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  1. Another unlikely, but interesting destination for Kirk…. Philly. They have 3 first round picks this year and is Jalen Hurts the answer? Didn’t really appear so against Tampa Bay. I’d take their last 1st round pick and they can even dump a bad salary in the deal.
  2. I think with the success Arizona is showing this year, teams should be more aggressive to cut bait and try again at QB. It was unprecedented for a team to take back to back QBs in the top 10 when they did it. But they made the right call to cut their losses with Rosen and move on to Murray. Carolina needs to come to that conclusion too that Darnold is a lost cause. NYG is another solid destination for Kirk. They’ve got 4 playmaking WRs and a stud RB in Barkley. I’m guessing if they strike out on Russell Wilson, Kirk is an attractive plan B. The Vikings really need Rodgers and Wilson to stay put. If they do, Kirk becomes the top option to trade for, followed by Jimmy G. And in that case, I really think we could fetch a 1st round pick in return. It may be a future 1st in 2023, but I am perfectly fine with that.
  3. I think Miami will make some splashy moves. They appear to be impatient with their rebuild and will probably look to accelerate it with trades and big FA signings.
  4. In regards to the Kirk trade, it’s creative, but rare to see a 3 team trade. I still see the Steelers as the most likely destination for Kirk. They have the cap space built in to take on his full salary if needed, and I highly doubt Tomlin wants to groom a rookie QB. Im also open to us paying off some of his salary to fetch a 1st + mid round pick.
  5. I’m all for taking the short term pain of dead cap hits to free ourselves in 2023 and beyond. We’re so top heavy right now… dedicating a majority of the cap to 8 players out of the 56 currently signed. It’s just gross to see. The good news is this is fixable with a new regime who’s not tied to our roster.
  6. I’m that petty where I cancel Kellen Moore’s interview solely for the QB draw play call with 14 seconds left and 0 timeouts. That was mind boggling bad. Also, weird, both 7 seeds are getting smoked.
  7. A couple of duds so far in this SUPER Wild Card Weekend. Philly as the 7 seed as expected gets demolished by Tampa. And the Buffalo vs. New England game was over at halftime.
  8. Cool. Wasting more time by not negotiating in good faith. Thanks baseball!
  9. As a recent Austin transplant back to the Twin Cities, I don’t think the city will embrace a professional baseball team. They already have a AAA team in town with the Round Rock Express. They supported the new MLS team but I think that’s just because it’s a quirky sport. Austin is predominantly a college town. It’s also full of transplants and will have the same challenges as Florida teams. Austin folks will not travel to San Antonio to support the team either. I-35 is a nightmare to drive on. Hell, the city as a whole is a nightmare to drive in.
  10. I’m in agreement with @Danchaton the HC search. I don’t really want someone who will call either offense or defense play calls. I want a CEO type who will delegate the play calls to their coordinators. Worst case if the coordinator flops, then the HC steps in to take over. Lots of fans are laser focused on HC candidates that come from an offense background. I don’t care if we hire another defense focused HC or go offense. We need a leader who can empower and motivate our young players.
  11. My memory, especially over the last 2+ years, has become the equivalent of a goldfish. I can’t recall an offseason where 3 teams cleaned house of their GM and HC. It’s going to be a wild offseason in the NFL.
  12. That’s a tough one. I don’t know who was a catalyst for their team’s success, and who was along for the ride. All I would do is look at media guides like the Pohlads when they found and hired Derek Falvey.
  13. I read Flores and the GM didn’t see eye to eye. And the owner sided with his GM buddy that’s been in the organization for 20 years. Flores will be a HC again very soon. He’s on my short list of candidates to interview for sure.
  14. It was time for both to go. The organization needs a fresh perspective from the outside. Someone who will do an audit of everything and everyone in the building. There’s no guarantee the next hires will take the team to the next level, but we know exactly who Spielman and Zimmer are. They were not going to lead us to a super bowl berth.
  15. Too many negatives added up for him. His last couple of draft classes have been awful. Too many panic trades, and continuing to not identify QB and OL.
  16. Nagy is out in Chicago. And here’s your surprise firing… Brian Flores is out in Miami. Wow!
  17. It’s official. Zimmer AND Spielman are fired. A new era of Vikings football begins!
  18. That’s all she wrote. Winning today is one of those “where were you” moments. One that will be passed down from generation to generation.
  19. Matt Boldy is a keeper. I don’t know if it’s worth burning Rossi’s first year now but Boldy is ready.
  20. Using percentage of revenue for the spending floor sounds good in theory. The problem is it requires owners to open up their books. I assume many, if not all, will fight tooth and nail to ensure their finances are not public knowledge. They will most likely rather set an arbitrary number like $75 million. In regards to increasing the pre-arb salary, I completely agree. I’m all for getting money to the players earlier in their careers.
  21. Have no fear. If we lose it’ll be fair and square thanks to Zimmer playing all of our guys. You think Eagles fans care that they actually tanked week 17 last season for better draft position? Once the draft rolls around everyone will forget about it.
  22. I have no faith negotiations will be wrapped up to start ST on time. As displayed in 2020, owners only need to have 60 games played to be break even or be profitable. That’s probably what will happen this year too.
  23. This eliminates any reason for me to watch the meaningless game.
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