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  1. Don’t forget to select “Auto-renewal” on those podcasts, doc, cuz after about a week you’re gonna forget you ever subscribed, theyre gonna keep pushing you the product anyway, and you don’t want those nasty umpires sending you to collections after 6 months plus 90 days
  2. The difference between this year and last year is you do feel like the Vikings defense can get a stop on these last drives.
  3. Funny, Paul Allen said Jones was throwing it away to no one ..
  4. 33-26 now midway through the 4th - could be worse
  5. Thanks for looking that up! I always felt like the 1994 49ers were legit one of the best teams in history, and they lost a game 40-8 that year. That actually does give me some consolation about the game yesterday.
  6. Yeah, can’t disagree. I’m hoping the Vikings can somehow adjust. We shall see how this plays out. If I don’t see it posted elsewhere, i am planning to look up the worst regular season losses by teams that eventually went to the Super Bowl. I’m betting that no team has ever lost a game by this many points and then went to the Super Bowl that season. A team completely dressed down like this just isn’t good enough. Like you said, expectations should be somewhat checked now. The #2 two seed not getting a bye is going to hurt, too. Unless the 49ers make a charge, the Vikings are still the inside track for that.
  7. If anything good came from this loss, it’s that I’m kind of glad that Cousins touchdown streak ended. Maybe now Paul Allen can relax. Anyway, on to the next.
  8. More employees means more people coming to work downtown. The idea might have come from Pohlad himself? Good news is the Twins will soon be Minnesota’s biggest employer, but they will need to build a bigger coffee shop down by the station!
  9. I compared Sonny Gray’s game logs from 2019 and 2022, and from what I am seeing, the weight of evidence falls in favor of leaving Sonny Gray in to pitch longer. Obviously I was not watching those Reds games in 2019 however! But I would be glad to engage in a deeper batter-by-batter examination of those games compared to the 2022 games and have my mind changed.
  10. Another quick random thought: as long as the NFL is going to allow field goals in overtime, move the overtime quarter back to 15 minutes. 8-1. Feels good.
  11. I get that the review team wants to be impartial, but when the whole Vikings sideline erupts simultaneously doing the incomplete pass signal, then yeah, they need to swallow their pride and stop the game and look.
  12. Back on the Kirk train. Best half of football I’ve seen him play. I am wrestling with this, because I never drank the kool aid, and I know bad Kirk is still going to surface again, QBs make mistakes. Favre and Keenum made dumb mistakes as well. Despite his contract, nobody is pretending Cousins is an all time great like Brady or Manning in their primes. Cousins will miss throws. The line was not great today. But Cousins was really good. He also runs when he needs to, which is not something he did when he came over. And pretty much every play on that last drive today, he looked to Jefferson like we ask him to — and how did that turn out
  13. Hard to compare the sports! But the Twins and Vikings tradition of losing in the playoffs is strong lol
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