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  1. OK, what about Cave's hustle when he struck out but the catcher dropped the ball His hustle forced the throw, damn few other Twins would hustle in the same circumstance.
  2. Nit picking taken to new levels, or just I do not like this player whining?
  3. As I said yesterday, alas for the good old days when people here griped about solo home runs.
  4. I am beginning to wonder if there is a FO created gremlin in the Twins pitching force. When Happ left for the Cardinals, sudden change, similar with some others that went else where to a degree.
  5. I am going to say Cruz; his leadership in the club house is void not refilled. Were he here with Correa, Urshela, Sanchez, Sano their numbers would better as would Cruz's though his rbi production is still plenty this year.
  6. That is all a crap shoot at best, wishful thinking at worst. Some will do well and some will be coulda , woulda , shoulda.
  7. Wow, get hit by a pitch, how impressive!
  8. Arraez numbers are very poor; Cave is a far, far better fielder than Arraez.
  9. Here are his numbers from Baseball Ref.; which I put more faith in.
  10. You keep saying that but reality says other wise; he will improve, based on what fact?
  11. That all the Brouhaha was going to be doused with reality was not hard to forsee.
  12. Hmm, Jr's batting numbers look a lot like Simmons from last year, good grief.
  13. Buxton's defense, when he is in the outfield makes a huge difference but has any one noticed he is heading for the Mendoza line? You can rant about pitching but the twins would have lost whether or not Duffey pitched, dumping on Duffey is silly as the only two runs the Twins got was not from any thing that resembled a professional offense.
  14. Being thrown out retreating is far, far worse that being thrown out trying to gain a base, but Twins do not steal bases so they are pixilated.
  15. Bad for the Twins both offensively and defensively
  16. NO one said that but it seems to have entered your mind.
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