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  1. Contreras, less than 10 hits total but of which 3 are home runs, interesting.
  2. Minor League, including AAA is NOT Major League, doing well there too often means squat in the Big Show. but then Wallner was abysmal even in the Minors. Maybe AAA for him next year if not , AA.
  3. Cave will be in spring training going for being on the Major League team, and probably make it.
  4. The Twins have had two of the absolute best fielding SS for the past two years, it will be hard to fill that hole.
  5. IF, again IF he makes the concerted effort to improve his play the way Judge has, he could be a vey big name in the future.
  6. He said he wants the Front Office to come talk to him, nothing more.
  7. Gio has been proven to be a very good Third Baseman if they do not sign him they gain another hole their fielding which id Correa leaves means the Twins will return to the lousy fielding days of a few years ago. Miranda is not a good fielder but he seems to be adapting to First Base so play him there and DH. All the upcoming/returning rookies, are the usually Wishful Thinking so many here think overrules reality. Contreras and Palacios came up and showed what reality looks like compared to Wishful Thinking.
  8. That is creating an excuse for ineptitude via rationalization. There is no ecuse for his poor play, period.
  9. Won't happen; Wallner maybe in two or three years, Celestino is not improving and is not that good except as a back-up, Larnach has not proven he is major league level yet. Twins rookie defense is still a gamble at best and big hole at worst.
  10. The return of of Go Go Gomez; I think it might be best either send him to AAA , next year or trade him; he has been around long enough there is no excuse for his bone-head errors, which are too common.
  11. Gordon's move was the final nail in the coffin but Wallner made two bone headed fielding moves that hurt just as much. Wallner has to go to AAA next year to learn how to field; if he can do that, he has a bright future but not before.
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