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  1. awesome ..thanks... i knew they were pretty pathetic...last night..leadoff man on 2nd .....next guy up - K.. couldnt even move him over..seems like its been this way all year
  2. injuries were biggest factor..But, i believe Twins brass and all of us over rate the hitting of the Twins. Kepler , Polanco, Buxton, Jeffers, Sanchez,....you are just not going to win with sub .225 hitters making up most of your lineup. Arraez is special...Correa hasnt had a great year... Miranda, Gordon and Urshela were pleasant surprises. I'd luv to see a stat showing what twins batting avg is with runner in scoring position and no outs.. very sad batting with RISP.
  3. i wouldnt want those 3 hits on my highlight reel....all three were weak hit balls.. but, looks like this kid has a bright future..Twins need it..hitting talent is very very over rated..Arraez and Miranda are real deals....after that just very avg MLers
  4. just luv to watch this guy hit...great hitter and so refreshing to watch in these days of K, K,K,K,K.. games are so hard to watch
  5. thank you ..they had Strahm listed as a righty and i was going nuts on Baldelli.
  6. i was only following this game on gamecast on MLB..why did Baldelli pinch hit Garlick against a righty for Gordon. Gordon has been hitting very well lately..and Garlick was brought back to hit against lefties????? of course Garlick looked at strike 3.
  7. according to the rules both runners should be safe in the Twins and Pirates games..both catchers were straddling the plate prior to the ball getting there..just what the rule is for
  8. hated to lose Steer ..and Strand....but, all others wont matter one bit. Glad we didnt have to part with Miranda, Kiriloff, Wallner or Lewis. We now have a pretty good top 3 rotation and a bonifide closer. and i'd trust Fullmer over Duffy and Jax. Over all , id give the trade deadline deals an A
  9. as long as this doesnt mess with Arraez being in the lineup 9 out of 10 games- no matter if its a lefty or righty starting. this team goes as he goes. I think this is a big mistake...i feel Urshela has played very well....and Miranda needs his AB's..ditto for Kiriloff. Baldelli has to figure out a way to keep these 4 playing...and i'll be screaming the 1st game Sano k's 3 out of 4 times.
  10. umpire should be reading the pitch as it passes the plate..not once it hits the glove..Sooo, how can "framing" influence an umpire....hmmmmm...SMH
  11. MinnInPa

    Sano Situation

    my God...not even close.....Urshela over Sano by a landslide. Urshela has played GREAT this year..and it seems no one is noticing. Arraez has been our MVP...Correa and Buxton following ( and just my opinion ..no one hitting .218 should ever make an All star team ). There is no room for Sano this year with Kiriloff and Miranda picking it up...and Polanco back. Dont need a DH striking out 3 of 4 times per game..no thank you
  12. agreed ..this cant be the B lineup..this , to me, is a game you go all out to win..not just be happy with a series win.
  13. we will just have to agree to disagree....i've seen him throw..i'm looking for relievers that fool hitters...and miss bats ..maybe i'm wrong ..but i just dont see this in Him..
  14. thanks for the data... i dont get to see many games...just remember watching Jax as a starter..I just like to see flame throwing relievers that miss bats..Jax certainly is not that. Top teams have Bullpen guys that miss bats...at least they have no problem when playing us !! HaHa
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