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  1. 4-5 more runs here, and I might feel comfortable using Pagan in the 9th.
  2. We are certifiably at an Emilio Pagan Experience now, right? #EPE
  3. 10 hits, 2 runs. This is just pathetic. And Nick Gordon, what the....
  4. Well, this series should tell the tale of whether we can fight off the Tigers for 3rd this year.
  5. Not sure, but lately he seems to be looking towards the floor.
  6. Ffs, can we just leave Pagan in SD? Just maybe not tell him what time the airport bus is arriving?
  7. Interoffice memo From: Rocco <rocc-n-roll@twins.org> To: Jharel <wildthing45@twins.org> J: Next time you walk one single *** guy, I'm pulling your *** immediately. Get your *** together. R.
  8. Tyler Thornburg. You know what I'd like? I'd like to tune in to the Twinks game and not see a pitcher I've never heard of before in my life.
  9. Kinda like Urshela torching Donaldson a couple of times tonight. Only bright spot.
  10. Welp, Yanks in town, time for the Twins to roll over for that belly rub. And that head-stomping. Again. So sick of this intimidation factor deciding games before they even get on the field. So sick of the Empire blasting our X-wings out of the ether. Although it ain't exactly Skywalker leading the charge tonight...
  11. Kepler, Pagan, Thielbar, Megill. Not a fan of any of these whimps. Not anymore.
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