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  1. No comment on the Berríos trade. I think Martin will settle into a position the same way Kirilloff did (I feel Kirilloff belongs at first base). I still like Lewis as a guy with great makeup who will play up the middle. Light hitting but solid glove guys can be picked up along the way.
  2. They turned out not to be the next Epstein, Friedman or Billy Beane. So they can come down from that pedestal. From there, I think we can have an honest debate.
  3. Polanco is hitting out of his mind right now, for a lost cause. I think it’s a fair question to wonder what kind of trade return he could have brought back at the deadline, or will bring back this offseason, that would help the Twins in 2023 or 2024.
  4. There was room on the Ray’s roster for Enns by DfA’ing my guy Poppen, who was then selected by another waiver priority team Arizona.
  5. Wainwright is definitely one of the better hitting pitchers. I'm just trying to add something interesting to the conversation.
  6. I am bullish on Ober. I don't understand the premise of the article that he will only be useful as rotational depth, was selected late in the draft, and is on a pitch count for the rest of 2021. But that somehow he has the most to "prove." Sounds like the opposite to me. Headline and story writers need to coordinate? I'd like to just see him get his work in for the rest of the season. He will be a rotation piece in 2922.
  7. Thanks for noticing! instead of naming the pitchers i tried to use a parallel construction to highlight how different the pitcher plate appearances were. Adam Wainwright's other plate appearance was in the 4th inning. Pineda couldn't put him away. The at bat extended to 10 pitches, required a mound visit by Garver, and resulted in a 108-mph exit velocity to Arraez which he grabbed but threw for an error. That hit by Wainwright was the second hardest hit ball of the game.
  8. Broadcasters like Bremer always gush over "productive outs" even when the outs are made by power hitters. So then, not sure why, in an N.L. game, the Twins cannot plan ahead and ask a pitcher to make a productive out by sacrificing (Mentorship opportunity lost!)
  9. The Cardinals pitcher came to bat twice in bunting situations. Laid down two sacrifice bunts. The Twins pitcher also came to bat twice in bunting situations. Grounded into double play in the first one, and then was lifted for a pinch hitter.
  10. I’ve seen Moneyball, and read the book, many times. Both are A+ baseball stories, but the movie comes at the book in a slightly different way. For example, Jeremy Brown is a pretty big part of the book, but only really appears in the film at the very end. The irony of the Moneyball franchise, both book and film, is that Oakland’s great starting rotation of those years isn’t really discussed. Starting pitching is more art than science. Let’s hope Falvey and Levine have brought back some scouts with an innate talent for evaluating pitching, and that they start listening to those scouts. Without Berríos now, that’s the way this team becomes competitive again in 2022.
  11. I have weighed the pros and cons of both sides, even if it looks like I am only playing one side. There is plenty of support for your side being expressed in this thread. This is a tough situation, and one entirely of their own making.
  12. Oh not all commenters, but some, yes definitely I do feel downplay the winning aspect, and what winning can do for the fan base, and what two back to back losing seasons might also do. Thanks for asking. Pitchers and players are thought of as assets and resources (and I don’t mind when fans on a discussion board do this) but I heard Thad Levine call some players “expiring assets” in a radio interview last week. So I have to wonder if that’s how they actually think about the players on the roster up there in the executive offices. It’s as if what happens on the field and in the clubhouse is secondary. Yes that is the impression I get.
  13. Not all commenters here, but some, yes. Pitchers and players are instead though of as assets and resources (which is fine for fans on a discussion board) and even Thad Levine used the phrase “expiring assets” in an interview I heard recently. So I do get the sense that what happens on the field is secondary for some people.
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