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  1. Many people only remember the off-field anecdotes, of which most are probably untrue. They forget that he was a pretty damn good player.
  2. I generally concur, although I would only go one added year instead of two. If he accepts that kind of offer and doesn't opt out after 2023 or 2024, then something very unexpected has happened. The Twins would end up writing massive checks to someone who either can't play because of injury or is ineffective.
  3. The first pick in the draft is the worst pick, because it means the team stunk the year before. I would rather the Twins were picking at #30.
  4. Depressing. Martin- As long as he keeps the OBP up I don't care about the power. How many times have the Twins had runners on first and third with no outs and then walk away with nothing because guys struck out while swinging for the fences. The bigger issue with Martin is where does he fit on defense. Canterino- I don't have his medical records and I'm not a doctor. But yeah, one has to wonder if this situation could have been handled differently. Balazovic-In 2000 at AA Kyle Lohse went 3-18 with a 6.04 ERA. He went on to have pretty respectable career. Sometimes you have to struggle to find and toughen yourself.
  5. What is it about Cotton that the front office doesn't like? There's been moments where he's been really good. I would rather they kept him over Sanchez or Pagan.
  6. We needed Larnach two months ago. Too late now. Might as well stay home at this point and get healed for next year.
  7. Why do I keep watching this crap? I like to think I've led a good life, and don't feel the need to punish myself. This team is just flat out cursed.
  8. Will any arms be left for the double header tomorrow?
  9. I think the last two months have already answered that question.
  10. Rocco's moves blow up in his face once again. This will go down in the books as another winnable game that got away.
  11. There really is no reason for him NOT to opt out. If it turns out like last year and he and Boras are left without a chair once the music stops, then what's the worst that can happen? They can go sign another short-term make-good contract. Ok, so maybe it's only $30M instead of $35M. So what. They could even circle back to the Twins, who have no one else ready to play SS.
  12. It's not a bad deal. The monthly cost is still less than the cost of a ticket. I get MLB.tv where I live. The bally sports app is only a little more and you get wolves and wild in addition to the Twins (presumably).
  13. I know this article is about team options, but the Twins will also have to make a tender decision on Gio Urshela. He could get $8-$9 million if they take him through the arbitration process. I noticed Miranda has been getting more playing time at third.
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