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  1. I wasn't watching, just following. That was the only shift of the game?
  2. Didn't they cover the Conservation of Mendozas Theorem when you were in school?
  3. They've learned to appreciate the souvenir cup of Surly?
  4. Now we've got a walk and a reached-on-error achieved. (Unless the official scorer gives Kepler a hometown base hit.)
  5. Bundy could be more economical with his pitch count by walking Connor Joe intentionally before throwing the double-play ball to erase him.
  6. I'm not sure. The poster didn't actually include the word "or" in his question. Chief can be a stickler for detail, sometimes.
  7. Only the top of the third and I see the Twins have already broken up the perfect game against them.
  8. Outstanding! I'm not young and have been to a lot of games by now, and have never come meaningfully close to snagging a foul ball souvenir - there was one scorching Joe Mauer line drive that passed one row below me that I wanted NO part of, like a meteor that came and went on its way to some other ultimate destination, and that's been it. / I'm not young and may also have forgotten a better opportunity
  9. Don't people advocate to trade prospects for established veterans, because a lot of prospects wash out? We may think there are sure things, but there really aren't. There are only better and worser wagers.
  10. That does require a 40-man move. Godoy goes in return for whatever trade package? Or just DFA I suppose. Either way, no likelihood of keeping 4 catchers on the roster, in this scenario. So, "what was your favorite José Godoy moment?"
  11. I am filled with rage that others are not taking the past span of games as calmly as I am!
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