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  1. And also, there is a huge fight being waged over what is revenue. Over the past decade, owners have discovered that building huge multiplex facilities around the stadium reap huge rewards but don’t want to share that revenue. It’s a common theme in baseball over the past 50 years; owners claim every new revenue stream is outside the scope of baseball, players rightfully disagree.
  2. I think this is a pretty good third signing for the rotation. The problem is the front office forgot to sign the first two guys. Especially in the wake of Stroman signing for only three years. Yuck. This front office had $50m to spend and has spent $5m of it while almost all the good players at positions of need are now off the board. Massive, colossal failure.
  3. That’s where things can go sideways, though. Two years from now, Semien will be 33. And if it takes three years, then Semien is 34… Totaly get and support the Seaver signing and some lower profile stuff, I just don’t get trying to do everything at once and show-horning multiple shortstops into the same off-season.
  4. It has a little to do with timing, too, as the Rangers won 60 games. They need +30 wins YoY to make the postseason, which is close to impossible. But more than that, it’s the way they spent their money. Buying a couple of high profile guys is great but even 5-7 players cannot compete in MLB. They would have been better off buying two high profile guys and then several lesser guys to round out what is a really bad roster.
  5. No, I don't get buying *two* shortstops on multi-year deals at the same time, neither of which is particularly good at actually playing shortstop, which means in 2-4 years from now, the Rangers are going to have some really awkward decisions to make in the field. Their entire strategy seems to be "spend the money" without a lot of foresight into planning how and where to spend said money for sustained success. The Rangers are a big market but they're not the Yankees or Dodgers; they can't just decide to eat $100m in contracts at once. If you look at the Padres, all their moves made sense, even if they were a bit over the top. The Rangers feel as if someone gave a drunk person a black card and set them loose on eBay at 3am.
  6. To be fair, the Pohlads are pretty run of the mill owners. Frustrating for sure but pretty much in line with most of the sport, for good or bad. Nutting is probably the worst owner in the game. I don’t understand why the Pirates have a single fan at this point.
  7. Seriously. WTF. At minimum, that administrator should have been suspended immediately.
  8. I agree with all of this in a typical year but right now, this team is so upside-down with pitching that I'm willing to take more short-term risks to shore up the 2022 and possibly 2023 pitching staffs.
  9. Agreed, though I'd strongly consider two years at a high AAV if that's what it takes. The options are going off the board in a hurry and we have no indication the Twins will EVER hand out a 5+ year deal to a pitcher.
  10. With Rodon, I’d be more interested in overpaying in AAV and cutting down years and given his peak performance level, he may want that as well.
  11. Except if you trim Buxton's numbers to the past three years - after he stopped tinkering with his swing and went back to being the guy he was when drafted - his OPS is .900. That's why he's getting paid and at that point, Billy Beane wouldn't care about his OBP in comparison to the rest of his tools.
  12. Yeah, there are, what surprised me is that they start at 500 PAs and not something like 300 PAs, which definitely favors the Twins over Buxton (like pretty much everything in this contract does).
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