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  1. The Buxton incident only prompted the creation of a poll/thread about it. The conversation at large has been happening in baseball circles for a few years now as HBP numbers have been on the rise year after year.
  2. What the hell happened with Winker there? I'm trying to work while watching the game and missed it.
  3. Me either, I'm just talking options here. It's a complicated problem that, if left unaddressed, will lead to more injuries like Buxton's last night. On the other hand, MLB forced this issue a bit by banning all grip substances but I didn't see any good options left them because pitchers were cheating so dramatically and often that it was literally damaging the game itself.
  4. What if those "accidents" keep happening in ever-increasing numbers because pitchers with limited control are routinely encouraged to go max effort 100% of the time and throw the ball beyond their capacity to control it? And are they actually "accidents" at that point or a flaw in the approach promoted by coaches and teams?
  5. I think "max effort" is part of the problem here and I'm not sure how to solve it. Pitchers are increasingly going all-out on every. single. pitch. Perhaps some HBP solution, with some other rules changes, can start to encourage fewer max effort (and more likely to be wild) pitches, thereby reducing both HBP and increasing pitcher durability and innings pitched.
  6. Catch him in the right mood and you might get a touch of socially regressive idiocy sprinkled into the frank baseball analysis. (Bauer is a real love/hate guy with me)
  7. Best of luck, may you see better fortunes than I have the past few years (I'm like 2-6 in games since 2019).
  8. The NCAA needs to be cut down so many pegs and this is one step in the right direction. They're just such an awful organization that hides behind a bunch of kids and their "well-being" while the organization rakes in billions of dollars. I stopped watching all college sports quite some time ago and a significant part of the reason for doing so was the NCAA's behavior.
  9. Yeah, that's a weakness in the article, once I spotted right off the bat. They really need to adjust for number of teams and/or number of pitches, neither of which is addressed in that graph. But I've heard it mentioned on podcasts recently and the number is definitely still increasing so the problem isn't resolving itself... and now pitchers don't get to use glue to hold the ball to their hand.
  10. People did worry about it. MLB banned some arm and elbow padding to get hitters off the plate. 20 years later, we're back at the same point again, except now pitchers throw ~5mph faster.
  11. Nolan Ryan peaked at 15 HBP in 1971. Bob Gibson peaked at 13 HBP in 1963. That would have ranked them third and fifth, respectively, in HBP in 2019 and those were their peak seasons of HBP. Most years, both pitchers were in the single digits in HBP. Nolan Ryan hit a batter once every 5.1 starts or once every 34 IP. Bob Gibson hit a batter once every 5.2 starts or once every 38 IP. In 2019, Trevor Bauer hit a batter once every 1.8 starts or once every 11 IP.
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