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  1. I think it will happen but it will require a new negotiation. I suspect Bally will be VERY invested in making it happen for next season.
  2. LOL. College coaches are notorious for abusing the hell out of their starters.
  3. Read into this more. No out of market sales because MLB blackout rules are in place because baseball is awesome and smart. The reason these five teams were chosen is because their contracts already included verbiage to give direct-to-consumer rights to Sinclair.
  4. I consider this a perfectly fine rebuttal. I want to see computers involved in some capacity at the very least.
  5. Because of the human tendency to increase intrigue, as I mentioned.
  6. It would require a couple of seconds because a computer already has the answer.
  7. Yep, and the manager might not get the response they like so the challenges will be used judiciously.
  8. I’m not sure it should change anyone’s mind but it’s an interesting aspect to consider.
  9. A compromise I like is that humans call balls and strikes but computers are on hand. Each manager is given three challenges to use in a game and the computer makes the final call.
  10. By the way, there IS a "correct" answer why electronic strike zones can be bad. Ignoring bad, game-altering calls on a strike three or ball four, human umpires have been statistically shown to lengthen at-bats and heighten intensity. If a pitcher goes up 0-2 and throws a borderline strike, the human ump is more likely to call a ball and keep the intrigue going. The inverse is true with a 3-0 count. So there ARE reasons to keep human umpires but nobody really talks about it, people on one side simply tend to holler at "computers" and miss the actual upside of human umpiring.
  11. I simply don't get this. Getting the call right is better, especially if the viewer can't tell that a computer is the one doing the heavy lifting. There are multiple games a week literally lost by umpires making a handful of bad calls against one team and skewing the game's outcome by 1-2+ runs in one direction. How is that good for the sport?
  12. How and why? If implemented well - which isn't a huge challenge at this point - it will be basically invisible to viewers.
  13. Only if they're adjusted. I think MLB should be running electronic zones in AAA already but it should receive at least a couple of seasons in the high minors to both refine it and give more players first-hand experience with it so the change isn't as jarring.
  14. I think it's on the path to being better but the horribly low batting averages and long games are still a huge problem, both of which will hopefully be fixed by the new 2023 rules.
  15. Yeah, exactly. News flash: most baseball games are close when the bullpen enters the game.
  16. Oh, I STRONGLY disagreed with the decision, I'm just saying the front office has put Baldelli in a really crappy situation.
  17. Let's not forget to place a significant portion of blame on the front office when Baldelli's choices are: 1. Ride Duran too hard and break him 2. Lose
  18. I also get it and I equally hate it. Use your best horse RIGHT NOW AGAINST CLEVELAND. To put it bluntly, **** tomorrow.
  19. Catchers across baseball are hitting .221. Gah, baseball is so bad right now.
  20. All three, but starting with can't. Guys just can't be expected to throw that many triple digit balls in a year if you want their arm to last more than a few months.
  21. Yep. One thing Baldelli does well that Molitor was terrible about is abusing relievers but Rocco simply has no choice right now.
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