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  1. Am not sure I agree with the point being made, but that picture sure made me laugh.
  2. Some of the posts are suggesting that the Dodgers wouldn't trade him for Dozier. Obviously, we don't know what really went on in the conversations between the Dodgers and the Twins, but I seem to remember the rumor mill suggesting the Dodgers wanted to do DeLeon for Dozier straight up, but the Twins wanted more. It would have been a dumb trade for the Twins at the time, and would have looked even worse in retrospect.
  3. I wish I could say getting swept by the Tigers has been the low point of this season, but there has been too much competition for that dubious honor.
  4. You're all looking at this the wrong way. There are countless ways to lose games that we have yet to see. Don't you want to tune in to see what jaw-dropping error or bone-headed base running mistake causes the Twins to lose their next game?
  5. When I see numbers like 5 for $125 million, that's basically what Zach Wheeler got. Berrios is NOT as good as Zach Wheeler, not even close. I agree $20 million per year is doable, but no more. I would only go that high because the Twins are in such a poor negotiating position. They have no one else.
  6. Why not? Although MLB may want to avoid any controversy over him not wearing pants.
  7. I gotta think because of his service time he can elect free-agency.
  8. I am firmly in the camp of not trading Berrios. If the Twins want to compete next year, and I believe they can, they will need pitching. Piecing together a good rotation via free agency is difficult, and the farm system is not exactly stacked with blue chip pitching prospects. Wouldn't it be better to have Berrios play out his contract and then take the comp pick if he decides to walk? This reminds me of the Johan Santana situation. They ended up trading him for a bunch of prospects that did little for the Twins and then missed the playoffs by two games that year.
  9. The excuses seem to be getting more lame by the day. There was also Maeda saying he was the victim of "bad luck". He walked FIVE guys and the pitches weren't even close. And of course more sloppy defense and inexcusable baserunning.
  10. I always thought they should issue waivers on foreign substances and PED's for players who aren't very good. They could call it the "Ryan Franklin Rule".
  11. I have the Rangers feed. Has anyone said why Cruz left?
  12. I was always intrigued by Deduno and thought he was diamond in the rough. He had that nasty breaking ball, but just couldn't put it where he wanted it.
  13. I agree with a lot of this. I think he's a tremendous talent, but if he can't stay on the field then what's the point? If they can trade him for some good, controllable, young pitching, that would be of much greater help to the Twins in the short and long run. The question is will teams trade good young pitching for Buxton? His injury history is common knowledge.
  14. I watched Sam Clay close out the game for the Nats yesterday. He's not putting up eye popping numbers, but he's a young lefty holding his own in the majors.
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