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  1. Nice article, but I don't see any point in bringing Cruz back. The reality is this club will most likely not be playoff bound in 2022, so no need to shell out money for Cruz. The same could be said for some of the starters listed in the article. How many good years do Scherzer and Greinke have left? If you think it's only one or two, then there's no point in bringing them aboard for big $$$ for another fight for the bottom of the AL central. 2022 will be about seeing which of the younger guys can play at an MLB level.
  2. The sad thing is, even IF all of those things happen, there is still a lot that has to be done for this team to return to the playoffs. Joe Ryan can only pitch once every five days.
  3. Nice article. Other than locking up Buxton, there is no reason the Twins should be spending big $$$ this offseason. With the loss of Berrios and Maeda, 2022 will be a tryout camp for the starting rotation. It makes more sense for the Twins to be active in free agency during the 2022-2023 offseason. I especially don't think they should be locking up a SS long-term when they have some legit possible in-house candidates.
  4. Simmons for Judge straight up. Why couldn't they get it done? I doubt there were serious discussions. If the Yankees really wanted Simmons I gotta think a ptbnl would have gotten a deal done.
  5. What exactly does a "bench coach" do? I always just assumed it was the manager's drinking buddy, but if the front office is making the selection then it indicates some kind of higher purpose.
  6. I think they keep Jax as a SP option. His numbers haven't been great, but he has shown flashes of being able to get big league hitters out and they still have to fill out a rotation next year...somehow....someway...... I think they need to move on from Cave. I would rather see Refsnyder get another shot.
  7. He's only pitched four innings for the Mets, so it' s too early to say. That said, I agree with the first comment. Sometimes it just takes awhile to put it all together. I'm not sure the Twins could have done anything differently.
  8. I agree with the above post that Buxton should be with the major league team. He can shake the rust off just as easily in the Twins lineup. They aren't going to the playoffs and his replacements have been awful. He may not be 100 percent, but so what.
  9. Another Simmons error. Can we have our $10 million back?

    1. bean5302


      4 games in a row with an error is crazy for the guy. 1 error in his previous 50 games.

  10. Actually, Littell pitched pretty well for us too (2019), which made his release even more bizarre.
  11. Their annual contract disputes are well documented. What's bizarre is that the Twins lost him to waivers. I don't know if that was standard procedure back then or if Calvin did it out of spite.
  12. I thought Simmons was supposed to be a defense first SS. He has not impressed me with his glove.
  13. Very funny. Point taken. But look at all the guys he plucked out of obscurity from other farm systems.....Joe Mays, Kyle Lohse, Francisco Liriano, Joe Nathan, Carlos Silva, Nick Punto, David Ortiz (ouch, I know what you're going to say). He took Mauer even though the national media was telling him to take Prior or Texeira.
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