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  1. They lack that killer instinct to score 11 when needed.
  2. It's worse than that, I think. A rich team can afford to take on the risk of a contract based on talent. I feel it's wrong to phrase it as having anything to do with Buxton's wishes. He's literally worth more, in dollars and cents taking risk into account, to a rich team than to the Twins, and it's asking a lot to expect Buxton to accept the lower value. Just not a level playing field, where it comes to the high-end talent.
  3. Batters have been increasingly going all-out too. Launch angle is optimized for distance rather than contact, and there's no shortening the swing with 2 strikes. It's difficult to separate cause and effect - do the batters adjust their swing because the pitches they see have become nastier, or do the pitchers go all out to try to neutralize the launch angle any way they can? The net result is the balance is out of whack as a spectator sport. And I don't think the balance is regained by addressing only one side of the issue. That's a digression, obviously. HBP is only a small part
  4. Bauer is renowned for speaking frankly when you catch him in the right mood. A question about that would be a podcast to remember.
  5. Too difficult to legislate on the field. Some inside pitches are dangerous and some are merely passing nuisances. There are batters who are adept at leaning into a pitch and taking it off of a nonvulnerable body part. If the penalty is increased from the current free pass, the incentive will also increase. Think about how much we make fun of "flopping" in soccer and basketball. The penalty is not just possible ejection, but that the batter now can anticipate only middle-out pitches. I don't think that leads to good baseball.
  6. If you limit consideration to those who played anything other than LF less than, say, 35% of their innings while with the Twins, Ward deserves some attention. Guys like Allison played a lot of RF. OTOH Allison played a lot, period, so maybe his contributions in Left still outweigh Ward's. Left really isn't chock full of top candidates. And Ward is pretty underrated by now - never any great shakes on defense but he got the job done, and he could hit.
  7. The first rule of Byron Buxton is - you do not talk about Byron Buxton. The second rule of Buxton is - you DO NOT talk about Buxton.
  8. Which is a way of saying he should not have an assured spot on the roster and the team should be looking to upgrade at all times.
  9. I took your post as a humorous non-answer, since the thread title is literally "Where is Luis Arraez' future position" and the short article stayed pretty much on-point. My response was also intended to be humorous (the smiley face kind of tipped my pitch). Whether or not it's the Twins' issue, it's the question being asked. And now here we are, debating for the umpteenth time whether the FO should draft pitchers.
  10. Okay, but the receiving team probably will inquire as to where to play him. "Decide for youself" could be construed as a bit of a red flag from those who know the player best.
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