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  1. Damn. Such a loss. Rest in Peace, and many thanks for all the joy I got through the years listening to your voice, and in the years to come. You will be missed.
  2. Zero people? You can't be serious. "RBI are meaningless" is orthodox stathead-ology.
  3. Funny how RBI aren't important until nobody has any. Abreu would be a fantastic addition to this lineup. Fantastic. The guy drives in runs.
  4. Is Andrew McCutchen an under the radar add? Or am I crazy? Yes.
  5. Nico Goodrum was signed as a FA, not as a trade target. He also appeared in 15 games and had 45 PAs for the Astros. There's no need to trade for Kyle Farmer. Like Nico Goodrum, or Jermaine Palacios, every team already has a couple three Kyle Farmers in their system and there's another couple dozen available as cheap free agent minor league depth. Dollars to donuts Farmer is a starter on the 2023 Twins. Barf.
  6. What's the difference? None of these players, including 32 year old Farmer, are going to help win a pennant. They're there because you need 26 players on the roster. What good comes from Kyle Farmer? How does that get the Twins to a WS?
  7. Why are we trading for a "backup"? I get less and less impressed by this front office weekly.
  8. I lost a ten spot recently, pretty sure it was at the Prospect Park Station on the Green Line. Anybody finds it, PM me at TwinsDaily.
  9. Which fact did I ignore...last WS over 30 years ago, or last postseason win pre-Twins Daily and then some?
  10. I explicitly cited history. More than 30 years of history since a WS appearance. The last postseason win, much less winning series, is a distant memory. History? Please.
  11. The Pressly trade was a poor decision in foresight, not just hindsight. And in the long run, Alcala may yet produce, but Celestino isn't even worth mentioning. He provides no value, and in fact hurts the team by occupying a roster spot.
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