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  1. 8-4, and it feels like we under achieved. Not bad.
  2. I'm not sure I'm as worried as others but it's mostly b/c I didn't expect this FO to do much. To be competitive next year, they needed to completely overhaul the pitching staff and they don't have enough internal options to make that happen. Pohlads won't let them increase payroll so they're sorta stuck in no-man's land. To compete, they needed three strong starting pitchers, which they can't afford. Instead, Levine suggested a few weeks ago that the Twins will be looking at multi-inning relievers and we will probably be a pitching staff where only two or three pitchers even throw 100 innings and each game is a five pitcher game. Basically, a reenactment of last season with a few new faces.
  3. I think this might very well happen. Maybe not all three (Rodgers, Polanco and Kepler) are traded but two of them are but then ownership signs Buxton and we'll hear for seven years how Buxton's salary is holding the team back.
  4. Obviously, he'd fit here but the Twins aren't going to be spending that kind of money.
  5. Bit of the eye of the beholder there. The Al hitters average line last year was .245/.316/.415, a .731 OPS. Except for those 11 games in August, each other month was above average.
  6. You seem far more invested in this then I am. I probably would still rather have Martin because he potentially plays positions that are harder to fill while the Twins have a lot of corner OF types. But your attitude on this is surprisingly hostile and your quick take and strawman arguments are not helpful.
  7. Sure, that happens to most players. He was also playing at three levels higher than he had ever played after miss all of 2020 and most of 2019. He might be a flash in the pan but I hope not.
  8. What's so wrong with that? They are the same age, one is in the majors, one is in AA. Before his injury, Baddoo was talked about a lot on the prospect boards as a sneaky good player who will jump up on the top 100 lists. He got hurt so he didn't, but he was perceived as having that talent by at least some evaluators. Martin's ranked somewhere from the mid 30s to the mid 50s in most rankings right now and seen as a strong hit, low power, questionable defensive guy. They are pretty different players and Martin probably has the higher upside but it's not a silly argument to say that Baddoo will be the better major leaguer.
  9. The problem with the trade is what it means. This FO's job was to keep the window of opportunity open for the core they inherited. They had Buxton, Berrios, Sano, Kepler, Polanco etc all under team control through (at least) next year. They made promises to compete to the fans. Instead, they failed to do what they were supposed to do, won't attempt to buy pitching to fix their mistakes, so they started the sell off. Buxton will likely be traded this summer as well. So instead of competing through at least 2022, as promised, accepting the Berrios trade means fans have to accept that this team won't be competitive for a few more years. The trade from a prospect stand point was a good one for the Twins. We got a good return. But I'd rather the Twins were committed to getting to the playoffs next year instead.
  10. One of the things that bugs me about the Buxton situation is that, had Buxton been healthier, he would absolutely priced himself out of MN. But because he has some injuries, we can afford to keep him longterm and the FO seems skittish.
  11. On the Twins/Rays comparisons, since 2008 (which is when the Rays got good and doesn't count the strong 01-07 run the Twins were on), both teams have won their division 4x. Rays have had 8 winning seasons in that time, Twins have had 7. Obviously, the Rays have had much better post-season success (they've gotten in as a WC three times to the Twins one time) and I think you can give them a degree of difficulty for playing in the AL East, but, realistically, only a few small market teams have managed to have more than five straight winning seasons since baseball's payroll structure got out of hand. And that's the big thing - payroll. Even the smartest front offices haven't really been able to stop the cycle because they can't buy their way out of misses. The Yankees traded one of the best hitting prospects in years for Pineda, who didn't pitch that well for them. No matter, the Yankees could buy pitching so losing a top 3 prospect and not getting much in return didn't phase them. That would cripple us. That's why the Twins 01-10 run was so special but it's also so hard to replicate. Tampa's four years into one now. Good for them.
  12. Don't worry, Falvine will get them right back there. But a way you can find out if the team they inherited was playoff caliber is to see that they did make the playoffs despite the FO trying to trade off their best player and bringing in nothing to help the team.
  13. My theory is that when they came in, they were excited to build a team from the ground up. They had the #1 pick, hoped to trade Dozier for more top 100 building blocks, probably expected another top pick in the next draft. They'd get a few years to create a farm system, make super impressive trades, and build up that good will. Instead, the team they inherited was playoff caliber (they didn't recognize that) and they were put in a position of supporting the core and extending the window of opportunity. Now they're in the position they thought they'd be in five years ago but the fan base isn't happy and ready for another rebuild. I suspect one, if not both, are gone a year from now. They'll probably leave for a different position then get fired though.
  14. None of this should really surprise us. For 30 years, no matter who is the GM, the Pohlads have had a tight control of payroll. Falvey and Levine were hired to duplicate the success the Twins managed from 01-10, where they turned over the roster several times and remained competitive. That's really hard to do and these two haven't shown the ability to do it. If the Twins were really committed to being competitive next year (and they're not), they wouldn't have traded Berrios. They would be in on guys like Gausman, Ray, Rodon, Thor, etc. They're not. They would sign at least three top end pitchers. They won't. The money Rodriguez got must terrify the Twins. Instead, they're going to build an ugly pitching staff where no one will hit 140 innings next year and fans will probably see 30+ pitchers throw for us. Again. At TT, someone wrote an interesting article that the Pohlads will resign Buxton and use him as the new Mauer - the reason they can't spend more money anymore. I'm not even that optimistic but I can see his point. When Falvey and Levine took over, they wanted to rebuild and tried to trade their best player and then screwed up the trade deadline. At the same time the players went out and demonstrated they were actually pretty good and made the playoffs. Since then, the FO's job was to supplement and support the core and extend the window of contention. They failed. Now they get to do a rebuild, even if no one will say it out loud. There's not a lot of reason for optimism that they can do that but the Pohlads will let them try.
  15. Sadly, I think it's pretty clear that the FO is going to go with a fulltime bullpen pitching staff approach. Comments from a few weeks ago suggests they are looking at multiple inning relievers. It'll be boring baseball and bad baseball. Great for the fans.
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