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  1. A better survey would be, who would you trade for the right offer that is likely never going to happen?
  2. They could waive them ... don't want to imagine the circumstances of that because it wouldn't be good, but, technically, just sayin' ... so the list is zero.
  3. More personality. She’s hilarious. She’s also a she. Would like to see more deserving women be given these ‘big job’ opportunities but she’s also pretty busy doing the Lynx and other things
  4. I know that a lot of radio-exclusive listeners here didn’t want this. I, personally, wanted Marney, but I’m also happy with Provus.
  5. Not really surprising and what many here guessed would happen but it’s now official. I don’t have access to the STrib article but am posting it nonetheless. If someone with access can share any important details, if there are any, it would be appreciated. https://www.startribune.com/minnesota-twins-tv-radio-cory-provus-kris-atteberry-dick-bremer/600323701/
  6. For reference, this is also being discussed here:
  7. It got mentioned in a couple of the QO turn down threads.
  8. This is already in the minor league forum here: This thread is specifically for the Twins 40-man off-season roster moves
  9. I split this off. The other thread was really for during the 23 season. It doesn’t make sense to have part of the off-season in one thread, and part in another. And when the season starts, we will start a new transaction thread to keep track of the up and down. It’s a little different because in season we are looking more at the 26-man and and the transactions that affect that. During the off-season it’s mostly the 40=man with an eye to next spring of who will make the 26-man.
  10. Didn’t he try to make a diving catch and missed?
  11. This is how the Yankees bought so many championships
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