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  1. Twins have two hits, Jays have three -- that error was costly, so far. Twins die by the walk but rarely their opponents.
  2. He is an EXCELLENT defender but need to be taught how to hit and in the majors is not the place.
  3. Now if Sano cannot reach the ball, should he not do as he did a game or so ago and just leave the bag and catch the ball?
  4. The announcer is full of bollocks, Buxton missed the home run by a long way, not just missed. Well the Twins started the game with every one above .200 BA.
  5. Gee, he gives up a home run to a dude who is batting .301, 30 hr and a .878 ops, what a surprise.
  6. OPS PA R HR RBI SB AVG OBP SLG Since 2019vs Left .649 237 22 0 19 0 .250 .359 .290 Since 2019vs Right .793 689 99 6 57 4 .321 .372 .421 2021vs Left .621 105 8 0 7 0 .231 .324 .297 2021vs Right .742 342 45 2 31 2 .297 .360 .382 . He cannot hit leftys. .
  7. Flash Gordon , I like his speed, and his bat, hope he can become a good fielder; Gordon can hit left hand pitching Arraez cannot , Gordon will be here after Arraez is gone.
  8. Really? Arraez has 38 rbi, Gordon has 21 in one half as many games as Arraez has played.. If Gordon can improve his fielding, Arraez is gone.
  9. Where? In the out field , even with his speed he is lacking, for the infield? This game showed why Arraez is a mediocre infielder on his best days, and Polanco should never play SS, but Gordon is no better at either much less every day.
  10. I hope Farrell gave those who so badly want to see the rookies come up , just what they wanted.
  11. If they deserve a chance they will earn it in spring training; better than insulting paying audiences with rookies getting their butts handed to them. This gent earned his chance to be in the big league, do not insult him with petty prejudice.
  12. Yep go from top line SS to , a , what the hell was he thinking level SS. He we got that just put Polanco or Arraez as Short.
  13. For those into the mathematical bruhaha, I use Baseball Refereence, I do not go searching for one that fits my desire, I actually loathe the system period. Baseball Ref. puts Simmons in the top five period, with him being number one in one category.
  14. His batting average is similar to Schoop, his strike out rate is worse than Sano but while he is a better ss than those who are relief for Simmons, he is not in Simmons league for defense. He would be a good replacement for Arraez
  15. Twins do not need offense, they need defense and Seager at SS would be like putting hole in the infield for hitter to aim for. Seager -- Rtot/yr -- 5; Rdrs/yr -- 0; RF/9 -- 3.74: RF/G -- 3.55 Simmon - Rtot/yr -- 15; Rdrs/yr -- 22; RF/9 -- 4.47; RF/G -- 4.28 Seager is a sub-average fielder, Twins have plenty of those already.
  16. WE'RE gonna win Twins, we'er gonna score, crack out a home run, watch that baseball soar....
  17. That is what the Twins need in a catcher and Garver and Jeffers do not have that.
  18. With him at SS this year, it would have been losses. In 2019 we had Schoop, C.J. Cron whose errors combined this year equals 16.
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