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  1. Who's giving Ryan that much credit this soon? I've seen nothing overwhelming from people saying he's the next coming of Johan. Most are pretty tempered about where they think he will end up as a starting pitching contributor. And, he's just getting his feet wet and will have much to prove next season and beyond. But, for right now, he's doing well as a rookie, even starting against bad teams. So what? I don't think the hopefulness is anyone anointing him as anything. We're just happy for the wins and happy for the potential we see. I don't think he will be Johan, not even close. But I think he could be a strong contributor in years to come and that's what I want to see.
  2. Not even close. Hawk Harrelson wins that trophy by a mile, of the ones I've heard. Dick is actually above average, from the ones I've heard. I'm out of area so I listen to a lot of the other teams' broadcasters. But, I get being 'weary' of the ones you have to listen to all. the. time., but he is not the worst or most obnoxious. Listening to the Cubs announcers is no picnic either. Ugh.
  3. heh ... wasn't trying to be diplomatic ... but I probably should have put interesting in quotations ... that was more 'interesting' than it needed to be
  4. Maeda 'designs' t-shirts and then sells them for charity ... I think? Hard to get by the Japanese on his IG account. But I suppose these days his off season activity will include a healthy dose of rehab work
  5. Just less than a week ago we were saying it was a classy move for the FO to add him to the 40-man and call him up, a career minor leaguer ... and now it's classless and clueless because they didn't get him into a game. Okay, hmm. While I wanted him to get into a game and am disappointed he did not and wish otherwise, I wouldn't call it classless
  6. Since you heard a first name, I'm assuming you mean Alex Colomé. It gets confusing when you have another reliever whose name is Danny Coulombe. I keep seeing these names and go 'Wait, what? Who? Which? Oh.'
  7. Jax and Barnes part of the starting staff next season? Doubtful. I'm not sure who's suggesting that. I think they either serve as AAA/AAAA depth or transition to the pen.
  8. I think I mentioned that, did I not? But it is not a great place to watch a game. Many of the seats are obstructed, it’s old and dank. It’s an experience, to be sure, and one I encourage. I just don’t want to watch a game there very often
  9. Oh, for sure go ... it's an iconic place to be ... the history of it ... but it's not a place I want to sit and watch a game very often
  10. Goodness ... 3 hours in ... top of the 7th is next ... zzzzzZZZZZZZzzzzzz
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