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  1. No problem with the visa but it was a customs problem?! That implies he was trying to bring/smuggle in something he shouldn't have. Not saying that's the case, but once you have gotten your visa, clearing customs should be a breeze unless the customs officer suspects something's not quite kosher.
  2. That sums it up nicely. High expectations will invariably lead to disappointment. Hope for the best and cross a few fingers.
  3. Very good article! Will keep my eyes on the progress of these youngsters. Very comforting to know that we have some strong arms coming up through the ranks.
  4. I used to go to Spring training games every year when the Twins had their camp in Orlando (1960s through 1980s). Lots of great memories, but I can't get my head around all the changes to ST, in recent years, most especially the wide choice of food! Sure beats having to put up with blah hot dogs and stale popcorn.
  5. I just don't see Cave getting enough at bats to have a "breakout" season. And as saviking noted, we also have prospects like Krilloff, Larnach, and Rooker who could likely make appearances this year. Cave is a good guy to have as a backup, but I just don't see where he's going to become some sort of star starter.
  6. I love watching Buxton play the game; playing center field, running the bases, it's all a joy to watch. But you can't deny that he has a hard time staying off the IL. Injury prone sounding too negative? Let's call him Healthily Challenged.
  7. Good article! Honestly, I don't know what to expect. Being a longtime Twins fan I've become used to not having high expectations at all. But if either Duran or Balazovic turns into a high-end starter that would be nice. And if they both end up being rotation staples that would be extra great. All we can do is hope. Keep the faith ... and don't wear out those arms too quickly.
  8. He's back! Well, sort of. Tommy Milone just signed a minor league deal with Baltimore: https://sports.yahoo.com/tommy-milone-orioles-complete-minor-league-deal-231214692--mlb.html
  9. Setting aside the issue of salaries and impending free agency, I think the Dodgers were the big winner in this deal. But I still think the Twins did okay too. Getting an above average starter like Maeda was huge. Then again, another year or two down the line I may regret that opinion if Graterol becomes an all-star. But I still think the Red Sox didn't get much of a return for losing both Betts and Price. If I'm a Boston fan I'd be feeling very disappointed.
  10. I'm not so sure this is about holding grudges. It's more about playing the game fairly and showing accountability. And should the players who were involved also be punished? I think that's a fair question. Grudges are something else.
  11. I still like the trade, even in this revised form. As Brock and others have said, the Twins are a stronger team now than they were a month ago. But ... I still hate to see Brusdar go. When I saw the trade announced today, my first thought was that a lot of people on this board would moan about losing Luke Raley as part of the package. Seems like many had high hopes for him. But as noted by others already, we have other very good prospects that can play a similar position so I'm not too sad about losing him. I'm more annoyed that we had to give up a fairly high draft pick to get the deal done. But hey, I like our starting rotation a lot more now.
  12. I agree with that assessment. Not sure what happened to the Twins' sky-high hopes for Brusdar, but that bright and shiny optimistic glow seemed to suddenly dim in recent months.
  13. I hate all of this uncertainty. Let's decide one way or the other. But how firm is this "deadline" that the Twins are talking about?
  14. Shocked to see that Parmalee is still hanging in there. I assume Joe Benson is long gone? And whatever happened to Oswaldo Arcia?
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