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  1. There isn’t an arm ready in AA to make the move to AAA?
  2. In the last week they’ve picked up Barraclough and Burrows instead of progressing their own draft picks through the system. Normally I don’t care who’s in AAA but it’s a necessity to be there in order to get called up to the show.
  3. Yet another waiver claim jumping ahead of Balazovic, Winder, Sands, etc. in line for AAA and possibly MLB reps. Something’s fishy with our player development.
  4. Remember when the buzzword on Twins Daily was financial flexibility? Replacing half of the pitching staff every year is a con to the financial freedom.
  5. This is a self-made problem by Falvey and Levine. If they keep signing players to 1 year deals this will continue to happen. They’ll have to try acquiring another Odorizzi type with controllable years left, or offer a multi-year contract to a free agent. If we don’t have enough minor league players to take out the bad MLB players that’s a whole other can of worms. And their time will be running out without showing progress on player development.
  6. I’d be good with that. I’m not a believer of Arraez at 3B. He’s marginally better than Tortuga, which isn’t saying much. Still 90 games left to gather as much info as possible. If the team is torn down like people want in July, there will be plenty of PAs to fill in for.
  7. They’re both kind of in the same boat. Gordon will be out of options in 2022 and Celestino out of options in 2023.
  8. This is the correct answer. He was on pace to be the HR king until injuries derailed his career with the Reds. He had 398 HRs through his age 29 season! To showcase how absurd that is, current best player on the planet Mike Trout needs 88 more HRs this year to keep pace with The Kid.
  9. Lol Dick was more excited for the short Celestino pop up vs. Jeffers’ no doubt HR.
  10. Jeffers is a trooper. Catching for 5+ hours last night and back at it for the day game.
  11. If you’re brave enough to scroll through the comments you’ll see how Berrios is viewed from the Mets’ fan base. Shocking I know, every fan values their own prospects like gold.
  12. Of course, all of this is hypothetical because he’s hurt… Again. Sigh.
  13. I don’t think it’s sentiment for Buxton. I truly don’t think the delta is that wide trading him now or a year from now. Everyone can look and see he has played over 100 games once. Won’t happen this year again. Why would another team give a significantly better prospect this year knowing the risk?
  14. Lol. Sano pinch running for Donaldson. The only situation where that makes sense.
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