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  1. Those are areas of criticism. Quite frankly, I agree. Criticizing them and calling them incompetent are two different things with no connection whatsoever. I can see where you’re going with Levine. As for Falvey, let’s see how the next wave of prospects does.
  2. They are responsible for some of the players already on the roster, that's true. But we can't conclude anything about their ability until we see all of Duran, Balazovic, Celestino, Kirilloff, Larnach, Lewis, Jeffers, Ober, Jax, Gordon, Colina, etc. Bottom line, the original statement that the FO is incompetent is flat out ridiculous.
  3. Why? We haven't actually seen any of the prospects that THEY have drafted yet. Because of that, we can't determine their ability to draft and develop players. Why are they a "disaster?" Seems like a massive overreaction to one bad year.
  4. You could probably include just about every pitcher on the major league roster.
  5. DISCLAIMER: I am not taking any shots against the intelligence, character, or competence of either Derek Falvey or Thad Levine I’ve heard some talk about how this team needs a change in FO. Is this talk for real? If it’s not then I apologize. TBH I don’t really have an opinion on this. They’ve done good things and bad things, and I can’t really see if there’s a major difference.
  6. To me, Happ has (by far) been the worst as of late. His stuff, to me, looks the worst and he hasn't had a good start in a while.
  7. Maybe it’s blatant tanking, which, who knows, might be the best for this club.
  8. The title is, “The Baldelli narratives need to die.” That has nothing to do with the FO. Is the FO always the topic in everything? Because then if we’re talking about how to pop balloons then the FO is still the topic!
  9. IMO, I haven’t seen enough of him yet. The results, to me, are mixed.
  10. I can’t be convinced this group of hitters will score runs consistently in the future. We’ve seen the problems with this lineup the last two years. We need a lineup that can score more than 2 runs/game when it matters. Nothing I’ve seen has changed my view that this lineup can’t do that.
  11. Same here. *sigh* I can’t watch this team. It’s like “playoffs, the 162-game season edition”
  12. It’s unfortunate, and none of us really thought we’d be asking this this year, but it’s reality. This season is a disaster. The Twins will finish with somewhere around 100 losses. It might be time to clean house. What do y’all think?
  13. No, I’m not an apologist. I’m not letting Baldelli off the hook. The 5 statements listed are things we hear all of the time on Sports Radio, in Forums, etc. The FO wasn’t even the topic here.
  14. Next year might be a developmental year, rather than an all-in year. We’ll need to develop some prospects in to quality pitchers, as well as continue to develop the likes of Kirilloff, Larnach, Jeffers, and possibly Arraez.
  15. Gen chat about this subject because IDK WTF what else it’s supposed to be.
  16. IDK about completely, maybe keep Duffey and Rogers around. Definitely keep Alcala. But everyone else should go In a few years we could have Rogers, Duffey, Alcala, Colina, Canterino, Winder, and 2 FAs. Of course that’s assuming Duffey returns to form and Alcala stops giving up HRs.
  17. It should be illegal to construct a team as bad as Baltimore — And we just lost to them.
  18. Maybe we should build our next team like Atlanta. i.e. Draft the pitching and sign the hitters. We also need to do better at building an offense. Specifically one without holes. Our lineups the last two years have had holes that have been massively exposed in the big games.
  19. And most importantly, “How do we make sure that it doesn’t happen again.”
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