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  1. My OCD doesn't like MadBum as an example.
  2. Payroll should be higher next year. Hopefully $160M-170M.
  3. That run is looking more and more like a fluke by the day. The Indians haven’t been anywhere close to the WS since then, they’ve even lost 8 straight playoff games.
  4. Cleveland can’t win in the playoffs, though. That’s because they don’t invest anything into their lineup.
  5. I like your idea, but: Donaldson has good qualities but one thing he isn’t is a quality pitcher. Are you saying we should invest nothing into the lineup? Should we not pay for elite/good hitters, instead build it out of scraps, outcasts, and projects? As they say, you get what you pay for, and the Twins would have a crap lineup. It would get exposed badly in big games. We’ll need to put considerable investment into everything if we want to be a true World Series contender. I agree that it should be priority to build a rotation of 4-5 quality starters and bullpen with 3+ studs. T
  6. Question: Could we see Edwar Colina in next year’s pen?
  7. I disagree, I would like to see the Twins go after one of the top-end SSs on the market.
  8. Those are areas of criticism. Quite frankly, I agree. Criticizing them and calling them incompetent are two different things with no connection whatsoever. I can see where you’re going with Levine. As for Falvey, let’s see how the next wave of prospects does.
  9. They are responsible for some of the players already on the roster, that's true. But we can't conclude anything about their ability until we see all of Duran, Balazovic, Celestino, Kirilloff, Larnach, Lewis, Jeffers, Ober, Jax, Gordon, Colina, etc. Bottom line, the original statement that the FO is incompetent is flat out ridiculous.
  10. Why? We haven't actually seen any of the prospects that THEY have drafted yet. Because of that, we can't determine their ability to draft and develop players. Why are they a "disaster?" Seems like a massive overreaction to one bad year.
  11. You could probably include just about every pitcher on the major league roster.
  12. DISCLAIMER: I am not taking any shots against the intelligence, character, or competence of either Derek Falvey or Thad Levine I’ve heard some talk about how this team needs a change in FO. Is this talk for real? If it’s not then I apologize. TBH I don’t really have an opinion on this. They’ve done good things and bad things, and I can’t really see if there’s a major difference.
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