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  1. Quite the motley crew wearing number one. When Nick Gordon is your shining standout….
  2. That seems rather counterintuitive to me. Good thing I’m not a doctor!
  3. Agreed on the need to get Correa the couple games warmup. Predicting he won’t get it.
  4. I saw a rumor on a roto site that Correa is being put on the IL, but I haven’t seen the transaction. is he on the IL? Edit: nevermind, it’s official. C4 to IL, Larnach up https://www.mlb.com/twins/roster/transactions 10 days puts him out through Sept. maybe he gets activated 10/1 for the last game of season. I voted no, he doesn’t come back until post season
  5. Agreed with the camp that believes Ober starts game 1 of the DS if the WC goes 3 games. If you gotta have a mop up man (optimistic because we blew the doors off the rangers), DK would be preference, but I really hope the FO isn’t planning for that. This team hasn’t won a post season game in 20 years? Push in your chips
  6. And they already ponied up for naming rights of the field
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