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  1. Yeah, but a bad read, nonetheless. It’s good to see reports of base running becoming heavier part of the minor league coaching and game plan.
  2. 1) no, but his triple slash for the season .223/.312/.466 and 110 wRC+ were very close to his career numbers .234/.326/.483 and 115. He’s always been a horrible fielder. He was last year, what they extended for 3 years 30 million. He’s always been streaky, that is what they bought. 2) they don’t have to guarantee him playing time, but they have to give him a chance at recovery. I’d take a guaranteed contract too. Yes there’s differences between athletes and normal hourly workers, but we all have this reaction to hold athletes to some different standard, when they are human beings just like us. 3) why does a guy who’s option you don’t pick up, matter if he plays on a different contract? Clearly the Twins won’t pickup his option, that’s all they need at this point. If he goes nuts the second half of the season, maybe they sign him to a new deal, but with AK and TL both looking like legit major leaguers, they won’t (and I don’t want them to).
  3. He was injured in the ballpark, celebrating a game he is paid to play to entertain us. That is absolutely in the line of duty. in the line of duty doesn’t matter anyways…
  4. 1) It seems likely to me that the poor performance leading up to the IL stint was caused by the injury. 2) They signed him to a contract in good faith. Think of your own situation. If you were hit by a forklift on the job and your employer paid you short term disability and then on your first day back fire you for absenteeism. You had really poor performance while you were at home healing from being impaled by the fork lift. Can’t imagine you’d have a grievance and post on every job board you can find what a crappy employer that was? MLB Free Agency is a much smaller pool of job applicants and an even smaller pool of agents. 3) what happens after his contract is up, is irrelevant.
  5. Thornburg coming back for the 9th and pitched yesterday. is someone coming off the IL tomorrow? Thornburg getting demoted? edit: ninja’d
  6. Yeah, I like seeing an unknown over a known quantity that looks way cooked. Thornburg seems decent anyways, not sure what to make of him, but he’s executed well in very small sample
  7. To an extent, they owe him an opportunity to come back from his injury. They have a contract with him, and if they don’t give him a chance to come back, I imagine that’s a union grievance and a black mark on future free agent signings and extensions
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