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  1. SS has such a steep drop off, and a long term deal for Correa likely would be significantly less than 35m per year. would 10 years 275m get it done for Correa? By the end of it he won’t be a SS anymore, but at 27 or 28, he’s got a decent chance to be a good fielding SS for maybe half the contract. Vs spreading that out over multiple players, but none would be SS. the quality delta between Correa and Freddy Galvis is HUGE for and incremental 17 to 20 m. The quality delta between Galvis and Palacios is much smaller for an incremental 10m.
  2. But I knew it was the Montreal Expos “elb” agreed, I too HATED the m
  3. The Twins and WSox play 4 games. If the Twins win out, 1 and 4 are done ;)
  4. Comparing anyone to Cal “Iron Man and MLB record holder” Ripken is not fair. Agreed, fleecing is just as nonsensical as Iron Man. Injuries are going to happen, it’s the nature of the game. I think it makes sense to experiment with different tactics to try to improve player availability. One season with Buxton does not a trend make. I hope the FO continues to try, and hopefully succeed to a greater extent next year. If they don’t, the apparent market inefficiency they think they found, will sure be their demise.
  5. I’m not exactly sure why, but I would feel less bad about cheering on Cleveland in the post season.
  6. My assumption is the FO won’t do any external transactions for the rotation. my prediction: Gray, Mahle, Ryan, Maeda, Paddack Ober, Winder, SWR as the primary reserves in AAA. Dark horse candidate for the rotation: Duran if this is an accurate prediction, the bullpen will continue to be critical to get right. It was vastly improved in the second half of the year, it’ll need to continue to improve.
  7. That’s not really how stretch goals work. If you sandbag it, you frequently meet your goals, but never achieve excellence. If you set stretch goals, you accomplish greater achievements, but rarely meet your goals. I guess I sandbag my fandom. I volunteer here as a moderator, but keep very open-ended expectations of the team as I don’t have any control over them.
  8. I watched the first episode and struggled. Does it get in the second ep?
  9. Winning 101 games doesn’t count as winning, but winning 85 and World Series does? If the only thing you care about is winning a World Series, good luck!
  10. Super-duper encouraged to see Joe’s last two starts, late in the season, pitched the most innings he’s ever pitched. Great to see him shake the doldrums and end the season strong and competitive!
  11. December 1, 2021 every team in baseball has a plan to sign as many starting pitchers as they can… every team except the Twins, who sign Dylan Bundy, apparently shocked at the hording of premium assets leading up to the lockout. it gets worse from there…
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