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  1. I mean, you know this is a completely misleading and not remotely honest. Berrios was 22 and a top 20 prospect in all of baseball. Ober and Ryan were in A ball at 22. These aren't even remotely comparable. And again, you know this is misleading. Gibson had a 2 WAR season, a 3 WAR season and then the disappointing 1 WAR season. Dobnak has a negative WAR for his career and was out of baseball for years and the Twins are the only team in baseball that thought he was a ML pitcher. By the end of 2016, Gibson had started 100 games, amassed 6 WAR and thrown 570 or so innings. But, hey, maybe you honestly think a future of Dobby, Ober and Gant will work out. Or maybe you're trying to minimize what the Twins had to make the current FO look better than they are.
  2. I think one thing that is overlooked in these discussions is how bad ownership has been for the Twins for 30+ years. It's to the point we take it for granted. Ryan, Smith, and now Levine were handcuffed by ownership's refusal to spend reasonably. Until MLB created the draft pool for the 2012 draft, the Twins couldn't necessarily draft the best player, they had to draft players they can afford. Even when they picked Mauer, Pohlad was quoted as saying he felt it was his duty to not overpay for draftees. This FO has, by far, more payroll flexibility than the previous Twins but they still are hamstrung. Berrios should have been an obvious player to stay but if he won't take a team friendly deal, they had to move on. They are almost certainly going to trade Buxton this offseason. If I had a choice between new owners or a new FO, I'd easily take new owners.
  3. The replay didn't look good. I thought, "hope he didn't break his knuckle."
  4. Another nice inning. Would love to see him get a complete game!
  5. Rortvedt looks like he should be a better hitter than he is. He has a nice stance and swing. I'm always depressed when I realize how bad his bat has been.
  6. The Yankees won the trade but that doesn't necessarily mean it was a "bad" trade for us. Unless the prospect flames out, usually you lose a trade where you send a guy with more years of control for a vet. But were there better internal options or low value free agents? Cave was cheap, was this a cost based move? But the number of defensible but didn't work out as envisioned moves by this FO is certainly growing.
  7. Nice article! I've mentioned this before but I have a friend who is an international scout for the Royals. He pushed heavily for them to sign Whitefield but they didn't. He sent me a text the day he signed with the Twins telling me that we got a nice little player with upside. When he made the majors, he told me his bosses sent him a congratulatory note as well.
  8. It's stuff like that makes discussions impossible. It's either the Twins had no pitching when the new guys took over or they had a great pitching system. It's either you think the FO is doing well or you think they are clueless idiots. Jesus. Everyone has to go to extremes. No one ever wants to concede or even accept the other side might have a point.
  9. I like this post, a lot. Not much to add here and maybe more of a clarification but maybe 3A) trade from depth. We have a lot of corner outfielders, 1B/DH bats, and second basemen. Move them for pitching.
  10. Glad Green Bay lost. I hate them. SF looks good. The NFC west is going to be the most competitive division this year. Rough loss today for the Vikes. We should have won, lots of missed opportunities, not sure how the replay officials didn't reverse both calls but, whatever. Next week we could easily be 0-2. On the plus side, our punter seems pretty good and I had no expectation, none whatsoever, that our kicker would force overtime.
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