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  1. Or that he wants market value money and the Twins aren't there yet
  2. As I said, on my computer ... not a big deal ... it doesn't cover content that I'm reading. Tablet just can't load the pop up video stuff. Ever changing ads and video ads is problematic in general for my older tablet making the site just way to slow to bother with. The phone, though, wish it didn't pop up at all, because that's a smaller screen and that does get annoying as it covers what I'm trying to read.
  3. My tablet basically can't handle it and takes it forever to load the site, which probably means I need a new tablet, but that's not happening.
  4. Yeah, I don't think so. Not only would that create a bigamy charge for one of us ... the likes we give one another would probably disappear
  5. I will say this ... I'm no longer seeing ads for press on nails for your dog ...
  6. I thought you would at least enjoy the 2nd definition, heh ... each superstition has its own story of origins (a good dad joke, for you)
  7. heh ... says the man with more than twice that many ... who has told about that many more Dad jokes than me, too
  8. lol ... you clicked on it??? I didn't think you would ... yes ... anyone in the performing arts knows 'toi, toi, toi' but the rest of you may not
  9. Thank you, @bighat ... you gave me my 25,000th like! heh
  10. I turned on the game at a good time ... Kepler and then, omg ... Rooker's shot ... and that was a SHOT!
  11. Game four of the 4-game series. I'm hoping the Twins will even the score. I bought some chicken at the grocery store today, and am planning to have it for dinner tonight. But it wasn't at all because I was concluding, or even hoping for a win ... because that would be a huge jinx, and you know me about that. Or should. I'm quick to hush y'all up when one of you issues a jinx-like statement. I just wanted some chicken and hadn't fixed some in a while. Maybe, just to be on the safe side, I won't fix the chicken until tomorrow. Toi! Toi! Toi!* So, I was excited about the potential of today's game because I thought Ohtani was going to pitch. It was going to be my opening comment. I was going to say, 'Reasons to Watch ... Ohtani.' And that was going to be it. I mean, he's the most exciting player in baseball right now. Is he the most exciting player of all time? I think I'll wait until the end of his career to say that, but I think it's certainly safe to say ... that is the path he's on. Anyway, he's still DH-ing ... but we won't see him pitch today. So, instead we have Barria vs Ober. Neither have faced each others' teams before. While Barria has had a couple years of major league experience, he hasn't been up but for a couple of games so far this year and has been on the 'rovolving-door ride' between the LA Angels and the Salt Lake Bees (LAA's AAA team). If I were Ober, would I be relieved or disappointed? I mean, on the one hand, that would be some pressure going up against Ohtani, but then, being the competitive sort I am, I would be looking forward to the challenge. That said, I like our chances against Barria and his 10.25 era better than Ohtani. Then again ... it's the Twins. Life is always a series of 'Fortunately, Unfortunately', or vice versa. The other thought I had was ... okay, I miss Cruz. Yes, I'm going to mention him even though his mentions are 95% of the site talk the last few days. I miss Cruz, his bat, his person, his influence. It's going to be felt, it is being felt, imo. But it was the absolute right thing to do. And I'm surprised we got what we did for him. Yes, van, I know ... you graded this trade a C ... but if your claim is you can't grade this trade yet ... why did you give it a C? Like I said the other day, on paper, this was a good trade ... a win-win trade. But we won't know the exact outcome for a couple years to come. Even if one of the pitchers becomes 'serviceable' on the major league roster in a year or two, it's a win for us. Cruz was not going to make a difference for this team going to the playoffs and beyond this year (hahahaha ... Twins in the playoffs, let alone beyond? hahahaha), so we got something for him. And I'm happy for him and his chances to help the Rays ... a team worthy to cheer for, imo. So, this is a win for Cruz, and because it's a win for him, I'm happy about it. Because he's that kind of a person. And before all of you start complaining about Rooker being up, about Rooker striking out (but he did break up the no-no last night and scored a run for us) ... while he might have been the call up to put on the major league roster with Cruz' departure, he is NOT Cruz' replacement, so, in a lost year, and Rooker's 'still getting experience,' yes, we know ... he's not Cruz, won't ever be Cruz, cut him a bit of slack. We need to see how he is and if he will have a place with us after this season. He's not Cruz so let's lower our expectations just a bit. He's not Cruz and this was still the right move for the FO to make. (Yes, this is all imho, so I expect some of you will complain about my saying this at all.) Other random thoughts ... I'm still seeing ads for 'press on nails' for dogs ... who does that??? Seriously ... why? Is there a reason for this I'm over-looking? But if there is, why colored and glittery? Aren't you afraid they will swallow one or two or three? It's going to be a hot and sunny one today, so if you are at the game, or out and about, on water or land, keep hydrated! Play ball! Win Twins? ANGELS David Fletcher (R ) 2B Shohei Ohtani (L) DH Justin Upton (R ) LF Jared Walsh (L) 1B Jose Iglesias (R ) SS Brandon Marsh (L) CF Max Stassi (R ) C Adam Eaton (L) RF Jack Mayfield (R ) 3B Jaime Barria (R ) P TWINS Max Kepler (L) RF Brent Rooker (R ) LF Josh Donaldson (R ) DH Miguel Sano (R ) 1B Jake Cave (L) CF Willians Astudillo (R ) 3B Nick Gordon (L) 2B Ryan Jeffers (R ) C Andrelton Simmons (R ) SS Ober P *What 'Toi! Toi! Toi!' means. Another definition.
  12. Vaccines don't keep you from getting it. They keep you from being hospitalized or from death. No info yet on those who get vaccinated then get it, what the long-haul affects are. That's why it's best to still be cautious, even if vaccinated.
  13. You should post your issues with these technical things here. I posted today about that 'latest video' field how it pops up when I scroll down. @Brock Beauchamp wants to know about these things.
  14. I can click it off relatively easily on my computer, but on my phone, ugh ... take too much screen and isn't any better than a pop up ad
  15. Any way to keep that from popping up at the bottom of my screen whenever I scroll down?
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