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  1. Baldelli left Jax in too long, rather than removed him too early.
  2. Picking nits, but Albers wasn't called for a balk in the first.
  3. I don't think the Twins can build a contending staff for 2022. That's the point. I disagree with the premise of the article.
  4. . 500 is not competitive. And .500 is a pretty tall order for the pitching staff advocated here.
  5. As to Nick's article, I can't see this rotation resulting in a competitive 2022 Twins team. There is no "there" there.
  6. I bet I can go back to the 1st year of TD and find this exact post every year, with just the actual names changed.
  7. No player worthy of playing time has ever been blocked for long in the history of MLB. It's never happened.
  8. So the Twins are going to sign Carlos Correa, Michael Brantley, Robbie Ray, Danny Duffy, and be aggressive in FA in addressing the bullpen?
  9. Just imagine the crater we'd be mired in if Falvine weren't such renowned pitching staff builders.
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