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  1. Wasn't an age-based FA already nixed? Thought I read that somewhere ... could be wrong. But yeah ... age-based makes the most sense
  2. Lol ... that was hilariously so accurate a description
  3. No way. then you'd have a Hall of all Yankees and Red Sox players and no one else. Let the players vote who should/shouldn't go in
  4. Well, one can always have hope. But there is also a lot of cynicism when it comes to the MLB and their decision making.
  5. You know ... sometimes a little amaretto is nice
  6. It is if she uses it to make a yummy butterscotch sauce
  7. Despite all that 'yes' business above, I chose pitching. Not because of the scarcity, although, there's always that, but the question was 'most intrigued by'. The upcoming group of pitchers, whether near or far, are intriguing. Some of the names out there, and after reading Seth's pitching prospect articles, I just have to say ... it is the most intriguing for me in that ... dare I say it and be dashed? ... they make me a little itchy with hopefulness. Right, I know, many won't 'pan out' despite their early promise, but we have more than we've had in a long time of hopeful pitching. Doesn't help us right now ... but it is, nonetheless, the most intriguing group of Twins hopefuls, imo. Oh ... and just so y'all are clear ... the butterscotch vs caramel debate? I always have both on hand for ice cream. As long as both are of good quality, they are both good to have on hand. And for those that don't know the difference between the two ... yes, there is a difference, but there is a similarity, too ... here you go ... but ... butter will always win out. "With enough butter, anything is good." - Julia Child
  8. I have never been a fan of Polanco at SS. I'd been advocating for years to move him to 2nd, and, frankly, am surprised it took as long as it did. He is not a SS solution. Of course, the SS I wanted years ago is now with another team. So it goes, always. There are still other options than this. I'm not sure what will happen, but if it's this, ugh, is all I can say.
  9. It doesn’t demonstrate anything if the offer was so far from being a good faith offer showing no real willingness to take steps toward compromise, Seriously,, the offer made was a PR move to say they’ve made an offer but the intent was not an offer to get talks started but to get rejected so ownership could say they tried and the players didn’t. (And as I’ve said many times, BOTH sides need to compromise or nothing will get done. Hard line stances in bargaining go nowhere, and that a good contract usually means neither side is happy in the end but can live with it.) And no, I’m not suggesting the players would be more willing if the owners ended the lockout, but a lockout is an ownership tactic/attempt in defensive strongarming. No one wants to blink right now so no one is showing any willingness here. But, as I said initially, if both sides were willing, this could be over tomorrow and work could start up the following day.
  10. They can still talk, as I said, but until the lockout is lifted no one can go back to work, no one can be at their team’s facility, there is no communication with players. I’m not even sure how this affects the process of getting work visas, but I think all of that doesn’t happen until the lockout ends. The players are barred from everything. It signals an unwillingness.
  11. Well, I have been involved in many labor disputes ... it actually doesn't take much to come to an agreement once you want to come to an agreement. Usually both sides agree in principle to things, but the actual document takes a while to come together as the 'wordsmithing' between lawyers is worked out. We've used stenographers in our negotiating sessions so the note taking of who said what and who agreed to what is clear for the process of lawyers actually hashing out the document. Work can go on when there is an agreement even if the actual document isn't ready for a couple of months. But ... both sides have to be willing. And, the owners need to end the lockout. It doesn't matter if you believe the players refused to negotiate, the owners still called the lockout, so they need to end it. There can be talks, but the owners have to agree to end the lockout. And both sides have to be willing to come to the table and willing to negotiate in good faith. They could be headed toward an agreement tomorrow, if they wanted, and the players on the field the next day, if they wanted.
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