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  1. This preseason there were 10 pitching prospects in TD’s top 20 prospect list. Several of them on the cusp of an MLB call up if things progressed correctly. Duran and Joe Ryan are the only ones who have surfaced and made an impact on the MLB roster. The rest have taken massive steps backwards or continue to get injured. I expected 1 or 2 more out of the Sands, Balazovic, Canterino, Winder, Strotman, SWR group. 5 years into the project (forgoing the lost development year in 2020) and minimal results… I’m pretty disappointed with the results when that was the main reason why Falvey was hired.
  2. I’m all caught up on Better Call Saul before the series finale on Monday. They really kicked things into gear during the last season which I appreciate. I think previously they were slow playing Jimmy McGill’s transition to Saul Goodman too much. The writers have been excellent dripping in Breaking Bad nuggets, and Kim Wexler is an excellent character in the show.
  3. It’s been known for some time that it’s either win the division or be out of the playoffs. 85 wins is probably going to be enough to win the Central and all 3 teams are capable of doing it. We’ve got a fairly easy 10 game stretch against LAA, KC and Texas. Winning 7 or more out of 10 is crucial.
  4. Getting every team on the same financial ground is one thing. A step in the right direction. Step 2 is even more crucial… Incentivizing teams to actually try. That will hold another set of challenges. One of the reasons I stopped watching the Timberwolves many years ago was knowing they have virtually no shot at signing a star free agent. That still holds true today. They’ve had to overpay for mediocre talent to come to undesirable destinations. Will the Reds be any more competitive spending to a salary cap floor when all they can attract is Dylan Bundy types? Or trade for bloated contracts?
  5. Yeah, competitive balance is a big problem in sports. I hoped that a salary floor would have been a higher priority during the last CBA negotiations to offset the haves and have nots. I don’t believe a salary cap will fix anything, because as we’re seeing in other sports like basketball and hockey, the cap can be manipulated. For example, it may take $35 million for the Twins to sign Carlos Correa. But in the salary cap world, he could choose to sign with the Yankees for $20 million and recruit another top player to join him for $15 million. Knowing that winning a championship will bring endorsement deals to offset the salary lost.
  6. It is not. He pitched 140 innings last year. He’s only at 90 innings this year. He’s just not a TOR arm when many people here pranced around claiming he was after the Cruz trade.
  7. A comeback is technically possible for the Twins tonight. Will I be up to watch it? Almost certainly not.
  8. What pending free agents? Carlos Correa? @USAFChiefmentioned the sobering fact that unless you want Contreras, there’s no better catchers available in free agency. So I don’t see any issue slightly over paying a SS like Correa now and next year if he decides to opt in to the 2nd $35 million year.
  9. Other positions… where exactly? They’re basically set everywhere except catcher and DH. Free agent pitching is one of the worst ROI in sports.
  10. 1/$2 million is the best case scenario for him. Looking simply at free agent 1B this winter, where does Sano fall on the preference list? Jose Abreu, Brandon Belt, Eric Hosmer, Josh Bell, Max Muncy, Trey Mancini, Jesus Aguilar, Yulieski Gurriel, Carlos Santana, Dan Vogelbach. Maybe in the Aguilar/Gurriel/Santana tier? This analysis doesn’t take into consideration how many DH candidates there are over Sano, since anyone could be considered a DH.
  11. Things I’m paying attention to this preseason: Starting center: sounds like Bradbury is having the same issue getting blown up by bull rushes. I don’t think he will be the starter week 1 of the regular season. Kellen Mond: He’s got a fresh start with a new regime that isn’t setting him up to fail on day 1. He should get a ton of work to see if he will be anything more than a cheap, break glass in case of emergency QB. The crowded CB room: Where does Andrew Booth fit in? Immediate starter? Big prove it year for Dantzler… Evans has been getting praise already as a 4th round pick. Pass rush: I want to see what a healthy ZaDarius Smith and Danielle Hunter pass rush looks like. Last time they were both healthy and played a full season (2019) they were #1 and #2 in the NFL for QB pressures.
  12. Tyler Duffey was released from the team after clearing waivers.
  13. Nothing left to say about Sano as a Twin. The last 3 years have been a disaster and it’s best for both parties to go their separate ways.
  14. Joe Smith was released from the team after clearing waivers. Aaron Sanchez and Jharel Cotton accept the assignment to St Paul.
  15. The oldest, dearest of friends Andrelton Simmons DFA’d by the Cubs.
  16. I think you missed the obvious choice… they’ve missed Maeda the most this season. He would have been very helpful as a top of the rotation arm.
  17. And miss the free concert after the game? No way. If anything I bet 99% would prefer the Twins forfeit so the concert starts earlier.
  18. Pagan and Duffey survive another day.
  19. The BABIP gods are not friendly to us. Particularly Urshela. Hitting the ball 107 and 100 MPH with nothing to show for it.
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