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  1. I’m very excited to see Woods-Richardson have a dominant outing like that finally. Maybe his season can be like Brant Alyea’s 1970 season, hot at the start and end but icy cld in the middle of the season.
  2. I agree that Polanco, Gordon and Arraez could fill the bill and Drew Maggi has had a fine season. I would be amenable to having Gordon play the majority of games at 2B. Ironically Arraez’s best position is 3B but with Donaldson increasingly brittle, that could work out. I’m probably in the minority but think Polanco could go back to SS. After all Twins won 101 games with him at SS in 2019. Miranda also is pounding on the MLB door!
  3. Only 2 of 3 of Ray, Duffy, Syndergaard. So, how much would Ray, Duffy, Brantley cost? It would be money well spent! Contreras is at St. Paul so would be making major league minimum. They could trade Donaldson’s salary and maybe Arraez together for more pitching and use Miranda at 3B to help afford the 3 players. Gordon, Polanco, Drew Maggi could cover SS, 2B, Utility. Put the payroll at $155 million. Maggi:
  4. We can surely do better than Thorpe, Jax, Dobnak and maybe Duran (the mystery man!). What if #1 above was Robby Ray and #5 was Danny Duffy. #1 could also be Noah Syndergaard. The offense needs help too. Cave should go. Michael Brantley or Mark Contreras could be good depth in the OF, a factor that the FO inexplicably did not address on 2020-2021 offseason.
  5. Roy Smalley said tonight that he had no doubt that Gant’s stuff is major league stuff.
  6. That rotation would be a good prescription for losing 100 games. Zero chance, I hope!!!
  7. I agree that they can put together a contending staff and I agree that Pineda should be one. I’m pretty sure he’s said he wants to be with the Twins. I also agree with your evaluation of Ober. He looks to have bright future. What I’d like to see Falvey do is rather than sitting back and waiting for players to drop to them, set high goals and go very aggressively for 2 of these 3. Syndergaard, Robby Ray, Danny Duffy. While not a Dobnak fan, I’m open to him in the 5 spot. It remains to be seen if Ryan is a better choice or needs more seasoning. I wish Balazovic could pull it all together because every time I see him, he has really high upside on his breaking stuff. I also don’t think the offense is good enough. Cave should be released. The Twins should try to sign Michael Brantly who could help form a great 1-2 with Arraez. Buxton in cf. Kirilloff in rf. Kepler to 4th OF or traded. They also need to sign an inexpensive defensive stud like Billy Hamilton or me, Greg Allen to fill in when Buxton is down. In the IF, I envision Miranda at 3rd, a SS depending on how much they spend on other players (maybe Polanco). Arraez or Polanco at 2B but Arraez gets his 450-500 AB.. Sano at 1B. Garver/Jeffers and depending on how fast he comes, Rortvedt. His defense could be very very good and I see him hitting eventually. Then, like you said, Winder, Strotaman, Dobnak or Ryan, Canterino, Balazovic hopefully produces a real deal pitcher. Dursn coming back would be a big bonus. I think Contreras and Larnach could help in some role. Possibly even Jimmy Kerrigan. Good analysis. I’m in basic agreement with you that the Twins can contend with the right moves.
  8. All I can say about that rotation is Yuk. They should make an all out play for Robby Ray and as a #2, Danny Duffy. That shouldn’t break the bank but would bring two of the best ERA pitchers to the Twins. Then re-sign Pineda for stability. Final two Joe Ryan and Bailey Ober. Also sign Brantley for LF so the OF is Brantley, Buxton, Kirilloff. Miranda, SS, Arraez, Sano with Donaldson moving further toward the DH told. Jeffers/Garver and Nick Gordon (U). This would all be affordable and show that Twins really want to win. Syndergaard could be a backup for Ray.
  9. I agree, that’s exactly what they have to have, a 1 a 2 and a 3 or 4. My suggestion was Robbie Ray, Danny Duffy and Michael Pineda. Then Ober and Ryan plus improve the offense by signing a LF like Brantley. Kepler is iffy, I think Kirilloff could do a better job. Brantley, Buxton, Kirilloff in the OF and sign Billy Hamilton or Greg Allen to fill in as a defensive stud when and if Buxton is injured, Kepler 4th OF. Cave gone. Miranda, ? (feel like spending? Carlos Correa). Arraez, Sano in the IF with Donaldson at DH. Garver/ Jeffers and please keep Nick Gordon, he has a lot of tools and just needs experience.
  10. Best I can determine the recent White Sox FA signings or extensions to ward off FA are: Adam Eaton Jose Abreau Liam Hendricks Dallas Keuchel Lance Lynn Yasmani Grandal Gio Gonzalez
  11. Yep, time for a change a/la the White Sox of the last 3 years. They have to pay up if they want to win.
  12. I’ll take an optimistic approach. If they can sign two free agent pitchers that both finish with a record 10 games above .500, then Ryan, Ober and maybe Pineda could be .500 as a group. That’s a rotation that’s 20 games above .500. The offense will need new faces ( Michael Brantley, Carlos Correa, Miranda, Kirilloff RF, Buxton) to get those two FA acquisitions to 20 games over .500. I would suggest Robby Ray and Danny Duffy, both with very good ERAs this season. Then if they can significantly improve the bullpen with aggressive FA and trade efforts, they could increase to 25 above .500
  13. I think Viola is a Twin in good standing. He’s been in the booth in a very affable manner with Dick and xxx and been very personable, showing no sign of any bitterness. I read his tweet as a criticism of management and manager, frankly deserved. How do you manage to pull off taking a 101 win team where Schoop and Cron contributed greatly to the Hr record to a 90 or so loss team. How do you take a pitching staff good enough to win 101 games and totally decimate it in two years. How do you make signings as bad as Happ, Shoemaker, trade away Pressley for insufficient return, cast aside 30 HR hitting Eduardo Escobar, just let Trevor May go for nothing, Wisler for nothing, Clippard for nothing, shed Rich Hill, sign Hansel Robles and Colome to replace the relievers they kicked away. They blew it by not signing a legit cf backup for Buxton. And not signing a LF to replace Rosario. The only way I see to fix the mess with Falvine still in place is to sign Robby Ray and Danny Duffy and re-sign Pineda, hope Ryan is the real deal and use Ober. They still have 5 poisitions that are shaky or subpar, LF where Kirilloff may need to play, RF with Kepler with a .211 average. I admit he’s been better lately but he’s had low averages most of his career. Sano has rebounded nicely but will he slump mightily next year before recovering. I hope he’s turned the corner. Buxton’s a question mark only because he rarely plays a half a season. I’m hoping he plays the rest of this season well and stays healthy and they can come together on an extension. Larnach needs to figure out how to handle breaking balls. I think Frank Viola cares about the Twins and is dismayed. I love the Twins. They’ve been the love of my life since I was 8 yrs old in 1964. That didn’t stop me from being at my wits end when Calvin Griffith let Bill Campbell, Tom Burgmeir, Lyman Bostock, Larry Hisle, Dan Ford, Rod Carew, Gary Ward, Dave Goltz all leave in about a four year period. Admittedly that was worse than this.
  14. I know you’re saying this tongue in cheek but yes, I think analytics can help but they are overused to the detriment of quality baseball oftentimes, especially by the Twins. This includes using the shift too much leaving 2b wide open. Other teams are better able to capitalize on that than the Twins.
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