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  1. I think this was an unfortunate loss. I’d rather have Coloumbe over Pagan and Sands, but wish him well
  2. I think it was their plan, but so many injuries to starters moved the piggy backers to the rotation then they were left with what they had …
  3. Right. And I think Winder was initially going to follow Archer’s starts, piggybacking. Then injuries. And Winder moved to the rotation. And, then more injuries, and then …
  4. This. There were a few times I thought the pitchers were pulled too soon. I get limiting pitchers early on but into May and June they absolutely need to be left in longer. Gray made a similar comment last year, then the following week, had a bad outing and then did a mea culpa and said that he needed to do better. That is the crux … do better to earn more innings. I think we have a rotation that can do that. And we have a BP, imo, where the starters need to.
  5. Lol … or how many broken bones! I was amazed by the backwards jump onto the washing machine while in costume. And then both of them running into and out of the tub without tripping and falling on one another
  6. This. I have no issues with who we behind the plate. It’s the one area the Twins addressed early and did well. Sigh!
  7. It’s called the commissioners cup since Boston moved out of the Fort Myers city limits
  8. I should have labeled this as … this is Chief on skates …
  9. I was going to say I don’t see it happening, but I didn’t see it last year, either
  10. At this point in my life, all the minor leaguers look 15 yrs old!
  11. Here’s another video for CRF: Yeah, for some reason I like dinosaur costume videos 🙂
  12. He’s already made the team, so it’s not likely he’s sent down before the end of March
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