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  1. Any update on Darrisaw? I haven't heard anything on him.
  2. Philly has a few tough games - 3 against Giants and Cowboys, plus the Titans. Conference games are always tougher. They won't finish 16-1. Our schedule is still harder but at least we have a bunch of home games left - Jets, Giants, Cowboys, Patriots and Colts are all home games. I thought we'd be favored in all of those but, apparently, the Cowboys are favorites this week. And we have three road games - Det, Chi, and GB. Gads, I'd love to get the bye.
  3. I'm not sure this will be a complement but it's meant to be - a few times these past few games, watching Cousins heave it downfield while being tackled has reminded me of Jeff George in 99. He started the last 10 games and rescued the Vikings season (we started 2-4 and went 8-2 and won a playoff game) but was always getting sacked b/c our line was bad. But he just chucked the ball deep to Moss. KOC's play calling at the 2 minute warning could have broken the team and been the story, he's got to make improvements. As great as Jefferson is, sometimes it seems KOC forgets we have Cook. I think the Eagles and KC are definitely better than us. And I don't want to play SF in the playoffs. But this team seems to be better than they should be and they don't give up. It's a fun team to watch. I like that.
  4. Well, we can win this. I didn't think we could
  5. That's on KOC. He needs to get better at things like this
  6. The Bills can beat us without Allen. Case Keenum is a pretty good backup. And it's hard to win on the road. And the Bills defense has given up 21 points or more just once this season, they give up less than 200/yrds per game. I have us going 15-2 because I'm a crazy optimist, but this is one of the losses I picked.
  7. Also, the new TE seems like he'll be a good fit. Nice first game for him.
  8. A few thoughts. Washington was a bad match-up problem for our offense b/c that D-line is really, really good. They might be the best line we see until the playoffs. At the same time, their secondary isn't bad and St. Juice (sp) is really coming into his own and played well against Jefferson. So we had match-up problems all day. We still won. It was a bit concerning that we had that great opening drive, Washington adjusted their defense, and we couldn't do much for two quarters. KOC probably needs to understand defenses a bit more so he can adjust quicker? Not sure but it seemed like we were just banging our head constantly for most of the game, absent the first drive and the last, what, seven minutes? I don't think this defense is great but they are getting better. That's really encouraging. I don't like 3-4 defenses but the coaching staff is clearly working on improving things. So, good for them. And, outside of the kicker, special teams has become a strength. This is nice to see. I figure we finish with the second best record in the NFC.
  9. More crazy chess news. Former world chess champion Antatoly Karpov is hospitalized after a pretty nasty fall. Karpov is a national hero in Russia. He became world champion after Bobby Fischer refused to defend his title in the 70s and held the title for about a decade, until Gerry Kasparov became champion. Those two were the unquestioned best two players of the 80s and most of the 90s. In Putin's Russia, Karpov is a member of the duma (I think that's what it's called) and has a huge stake in oil, making him extremely rich. While a staunch supporter of Putin (and the USSR), he had recently, mildly criticized the Ukrainian War. Then he slipped. Or fell. Or was attacked. Or nothing happened and he's fine. https://www.businessinsider.com/anatoly-karpov-russia-criticized-ukraine-war-serious-head-injuries-reports-2022-11
  10. I wonder how TE fits in this offense. We've seen Smith make a few drops here and there but it doesn't feel like TE is targeted a lot. This is an upgrade but I don't know how good a blocker he is.
  11. Fun game, closer than it should have been. I think the refs were probably the worst crew we've seen so far. The defense does look like it's getting a better understanding of the new defense. And Peterson has been an absolute stud lately. Really, really surprising. And Green Bay lost, again. On national TV.
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