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  1. The Twins have been decent to good at developing relievers who miss bats, actually. Year - MLB Rank in reliever SO 2019 - 12th 2020 - 6th Obviously, the bullpen is terrible this year but past bullpens have been quite good.
  2. That trade turned out to be epic level terrible, that’s for sure.
  3. To be clear, *today* Buxton is the better player and I don’t think it’s close. I was examining Hicks’ prime age seasons more than what we can expect him to do going forward because, as you said, he’s already over 30. It’s entirely possible he isn’t even a centerfielder in the near future.
  4. Buxton's career OPS+ is only 100, though. Hicks isn't a terrible comp to Buxton, except Buxton is a little bit better at everything. Buxton is elite defensively while Hicks is "eh, whatever". And the mature version of Hicks seems to have settled in around a 120 OPS+ but I expect Buxton to land more in the 130-ish range. Combine those two things and they're worth a couple of wins over a full season, provided Buxton ever plays a full season. Hicks has also benefited quite a bit from that clowncar stadium in the Bronx, posting a 115 tOPS+ so the real talent level between the two players is possibly substantial and more than a couple of wins.
  5. This is a fun new feature we just rolled out on Twins Daily: the ability to search based on popularity of the article. Interested to see which Nelson Cruz stories were most popular with Twins Daily readers? Just check out the link below, they're sorted in descending order. https://twinsdaily.com/search/?q="nelson cruz"&type=cms_records1&updated_after=any&page=2&sortby=views&search_and_or=or&search_in=titles
  6. This is actually what I'm noticing and thinking as well. We may end up landing on a tiered solution that treats desktop, tablet, and mobile all differently.
  7. And that's good information to have. Not breaking "end of life" machinery is an important part of site development.
  8. Hmm. $80m guaranteed for seven years is pretty unimpressive. If I was Buxton, I wouldn’t even consider anything lower than a $15m base salary with big escalators.
  9. While this is absolutely true, I think moving contracts and saving money in 2021 may make ownership more willing to enter another season with a higher payroll, with Falvine saying “if things go sideways, we can always save a bunch of money in the second half of the season again”. If Falvine move expiring contracts (and they have no excuse not to do so), they could save the Pohlads close to $15m in salaries if my mental math is right.
  10. Never mind, found it. Yeah, I don’t like this. The Twins need to either get one of these guys extended or consider trading them both. With the uncertainty of a new CBA looming, keeping either of them is a really big gamble.
  11. @ashbury By the way, you just reminded me that I had created a badge last month but never saw it in my feed. I looked in the admin panel and it wasn’t set to live so I activated it.
  12. For clarity, I do not expect the “sticky” video to remain in its current capacity (rolling on every page load) but for testing purposes, we need it to roll every page load for a few days. Then, probably this week, it will never roll with the sticky video for a similar amount of time. Afterward, we will have a solid(ish) idea of the performance gap between various kinds of videos and can move forward with a more informed approach to video.
  13. We're experimenting with this new format and are very open to changing how we approach video... but please keep in mind that video is time-consuming and that pre-roll ad is the only thing paying for us to create this kind of content (more accurately "paying Tom to create this kind of content"). Please give any and all feedback, this is absolutely still in the beta stage and it WILL be changing in the future based on feedback, overall performance, and user interaction.
  14. It only feels appropriate if these two talented but massively disappointing teams split the series against one another.
  15. Numbers don't say what I "want" them to say. They say Buxton is an elite level player if he's on the field. And I have NOT said Byron Buxton is the best player in baseball. Argue what I've actually said, not what you think I've said.
  16. The numbers tell a very different story. Byron Buxton Batting Stats for Years 2019 to 2021 Year PA G Rbat Rbaser Rdp Rfield Rpos RAA WAA Rrep RAR WAR waaWL% 162WL% oWAR dWAR oRAR Salary 2019-2021 540 153 25 6 2 26 3 62 6.2 19 81 8.0 .540 .512 5.4 3.1 55 $9,950,000 Average 180 51 8 2 1 9 1 21 2 6 27 2.7 1.8 1.0 18 $3,316,667 Per 650 PA 650 185 31 8 3 32 4 75 8 23 98 9.7 1 1 6.5 3.8 67 $11,976,816 If you're not into WAR, here are his traditional numbers, which are equally eye-popping: Byron Buxton Batting Stats for Years 2019 to 2021 Year Tm G PA AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI SB CS BB SO BA OBP SLG OPS OPS+ TB GDP HBP SH SF IBB 2019-2021 MIN 153 540 504 88 142 44 4 33 92 21 4 25 129 .282 .322 .581 .903 139 293 5 6 2 3 1 Average 51 180 168 29 47 15 1 11 31 7 1 8 43 98 2 2 1 1 0 per 162 games 163 572 534 94 151 47 5 35 98 23 5 27 137 311 6 7 3 4 2
  17. Ah, okay, that makes more sense. And no, there's no *guarantee* Buxton's value hasn't peaked but the chance his value is peaked right now is probably single-digit percentage points, a low enough risk to not be a real concern. On the other hand, I've come over to the side where I believe Buxton should be the Twins' number one target. The Twins are never going to spend in the top third of baseball; if they're going to win, they need to gamble on upside and there's no bigger gamble nor bigger upside than Byron Buxton. As fans, we often complain this team doesn't "take their shot" when competing. Betting on Buxton is the Twins taking their shot in a big way. If you get a single healthy season out of him at any point, he's Mike Trout level good, the kind of player that can be worth ten wins. And if the team gets to the postseason, there's no bigger difference-maker on the field. I say pay the man and "take your shot".
  18. This is a rather foolish approach. I understand being wary of extending Buxton but he's literally the most valuable player in baseball when he's on the field (highest WAR per game played since the start of the 2019 season). Trading that guy for "whatever we can get" is poor asset management. If Buxton is to be traded, the responsible thing to do is to try to trade him at a point when his value isn't bottomed out, probably this offseason.
  19. I also dislike planned tanking for draft picks but in the second half of a lost season, playing youngsters and possibly losing a bunch of games and moving up the draft board isn't really the same thing as intentionally tanking. The Twins entered this season with every intention of winning, which is considerably different than what the Pirates are doing.
  20. I agree with a lot here but I'm not sure why so many people minimize Berríos' skill level right now. No, he's not an ace, at least not by my personal definition, but it's almost impossible to classify him lower than a good #2 right now. His ERA rank out of American League qualifying pitchers the past three seasons: 8, 13, 11. HIs ERA+ over the past three seasons: 119. That's pretty clearly a guy who, if he's maybe just a click below a traditional ace, is clearly in that second tier of starting pitchers.
  21. What's silly about it? Going into a trade deadline, there are always questions about what teams will offer for any player, doubly so for a 41 year old DH. To get this kind of return from the Rays, of all teams, was unexpected. The trade looks good in the here and now with obviously incomplete information. The way the trade looks today will change in time but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to evaluate the process that led to the trade.
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