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  1. Correct. Both Taiwan and SKorea responded to the challenge swiftly and decisively. Widespread testing and contact tracing was the key, and remains so. They squashed the curve very quickly because of it, and gradually, they are both on a path to a sense of normal. Needless to say, they responded far better than some other countries have, even in 2 nations that have massively crowded urban populations in some cities. Of course, there are no fans at the games yet. That probably won't happen for some time to come, but slowly, life is returning to some semblance of normal because their leaders did the right thing at the right time, and their populace acted responsibly, and continue to do so.
  2. And in still other news....... https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29112258/former-boston-red-sox-star-manny-ramirez-hoping-return-baseball-chinese-league
  3. For those of you on pins and needles-- the Brothers came up with 2 runs in the top of the 12th to take the win over the Monkeys, 10-8. And if you needed a good chuckle, check the translated version of the play-by-play here, to find out just how the Brothers scored... In action up north in SK, the Twins beat the Doosan Bears 3-2 in a preseason matchup.
  4. David HK


    Well, I needed a new one- Too much stuff in the other one.
  5. This is a small thing in our big world, but-- It's 9:20 PM in HK right now, and I am watching live baseball from Taiwan. Just now, the Monkeys put up a 5-spot in the top of the ninth to storm back and lead the Brothers 8-6, until the Brothers tied it up with 2 in the bottom of the 9th! We're going to extras... Cheers, y'all.
  6. An organization that wasn't tone-deaf or just didn't care whatsoever would find a way around this. So, even if it's a rule, it's a buyback "option" they don't have to take. Or they could take it, and then turn around and donate it again. You'd think that someone, anyone who gets paid to be a PR person, or heck, OWNS THE CLUB would figure this out. I hate them even more now.
  7. Man, I was excited when they got him. He had looked great as Gossage's setup man, big kid with a big heater, and a lot of moxie. And those killer glasses! LOL Those early 80's teams were horrid, but you could see a good nucleus coming along. It was like ticking the boxes for a contender: we had a big stud at 1B, and power-hitting youngster at 3B, Castino was not yet crippled, a couple of corner stones in the OF, too with Gary Ward and the young kid Brunansky whacking the ball around. Bobby Castillo and the kid Viola seemed like a couple of rocks in the rotation, and when we signed RD, I ticked the box for a closer! The next thing I remember it was 1984, and the young Twins were in contention in September for the first time in years. And then destroying a chair in the restaurant where I worked, as we gathered in the bar after our shifts to watch the end of the Twins games-- on that night in Cleveland...
  8. Oh, thanks a lot, Seth. Now I'm gonna be grumpy all day remembering that Bruno-for-Tom Herr trade. What a travesty that was.
  9. Man, these recaps bring back a hundred old memories! Dean Chance, Perry and Kaat, Dave Boswell- the Twins were loaded with good pitchers in 69, as well as that early version of the Bomba Squad. Boswell was my fave pitcher that year, 'til Billy took him out behind the old Lindell AC that night in Detroit. He missed about 3 weeks, but still won 20 games, even after having his 6'3" a** handed to him by a pint-sized old man... What a year that was.
  10. The 70s, as a Twins fan, was a lo-o-o-o-o-ong decade. There were bright spots, here and there, 76, 79, but for the most part, it was just as you said. Killer, Tony O, others got old, and Calvin let all the stars go for a pittance. But still, we never gave up!
  11. Jeepers, how many of those highlights from other teams in that video were against the Twins?!? And how about those attractive White Sox / Carpet Mart softball uniforms? Remember the shorts?
  12. Yeh, that was in the lean years, when it was a crapshoot for the AL to have to pick one guy from the Twins... I wonder if they actually used a dartboard?
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