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  1. Or something close to that, Twins defense has been a major failing too often; strong bats have not been lacking.
  2. His fielding skill need to improve vastly and the Majors is not where you do that; Twins have had a number of rookies who come up do well then fall on their face's batting.
  3. Which has nothing to do with this game and Urshela's swinging at gopher balls.
  4. My view has zip to do with Urshela's batting. Your point is?
  5. Ushela's glove should be in the game full time except Baldelli's rest thing.
  6. RpR

    A great problem

    Most seem certain Correa will not stay, but then they also thought there was no way he would come here, amazing.
  7. He is not a newbie brought straight from AAA like Miranda, Lewis, Conteras etc. if you cannot see the difference, your opinion and you are welcome to it.
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