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  1. Time for Willy Mays Hays Gordon to steal third.
  2. I am watching this on ESPN Gamecast and with this umpire you do not have to be close to the strike zone to get a strike.
  3. Time for Rooker to show he belongs in the Big Show, Larnach has a hit today.
  4. Were you around for the BLAH seventies, I was. They had TV adds hyping the new rookie Twins while for a full decade they had a hard time exceeding .500. I am assuming many of the posters have no idea how crappy that can be for a fan.
  5. Too many posters see the real season through the rose tinted glasses of Fantasy Baseball or really more like Fantasy Island. I am with you.
  6. Actually the ONLY reason; he is a Sano style easy out without the absolute power that Sano pops out when it is least expected, plus he is slow afoot and has a weak arm.
  7. Because without him we would have lost in the 9th, bunky.
  8. Time for Baldelli to rationalize the loss again.
  9. No losing after a 6 to zip lead, is still the worst.
  10. Dick head TV announcer just poo-pooed Astudillo's home run but without it, the Twins would have lost in 9. Garver could not have won the game.
  11. Still had a man on second with only 1 out, so it is not all Sano's fault, he just makes it easy to ignore what came after.
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