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  1. I watched the Bills-Patriots game last night. The Pats’ offense looked embarrassingly bad.
  2. None of those three teams will be the 7-seed. The 49ers will win their division. One of the Cowboys or Eagles will win the East and the other will be the 5-seed.
  3. Due to the flavor of the fruits of past offseasons, I have reason to believe Falvey and Levine would make every single one of these deals.
  4. "Angels send Junk to Brewers to obtain Hunter Renfroe" You mean this kind of junk?
  5. Good lord. They’re not even trying any more.
  6. For the past few days I haven't been able to access my profile. Whenever I click on the link to get there I get a 500 error. I also get a 500 error when I click on the link of other users' profiles. Am I the only one having this issue or are others having it as well?
  7. @USAFChief @wsnydes Hmm…I’m at the station right now and I found a $10 bill laying on the ground five minutes ago.
  8. I'm no insider, but I presume their experiment looked something like this:
  9. Even after he took that hit from the Jets’ defender, he slinged the ball 60 yards a couple plays after. Rapaport said that he’s unlikely to miss the game. He is undergoing further testing though.
  10. It appears that Falvine need to increase payroll for the Twins to have a chance at a World Series title in 2023. It would be ill-advised to spend a great deal on a shortstop but nickles and dimes on starting pitchers and relief pitchers, due to the fact that this plan has malfunctioned in previous years. Accordingly, Falvine would be shrewd to allocate their funds to starting pitchers and relief pitchers. Relief pitching specifically has been a major constituent in the team's failures during the past four seasons. Nevertheless, shortstop is an awfully important position on the baseball field, one that Falvine cannot afford to neglect this offseason. All Twins fans are au courant of the complications that arise when the team is without a serviceable defensive shortstop. If Falvine is to forsake the shortstop position this offseason, the Twins will suffer as a result. Therefore, Falvine have no choice but to enlarge payroll in 2023. If acquiring Carlos Correa and Carlos Rodon is feasible, Falvine would be astute to do so. Even then, relief pitching remains a need. They are obliged to attack it aggressively this offseason, so as to eliminate any imaginable implosion in the season's commencement. While some might claim that ownership of a closer is overvalued, I assert that it is the sine qua non for any team aspiring to win the World Series. There are several "fireballers" available this offseason. The Twins' bullpen would be strikingly improved with the addition of such a "fireballer" to pair with the amazing Johan Duran. Overall, Falvine needs to facilitate significant additions at the shortstop, starting pitcher, and relief pitcher positions so as to compete for a World Series title in 2023. They will be required to raise the team's payroll in order to execute this.
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