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  1. I want a team equal or better than this year in 2024. I do not want a bumpy road where we find rookies you mention turn out to be replays of Celestino, Sano, Larnach, Cave, Rooker etc.. None of the gents you mentioned have faced Major League pitching which is a world apart from AAA (Unless they go against a Big Leaguer in rehab). Cave and Sano spent their first year in the Bigs looking like the latest best bet, yet from there is was mostly down hill. We waited 30 years, most do not want to go back to using the Twins as a AAA team again.
  2. For 31 years the Twins were also ran or worse; last year they finally go to the post season and won. The question is does the Front Office want to keep the paying fans happy and in the stands or are they willing to put out more crap-shoot meh teams and hope the attendance does not suffer too badly. Letting top pitching go, it almost points to the latter.🤔 Bly.2011 Not every one wanted to dump Kepler, only some very vocal ones.🤔
  3. What depth? With the exception of Lewis, none of the rookies has been good enough to not have to worry about ending up with some other team. I do not venture into the pitching morass but they have gone from very good to another crap-shoot. Defense is good with the people they had last year; if the Front Office is going to be as cheap as some here imply, Joey Gallo could be back for fielding skills (put in late innings when defense really counts). All the -- Twins should -- talk is -- If I were in charge -- so opinions differ and are neither here -nor-there. I would rather they pick-up, some how, a very good veteran for Center Field (Taylor is fine) and do the pitching crap-shoot, but that may not work for squat either.
  4. Wallner is as close to an elite Left Fielder as Julien is to being an elite 2nd Baseman. Cannon arm that is far from accurate, while his speed helps make up for poor routes.
  5. Yep, and don't forget Wallner's .000 Batting Average in the post season.
  6. You said youth movement needs to continue, they were youth, simple as that.
  7. Youth like Celestino, Refsnyder, Cave, Rooker, Blankenthorn, Kirilloff, Larnach, Rordvedt....? Put right in the middle between Kansas City and Chicago. Without Farmer, Solano, Castro, Kepler , Taylor the Twins would have been fighting Cleveland for the title, not run away with it.
  8. Healthy Lewis is not moving, Jeffers is not as good a catcher as Vazquez and should not be primary catcher, Julien is a hole in the defense , Polanco is not. Unless there is a major veteran dump/pick-up that is not changing. Taylor in the outfield will be sorely missed unless Buxton can play there; Kepler's quality cannot be replaced and Wallner has been OK so far in left. Castro , Farmer and Solano filled a good team, what is left next year might just be a shadow and no place to see if rookies are good enough or best left to learn more in AAA.
  9. THis is Major League, not AAA. Twins broke a losing string and showed a possible bright future; crap on fans hope now will show where Pohlads really care -- dollar signs.
  10. For the most part I agree with you. The Twins had truly competitive team and right now it looks like that team is history. IF, just IF, they lose Taylor, Kepler, Vazquez and Polanco their playoff days are gone. Wallner is Gallo with out the fielding skills, while they do not have a First Baseman with Gallo's fielding skills or even who will be there most games. Julien at Second is a hole in the defense, so that leaves Lewis as the only fairly sure thing. If Maeda and Gray leave; the good pitching staff that writers wrote of is gone. A lot can/may happen but right now mediocre at best.
  11. If you want to spend the time, there are probably web sites that speak of "start" who flopped, or repeatedly flopped in the post season. I will give Wallner a break on this one.
  12. For Nick Gordon all the Twins would get is an empty spot on the 40 to fill.
  13. If you want absolute top line pitching, Lewis and Jenkins are what it takes. Lee, meh.
  14. Once again a defense hole at second base and in right field, brilliant.🤢
  15. For him to be even within shadow distance of Gallo, he has to fix the hole in his glove.
  16. Julien plays second, Urshela plays third. Urshela only played one half as many games as Julien this year but his defense numbers were very, very good.
  17. Throw the Rookies in, ready or not, and watch them find out they never had any thing to lose.
  18. Then bring back Mauer; Jeffers's is not a Maurer behind the plate so that is a poor analogy.
  19. Until we know how much the Twins really have this is conjecture, therefore; necessity is does not exist except in some pessimistic conjectures.
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