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  1. One week they almost beat the 4-0 Seahawks in Seattle and another they get blown out by the 0-5 Falcons.
  2. Sorry I was just kidding about the dog.
  3. “Coaches and Players: 10%”
  4. People will praise Cousins for his *Pro Bowl Performance* and blatantly ignore that awful overshot of Jefferson on 3rd Down with nearly everything on the line. What is he paid again? $33 Million? edit: I don’t stand by this anymore.
  5. At least the OL is playing pretty well. I wish it would play like this more often.
  6. I’d better see a more disciplined team this time.
  7. Aight. You’ve convinced me.
  8. I’d have to imagine it’s different. Plenty has happened since then. (Trade deadline for one)
  9. Tough one. Definitely go after a SS. I’d say either Baez or Correa, both quality players and both bringing something the Twins need: World Series WINNING Experience
  10. That was all the way back in April.
  11. They only way they would’ve gotten Brantley is if they outbid Houston (2yr/$32M). For a depth piece, that’s absurdly overpriced. As a starter, it would still be blocking a corner OF spot, the spot where the farm is loaded the most by far. Kirilloff was going to be started in LF that year, they weren’t going to block him with Brantley on a 2-year deal. But mainly, they were never going to get Brantley away from Houston. Pretty much all of those things can be said for Rosario. The Twins had to pay him $10M if they wanted to keep him, which is pretty overpriced for a player of his skillset. As for the backup CF, I want to hear some of the candidates you had in mind.
  12. So, 2021. A an unexpectedly bad season where many are calling for heads. If any of you watch SKOR North, you’ll be familiar with the concept of a pie chart of blame. That’s what I’m going to do. So, basically, here’s mine: Falvey and Levine: 35% Pretty much every FA Pitching Addition from this past offseason has went Now, I made a thread a while back asking whether or not it was a misevaluation by the FO or they couldn’t have helped them all blowing up. Maybe it was all bad luck, but I believe it was a misevaluation on their part. The staff as a whole has been terrible. And when that’s the case, you look to the guys who put it together. And if you’re wondering why Falvey and Levine aren’t getting a lionsshare of the pie chart, well, you’ll see soon. Rocco Baldelli: 10% This will probably shock many. I’ve definitely been scratching my head at many of Baldelli’s decisions this year. The reason I only give him so little is because of one thing: I don’t think his management had that much impact on the games. As bad as his pitching management has looked, there’s been more situations where he was simply dealt a bad hand. Simply put, this pitching staff would make any manager look really bad. He didn’t put the pitching staff together. Injuries: 35% Donaldson hurt immediately, Buxton getting hurt multiple times. Kepler getting COVID, Kiriloff getting hurt, injuries to the catching tandem. Digging into your EIGHTH outfielder option in ****ing May. And that’s just the position players side of things. Maeda getting injured, Pineda getting injured. Injuries to Duran and Balazovic and other top prospects. Injuries to key players will always hurt a team. The Twins have had loads of them. They have definitely been a characteristic of the season blowing up early. Coaches and Players: 10% I’ve said this before. This team has not looked like a well-coached baseball team. Specifically, this team has had many mental mistakes and brain farts cost them games. Arraez/Blankenhorn in the 13-12 loss to the A’s. Celestino making the losing drop at KC. Donaldson dropping the easy throw against the A’s at home. The Twins are Bottom 5 in every meaningful fielding stat. (FP, Errors) I’m not calling for any changes to the coaching staff, but I think a lot of this is connected to the coaching staff. Andrelton Simmons: 10% Why does Simmons get his own spot in this pie chart? Well, it’s simple. He refused the vaccine and was the first one to test positive, causing an early COVID outbreak, which definitely tanked the season to some degree. So, that’s my opinion. What’s yours? Please share your opinion down below, or Frogo will be in your bed tonight:
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