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  1. @chpettit19 Moneyball was a worthy strategy when they were the only ones doing it. Now every team emulates each other, minus Colorado and St. Louis I suppose. In this mini contention window, we needed someone better than Berrios to put us over the top. Now we don’t have him, and still need someone better than him.
  2. You’re missing my point. Trading Berrios eliminates 2022 from any potential of being enjoyable and competitive. We’re now multiple years away from being good.
  3. This must be Christmas morning for prospect lovers. I watch the MLB team only, so I might as well check out the rest of 2021 and 2022.
  4. Berrios was the only positive on the pitching staff this year. He wasn’t contributing to the suck of 2021. Now the pitching staff is in shambles even more. Oh boy.
  5. That’s my concern right now… 2022. Sports is an entertainment first business, and the team won’t be competitive/entertaining for the foreseeable future. The next 2 months for sure are going to be unwatchable.
  6. I would love to see it. Ervin Santana still holds the record for largest FA pitching contract we’ve handed out. 8 years ago.
  7. Agreed, not my best take. I’m pretty bummed to lose the only homegrown pitching talent we’ve developed in the last decade.
  8. Sounds like everyone is on the table… Buxton, Maeda, Rogers, etc. If Buxton is traded I’ll be pretty fed up with this organization.
  9. Circle of life. Play poorly, develop young stars, trade them before you have to pay them, rely on hope for the future.
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