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  1. https://www.tmz.com/2021/09/08/delmon-young-arrested-booked-domestic-violence-charge-mlb/
  2. Michael Rand of the Star Tribune had Dave St. Peter on his daily podcast to talk about the decline in viewers. You can listen here: https://dcs.megaphone.fm/STB1664018518.mp3?key=133bd989a13d29121caaae5e32539e76 St. Peter did confirm that the Twins contract with Bally's expires after the 2023 season. How frustrating is the idea that part of the decline is because the games simply aren't available to a certain subset of subscribers? "It is frustrating," St. Peter said. "I think fundamental to our job is to ensure the accessibility of our product. ... Clearly viewing of our games, whether they be at Target Field or at home on your couch, seems to be a pretty core part of the way we promote our brand. When you lack that accessibility, it's a problem." St. Peter added that he hopes the issue is resolved before the start of the 2022 season and confirmed that the Twins' contract with Bally Sports North ends after the 2023 season. "Clearly over the long term, I can assure you as contracts expire you're going to 100% see that change," he said.
  3. KFAN said he left the practice field clutching his shoulder/collarbone area after making a catch.
  4. Or your star WR and Safety. It will, however, affect players on the roster bubble. If Nate Stanley is not vaxxed, I bet Jake Browning just made the team over him.
  5. OK, this has been retracted now. Wade and Bart are not going to CHI.
  6. Per Rosenthal, Buxton is staying put. No trade.
  7. Well, he does need some fixing too. In 76 IP this year, he has 56 K and 56 BB.
  8. SP Joe Ryan, who the Twins received in the Nelson Cruz trade, got the start and victory for Team USA over Team Israel in the Olympics. Ryan's line: 6 IP, 5 H, 1 ER, 0 BB, 5 K - 71 pitches His only ER? A solo shot given up to #oldfriend Danny Valencia.
  9. The Twins got 2 decent pitching prospects, including one who was rated #98 overall in 2020, for a 41 year old DH on an expiring deal. As one of one the better relief pitchers in baseball consistently for the past 6 seasons and still with 1 1/2 years of control, Taylor Rogers should have a bit more trade value than as just a throw-in as it seems in deals #1 and especially #2.
  10. I think everyone wringing their hands about the fact that Buxton doesn't want to play for the Twins or that negotiations are over need to take a deep breath, 1. Nowhere in Rosenthal's article does it state that negotiations are over. The Twins offered $73 million guaranteed and the Buxton camp made a counteroffer. The Twins followed that up by offering $80 million and Buxton rejected that. 2. If Buxton simply didn't want to play for the Twins, would his camp have even made a counteroffer?
  11. This is a pretty good article about Joe Ryan. https://www.si.com/mlb/2021/05/24/pitching-prospects-college-joe-ryan-the-opener
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