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  1. Not important, but he took a breaking ball for strike 3, not a fastball. I was also disappointed to see a hitter--any hitter--take strike 3 with the go ahead run on Second base. You're not up there to walk, you're up there to drive in that run. It's just another example of why I strongly disagree with those who downplay RBI these days. There were certainly other issues, both today and season long, but in a thread about today's game, I do think Luis's pinch hit AB is worthy of discussion.
  2. I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm worried Our bullpen might turn out to be an issue this year.
  3. The more baseball strays from the traditional, the worse it gets. Leave the HBP rule alone.
  4. Ok boys, listen up. You won a game yesterday. You won a game today, that's two in a row. You win tomorrow...that's called a winning streak.
  5. You hold your breath and silently curse (insert name of bullpen member of choice here) for about a half hour.
  6. Winnah! Had it all the way! We didn't even need that 2nd RBI walk!!
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