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  1. Good points. The mid-to-late-90s is the start of the PED era. That same period is also the most recent expansion team era. Also division realignment; maybe there is a little bit of “divisional rivalry / bad blood” hit batters in that data. Also, and this idea is really out of left field (actually center field), but when did “batters’ eyes” in center behind the pitcher become a thing? Just one more disadvantage dealt to pitchers when may have led to pitching to hitters differently.
  2. It’s no problem to keep him and ride him out, and hope he stays on the field. I’m talking about 2022 as well. Problem is if we trade him, we won’t get peanuts back. Maybe a single peanut.
  3. Buxton has already been re-activated after his pinkie finger injury, and I missed it? 🙃
  4. A pitch hit him on the back of the left hand while still gripping the bat.
  5. Sano-sie! And the crowd went wi— And the fan still in the park went wild!
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