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  1. While I agree, I think I’d still put Gordon at short a lot in 2021 just to see what you have and to make sure he gets reps. If wins don’t matter, why not run Gordon out there?
  2. As much as I get frustrated with Buxton’s injuries, taking a pitch on the hand is almost an automatic removal and injury for any hitter.
  3. Probably only Celestino. It’s always possible Jeffers, Kirilloff, or Larnach slide back far enough to earn a demotion but they all look pretty legit right now. I think Kirilloff and Larnach are close to locks to stay up.
  4. Though in Happ’s case, that’s only good for seven outs.
  5. Berrios’ pitch counts since the start of May: 95, 104, 103, 84, 106, 101, 99, 99, 103
  6. I mean… sometimes? But as we’ve seen with the likes of Hicks and Buxton, forcing the issue and letting a guy get his face bashed in nightly isn’t a recipe for success. A guy has to be ready enough to not embarrass himself and that’s ignoring service time considerations.
  7. Buxton is so delightfully annoying once the ball goes in play.
  8. In commercial narrator voice: “We’ve switched the Reds Tyler Mahle with Matt Shoemaker…”
  9. It’s really irritating to watch glimpses of what this team could have been.
  10. I don’t think any Twins pitcher made me want to throw a shoe through my television more regularly than Kyle Gibson.
  11. Happ is one of those pitchers that’s just aggravating to watch.
  12. A groundskeeper is going to be executed for that happening to Buxton.
  13. Any substance. MLB banned all pitcher grip substances.
  14. I’m really happy for Gibson but it’s hard to say the Twins gave up on him too early when he was absolutely terrible last season. The Twins didn’t have the luxury of entering 2020 with a reclamation project that had a good chance to be (and was) really bad at baseball.
  15. Yep, that’s what I’m flipping around in my head. Antony handled the deadline mid-season.
  16. Huh, I must be really misremembering because I could have sworn he left just before the draft. Oh well. 😛
  17. While your general point is accurate, Kirilloff was drafted by the interim front office that preceded Falvey and Levine.
  18. Given that he's only in his age 24 season, probably long enough the Twins don't care too much about his decline. If my math is right, he'll be a free agent after his age 28 season, still plenty young enough not to see declining bat speed and contact rate.
  19. Lynn was a one-year rental that was traded years ago and Gibson left via free agency over 18 months ago so it's a bit late to be hollering about them leaving the team.
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