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  2. I wouldn't just pencil in swing and miss Sano for full time DH. Depending on Garver's health post surgery, you may see him at DH more time then behind the dish. Squatting, stretching and up and down every time every pitch won't help his recovery from the injury. Sano has been awful majority of the time. Sano playing 3rd isn't shoring up our defense either.
  3. I think there's an important distinction here that should be pointed out. In my view many posters here, myself included, have referenced the max effort being the problem, not the velocity itself. The loss of control comes from the max effort, not the velocity. Not that anyone should be tossed for max effort either, but there's a cause and effect situation here. The implication being that if pitchers dialed it back a bit, they'd gain more control and thus hit fewer batters. There's a similar situation with hitters too, but that's not hurting people as frequently.
  4. Harmon Killebrew. He was the everyday LF from’62-64. Played in 470 games as Twins starting LF. Allison started 472. Harmon averaged 47 hr’s as LF. Of those listed, only Rosario and Allison played more LF.
  5. Leaving a starting rotation of whoever isn't injured from Ober, Maeda, Berrios and Pineda . Bullpen would be better with AAA retreads?
  6. I agree. Polanco projects to be the starting 2b next year, why move him back to SS? The Twins will most likely be bringing in a free agent at SS for next year, maybe Simmons, maybe someone else. Why mess with a move that seems to have worked this year??
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  8. Deadball was traditional. I could take it you mean play like it was still 1950 baseball. The traditional baseball of a different generation would be steroid enhanced players. Maybe traditional baseball is all white players
  9. Robles stinks, has stunk all year. He was carrying a sub 3.00 ERA going into the game yesterday which shocked me. Alas, after his implosion it's at 3.50 and his 19 walks in 30 innings are enough to scare teams away. I think the Twins will be lucky to get anything for him. Colome is pretty much worthless, you might be able to get someone to take on his salary but I can't imagine another team who would want him. If you're a Boston fan, a Rays fan, a Houston fan, do you want Colome in your bullpen? Rhetorical question, of course. All new pitching signees this year were older vets who were co
  10. For me it all depends on what is offered back in a trade. This team needs to developing pitching if we are ever going to seriously contend. That's not happening by the start of next season. 2022 is a long shot even with good free agent signings. Buxton has to play the way he has this year and stay healthy. Donaldson has to play better and stay healthy. They need to do something at SS. Replace 3 SPs and rebuild the BP. Sano needs to get his act together and I can't see them bringing back Cruz. That money would have to be allocated to pitching. That's not a situation that is likely to
  11. How has Miranda done defensively this year? Fangraphs rate his fielding below average. I just got Milb TV so I can see these things for myself but I have not seen him play yet. He is going to have a nice move up prospect boards especially if his defense has improved.
  12. Josh Winder looks the most ready to me. Perhaps they give him an audition. It seems from the chatter Barnes could get a shot too. I have watched a couple of his starts and his stuff does not look like it will play at the MLB level but I would love to be wrong.
  13. Part of the answer to this problem is the club's near- to mid-term strategy: rebuild or reload for the 2022 season? Rogers will be 33 at the end of a three-year contract. If he's a piece of a smarter, faster, harder and stronger lineup for next year the answer is, "yes." In a rebuild, is he the right guy to form the core of a maturing stable of arms by 2025? Probably.
  14. About half the injuries were from running into walls. That is not bad luck, unless you consider having the traits that would cause someone to understand actions and consequences bad luck.....
  15. I don't know if that was directed at me, but I didn't come down any particular way, more thinking aloud. As to the ball that hit Buxton, the umpire obviously didn't fault Buck as if going after it, so it was a violation regardless of his movement. But what I was getting at, not very clearly, is that sometimes - for policy reasons, or for simplicity in application, or both - you let even unintended consequences factor into determining the penalty. For example, when I played hockey as a teen in Sweden, you'd get five minutes (instead of two) for otherwise minor stuff like accidental high-stickin
  16. 2019...it was a magical year (regular season). 8 with 20 and 5 with 30. Both are MLB records. It was awesome...
  17. I think the Twins should consider bringing Simmons back for one more year, unless they do not intend to field a contending team next year. He has been good defensively, much better than Polanco. BTW, unless he is injured, I would have used Nick Gordon in CF yesterday.
  18. I wonder what the concern is regarding Tomas Telis. Is he not a good defensive catcher? He seems to hit for a decent average and power. He can play multiple positions too. Perhaps someone could enlighten me.
  19. Great article. I think it will come down to how much Taylor wants to stay with the Twins. I am guessing that it they offer the 3/20 miliion that he will take if he wants to stay here. A fair contract for both sides.
  20. He either needs to be added or exposed this offseason. He'll be 26 by that time. He's a college arm on his 2nd stint in AAA and he's already made 8 starts this season. A Beau Burrows is always available, why not collect some data on your own fringe guys first?
  21. The problem is there isn't much for relievers in AAA to move the majors.
  22. I just feel sorry for him. No one tries to get injured, no one expects their body to break down, it just happens. And over time the impact of each injury sets up the possibility of more injuries. Good luck Byron.
  23. Good points. The mid-to-late-90s is the start of the PED era. That same period is also the most recent expansion team era. Also division realignment; maybe there is a little bit of “divisional rivalry / bad blood” hit batters in that data. Also, and this idea is really out of left field (actually center field), but when did “batters’ eyes” in center behind the pitcher become a thing? Just one more disadvantage dealt to pitchers when may have led to pitching to hitters differently.
  24. He's been my favorite player for a while now and he has definitely played at MVP level when he's been on the field. I've always said, and somewhat believed Ripken was just a badly twisted ankle and a poorly placed hit by pitch from being called injury prone but this Buxton think is getting to be a lot even for an optimist like me. Too expensive to keep and too many injuries to get a lot of return value. Same solution I had for Johan Santana. Play him til the end of his contract and be happy to have a player even for one year at a bargain price. If he happens to stay on the fiel
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