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Everything posted by Vanimal46

  1. The Dodgers keep hiring our old friends to their coaching staff!
  2. I'm starting the 1969 season, and I've got to say it's strange seeing the leagues split up into divisions now. Hilarious that the Twins are in the AL West, and the Atlanta Braves are in the NL West.
  3. Good 2B/3B depth. Mack Jones is tracking to be your starting LF in 1969! We will see if he can realize his full potential at 30 years old if he is indeed the starting LF for the Reds.
  4. It's a great idea, except you already have the top 3B in baseball per WAR and other traditional stat categories.
  5. @ashbury what would you say if we just completed our first trade after the AS Break in 1968? You get a pet project who's still a 50/50 and a 55/55 3B for a 17 year old 30/50 C in your Gulf Coast league and a 40/40 AAAA SP? Edit: BTW, you're putting the pedal to the metal at the trade deadline... 1st place in the NL with a 1.5 game lead on the SF Giants - 64-38 record.
  6. True. And honestly I don’t blame Falvey for that belief. FA pitching is stupid expensive.
  7. The NFL will keep tweaking the rules to get the results they're looking for. The pendulum is swinging too far in favor of passing offense. 20 years ago we had crazy results rushing the ball with Ladanian Tomlinson, Shaun Alexander, and Priest Holmes getting 20+ TDs in a season. I think running the ball will be cool again in the future.
  8. @USAFChief was willing to wheel and deal with the Twins in the 1967 offseason, and received a starting CF and potential (?) HOF starting pitcher to part with his starting SS Larry Brown. Zoilo has been a 3X Gold Glove winning SS, but his bat has become a black hole in the lineup. This is also a little bit of effort on my end to balance out the game... Because I am afraid of this team becoming a juggernaut down the road.
  9. I'll argue at least for the Bengals in your examples, that Burrow hides so many warts in that organization, including bad coaching. I read a stat before the Sunday games that Zac Taylor is 4-28 as a HC in games that Burrow is out.
  10. You will definitely have a decision to make at C in the near future. Unfortunately you won't have Joe Morgan leading the Big Red Machine because @USAFChief paid up to get him to join Houston instead.
  11. Because Ash left the organization, Sid needed to call up some close, personal friends to be his Assistant GM. @stringer bellanswered the phone and decided he wanted to come back home after leading an independent baseball league team to their respective title.
  12. Thank you for your service to the Twins! You were poached by the Reds and have a fun team to build! Part of me thinks 19 year old Johnny Bench is a keeper at C.
  13. That's always been the case in the NFL. A dozen or so QBs that matter, and a revolving door of QBs for the rest of the league. Football is cyclical, and teams will opt back into a powerful running game when they continue to fail finding a QB worth a damn.
  14. Let me ask you @ashbury, where would you like to move to - Philadelphia, St. Louis, or Cincinnati? Because there are 3 GM openings in the offseason of 1967, and you'll likely be the hottest candidate available after a WS title.
  15. The second that Athan Kaliakmanis was presented competition for the starting job, he enters the transfer portal. Dude is softer than Ultra Soft Charmin TP.
  16. Thanks for that! I will make notes about upcoming milestones for the best players. Mickey Mantle has been the best player in the series by far with 6 or 7 MVPs. We will see if Hank Aaron matches his real life in longevity and hitting HRs. Sandy Koufax has 2 Triple Crowns so I am excited to see if he can pitch until his late 30s!
  17. That's growth! The last time I got really angry to the point where it ruined the following days was the 2009 NFC championship game, I just brushed my teeth and getting ready to put the teeth in the cup for the night... Oh well. On a positive note, there seems to be a lot of QB prospects to pick in the spring. I'll be tuning into the Pac 12 Championship because I could see either Penix from Washington or Nix from Oregon wearing purple next year,
  18. A mediocre team would have made it a 3 score game in the first half with the time of possessions the Bears had.
  19. Don't throw the defense in "the rest of the team" they're the reason we have a chance this game.
  20. It's over for Dobbs. 100% done. Get Hall ready for next week. If we make the playoffs, yay, If not, oh well.
  21. How many times has Kirk Cousins' agent texted Kwesi tonight? Over/under 2.5
  22. I watched this same exact game the other day. Except our offense was wearing Jets' green jerseys for some reason.
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