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  1. The shot does not stop you from testing positive or catching the virus, read the medical journals on line, so that has zero to do with Cousins affect on the Vikings or any one else. I have zero love for Cousin but the no vax paranoia is silly.
  2. So what? The majority were brought up because the coaches were eighty percent sure they belonged in the Big Show, not to see how good or bad they were.
  3. He has 9 career home runs and stolen bases with a .225 batting average, he could be a 4th outfielder.
  4. Bringing up rookies whose show best years in the BIg Show, show, they are really just minor league, or maybe back-end Bull Pen pitchers during a time when Baseball ,due to greed and politics, is losing spectators and is dangerously close to becoming even more irrelevant on the sport scene, would be foolish. The owners see they are losing spectators and are NOT going to use the Twins as a extension of AAA baseball to see how many of their rookies wash-out ; they want a team that is on it s worst day .500 and can maybe crawl into a a tail-end play-off game. To not do so means they lose a lot more money, and to the Pohlads money is the bottom line, period.
  5. Twins need a better than average defense, not sub-average. Those negative numbers in his past Rtots shows he is less than average, reminds me of Polanco at short; the numbers are for the the ten games he played with Philly but his average for the year with both teams were negative and boy that is what the Twins need , a SS who sub-zero for runs., oh yes his career Rtot numbers are also negative and in the Majors -- almost close, -- is not good enough, while with his bat, he seems to be as good at striking out as Larnach is. If they would get him, maybe they can bring Shoemaker back also.-- Compared to Simmons Galvis is AAA, Simmons is ranked among the top 100 SS of all time.
  6. Yeah Galvis would be so good, a life time batting average .246 and minus life time fielding numbers in Rtot and Rtot/y with his 2021 Rtot/y being a -57 now they could play him at second where the same number was a -70, shizzam!
  7. Happ pitched well for St. Louis, I think a new coach is as important as new pitchers.
  8. Here is Simmons' defense, -- that would be a foolish move' -- Andrus career BA is .272, after this year Simmons is .265.
  9. Hmmm, in Rtot/y Rortvedt is 20 runs superior,' if Jeffers is average, most rookie catchers will not leave the minors.
  10. At trading supposed top rookies for supposed top rookies else where, is like deciding whether to shoot craps with you left or your right hand. Twins need a GOOD left fielder and some pitching, not some crystal ball gazing about rookies who may be above average or pigs in a poke.
  11. I hate to say it but Arraez IS a good back-up at second, and his numbers in Left Field look not bad at all but then the alternatives a Larnach and Rooker, whose numbers in left stink, not hard to believe they should keep him around , and I have ZERO love for Arraez.
  12. With the exception possibly of a few teams, till their rookies are called up, there is a BIG difference between the Minor League and the Major League; being a top player there often means little in the Majors. I read an article seven or eight years ago talking of people who were top in the Minors who never got a good shot at the Majors; article said it was to a large degree being on a team owned by a team with no spots to fill. The player may be as good as those called up but there is no full time room for him so they would get called up when some one was hurt but sent back when hurt player was able to play again. They were bounced around while they are still in their prime, but they were always in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  13. Too many teams already; gawdawful play--offs make the the regular season and farce and it will get worse. Hmm, lets see, World Series at Thanksgiving, brilliant.
  14. I actually stumbled onto the Fanside site through baseball link last week and while checking search engine links to the Twins future this one popped up about free agents by Eric Treuden: Enter 32-year old Andrelton Simmons, one of the best defensive shortstops the game has ever seen. Last season was Simmons’ first season as a Twin and, while his defensive chops are still as sharp as ever (2.3 dWAR in 131 games), he struggled mightily on offense. Across 451 plate appearances in 2021, Andrelton Simmons managed to hit just three home runs and had a .223/.283/.274 batting line to go with his ghastly wRC+ of 56 (100 and up is considered good). The entire offensive line on the back of his baseball card is well below-average, but Simmons’ game has always been and always will be led by his defense. Since his debut in 2012 with the Braves, Simmons has won four Gold Glove awards and is a six-time Fielding Bible Award winner. That’s the most all-time at the shortstop position. With no clear internal options available behind a mixture of Arraez, Polanco, and Nick Gordon, the Minnesota Twins could certainly use Andrelton Simmons at the shortstop position for at least one more season. With exciting prospect Royce Lewis looming in the minor leagues, he could be ready to take over as soon as 2023. Now I do not know if this is just another dude or has inside connections but I like him.
  15. MSN puts, quick head-line links from odd sources and I cannot find it again so I will delete my posts.
  16. RpR

    Bring on the kids

    BRAVO! The Twins season ended for all practical purposed by the end of May last year; starting a bunch of rookies and keeping your fingers crossed they do not stink up the stadium will end Twins season a month earlier this year.
  17. He won the two games he started for Cleveland.
  18. Arraez is horrible against left-hand pitchers so stop with the pure hitter spiel, but I am surprised he was horrid at 2nd base his first year but this year was pretty good there, while at 3rd he was below average where he once was simply average. If they keep him, keep him as a back-up to Polanco at second. Putting him at third with some mediocre newbie at SS will have opponents salivating with chances to raise their batting average.
  19. A blow-back from whom, how? The head office cares about attendance dollars, not on-line opinions.
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