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  1. Fun talk for convertible drivers. When I talk about driving topless, I remind people that the car is topless, not me
  2. It got that name when you played 3rd long ago? Does that mean it has something to do with the invention of fire?
  3. You know … I’m not a big camouflage wearing kind of person … just not colorful enough for me … but I do kind of like the hats. It would look nice on me driving around in my topless car
  4. I've never heard of that scotch brand before ... is it good?
  5. Celestino has really come on strong this year. I had high hopes for him ... he has not disappointed!
  6. Gio is the most underrated Twin by this fanbase

  7. In other words, you are just trying troll ...
  8. As you would agree, we’ve all seen head scratching moments, although those differ, probably, for each of us. Mostly I think until they think Kirilloffs wrist can handle it they will keep him down. That’s all I’m basing it off of. I find the wrist thing iffy and don’t think of first base as that vital of a position anyway. But, I may change my mind in a week if we don’t see Lewis start in other positions as they said that was part of the reason for sending him down. Whether or not we agree with that reasoning, if I don’t see him playing around the field then I may join the camp of ‘What was the purpose in that?’
  9. If we are in line for a playoff we are contending so it would be massively stupid to trade our best player who mans one of the most important positions. I hope we are trading anyone of that importance to the team just because he might now be with us next year
  10. I think he will be back up regardless of crappy or not crappy. But then, I really don't know about these things. Remember, we have to send down a pitcher by May 30, and cut our pitcher numbers to 13. That means we have to add a position player then. I think Miranda will go down for Larnach ... then it's either between Lewis or Kirilloff to come up on the 30th. My money is on Lewis.
  11. We’re not trading him if we’re still in first. Or second for that matter. And if we’re in first, or in line for a playoff spot, and trade him to make room for Lewis, that would be the dumbest thing ever. He’s not going to tell us he’s opting out by then. What’s his trade clause like anyway? Don’t remember. I thought it was a way less than 1% chance we signed him to begin with, so I think that 1% chance he stays and/or we extend him is pretty good
  12. Talk about mischaracterizing what I said ... I didn't say they were confused ... but when Royce did as he did, yes, they need to figure out a new plan, and that's what they are doing, and what I expect them to do. It's not a misfire, or confusion ... recalculating, yes, because I hope they are always doing that, because they should. They can't stand pat and stick to some 'almighty plan' as you suggest they are doing. I'm saying ... I don't see that, at all as you suggested.
  13. At this point, I'm not going to continue other than to say ... I don't think they've made a mistake here. At all. You seem to think it's all about some misfired plan or expectation and now they are confused. I just don't agree with your characterizations.
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