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  1. He’s the market inefficiency right now. Batting average for MLB was below .240. If he’s on the trade block, teams will be calling about him, no doubt.
  2. Concur. This is also why I want the Twins to go big in the SS FA market so we can lock in an elite solution long term.
  3. Mauer certainly had more accolades and awards than Buxton at this stage in their careers. Buxton is the most popular and valuable marketing tool the Twins have today*. I do find it ironic that the organization is almost in the same spot with the 2 players. They have to take the risk of signing Buxton and hope it works out long term. Otherwise they’ll see the same back lash from fans as they would have 11 years ago if they let Mauer test free agency. *After Jose Berrios was traded
  4. Ervin Santana still holds the record for largest free agent contract the Twins have signed in 2014. He was mid-tier that offseason… Looking into it, that FA class had Jon Lester and Max Scherzer as the elite options, and Kenta Maeda was the top international FA option.
  5. I am all in on this SS class. Go big and get one of Correa, Seager, Story, or Baez. I don’t see a reason to continue hoping Lewis MIGHT become the long term solution when there are elite options who CAN be the long term solution at SS. If Lewis progresses and becomes MLB ready, great! We will find a place for him somewhere. Potentially as the super utility guy to start his career.
  6. Obviously the top discussion on this website will be extending Buxton. The Twins are once again in a position where they can’t lose the most popular and notable player on the team before he hits free agency in a year. Sound familiar? I’m feeling deja vu from 11 years ago when Joe Mauer was 1 year from free agency. He broke out in a way we’ve never seen before, hitting for power and winning an MVP. Buxton this year broke out in a way we’ve never seen before, hitting for power and would have been in the MVP race had he remained healthy. Before the halfway point in Mauer’s 8 year contract, he became a polarizing player for fans. Overpaid, health concerns, reverted back to a singles hitter, etc. Will we feel the same way about Buxton if we do “pay whatever it takes”?
  7. I truly believe it’s an organizational philosophy set by the Pohlads to not spend big money on free agent pitching. I won’t believe it until I see it. Which takes out the first 2 tiers in the linked article. They’ll probably go after a mid-tier option like Alex Wood or Jon Gray… Look to bring back Pineda, then sign 1 or 2 bounce back candidates like Heaney and Duffy.
  8. I don’t think the Vikings are a special team, but 6 weeks in I think they are a wild card team. I still think Tampa Bay is the class of the conference. Arizona and LA look like solid contenders to take down TB. Green Bay is winning on smoke and mirrors, and Dallas is always prime for a late season melt down. Then there’s a bunch of flawed 3-3 and 2-4 teams. Honestly, Minnesota looks the best out of that bunch (Panthers, Bears, 49ers, Falcons, Eagles, WFT).
  9. Great teams don’t continue putting themselves in this kind of spot blowing leads late in the 4th quarter. I give Kirk a lot of credit for leading the charge and setting the team up for another game winning FG… which Joseph shanked to the right. Weird, we finally started our 1st round LT and it looked like he belonged. Must be because we “eased” him in last week eh? Maybe next week Wyatt Davis will get a chance to wear a uniform and take Udoh’s spot.
  10. Bowles won’t be the top candidate to go after, but I like how he’s revolutionized the Bucs defense. Their stars are at LB and they wreak havoc on opposing offenses. If we do go offensive coordinator types, they need to have experience calling plays. I think Bienemy may be another Matt Nagy/Brad Childress type of coach. We could go really young and lock in Kellen Moore from the Cowboys. Only 33 years old!
  11. Daboll will no doubt be the most coveted HC candidate after this season. I’d prefer a young offensive mind as well. Joe Brady from Carolina is going to be a HC soon with a solid resume. If they do go with a defensive HC, I wouldn’t mind Todd Bowles who has turned the Bucs into a powerhouse. Teams just give up attempting to run the ball against them. I think he should get a 2nd chance at HC since no one succeeds as the Jets coach.
  12. Signing any of the players listed in the OP should be a top priority. None of the flaws scare me away. If Correa and Seager’s flaw is injury history what does that mean for Buxton? I guess we can keep kidding ourselves that they’ll be in on top pitching FAs even though we have a long history of not paying for pitching. Ervin Santana still holds the coveted record of largest contract we’ve ever paid for a pitcher. 8 years and running!
  13. I’m reposting this excellent analysis from @Otto von Ballpark because we’re going to read a narrative about Jax’s success the first time through the order that is not true. “Jax, 1st 5 MLB starts, first time through the order: 5 GS, 4 H, 0 XBH, 0 R, 3 BB, 0 HBP, 11 K Jax, next 9 MLB starts, first time through the order: 9 GS, 12 H, 8 XBH (6 HR), 12 R, 6 BB, 2 HBP, 14 K His 4 relief appearances don't help either, first time through the order: 4 G, 9 H, 3 XBH (2 HR), 5 R, 4 BB, 7 K All told, he had a 5.39 FIP/xFIP the first time through the order this season, 5.10/5.36 after moving into the rotation. Still a fairly small sample, and obviously it can't account for the potential of his stuff playing up in the pen, but it doesn't appear that he has shown any particular first time through the order ability thus far.” Original post here
  14. Read a stat that the Vikings have given up over 100 yards rushing in 9 straight games. With solid odds of being 10 straight against Christian McCaffery this week.
  15. MLBTradeRumors link Buxton $7.3M Rogers $6.7M Duffey $3.7M Gant $3.7M Garver $3.1M Arraez $2.0M Thielbar $1.2M Astudillo $1.2M Cave $1.1M Minaya $1.1M Coulombe $800k Refsnyder $800k
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