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  1. i dont watch every game...but i'm usually very impressed by the D.. ..Simmons and Polanco are wizards out there and Donaldson plays well at third. I have seen games blown by some errant throws by Arraez and a backup 2B earlier in the year..and Austudillo has bumbled a few at third.(but i luv the guy). the D is not the problem..its the below average pitching staff..and possibly pitch calling / location. i swear i've never seen so many opposition hits with an 0-2 count !! drives me nuts!! pitch shouldn't be catching any part of the plate!!!
  2. biggest disappointment's for me is always the K rate of our draft picks...if you are K'ing over 30% of the time in the minors A, AA, AAA .....you will not be even be a .220 hitter in the bigs .. and the obvious lack of developing a true #1..or even a # 2 pitcher..or a shut down closer..must give props to developing Arraez, Polanco, Buxton, Garver, Jeffers and hopefully Kiriloff next year...and Miranda???
  3. OF Buxton ..(must get him signed long term !!) Kiriloff and Kepler...i just dont see Larnach getting over his K-ing soon...Rooker same thing. Have to find a place for Miranda next year too...which IMO puts Sano as the DH most of the time..rotating with Donaldson? Arraez has to play about every day..not enough positions to go around. But this wont mean a thing if Twins cant find quality #1 and # 2 starters. + 2 missing bats relievers....and they are not in the system now.
  4. so hard to watch this team all year..what in the H happened to Kepler??? i believe the top 4 in the order is very good now..using Arreaz, Polanco, Buxton and Donaldson - next year maybe follow up with Kirilloff , Garver.... then Sano...then it gets depressing with Cave, Refsnyder(who is regressing as fast as he rose), Simmons, Larnach is nothing but a K King..Celestino, wont be ready,,,, May have to find a place for Miranda next year . But most of all we will need a #1 , # 2 , # 3 Starting Pitchers..next year ill take Pineda, Ober as 4,5..but we cant count on Jax or Gant as # 3.. Then we need massive help at the back end of BullPen
  5. Arraez??? underrated....one of the best true hitters in the game right now.. i could give a rats $$$ what his power is..the kid can flat out rake !!
  6. just pathetic how the Twins just roll over when its the arrogant Yankees.. you just new it would turn into a loss somehow...and c'Mon ...you do not give JugHead a pitch to hit out of the park Colome' !!! And Duffy....borderline pitch there..should have thrown the fast ball and just maybe he hits it right at someone..or whiffs....but never ever ever do you walk Gardner there. But, where were the Twins bats for the last 8 innings ???? PATHETIC to keep losing to those fools
  7. cant agree..Simmons may be the slickest fielder in the majors...makes plays all over the field..and he has abetter Avg than Kepler..Jeffers, Rooker. He is NOT the reason for the Twins failure this year...it's Pitching Pitching and Pitching...and the Twins batters flailing away at the plate ..... so hard to watch baseball anymore with all the strikeouts....swinging at stuff in the dirt or watching it go right down the pike.
  8. no doubt one of top 5 in rotation next year. BUT.... we need a #1 and # 2 to compete for Division next year. Ober Ryan and Pineda are 3 we can count on.... but there are no 1 and 2 in the organization. gotta go out and buy them
  9. throwing all fastballs wont last long in Bigs...once analyzed he will get shelled unless he comes up with 2 other go to "miss bats" pitches.
  10. encouraging starts lately ....yes.... but he is no more than a 4 or 5 starter at best.. Twins will wallow in mediocrity until they develop--or trade for --or sign quality 1 and 2 starters..there is not a Berrios on the way to even be a quality #2...Maeda and Pineda are very good 3 or 4 guys IMO on a playoff caliber team. we need pitchers that miss bats !!!
  11. no doubt a concern...very easy K for MLB pitchers right now...cant hit any breaking ball...and cant catch up to any speed. all the upside i saw at the beginning of the year is gone..cant see him as any more than another very avg .250 hitter with a way too high K rate over 35%.. wouldnt expect to see him in the starting lineup next year....hope not or Twins are in trouble. But hopefully we say goodbye to the K Cave. Buxton, Kiriloff, Refsnyder, Kepler??? Arraez out there at times..
  12. Maeda and Pineda are fine ML pitchers ..but id say they are 3, 4 on a good roster. Twins need a #1 and # 2,,and they aren't going to find them in their own Farm system.. they have a bunch of possible 3,4, 5 guys in the system....they always seem to get out AAA and AA hitters but struggle big time when called up. only way Twins are in contention next year is if front office steps up and throws the bucks at 2 quality starters and 2 quality relievers. ..cuz if history repeats itself none of these young guys will get the job done
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