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  1. This is the only chicken Pagan gets in the clubhouse.
  2. We didn't need that Reese Louis or whatever, anyway.
  3. Welp, this means Pagan in the 9th. Still time to call anybody who's expecting you somewhere and tell them you'll be at least 1/2 hour later than you thought.
  4. Duran. Really. It's not like 16-year-old Cody couldn't have worked some stuff out.
  5. Welp, Mr. Miranda found a way to get on base. Kind of an anti-climax.
  6. He has me sitting on the edge of my seat yelling at him to throw anything, at all, like sometime today...
  7. A good observation. But Gawd Almighty, how many more seasons does Lewis need to be held back? Miranda (thankfully) hasn't had to deal with anywhere near the same kind of setbacks Lewis has.
  8. For God's sake. Everybody and their brother are either hurt or in Mendoza-range, and there've been a run of Molitor-level lineups of late. But sure, let's take the one guy who's actually producing and exciting the fans, and stuff him back east. It's not like he wouldn't be learning anything watching CC every day up close, and spelling him at SS when necessary. Oh, and let's take that other promising kid who's utterly looking lost, flailing at the plate, and costing us chances to win actual games, and keep him up on this side of the river. Because, let's not try to win any MLB games along the way, or anything.
  9. Busy day between classes again- but good to see Dylan Bundy got through 2.1 innings before the implosion began.
  10. Concur. He's got to be in a not-very-good head space right now. And he's putting his team into not-very-good advancing runners mode, too.
  11. Holy Cow, I just noticed that the middle of the A's order are all drowning below the Mendoza waterline. Duff, you'd better not disappoint.
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