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  1. Beau Burrows started one game and appeared in relief in four others. Nick Gordon is going to finish the season with over 200 PAs. Never mind that when the Twins claimed Burrows, their requirement to make the roster was “alive and can throw a baseball 60.5 feet”.
  2. Ah, the famous "you just agree with the front office all the time" argument... come on, you're better than that. Too many conflate "I've seen no evidence" with "no one has seen evidence". Those aren't the same thing and we all need to acknowledge it, especially in situations such as this one where the data imbalance between parties is as lopsided as it can get (one side has years of examination, the other has basically none). What I'm actually saying is that I can't declare someone is mismanaging something when they have evidence something is true while I have no evidence the opposite is true. To believe and argue otherwise is, in a word, arrogance... a word thrown at this front office almost daily on this forum. And you hanging on so dearly to fielding percentage, of all things, only indicates just how little data you have to evaluate Nick Gordon. Sure, errors matter, but if we've learned anything about baseball over the past two decades, it's just how little of overall defensive value can be gleaned from fielding percentage.
  3. Gordon has an OPS of .585 against LHP (only 42 PAs but his MiLB track record also indicates a significant deficit against LHP). Arraez has a career .646 OPS against LHP.
  4. It's not really a low risk situation in a rotation with Jax, Ober, and Ryan in it. While I agree that I'd personally have played Gordon more at short, I also haven't watched him play there over 350 times already. They have and while I'm free to disagree with them about the frequency at which he plays, I'm also coming from a place of relative ignorance on the matter. Which makes it pretty hard for me to argue that they've mismanaged anything. As for shortstop and 2022, they need to fill that role and if they don't view Gordon as an option, that means they need to look outside the organization. That's not uncommon and this is a good offseason to be shortstop-shopping.
  5. I don't really understand this criticism of the front office, frankly. Since Falvine took over in 2017, they have film/coaches/eyeballs on Gordon playing shortstop in 361 (!!!!!!!!) minor league games and nine more games in a Twins uniform. Why do people believe they have no evidence whether he can or cannot play shortstop in Minnesota?
  6. There is definitely a SSS issue with proclaiming Gordon a competent hitter but a Danny Santana comp doesn't really work here. Santana had that breakout season on the back of a .400+ BABIP, which many people brought up time and time again when others would expect sustained performance from Danny. Where Santana had a .400+ BABIP, Gordon's is a quite reasonable .341 right now. That's entirely sustainable, if a touch on the high side for a guy with his contact tool. But it's not stratospheric like Santana's was at the time. On the other hand, Gordon's wOBA is .310 right now... and his expected wOBA is .316. Those are closely aligned and don't show a lot of luck, either good or bad, involved in this situation. What we're seeing is both sustainable and real, now it's a matter of Gordon continuing to do it... which, of course, is far from a sure thing.
  7. Eh, I'm very much using "clutch" tongue in cheek here. Very few players - and I mean very few - can sustain any kind of elevated performance in close situations. Gwynn and Mauer were two, for example, just so you have a baseline of the talent level I'm talking about when I say "very few". Generational hitting talents with Hall of Fame careers can occasionally do it. Most of the rest of baseball, not so much. Whether Gordon continues to be unsustainably clutch or not, he's playing quite well overall, which is what I'm really interested in.
  8. This has been one of the most fun things to follow that doesn't involve Joe Ryan's hair. Nick Gordon has suddenly become... a good baseball player? I mean, we all knew it wasn't technically impossible for this to happen given how much time he missed over the past couple of years but it's still unexpected. His OPS+ now sits at 97, which I definitely didn't see coming. He's still a flawed player; he's not great up the middle, his plate discipline isn't great, and he misses the ball too much for a player with his profile... but if he can hit somewhere close to league average while playing (sometimes kinda badly) around the entire diamond, I think he's basically a lock for making the 2022 roster as a tenth man. Which is an upgrade because my hope was that Gordon could become the eleventh man, which is far less of a sure thing on modern rosters. But hey, something good happening at the end of this crap season is still fun to watch! Gordon's splits: Season Totals Split G GS PA AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI SB CS BB SO BA OBP SLG OPS TB GDP HBP SH SF IBB ROE BAbip tOPS+ sOPS+ 2021 Totals 65 46 189 175 18 46 9 1 4 21 10 1 11 48 .263 .317 .394 .712 69 6 3 0 0 0 2 .341 100 96 Last 7 days 5 5 20 19 3 9 2 0 2 8 2 0 0 4 .474 .500 .895 1.395 17 0 1 0 0 0 1 .538 285 271 Last 14 days 11 9 35 32 4 12 2 0 3 10 4 0 2 8 .375 .429 .719 1.147 23 0 1 0 0 0 1 .429 218 202 Last 28 days 19 14 56 52 5 17 4 0 3 13 5 0 3 13 .327 .375 .577 .952 30 1 1 0 0 0 2 .389 165 155 Last 365 days 65 46 189 175 18 46 9 1 4 21 10 1 11 48 .263 .317 .394 .712 69 6 3 0 0 0 2 .341 100 Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table Generated 9/24/2021.
  9. Woof, spiked by a teammate after a throw. That sucks for the Jays.
  10. Man, one of the many disappointments of this season has been Garver's multiple IL stints. After a slow start, he has returned to 2019 form.
  11. Dick: When's the last time you saw someone play croquet? LaTroy: Nevurary.
  12. It's also shorthand many of us use to describe starting pitchers and there's nothing wrong with discussing it. If you don't care for the conversation, just don't participate.
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