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  1. Give up 5 runs, over an entire game and not just the starting pitcher's part, and you're odds-against to win. I think you're willing to call "he gave up enough runs that they'll very probably lose" as keeping the team in the game. That's a really low bar to clear. B-r.com has a version of Bill James's "game score" in a pitcher's game log that serves as a quick shorthand, especially if you use it not as gospel but to rank a pitcher's starts and then look more closely at the in-between cases. I used that instead of FG's version, but probably they give similar guidance. In 7 starts, he
  2. Whaddaya know? This time, Godot showed up at the end of the play! Had 'em all the way.
  3. From this corner, he's met expectations, but only because my expectations were so low.
  4. I'm tired of guys with nasty stuff they can't command game in and game out. The coaching state of the art is pretty high and it's getting harder and harder to find gems in someone else's trash pile.
  5. Your fingers are typing Old Timey Member but all I'm reading is Old. Thanks for the extra storage, though. It wasn't really stopping me from doing anything but it's nice not to get the reminders from the system.
  6. Dakota Chalmers off to a rough first inning for Wichita tonight. Whatever disease the Twins pitching staff has, it seems to be communicable. Total System Pandemic, perhaps?
  7. No change in what I see on the screen. For each attachment, on the right there is text. "No locations to display. The content may not have been saved yet or may have been deleted." Same as in the screen shot I previously put up.
  8. Yes. I thought the screen shot might be of use to him.
  9. I'd show you, but I can't upload any attachments. I put it somewhere online though. Here's what I see:
  10. "You attachments. You lollygag your photos around the forums. You lollygag your memes through the articles. You lollygag in and out of the game threads. You know what that makes you? Anybody? Anybody at all? Lollygaggers!"
  11. Sano would have made that play on the popup behind first base, right? (If he hadn't been at bat, I mean.)
  12. A seeing-eye single gets our broadcast crew rhapsodizing about how this is what can get a team going.
  13. This rookie shortstop, Simmons I think his name is, looks like he needs a little more seasoning at AAA to hone his craft.
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