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  1. That’s what I expected. Not enough to overturn, though I think he was safe.
  2. When did the Tigers decide to start playing defense? I don’t like it.
  3. Okay, so it's happening on your phone? Does it ever happen on desktop?
  4. Screenshot and PM it to me. And next time ads appear, right click "View as source" and save it to your desktop. Email it to brock.beauchamp@twinsdaily.com. I've been trying to replicate this issue and simply cannot make ads appear under any caretaker account.
  5. Yuck, hate to see Ryan go down but in the long run, getting some rest might be good for him.
  6. People are relatively confident in Miranda because last year's breakout came with increased contact skill, bat speed, and ability to drive the ball. Those things don't really "go away"; the hope behind Miranda is largely scouting-based, not necessarily stat-based. Obviously, he could still fall flat on his face against major league pitching but that applies to any prospect. With that said, some are all too willing to directly translate MiLB success to the expectation of immediate MLB success. It usually doesn't work that way, which is why smart front offices don't routinely bank on unproven prospects, especially at multiple positions at once.
  7. Ryan Jeffers has a career 90 OPS+. Drew Butera had a... wait for it... career 48 OPS+.
  8. He's yelling obscenities at all the teammates that are both worse at baseball and paid less than him.
  9. Baez is the premium version of Eddie Rosario. I'm not even saying that in a mean way, that's just who he is, for the all the good and bad that comes with that.
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