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  1. Could be. All I’m saying is he’s not a bust. I think that’s an overstatement. He may not be the most of everything expected but he’s still the best SS we’ve had since I don’t know when and he has been a real leader on the team and the team seems cohesive like it wasn’t at all last year. I just don’t think he’s a bust
  2. You are basing this on one aspect of his play, hitting. Yes, it’s been a down year for him. And that is not as expected. But he’s hardly a bust when you consider everything he’s brought to this team as a player and a leader.
  3. Well, I think that's an over statement. He's not a bust. His bat is certainly in a down year, but I still think he's been a plus player on the team this year
  4. I just don't see them offering, though ... I mean ... there's really no room for him ... and I would think, if they don't pick up his option, which they won't, that he would want to try elsewhere
  5. Probably, somewhere, not with the Twins. Someone might sign him to a minor league/make good deal. But I want in on Chief's action if you think he will be with the Twins next year
  6. The thing about this play ... it looked NOTHING like what happened to Posey, though, which makes the whole thing just stupid. Merrifield admitted to sliding right at Sanchez, but ... he SLID, he didn't lower his shoulder and barrel right into Sanchez to intentionally take him out. There was no collision. And Merrifield also admits that there was plenty of room to slide to the side of Sanchez, but he knew he'd be out so he went for the slide AT Sanchez instead hoping for a different result. But again, he SLID. And Sanchez lifted up his knee so Merrifield could go under him. That's how it's supposed to look and go. I was a catcher in softball and made plays exactly like that. I just don't see how this even resembles what happened to Posey, at all, and how the Posey rule could even be applied. It's just so egregious in the worst possible way. And if Merrifield supports this overturned call, I think MMMordabito is right and should get booed, loudly. (And I'm not arguing against anything you said, I'm just wound up ... still ... about this overturned call.)
  7. Thanks for the info. Wonder if our resident doctor has more to add? Calling @Heezy1323!
  8. Not sure who you are referring to to DFA ... Sano? If so, I don't think you can DFA a player who is on the IL ... but not sure about that. And as long as he is on the IL-60, it's no harm to our roster
  9. As someone pointed out in a different thread, Cole Sands will likely be used in long relief ... hopefully ... so perhaps won't necessitate using as many pen arms today? I'm not big on Cole Sands, but that seems like an appropriate usage for him, if he can get through 3 or 4 innings ...
  10. And, your point being? We won tonight ... most assumed we'd lose. But I get it, gonna be another game dependent on the BP and many arms won't be available to us tomorrow ... still ... can we please not play it like it's all doom before the game is even played? A lot did that today and now they all have egg on their faces and get to eat crow
  11. Okay, so you don't want him on the team for other reasons. We get it. Let's move on now.
  12. Hey ... everyone was complaining about Bundy going today, assuming a quick loss ... let's see what we've got before we worry about tomorrow, you might be surprised
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