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  1. That is only assuming that being released from the only team he ever knew did not affect his performance or that he would have had identical at bats with the Twins; his fielding arm would have made a difference as Larnach and Rooker on their best days came up short.
  2. At this point we have no outfielder that has an arm like him or a bat like his; unless .200 hitters whose fielding skills are lessor than Rosario's are the new norm for the Twins, we made an error not bringing him back.
  3. He is a Banjo hitter, with bad knees, and only plays fairly well at Second Base where Polanco is simply better on offense and defense.
  4. Unlike Rooker and Larnach he showed agility and style in the field, after time in the minors he may be a long term with the Twins.
  5. Cruz brought more to the Twins than just his bat. I would wager money the Pohlads do not want to see dropping income continue from a Twins team that for years becomes one struggling to play .500 ball as they juggle the line-up with rookie wannabes. One good year will put fans in the stands, for awhile, which this year showed so acquiring top level veterans, as they did in 2019 can be the shot in the arm they need.
  6. Arraez is over rated for sure but sadly Willians may go. I wonder what will go on with Garlick, in his short time he was the best outfield backup. As was this year, Spring Games will say a lot as they did with Rooker this year who showed he is not major league level at this point which was reinforced when they brought him back up. Sad how Refsnyder slumped but so did a lot of players in the last weeks.
  7. So are all his fielding statss, you are the one who sees what he wants to see plus he no longer plays SS and this thread is about SS players. His Rtot and Rdrs at SS speak for them selves.
  8. Every thing is on the chart; -- except for this year, his bat was not much better than Simmons bug he now plays Second Base where he is like Polanco, much better. He is more of a home run hitter, and strike out batter and it seems that the former does not stop people from trashing Sano as he also has a lot of the latter. IF he can keep up what he did this year, his bat is incredible but he will not be playing short stop, any where, his fielding there is at best average on a his best day, at that ---- if one season determines a player status, then after 2020, neither should have been worth squat especially Marcus Semien his OBP, SLG and OPS numbers at bat were worse than Andrelton Simmons.
  9. Tell that to Baseball Ref. who numbers I posted; what you do not like is you loath Simmons for some reason and I like the guy.
  10. yup, after this lousy year, Simmons batting average has dropped to .265, no wait, even with modern math, that is higher than .256, my, my, my.
  11. Yep 35 errors in 2015 and 20 errors in 2018 means he is so much better than Simmons., he may challenge Polanco at 2nd though.
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