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  1. I agree with most of this, except that I believe the chance of Cruz being traded is close to 100%. No matter if the return is good or not, he'll almost surely be moved. There aren't many teams that need a DH but literally every single playoff team wants Cruz on their roster, if only for pinch-hitting duty.
  2. I'm always fascinated how players develop these reputations and why people believe them. We have numbers to verify/disprove these narratives so let's use them. Polanco's career tOPS+ with RISP is 136, which means he's 36% better with RISP than he is overall. Polanco's 2021 tOPS+ with RISP is 126.
  3. It *might* be possible to move Donaldson's contract if the Twins are willing to eat part, but not that much, of the contract. Josh is having a relatively nice season despite a recent cold streak. If he continues on this pace, he should have a 4-ish win season, which would make him appealing to some contenders. At the very least, I'd explore the option of moving him and be open to eating roughly 33% of his remaining contract if it brings back decent prospects.
  4. Yep, may as well give him a shot there because it's not as if the bullpen can get worse.
  5. I generally agree but given this atrocious bullpen, there's really no reason not to give Shoemaker a shot in the pen before cutting him loose.
  6. If we fast forward to July 15th, I’d bet money that Colome is more valuable than Shoemaker.
  7. Frankly, what does firing Baldelli accomplish? I don’t think he has done a good job of field management this season but literally every player he puts into a critical situation, either offensively or defensively, just flat-out fails. Firing him may make a statement but right now, the players are the ones who need to be fired because they suck at their jobs when it matters most.
  8. There's still a lot to do this season... First, the FO needs to move the expiring contracts, which should net a very nice return: Cruz, Simmons, Pineda are all playing quite well and should bring back nice pieces. Second, then you need to determine if you can move the Donaldson contract. That's a big challenge but if he keeps playing the way he has played, it may not be impossible. The Twins will probably have to eat some of the contract but if they can pay $20m to offload that deal and bring back some prospects, they kinda have to do it. Then they need to figure out what they'r
  9. I feel like this inning perfectly represents the 2021 Twins. They get a break, hit a few balls nicely, load the bases, then make the third out on a .640 xBA ball that's nearly a grand slam. Smell those RBI, boys. Statcast Metrics Batter PA In. Result EV (MPH) LA (Deg.) Dist (ft.) Pitch Vel (MPH) xBA
  10. I noticed there was a problem with the blog display of tables. I have added a side scroll to the tables on mobile so they don't extend outside the page wrapper, you just scroll right/left to view part of the table.
  11. So I watched all of yesterday's game and my big takeaway was "I regret doing this".
  12. Okay, I'll loop back to this later. In the meantime, you prompted me to create a new user group Old Timey Member, which kicks in for any user over 10,000 posts. You have unlimited upload access now.
  13. I suspect that's a code problem, I'll take a look at it later tonight.
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