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  1. Yikes! Glad you finally made it. I’m tagging the admin so that they see your comment, for their awareness @Brock Beauchamp
  2. I have a crazy idea for the Buxton situation, so crazy it just might work. Hear me out. So what the front office does, is they non-tender Buxton. Buxton then becomes a free agent. But then, the Twins by bidding on Buxton as a free agent, can get a clearer idea of his market value and make the most competitive offer. Possible downside is Buxton signs with another team. Who’s with me?!?!!!!1!
  3. Dan Gladden on the radio broadcasts predicted all summer long that Carlos Correa might sign with Detroit. The Tigers have already signed Eduardo Rodriguez this offseason.
  4. Good question. I’ve seen this question raised in this forum before, and there were at least a couple interesting names that posters came up with, but I did not have that thread bookmarked unfortunately. Actually, Paul Molitor might be one example, a guy who was healthier later in his career.
  5. Same with player opt-outs. If a player is exceeding his contract by so much that he wants to exercise an opt out that he has, how is that a bad thing? But, we don't offer player options in Twins Territory.
  6. I always read “wants to test free agency” as also meaning “wants a market offer.” If you followed Berrios after he was traded, it was plain to see that leaving Minnesota hurt him. Anyway, I’m happy for him and will always be a fan of his and this gives me a new AL East team to cheer for.
  7. I see your point, but I have to disagree. Think back to the early 2000s Twins teams. Those teams were full of alpha's alphas: Torii, Dougie, AJ, Everyday Eddie. For sure. Those are guys who wanted to be in the big spot in the biggest moment. But then think about the late 2000s Twins teams. That quality was missing in those teams, in my opinion. I cannot say that half the players in the league have that "Eddie" quality. I cannot say that even a smaller fraction has that quality. Call it heart, instinct, winner, whatever you want. How many players try to tag to second base on a fly ball to left field --- in the World Series. And get away with it. That's what I'm trying to describe.
  8. The Braves executives did not view Eddie Rosario as a “low end trade commodity” any more than they viewed Freddie Freeman as an “expiring asset” that other teams might bid on. So that’s one difference. The players knew who Eddie Rosario was when he arrived, that he wants to be the guy at the plate in the biggest moments and is capable of carrying the whole team on his back when he’s in the zone. And therein ends my bitter screed for the week.
  9. Those other guys had career All-Star type seasons this season. The only one comparable from your list is Odorizzi’s 2019 season. (Edit; Odorizzi is pitching for Houston in Game 1 of the World Series as I type this.) Anything is possible and hope springs eternal in March but it’s a long shot. For 2022, I like the idea of trading and developing.
  10. what on gods green earth makes you think this front office can identify a potential bargain like one of those guys
  11. Atlanta trails L.A. in Game 7 by four runs. Bottom of seventh, one out, nobody on, Atlanta needs a rally. Suddenly, a streaker runs onto field, delaying the game. The game is halted for... wait, the streaker is Eddie Rosario! The athletic Rosario, dressed only in socks and cleats, runs into the outfield to the stadium sound of Oooooh, neither a boo nor a cheer. Rosario eludes security easily, running here and there in the outfield to do calisthenics, fake dramatic slow-motion home run swings, and short sprints away from the stadium personnel when necessary. Contrary to policy, the network broadcasts the whole thing live on television. Finally, after 14 minutes, Rosario sprints to the fence. He climbs over and disappears through the service tunnel. After some headshaking and regrouping, the game resumes. Atlanta rallies. Rosario’s replacement contributes with an RBI double and run scored. Atlanta comes back to win Game 7 to go on to the 2021 World Series. Rosario is named MVP of the NLCS in absentia.
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