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  1. I agree on the last part. I've been saying for a long time now there are no "low leverage guys" in a bullpen.
  2. Who could have predicted not addressing the bullpen over the winter was a very risky strategy? Trading your best reliever a terrible idea? These outcomes are at least partially the result of front office decisions. In the future I hope the front office changes tactics. A weak bullpen is difficult to maneuver around, ends up throwing away games, and erodes confidence everywhere.
  3. Wait...the author's contention is that Jeffers doesn't move his glove, and the ball, after catching it? Do I have that correct? Do not concur.
  4. I believe it's only the Navajo Reservation in northeast AZ that switches to DST. The Navajo Reservation covers territory across three states, so to avoid confusion, they use DST across the entire Reservation. Interestingly, the Hopi Reservation--entirely within the Navajo Reservation--stays on standard time like the rest of AZ. This creates a "DST donut" in NE AZ. If anyone cares.
  5. I think: -the lineup is top heavy. About 2 hitters short. -the team, on the whole, runs the bases poorly. Not just slowly, although that's part, they're not good. They gain few extra bases, lose extra bases, and lose base runners too much IMO. - I still believe in RBI. Some hitters find a way to drive in runs. We're lacking in those guys.
  6. I would imagine Miranda at 1st against most lefties. Kirilloff against most righties.
  7. In general, most players are pretty good about giving kids a chance at an autograph, from what I've seen.
  8. Get there 1.5 hours early, camp out at the railing by the dugout or a little farther down the foul line. Ask players as they enter/exit dugout during the long pregame warm-ups. They might be on the field at any time...or not at all. Have baseballs and sharpie ready to hand to player. If you don't have them, you're probably not getting an autograph. Have your son be polite and just ask. He might have to yell and there will be competition. Be bold.
  9. Well, for one thing, even fangraphs admits quantifiably measuring catcher defense is difficult at best. And they don't incorporate framing into their catching defense measurements. https://library.fangraphs.com/defense/catcher-defense/ So I choose to believe my eyes, and my experience...if you're routinely giving away free bases, you're not playing good catcher defense, even if you're gaining a strike or 2 per game (which I don't concede, BTW.) Or, trust fangraphs' catcher defense rankings. They might be correct. But it's not proven science. It's theoretical.
  10. Bolstering the bullpen has to be priority 1. Just be prepared to pay, because it'll be a sellers market. And as an aside, let's stop pretending each winter that "the bullpen is fine," "relievers are easy to find," "relievers are fungible," and all the other excuses. Baseball has changed. Bullpens take on more innings seemingly every year, grow more important every year, and require seemingly endless options. We'll need to spend prospects this year. But I'd really like this pursuit to get more attention year round in the future.
  11. If we're talking about Kirilloff for Polanco, there's no need to send down Miranda. He can get 1st base ABs against lefties, Kirilloff against righties. Both can get PH and DH opportunities on a team that is still DHing a catcher at times. Kirilloff can also get OF time. Decisions wouldn’t need to be made until Polanco returns.
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