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  1. strikeouts ..strikeouts ..strikeouts.....did i mention the nauseating consistent strikeouts??
  2. you just pitch around him ..YES..its that simple. pitchers have made horrible pitchers to this hitter..you do not let that guy beat you..you dont even throw strikes ..every pitch should be off the plate
  3. they strike out way too much ..period.. put the ball in play..seeing eye singles..bloop hits..errors..put the darn ball in play and dont K !!
  4. Lopez and Gray will keep us in games....but this enemic K prone offense will be our doom....I'm hoping we do NOT see Buxton, Wallner or Larnach in the lineup often( i d rather see Solano, Farmer, Stevensen come up in a pressure situation than these 3)..and please please please...maybe consider moving a guy into scoring position with a bunt ..instead of seeing the never ending double play ball by Correa and company.. so many innings of single, single...K, double play..) 0 runs.. so exhausting watching these double digit K games
  5. so..framing..always been disgusted with the data..why? because the umpire is supposed to read the pitch as it crosses the plate..not when it hits the catchers glove...thus , framing should never come into analysis...IF , Umpires are doing their jobs correctly
  6. he may be # 3..but he will get rocked in playoffs against good hitting teams. he relies on a very avg fastball w no movement...and is too bullheaded to realize he doesn't have swing and miss stuff
  7. thanks...my opinion of Jax has never changed.. i just dont trust him in any situation..gets hit hard
  8. thanks ..i wasnt watching live.. they have to be smarter..they all live too much in the middle of the plate
  9. Jax threw a horrible pitch...no reason not to just throw something close ..but off the plate and deal with the next batter. the guy has 10 losses as reliever..totally unacceptable..he needs help...just grooves his very avg fastballs and spends too much time in the middle of the zone..can never be trusted with even a 3 run lead..chance are he gives up a 3 run shot
  10. there is no reason whatsoever for Jax to throw that meatball pitch . totally inexcusable. right down the pike to a power hitter...that pitch should have been a slider outside..in the dirt..fastball off the plate ..anything but right down the middle. the guy has 10 losses as a reliever !! how is he still in the majors ??? i trust no one in this pen at all.
  11. Larnach and Wallner K too much to really be impactful on making this team a consistent playoff contender. Organization needs to start developing talent that puts the bat on the ball.. Lee, Kiersey will be more helpful than these two in the future ..to go with Lewis , Julien, Kirilloff,
  12. personally ..I'm old school. i could care less about all your analytical data.. i still care about Avg, RBI's, and strikeouts. i'd take 9 ball players averaging over .270 any day ( maybe a slick SS and good catcher batting .250)..i could careless about their HR's. you have a team putting the ball in play instead of being K Kings you will score runs. its nauseating/sickening watching baseball games these days with players hovering around .225 BA and K rate over 30%.
  13. yes..Stevenson..why is there no talk about this guy ??? just think if he would be up all year instead of Gallo ??? I would rather have him playing in Sept than Buxton
  14. Yes..finally someone else mentioning Stevensen. why is he never talked about???? the kid can hit ....doesnt K like the others K Kings (Garlick, Larnach, Gallo, etc etc etc) this kid should have been called up months ago to replace Gallo
  15. Twins just dont have any bullpen guys to trust...and none of these AAA pitches they trot up here have the stuff to be relievers..Winder, no, Headrick, No, Sands, No, Balaz ??? , the guy id give a chance is Funderburk. current Pen is so scary ..every one of them cant be trusted.. even Duran is getting hit hard.. no lead is ever safe
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