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  1. Why is Buxton batting leadoff? He should be batting 3rd.
  2. No more Pagan in the ninth... PLEASE! I will not survive the summer if I have to watch that guy.
  3. He should not be out there. He's just not that good.
  4. His fastball has no movement and he can't put his offspeed stuff over the plate.
  5. They should have sent Winder back out. They gotta start stretching out the starters to avoid exposing the bullpen.
  6. This sucks! Royce Lewis or not, there is no way to sugarcoat this. Correa was a big part of their run over the last couple weeks. It's going to be hard to recover from this. Wait! Late breaking news...all may not be lost....https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2022/05/carlos-correa-to-undergo-ct-scan-on-finger.html May only be a bruise!
  7. Does anyone know why Winder is getting the start? Not that I'm complaining.
  8. Not happening, and I don't think it should. Name one of those 9-10 year mega contracts that has worked out for the signing team? If the Twins thought it was a good idea they already would have done it. As it is, if Correa keeps slumping he will probably be with us two more years. (I think this is a low probability scenario.)
  9. Especially if you can't hit your weight (like Godoy). You better know how to bunt.
  10. Sano is a mess up there. Sox should've challenged him. We will take it.
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