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  1. I’m not sure which ads specifically are causing the problems but the continuous pop up ads really get in the way particularly when you are typing responses. On mobile half the screen is keyboard, then the pop up covers half of the reply box covering the portion that is being typed so you can’t read what you are typing.
  2. Again, did you read the thread I linked? The woman who organized housing for players asked some basic questions. One of them was about distance to the stadium and if players had a car. Some barely speak English which makes navigating this even further. And no, I don’t believe the pay is sufficient. So on that we will have to agree to disagree, but this thread was started based on the news that MLB teams will now work to supply housing for certain players, not sure which ones or how, so we will have to wait and see how this will be implemented as we may end up agreeing on who and who not. But as was also stated not all players get a large signing bonus and after taxes and agent fees the majority who get maybe $10k are left with very little that it doesn’t get them very far. It takes a lot of players to fill out teams at all levels for all organizations, and elite signing bonuses are for the few, not the many; but that thread with the ESPN article was the previous thread
  3. If you go back to the link I posted of a thread that was started by a woman who organized housing for the team in Pensacola, she said this about housing in her market in summer: "In Pensacola...Summer is our high tourist season, so players are competing with condos on the beach which rent for crazy amounts, and every other guy and his dog putting their spare living spaces on Air BnB. That has made it a little harder than most areas to find player housing." Not all housing markets are created equal. What might seem 'easy' to you in Witchita is obviously not in other parts of the country, which might be why MLB has stated 'certain minor leaguers'. I'd like to hear the details of it before I start lumping everyone in the same boat, because they aren't. In some areas it just might be a Herculean task and it would be best not to judge it all the same. If there are many players complaining about this, then it isn't just a matter of budgeting and questioning if adult men are working hard enough to find an affordable place to live. There are a lot of variables that neither you nor I nor anyone else knows. But I'm glad that MLB will be working to provide some relief.
  4. No ... no one is plainly wrong. We have opinions that don't align. That's why we discuss. This isn't, and never has been, about being right. You feel as passionate about your opinion 'being right' as others do. You have made some valid points and arguments, as has chpettit. Both have given the community a lot to think about. But you don't agree. At this point I think the two of you are talking past one another and going in circles, and I think it's time to agree to disagree and walk away. This isn't a fight to the death that there is one ultimate winner.
  5. Which post? About the dorm in Ft Myers? I wasn't confident about it and Seth clarified it.
  6. I went back and found this thread from a couple years ago. Was a woman who ran the host family program for the Wahoos. Some interesting insights about housing for the players and some of the difficulties it is for players. https://twinsdaily.com/forums/topic/32419-blue-wahoos-host-family-program/?tab=comments#comment-825813
  7. I thought I had read somewhere (on here, I think) that they do pay, but it is very reasonable. Maybe @Seth Stohs knows?
  8. They do. But it’s not free. Players still pay. I think it’s still a really good deal and players aren’t locked into a lease, but someone in the know would have to confirm that
  9. If you reread what I wrote, I said that trading him now, this off-season, would be short-sighted ... not not trading him ever. Miranda will get his opportunities next season, either as a back up on the roster or a call up. If all goes well and he proves himself ready to take over as the starting 3rd baseman, then you trade Donaldson. But not now.
  10. This isn’t an either/or between Donaldson or Buxton, or anyone else for that matter, in regards to salary resources. Having Donaldson on the team does not preclude that we then can’t sign Buxton and a SS and top of the rotation pitcher, imo. Further, we would still likely have to pay a LOT of his salary in a trade or get less of a player return, neither which makes it worth trading him. And trading Donaldson now immediately worsens the team for next year, both defensively and offensively. I agree Miranda has nothing left to prove in AAA, and wish he’d been given some playing time in the majors this year, but we need to see Miranda adjust to the bigs, both offensively and defensively, before we jettison that strength we have by having Donaldson on the team. Get Miranda playing time with the Twins next year and see what we have. Just because he did well in AAA does not mean an immediately successful player in the majors. How many times have we seen that … someone good in the minors not be all that in the majors? A LOT. The best is to keep Donaldson for now, and rotate Miranda in next year and if he looks competent, THEN look to trade Donaldson. Donaldson holds a lot of value to the Twins next year, imo, and trading him now would be horribly short-sighted.
  11. I don't know if this is the same situation or not, but I've found I need to 'click off' the ads and then proceed in some cases
  12. With the Dodgers win last night we are down to 4 teams ... none of whom I really want to cheer on to win. Of the four, the Braves are lowest on my list, even with my beloved Eddie in the lineup. In fact, I don't think the other teams come close. The Braves for me are in Yankees territory of likability. Yep, that bad. For oh so many reasons. So, then it's the Dodgers for the NL. Ho hum. Okay, whatever. Would rather be cheering on the Brewers, or even the Giants, but here we are. The Dodgers are most definitely the lesser of the evils. Then it's between the Red Sox and the Astros. Is that really my choice? Either team against the Dodgers will replay a recent WS match up, and in both instances, the Dodgers lost, to cheaters. I'm blunt about that because that's what it was. Okay, so *maybe* they didn't cheat during the series and won against the Dodgers legitimately, they cheated to get there. But if that is the standard, I'm sure we could unearth a lot of that in the past. Were the Red Sox and Astros just the only ones who got caught? Then there is the era of heavy PED usage. I'm sure that made a difference for a team or two, it's why many owners turned a 'blind eye' to it. Okay, okay ... waaaaaay off track here ... don't follow that lead, please. Back to WS 21 and the road to get there. I'm not very excited about any of this. But I'll probably have the games on in the background, I'll be checking scores. Who will be watching? Is anyone excited about this? Who do you want to win? Do you care? Will this thread/poll produce crickets? The final road begins tonight, 7:07pm CT.
  13. Trading away Hardy for nothing was the move I found most inexplicable in all of this.
  14. Could you clarify this for me, please ... are you saying you think Simmons deliberately played poorly in the hopes of getting traded to a contending team?
  15. So, who’s left to cheer on now? The Giants, maybe? I’m pretty much done now.

  16. You missed my joke ... I posted my comment this morning, knowing the Rays lost ... so I'd laugh if he brought the statue with him
  17. Not to get sidetracked ... but there is a huge difference between a rookie batting barely .200 and a veteran batting .200. Rookies are adjusting to the best pitching they have seen so far in their careers. The hope with rookies is they take this and learn to adjust - whether they will or won't is yet to be seen; but a veteran batting at that level? That's as good as they get.
  18. I find it disappointing that Maggi didn't get any actual playing time. There are many more who never even get called up. Where are the crocodile tears for them? Some are being so extremely over-emotional and just plain silly about this. It's disappointing. That's it. 

  19. Gee ... look which teams get the 'prime time' slots? (not surprising) I'm cheering for the White Sox over the Astros and the Brewers over the Braves and the Rays over the Red Sox. And I guess the Giants over the Rays. This won't be, but I thought it would be fun for the series to be the Brewers vs the White Sox in the WS. Cubs' fans would go nuts with that. Heh. Although, Most Cub fans aren't true baseball fans anyway, so probably don't follow it at all.
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