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  1. I posted in the Sano threads at the end of the 2022 season he’s going to have a tough time getting an MLB contract. It’s been a long winter for him and I anticipate that continuing. When you can’t catch up to fastballs in the zone, your time is up in MLB.
  2. Hard to beat left handed and breathing… Coloumbe will find his way back on the roster if he stays healthy.
  3. We must have paid Flores handsomely to convince him not to do the 2nd interview with Arizona.
  4. If he does get a HC gig next year he likely turned our defense from a 31st ranked team to top 15.
  5. Love it. I’m hoping for a major leap forward from Asamoah.
  6. That is a relief. All systems go for the 3-4 defense.
  7. Wow. That is quite the fall from grace for Balazovic. I’ve got higher hopes for the former top 100 prospect this year.
  8. They’ll be able to get out of cap hell pretty easily when they let go of some long time veterans.
  9. B-Ref is usually my go to. I’m used to the UI and I like the easy access to splits stats. FanGraphs is good when I want to know velocities and pitch mixes. I truly don’t know enough about the WAR difference on either site to have an opinion. It’s just a quick way to determine value. I rarely go to Baseball Savant. They have a terrible interface on mobile devices.
  10. Haha probably! Falcons have Ridder, complete unknown. Saints have Winston who’s been hurt the last few seasons. Bucs have ??
  11. Tom Brady retires again. He says for good this time. We will see. The NFC South has some bad, bad QBs. With Brady out of the picture, the top veteran QBs to target are Rodgers, Carr, and dare I say Kirk?
  12. Sean Payton heading to Denver to coach up Russell Wilson. Denver had to give the Saints their 2023 1st round and 2024 2nd round pick for Payton and a 2023 3rd. Not a fan of the move. San Fran DC DeMeco Ryans named HC of the Texans. Love this move. Ryans is a stud and former Texans great!
  13. I’ll be rooting for him, but he will have a higher hill to climb back into the majors than other prospects. When he was healthy he was a very serviceable back of the rotation pitcher.
  14. Sure, but is Lewis a top 100 prospect if he’s playing a non premium position like 2B, 3B, or corner OF? I don’t know. I’m just speculating what K Law may be thinking as he’s putting together his list. Overall I enjoy K Law a lot. He marches to the beat of his own drum and has analyzed more prospects than I ever will in my life.
  15. Yeah, hopefully we see former top 100 prospect Balazovic have a bounce back season in 2023. Marco Raya is the only other pitching prospect I’ve seen ranked in the top 100 on the usual publications. Maybe Connor Prielipp makes the jump to the top 100 now that he’s recovered from TJS.
  16. Harsh, but understandable. Since Lewis was drafted, KLaw has been saying Lewis will end up in CF. The path to playing time is muddied now that Correa and Buxton are locked in long term.
  17. Emmanuel Rodriguez 48, Brooks Lee 51.
  18. Thank you TD team for organizing a great event! I enjoyed meeting people I’ve been conversing with for years on this site.
  19. Yep. They could conservatively 5x the amount of subscribers without the archaic local blackout rules in place.
  20. The RB was in the vicinity. Ref show at it again.
  21. I am furious for Bengals fans. Hard not to think the NFL is rigged.
  22. Is Purdy able to pass? Are they just biding time for Johnson to get out of the locker room? This is crazy.
  23. Oh my. Wildcat time. What other choice do they have?
  24. What face mask? - This ref crew. False start is also not a penalty to these officials.
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