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  1. No, we’re not in agreement. I found his choice of words fine, and his analogy the point he was making was apt. Just saying that for others who think he should have responded differently, who took great offense, no one’s perfect and each of us has moments, so maybe just take a breath and don’t be so offended. You say plenty that others take the wrong way and we still give you the benefit of a doubt
  2. I won’t. Been there, done that, over that. But you do you and I’ll do me.
  3. But ... to get a player like Correa, you are going to have to shop at and pay for Dior. That's the reality. Or, just keep paying for mid-level or lower retail outlets and hope to find the right combo. That's my point ... if want Correa, or players/pitchers of that level of elite, it means shopping at and paying Dior prices ... to me, whether we like it or not, relate to it or not, that is just the reality of it. I don't think he was being tactless or arrogant, as a couple other posters said, I think he was just being brutally honest, and some of our Midwestern sensitivities got a bit ruffled
  4. You know, I have prepared for many interviews in my lifetime ... prepared for all the stock questions that will be thrown at me. I know they're coming, yet, there have been times, even when I'm prepared, in that moment I've said things I wish I had said differently or said better and knew that I could have. I think you are being unnecessarily critical. Correa was asked a question he gave an honest answer and made a valid point. But we are being super critical (and yes, I think you and few others are) because it's not relatable? Because people have never heard of or don't know or haven't shopped at Dior? That was kind of the point, but are you so certain they haven't and don't get the point being made? I don't shop at Dior, or any of the other places I've mentioned, but I'd certainly like to have a piece or two. But, Midwestern practicality ... don't spend money in those places when you can get a t-shirt for $6 at Target, or Costco or Walmart. And same with those posters who claim 'tactless and arrogant.' I just don't see it. He knows his value. And, as was pointed out, we also don't know in what context the question was asked. I think everyone is feeling, what? Snubbed? Put down? And I don't shop at Whole Foods because I don't think it's truly all that much better than other options, so I don't necessarily think that makes the point. (Maybe if you had said Lunds or Byerly's )Dior is obviously a more elite place. And that's the point.
  5. Okay, so let's pay our bargain price of $6 for a t-shirt. Seriously ... I've heard nothing but complaints from many, including you, about the quality of play. But ... if you want a better quality, you have to pay for it. If you want to continue shopping for your players at BargainsRus ... then what we get is what we have now. Let's shop at Dior for a change. And Cartier. And Tiffany's. We need a few of those special pieces or we will continue to have a 'last year's fashion bargain bin' team. And sure, we might even find something great there from time to time. He was exactly right. And he knows it. He is a premium player at a premium position. We need the $1000 t-shirt there, not the $6 one. imho.
  6. Sure ... it reflects the product on the field. But some take that to a different level and use this as a dumping ground for more than just that. It's one thing to be snarky, it's quite another to be caustic and rude.
  7. Actually, this site of late is worse than twitter. I go there now most of the time.
  8. Exactly. Which is why he won’t be signing a deal with us because the Twins won’t pay.
  9. I would give him what he wants. Someone will, why not us? Oh … wait … we won’t. I agree with Seth and RiverB … it was a really good analogy with a lot of honesty. And him opting out is no surprise. From the beginning it was always ever going to be a 1-year deal. Some of us, okay some of me, were hoping beyond hope there’d be a way he would stay, but reality was always there waiting. I’ll be sad when he goes.
  10. I guess I take the tack that if it isn’t the focus of news, it’s probably a good thing, or good as can be given the circumstances. They are still in search and rescue mode in the area, with the Lee Co, sheriff saying they expect ‘100s of fatalities’, so not likely to be news in the News-Press about the stadium and sports complex specifically at this time. I’d monitor the Twins website for news on that front. I’ll be down on Saturday, but likely won’t be able to just drive around, but if I drive by, I’ll try to see what I can see. Haven’t seen maps yet about how far in the surge went. The stadium is in zone c so I’m guessing they fared better than anyone or anything in zones a or b
  11. Well, August isn’t as much of a surprise, it was the words ‘had a setback’ and I was thinking a setback to his whole healing process, that something during recovery went wrong
  12. End of the line happening in September vs July is better, I suppose, but it’s still the end of the line regardless. Oh, the agony of defeat!
  13. I’m grateful my Mom took shelter on higher ground. She has a ground floor condo and got about a foot of water from the surge, but she was safe on the 3rd floor of her building with friends during the storm. It has receded but damage done. Her ground floor neighbors stayed, and another neighbor had to help them get to safety. I don’t know the extent of the damage to the community yet. Heard that part of the Sanibel Causeway collapsed and the Naples Pier is gone. But stuff can be rebuilt. Lives cannot. Fort Myers was on the wrong side of the eye wall.
  14. I heard in the Sox broadcast that Paddack had a set back and wouldn’t be available until next August … has anyone heard more about this?
  15. I’ll be heading down on Saturday. If allowed and I’m able, I’ll see if I can drive by. The surge was bad. My mom is much closer to FMB than the Twins complex and my Mom estimates there was a foot in her condo when she was able to get a look tonight. The Fort Myers News-Press is a good source for local news and information.
  16. It will be an updated version of this ... baby blue with red pinstripes ...
  17. Oh, I think you are, to some extent. I mean, the lack of fan support certainly could play a part.
  18. It looks like their complex is in Zone C ... parts of zone C are under evacuation orders (along with zones A and B), but I don't know, specifically, about them. The surge is now predicted to be 16 ft, from Sanibel to Englewood. The dorm at the complex is new and of concrete construction. If they aren't in a mandatory zone, they will weather the hurricane there and I'm sure that structure is sound, given its relative newness. I'm sure they aren't at all concerned about the Fall League at this point, but just making sure their players who are in Fort Myers are taken care of. They will assess after what will be. Right now (unless there is a newer update), Ian is just below a category 5, and the radius is huge, so, even if not a direct hit, Fort Myers will get hit hard. Last I read the Punta Gorda/Charlotte area will likely see the direct hit. Surges in Charlotte Bay might see 18 ft or more. The danger isn't the storm itself but the predicted surges and the massive amounts of rain expected. Maybe someone with more direct knowledge will have more to say. And may all our Floridian posters here at TD take care. You are in our thoughts.
  19. The best thing about playing the Sox is listening to Ozzie on the post-game show
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