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  1. I think Allison is the right choice although Bostock was brilliant, hitting .323 and .336 in his last two years with the Twins with something like 36 doubles, 12 triples and 14 HR!
  2. Who do you think is the best left fielder in Twins history?
  3. I just think we’re closer in the offensive department than the pitching staff. No, I don’t want to assemble everyday lineup from scraps or outcasts. I do think we have a viable lineup now with Larnach, Buxton, Kirilloff, Arraez can play third (as an example of how we have the lineup covered now if we had signed say MadBum instead of Donaldson.) I really look forward to Larnach’s at bats and now Arraez as well Larnach and Kirilloff have changed everything in my opinion for the viability of the offense. Additionally, the return of Buxton and Arraez plus Nick Gordon's great 2021 so far.
  4. If he can stay healthy, you’ve made a good bet. I think Larnach’s ceiling s really high too.
  5. I’ve been worried about Kepler for some time. Unless he improves a lot, at this point, I’d rather see Gordon playing and with Larnach and Kirilloff in LF and RF. I’m also wondering how far Jose Miranda and Ernie De La Trinidad are from the majors? Do they trade Simmons? I’d say yes and let Gordon hit, run and steal bases. If Miranda is close, that could affect what they do with Donaldson (trade, 1B).
  6. I’d like to discuss the way I see forward for the Minnesota Twins to become a team ready for a deep playoff run or World Series victory. The focus will be on top quality pitching. I’ll use a couple of case studies of teams that had very deep and strong pitching and great success, those teams being the 1980 Baltimore Orioles and the 1972-1974 Oakland A’s. Then I’ll take a look at how the Twins can get to that level. First, how did I get to this point of believing pitching is more important than I originally thought? Although, a Twins fan since 1964, the media and options for foll
  7. I agree that the latter are all keepers while the former all question marks.
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  9. I wonder what the calculation is on Kirilloff starting vs Kepler? As of now, I think Kirilloff hitting lefties much better and overall better as well. That’ll be interesting to watch going forward.
  10. I think Bob Allison is a good choice and Hisle was great. The guy I’m thinking of who may be the best LF in Twins history is Lyman Bostock even though his Twins career and life were cut short.
  11. I'm all in on that. When I was younger, they used to say pitching was 70% of baseball. Pay him the 20-25M/yr and let’s build around him. with a solid ERA and WHIP and a 7-2 record. With 5 Berrios' that would be a 35-10 record so far! The Orioles were like that in 1980 with Palmer, Flanagan, D. Martinez, S. McGregor, Steve Stone (25-7 in 1980). That’s the kind of staff the Twins should be striving for.
  12. Yep, problem with trading Sano is that it’s almost never smart to sell low, especially really low like now.
  13. Strongly agree that he should have had to touch 'em all. First time I’ve ever seen that!
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