/DH. Once Sano is back he likely goes back to AAA.
  5. I think you mean five. Twins legend Walter Johnson was the first to ever do it.
  6. No chance they DFA Thielbar. The guy has been excellent for the past two years.
  7. Huge move. Seems like a heavy price to pay for two years of Gray. They need to acquire another high end starter if they want to compete. Otherwise these two trades don’t make a lot of sense to me.
  8. Kikuchi signed for 36/3 with the Jays. Very reasonable deal I would have liked to see the Twins make.
  9. Going to aarongleeman.com makes me so nostalgic. I'm glad it's still there, and looks the same.
  10. I realize the MLB draft is a bit of a crap shoot and you could do this most drafts, but looking at who was chosen after Cavaco is brutal. A lot of big prospect names. I had it in my mind that Cavaco was chosen pretty late in the 1st round but 13th overall looks so bad. Hopefully he can prove us wrong.
  11. Keith Law posted his farm system rankings today: 18. Minnesota Twins Last year: No. 8 Farm systems change each year for two reasons: Teams add/let go of talent in the system, and the players in the system themselves improve or regress. The Twins’ system is the most likely of any team ranked in the bottom half to benefit from that second part because they have so many players who should be on the upswing and be more valuable in a year than they are now. They have a ton of players who need to get healthy and get on the field — highlighted by Royce Lewis — and a number of players who should see progress from working with the Twins’ player development department. But that doesn’t mean I could wishcast this into a top-half system just yet.
  12. That was my number one target for the Twins. Best realistic chance to get a high-end starter. Gray maybe is a step below, so I hope they go after him. I just don't see them aiming higher than that.
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