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  1. I loved the 2016 draft at the time and now it's looking even better. Kiriloff, Rortvedt, Baddoo, Wells, Jax have already made the majors with Miranda and Balazovic still at AA. I don't know if any of them will have the upside of the top of the 2012 draft (Buxton, Berrios, Rogers) but they should provide some above average MLB players.
  2. Levine should go for sure. Not as sure about Falvey. I heard a lot of nice things about him but if he's the guy behind the 5 inning starter plan, I'd be happy to see him go. I hate watching this pitching style.
  3. Coming into this season, the Twins best hitting prospect (Kiriloff) and best pitching prospect (Balazovic) were guys picked by the prior regime. This FO has made a bunch of bad trades, failed to recognize the talent in the system, failed to build a pitching staff. They were given one of the best situations any new FO could hope to get and really didn't do anything to help. I'm really surprised how much rope some are willing to give Levine. And I'm really worried that Falvey is behind the five inning pitcher philosophy.
  4. I'm kind of done with this Twins team. I remember after the T-Wolves traded KG, I stopped following them and just rooted for KG, even in Boston. Feel the same way about Buxton. Hope he wins an MVP, ideally for us, but I'll root for him anywhere. This FO is a disaster.
  5. Mike's list is a good one. We have friends over at least once a month to have big board game days (with food and booze) so I'd just add a few more - Catan, Galaxy Trucker, Castles of Burgundy.
  6. I'm glad you got your gains. I've been avoiding the AMC/gamestop stuff but maybe I should have thrown a few dollars at it. I have a friend who is only buying AMC GME and cannabis stocks. I probably wouldn't have done that but he's ok with it. We actually bought a couple hundred shares of Apple stock yesterday.
  7. Yeah, background noise at best. I'll watch Buxton when he's back and I like to watch Berrios starts but I'm sick of the 5 inning starter games followed by a parade of AAAA arms.
  8. This team is cooked but it's also not an easy fix. I think the lineup will be pretty good over the next few years and the team has a few different ways to go but I'd see if there is any interest in Kepler, Cruz, Rogers and try to get pitching back, .
  9. I think Levine should go. He's made a lot of bad decisions over the years. I'm worried about the pitching philosophy of this team. It seems like we want starters to only go through the opposing lineup twice, then turn it over to the bullpen. Ignoring Berrios, the other four starters have pitched more than 6 innings only three times in 38 starts. They've thrown 100 or more pitches in a start only 5x. We are way to reliant on a really bad bullpen. And if our minor league arms are being treated the same way, this could become an institutional problem.
  10. If you are going to discount the best five games, you have to discount the worst five games. But my point was that I think the offense is going to be fine. Sano is better than this and will flip a switch and start hitting. Kiriloff is a legit middle of the order bat. We have enough weapons and depth to be a pretty potent unit. Pitching, bullpen in particular, is going to drag the team down all year.
  11. The FO should shoulder most of this blame. The bullpen is crap and they seem to be big believers in limiting starting pitching innings. Seems like if you're aiming to build a team where the starters max out around 170 innings on the season, you have to have a huge and productive bullpen. We don't. I don't understand how the team was made. Offensively, I think it's ok. I'm ready to move on from Polanco and Kepler but we have some depth behind them that could work. And I'll give the FO credit for trying to build around the offense by bringing in Donaldson and Cruz. But the team has a few too m
  12. The offense already has some considerable weapons. The head coach seems to want to run a Big 10, 1950s-style, offense. This is the biggest question mark, to me, regarding the offense. If the new OC is actually allowed to throw the ball, play at a fast pace, put pressure on the opposing team instead of going ball-control in the first quarter, maybe your hopes are justified. But we have a lot of wait and see ahead of us.
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