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  1. The catching situation is extremely dire. Jeffers is among a big group of question marks. Polanco, Kirilloff, Larnach, Buxton, Left field and right field plus Pagan and Lopez. I think maybe Wallner is ready as was Miranda (Kepler has to be moved) but I’d prefer an established hitter to start in RF, then maybe Wallner rises to the top. Jeffers may improve or he may linger around .200 all year, which would be a killer for a big rebound season. They need to sign Contreras or Christian Vázquez or trade for a Danny Jansen. Jeffers should begin season as strictly a backup.
  2. Mr. Joe Pohlad needs to do exactly that. For a modest 160-170 MM, he gets a team that can compete for playoff success. And the perpetually filled Target field, concessions and parking would repay him handsomely. Joe Pohlad has a major opportunity here! I don’t like opt outs but after year 4 works fairly well, although I’d be happy with after year 5 or 6. But if Correa and Boras want that, as Nick has conceived the contract, I’d be OK with it, then strike quickly for Contreras or Rodon. And I want Brantley and/or Haniger too. Shed Kepler’s salary to make room in the new era budget! Oh and David Robertson too!
  3. Bad projection. Kepler is a player that has dragged the Twins down for 3 years now. Enough.
  4. From Jason Merkle on SBNation, a Tigers community comes this scouting report of Wallner just before he was drafted. The field rating of 50 and the throwing arm of 65 would seem to be in direct opposition to your description of his defense as "very poor fielder". Jose Miranda struggled early too and look what happened. I would acquire a right fielder other than Kepler and let things shake out. I don’t think Kepler is worth even 1 Wallner. Kepler is a poor hitter, 3 years running, terrible last year. And as I watched Wallner play, I saw nothing to think he wasn’t at least a competent or better, potentially, right fielder.
  5. Turns out they didn’t really sign him. Somehow somebody confused Jair Camargo with Johan Camargo and reported a non-existent deal. Quite bizarre!
  6. I agree Gordon is far more valuable than Kepler and still growing in an upward arc. Kepler just has to go for the team to move forward/upward.
  7. The best thing is to trade Kepler and replace him with a solid MLB outfielder. He’s been an offensive disaster for 3 years running and owns a lifetime ~.233 BA. Classic addition by subtraction. Amed Rosario would be a good 1 for 1 trade but doubt Guards would do that. Must buttress OF with Brantley, Haniger, Nimmo, etc. Wallner may make a good replacement RF but would have a more experienced solid MLB OF as insurance.
  8. Marshall was far, far better pitcher than Pagan, at least according to my memory. That’s probably why the cerebral Gene Mauch used him so much.
  9. Notice I said, "some combination of the following". I didn’t mean to suggest they should make all those moves. You’re right, the payroll might be in Dodgers territory. I my rebuild of the Twins for 2023 I traded and signed free agents with Jim Pohlad giving me a $160 MM payroll. I’m at 162.5 but look what I got! I did set the trade difficulty closer to the most difficult so that Thad Levine would say, "Thinking about this deal gives me heartburn" and the other GM would say, "You’ll need to get serious to get a deal done!"
  10. I wasn’t suggesting those 4 players for Burnes or Woodruff but merely listing 4 players they could trade as part of the offseason overhaul. Kepler first! I’d have to think about what I would trade for one of them. Maybe Urshela as part of it, even though I love him to death.
  11. I agree, Sign Correa now and add more significant pieces. Some combination of the following: Sign Michael Brantley for LF. Sign Jose Abreu for 1B. Sign A.J. Pollock as 4th OF, possible platoon work with Matt Wallner in RF. Trade for Burnes or Woodruff from Brewers: tradeables Kepler, Mahle, Polanco, Garlick. Sign Willson Contreras as C. Sign David Robertson. Keep Gio Urshela at 3B Get a legitimate ML CF as backup for Buxton in CF. They could also fill in around the OF and DH and play CF on Buxton’s frequent rest days. Payroll minimum $160MM. It would be expected to rise from $142 MM to about $152 MM anyway so stretch a little and earn the money back in 30,000 plus crowds, increased concessions, parking, etc.
  12. WHy not sign a career .298 hitter for LF, a potential batting title contender in Michael Brantley? Then you could have two Luis Arraez’s batting 1-2. Binentendi would be good too but Brantley would be more affordable. And outfield of Brantley, Buxton and Wallner would have strong potential. I guess Garlick could take on the tougher lefties, I would have preferred A.J. Pollock. They also need a serviceable CF backup for Buxton. Without spending too much money for that, they could look to Nick Gordon to fill that role. I’d sign Correa for SS with Swanson #1 backup. And I’d go hard for Willson Contreras. Could Robbie Ray be pried away from the Mariners? Burnes, Gallen? They’re gonna have to move their payroll up to $160MM and I firmly believe Jim Pohlad would do that. OF Brantley, Buxton, Wallner - (Garlick - Gordon) 3B Urshela SS-Correa 2B-Polanco or Julien 1B Arraez C Contreras DH Haniger? Gordon LF/CF/2B/DH
  13. Mudville is located at the location of the Toledo MudHens stadium in the 1930s. This was at Swain field where the conditions were apparently frequently muddy thus muddying up the Hens that hung out there. Don’t hold me to that. I just came up with this yarn because I’m from Toledo and it sounds plausible. The second sentence, 1st paragraph and the last paagraph are, in fact, true. Lastly, Casey Stengel was a player-manager for the Toledo Mud Hens from 1926-1931.
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