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  1. Feels like we’re gonna go 2022 Bears… Just taking the cap hits now to clear the deck for 2024.
  2. It felt like he wore out his welcome last year… But again, how did we not get a 5th round pick for him in a trade?
  3. Today is probably the day we’ll see a flurry of moves. I don’t know if we’ll see ZaDarius Smith cut loose or wait out a trade. My guess is O’Niell gets restructured and Dalvin Cook gets traded.
  4. Unfortunate but expected news. Good luck to him in the final years of his career.
  5. 4/$160 extension for Daniel Jones. $82 million guaranteed in the first 2 seasons. The QB market is just disgusting
  6. Don’t really care what the model or method is. Just find a way for him to play over 100 games this season.
  7. I’m not answering the question because you’re injecting your own perception into a simple statement I made. This team has a long injury history. We’re already seeing the injury bug bite again. That was the risk this season. Injuries detailing them yet again.
  8. One of the signed OF is playing 1B because Kirilloff is still recovering from his injury.
  9. A ton of depth? We’re 1-2 more injuries away in the OF from Ryan Lamarre playing. It’s March 4th.
  10. That’s the risk continuing to rely on improved health from a roster that’s been injured time and time again.
  11. This one isn’t even close. Reliever is his only chance sticking on a major league team.
  12. Probably not possible this year due to the hurricane damage… I looked into going before I start my new job and the Hilton, that looked nothing special in the pictures, was going for $275 a night.
  13. The one stop shop to read or watch the national perspective on the Twins. Post your finds in this thread.
  14. Really impressive workouts from the EDGE and LB group yesterday at the combine. Nolan Smith from Georgia will be rewarded with a fat NFL check. I’m guessing he is high on the Vikings draft board.
  15. We’re in the part of the spring training game where players on the field don’t have last names sewed on the back of the jersey. No idea who #84 or #95 are.
  16. I can only be a weekend warrior for golf so like you I’m perpetually stuck in 13-15 handicap land. All I’d like to do is reduce my variance and shoot 88 more consistently. Last summer my low was 82 and high was 101 🤢
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