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  1. 98-58 Mets vs. 97-59 Braves tonight. DeGrom vs. Fried. That’s a matchup worth tuning into.
  2. Tell us how you really feel, Carlos. Sheesh. I’m still unsure he’ll get the long term deal he’s looking for.
  3. As it should. I enjoy football very much, but I have very little interest attending an NFL game. When you’re there, you realize just how much they stand around doing nothing for commercial breaks.
  4. Can you catch me up on the last month of action when I last turned on a Twins game?
  5. Oops. Shouldn’t have brought your glove to the game dude.
  6. This helmet and jersey combo is my all time favorite out of all the options over the years. Love the dark purple and gray face mask. I wish they were our every game attire.
  7. Baseball has the highest number of unique teams winning a championship in the last 15-20 years out of the 4 major sports. So overall I think they’ve been doing a good job as far as the end result is concerned. The NBA hasn’t been on my radar at all over the last 20 years (other than me hopping on the T Wolves bandwagon once the playoffs started) because it’s so dynasty driven throughout their existence. MLB isn’t seeking revenue parity which I think is the crux of what @Trovis looking for. They want each individual team to negotiate the largest regional TV contract possible and continue to hide their content behind paywalls. I think they enjoy having the Dodgers, Yankees, Red Sox, Giants, etc. as perennial contenders.
  8. For the first time in damn near a decade, we have a competent OL.
  9. Yep. We really had no business winning that game. Tons of season long issues were evident. At least today, we can ride the high of stealing that win.
  10. Same. The open doors and crazy wind gusts clearly got to both kickers today. Wow, still in shock we stole that win!
  11. Thielen has a case. He was bear hugged on that 4th down call.
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