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  1. I would say guys who haven’t had their “rookie season” yet. I think it would be next year for guys like Ryan and Ober? I could be wrong.
  2. I don’t think that this is a rational assessment. The Twins were outscored 23-7 in 3 games. (average 7.7-2.3) This isn’t the NFL or NHL or NBA where one player can change the game. Pressly is one arm that pitches 2-3 innings of the series. 2-3 innings would not have changed the outcome.
  3. I could see Duran, Balazovic, Ryan, Ober, Canterino, Winder, Sands, Petty, SWR, and Strotman all becoming reliable major league pitchers. How many will? We can’t know as of right now. I went with 10 or more because I’m a homer.
  4. Both 7 Seeds were obviously getting smoked. Adding a 7th Seed has given us 4 more playoff games the last two years. One of them was good. The other three? Not so much.
  5. Why the **** would you kick a FG in the 4th Quarter down by 16 in a playoff game? Seems like a Zimmer thing to do.
  6. TBF the Bills’ schedule was about as easy as NE’s.
  7. Greinke looks washed to me. He’s been getting worse the past couple of years. I don’t think he would make a great leader, either. He doesn’t seem to have the personality.
  8. IK but a 30 point final? That defense was still one of the best.
  9. I can’t be the only one shocked at this result.
  10. Stoudt is Top 10 and Campbell is Top 20 in the M’s system. Both are pitchers, (which is what the team needs) and both are set to arrive in the majors in 2022-2023. I’ve never heard of either of them so I can’t say much in detail about either of them. Dunn? He looks like a reclamation project. Not interested. I would probably do it but keep in mind both parties need to agree.
  11. This is a discussion that I've seen come up in a few places, particularly in this thread. An argument that I've seen a lot is that the reason this FO has the winning percentage they have is entirely due of the core they inherited which was constructed by Terry Ryan, rather than anything they did. I thought this would be something we should dig a little deeper on, because Falvey/Levine did inherit a solid young core that was constructed by Terry Ryan, no doubt. However, there are a ton of other things to consider, such as the philosophies and analytical differences between the two regimes. What do y'all think?
  12. I wouldn’t mind adding a couple of extra teams. Montreal for sure would be one place, and then IDK. Maybe Carolina, San Antonio, Portland, or Nashville?
  13. Simple as the title. What do you think about the 2021-22 MLB offseason? Describe it in memes. Rules: 1. Memes only, no words. 2. Everything must be safe for work. 3. No politics. 4. Snark and sarcasm are welcome, but not distastefulness or disrespectfulness.
  14. The FO’s win percentage is 52.7%, averaging 85 wins/year. The two years prior to this one they had a winning percentage over 60%.
  15. Arraez definitely has value. If the Twins don’t want to trade Polanco, then they should trade Arraez IMO.
  16. Don’t forget about a new GM. What are y’all’s top candidates for that position?
  17. Welp, season over. 8-9. Zimmer better be fired…
  18. I thought Dozier got cut before the season (?)
  19. My apologies. I wanted to come up with a more interesting and different topic, rather than another discussion about the FO or Ownership or Management.
  20. It’s hard to be as bad as Udoh has been.
  21. Zimmer is gone. No question. Spielman has some upsides and some downsides. I like the idea of giving him a “promotion” so that he has influence on the team in some ways but not in other ways. Cousins. I would try to trade him or, if there are no takers, bite the bullet and cut him. His decisions caused him to miss a win-or-go-home game. That’s enough. I don’t have any issue with seeing what Mond can do. However, he needs better coaches that can use his strengths. All in all, this team absolutely needs new leadership.
  22. I was thinking about writing in length about this. I might do it eventually, but I decided to make this more of an open discussion. Here are some questions to consider: (no poll this time) 1. Which playoff failure of 2003-present was the most bitter of them all? (in your eyes, of course) 2. What are the recurring themes in these failures? 3. Is the current FO/leadership capable of getting the team over the hump one day?
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