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  1. I suppose. I’ll call you out the next time you write more than a nonchalant response the next we lose.
  2. Sorted by fWAR on FanGraphs. Fun fact, 14 catchers are hitting above .250 and only 1 hitting above .300 this season.
  3. What do you mean? Everyone in the lineup contributed at least a hit or a run today. I’ve seen you write paragraphs in losses and controversies. This was a great win! Turn that frown upside down!
  4. Damnit. That sounds a lot better than the Buffalo chicken salad I made.
  5. Correa sounds like a hell of a leader who will go to bat for his teammates. I really want him to wear a Twins jersey for a long time.
  6. Should have seen him when he was an 8 week old puppy. He stopped traffic and people ran out of their cars to pet him.
  7. Step 1: Create Forum Topic Step 2: Title it Handling Kepler and Polanco Step 3: ??? Step 4: Profit
  8. How are they doing this after shipping out their 4th best player on roster to St Paul?
  9. I should get my dog a Twins shirsey. I’m currently thinking Bartolo Colon because he’s moving at a glacial pace when it’s thundering all around us.
  10. Whelp. Some storms are quickly rolling through town and I’m a mile away from the house with my dog…. Might be a wet T-shirt contest happening soon.
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