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  1. He’s a fast riser in the NFL and the first hire who came specifically from the R&D/Analytics side of the business. Football is like baseball 20 years ago where most GMs are former players or have a scouting background.
  2. High risk but very high reward. I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out.
  3. I didn’t really have a horse I bet on in this race to be GM, but I’m assuming you liked Poles more because of his traditional scouting background? KOM is unorthodox, but could pay off big if the NFL is ready for an analytical approach like baseball. It failed in Cleveland 5 ish years ago when they started hoarding draft picks. Maybe it’s ready now? At the very least, I’m more confident than ever that Kirk and other long term veterans are likely on the way out.
  4. Yeah, I’m not sure why Daboll limited his coaching search so much. Unless his buddy who just got the GM gig has big plans to go acquire a veteran QB like Russell Wilson, why not interview with more teams? Just looking at Hines Ward’s Wikipedia, he’s the WR coach at Florida Atlantic. Seems like an extreme reach to think he’s ready to coach an NFL team. Then again, we’re talking about the Texans. The biggest dumpster fire in the league…
  5. Certainly sounds like he’s going to be the pick for GM.
  6. Alright. Good luck with that. I’ll go back to the Vikings section until real baseball updates happen.
  7. I wouldn’t view it as anything more than pre-work. The list can always grow if the GM says I want to interview (insert coach name here) as well.
  8. I think this lockout has made you go searching for angles that don’t make sense. Is this you signing Galvis in your offseason plan 3 months ago? Nice work coming up with a story when there are no baseball stories though.
  9. I’ve been on TD long enough to remember when Brock pinned a forum topic that Joe Mauer was never, ever going to return to catching full time. Looks like we may have to do the same thing with Polanco returning to SS. Never gonna happen.
  10. Nope. I still want to proceed with the rebuild. It’s possible we end up like Philly and end up winning a bad division while rebuilding. Even better.
  11. https://vikingswire.usatoday.com/lists/danger-in-trading-star-players/?taid=61eafbf2e941150001c7051b&utm_campaign=trueanthem&utm_medium=trueanthem&utm_source=twitter This trade was in the linked article: Jets send -10th overall pick -35th overall pick -Conditional 2023 third round pick (moves to a 2nd with 12+ sacks) Vikings send -Danielle Hunter -2023 fifth round pick Im a big fan of Hunter but if this is realistic it’s a no brainer for the Vikes to make this trade
  12. Making progress. My guess is we’ll know by this time next week who the GM is then we should be able to move quickly for the HC.
  13. The game built really quality momentum in recent years. Lots of young, fun stars to build a future fan base around. I hope MLB doesn’t blow their opportunity to showcase people like Tatis Jr, Soto, Vlad Jr, and many others. But Rosenthal is right… If games are missed due to this labor dispute, they’ll miss their opportunity. The diehards will quickly return to the game. But I’m sure I’m not alone having casual baseball fans who will move on from the sport if it’s not easy to watch or available during the time frame it’s normally on TV/in person.
  14. Another unlikely, but interesting destination for Kirk…. Philly. They have 3 first round picks this year and is Jalen Hurts the answer? Didn’t really appear so against Tampa Bay. I’d take their last 1st round pick and they can even dump a bad salary in the deal.
  15. I think with the success Arizona is showing this year, teams should be more aggressive to cut bait and try again at QB. It was unprecedented for a team to take back to back QBs in the top 10 when they did it. But they made the right call to cut their losses with Rosen and move on to Murray. Carolina needs to come to that conclusion too that Darnold is a lost cause. NYG is another solid destination for Kirk. They’ve got 4 playmaking WRs and a stud RB in Barkley. I’m guessing if they strike out on Russell Wilson, Kirk is an attractive plan B. The Vikings really need Rodgers and Wilson to stay put. If they do, Kirk becomes the top option to trade for, followed by Jimmy G. And in that case, I really think we could fetch a 1st round pick in return. It may be a future 1st in 2023, but I am perfectly fine with that.
  16. I think Miami will make some splashy moves. They appear to be impatient with their rebuild and will probably look to accelerate it with trades and big FA signings.
  17. In regards to the Kirk trade, it’s creative, but rare to see a 3 team trade. I still see the Steelers as the most likely destination for Kirk. They have the cap space built in to take on his full salary if needed, and I highly doubt Tomlin wants to groom a rookie QB. Im also open to us paying off some of his salary to fetch a 1st + mid round pick.
  18. I’m all for taking the short term pain of dead cap hits to free ourselves in 2023 and beyond. We’re so top heavy right now… dedicating a majority of the cap to 8 players out of the 56 currently signed. It’s just gross to see. The good news is this is fixable with a new regime who’s not tied to our roster.
  19. I’m that petty where I cancel Kellen Moore’s interview solely for the QB draw play call with 14 seconds left and 0 timeouts. That was mind boggling bad. Also, weird, both 7 seeds are getting smoked.
  20. A couple of duds so far in this SUPER Wild Card Weekend. Philly as the 7 seed as expected gets demolished by Tampa. And the Buffalo vs. New England game was over at halftime.
  21. Cool. Wasting more time by not negotiating in good faith. Thanks baseball!
  22. As a recent Austin transplant back to the Twin Cities, I don’t think the city will embrace a professional baseball team. They already have a AAA team in town with the Round Rock Express. They supported the new MLS team but I think that’s just because it’s a quirky sport. Austin is predominantly a college town. It’s also full of transplants and will have the same challenges as Florida teams. Austin folks will not travel to San Antonio to support the team either. I-35 is a nightmare to drive on. Hell, the city as a whole is a nightmare to drive in.
  23. I’m in agreement with @Danchaton the HC search. I don’t really want someone who will call either offense or defense play calls. I want a CEO type who will delegate the play calls to their coordinators. Worst case if the coordinator flops, then the HC steps in to take over. Lots of fans are laser focused on HC candidates that come from an offense background. I don’t care if we hire another defense focused HC or go offense. We need a leader who can empower and motivate our young players.
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