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  1. It's not my money so $400 million. Since we don't know the finances enough, we change from how much we think they should spend to guessing how much they will spend. I think it will be about the same as last year. Hard to see an increase when attendance was low.
  2. Probably going out on a limb, but I'm guessing the Twins won't lose any players this year in the Rule 5 draft. Sisk could make me wrong.
  3. Between Polanco and Arraez, if one is traded, trade the one who is going to be injured a lot. Polanco moved from SS to 2B so he wouldn't get injured. Yet, he was injured and missed a lot of games last year. Arraez - did he move to 1B because of his knees or because Polanco had 2B covered? More because Polanco had 2B covered but even more so because we ran out of first basemen. Just my guess, but I believe Polanco is going to keep getting injured because his body has hit his mileage limit. If so, his value will only go down over time. Sell high (though his peak was last summer) is this person's opinion but we had better get a lot in return. I could be totally wrong on Polanco. Our new medical person could get his first test in predicting which injuries are chronic.
  4. Jair Camargo signing is excellent both for the Twins and Camargo. He immediately returns to being the top catching prospect for the Twins (Cardenas is a bit below him) and has a clear path to MLB by resigning, much more so than with anyone else.
  5. I was one of the few that said not to put Lewis in CF for the Twins UNLESS they play him there in the minors. This was the worst decision the front office made in 2022. They played Lewis in CF with the Saints only a couple games and kept playing him at SS. That being said, with 20-30 games in CF with the Saints, I think Lewis would be a very good CF. If the Twins sign Correa, Lewis will be in the OF and will play CF when Buxton isn't playing IMO. Position him deep in CF so he doesn't crash into walls. He has the speed to charge up and make catches.
  6. I don't want to offer an opt out on a long-term deal. Correa gets a career ending injury and your internal cap has just been reduced by $25-$30 million. I would love to see Correa on the Twins for the next 5 years though. It really changes everything for the roster for 2023. Lewis immediately changes to the OF instead of SS and I can see this triggering a Kepler trade as Larnach/Wallner would be the future in the other OF position and we could use his $ elsewhere.
  7. Now, which of these guys also add defense or speed to their hitting? Rodriguez is definitely the best at both. Cardenas is probably the next best defensively. Other guys who steal bases - Helman clearly up there and then Julien. Maybe I'm wrong but it seems we don't develop enough players who are great defenders and can hit some.
  8. I hope you are right and the ankle/back/knee/etc are all fine next year. He has put a lot of miles on his body as he played all the time in previous years.
  9. Except Polanco's issue defensively last year, as well just playing, was an injured back. That and age don't usually disappear every other year. Hope I'm wrong but I think Polanco is someone who will battle injuries throughout the rest of his career.
  10. Pagan's "good" numbers at the end of last year were mostly in mop-up type situations. His numbers with two strikes on the batter had to be horrible. Do I think his problems could be mental? Yes. Do I think he has or will fix that? No. Three bad years so three strikes and he should be out.
  11. If the Twins would sign Nimmo to play RF (and backup in CF) like I want, I could see Kepler and Gordon being traded for pitching. I believe Farmer also plays LF and could play there, especially against LH's. Farmer at SS until Lewis returns, and sign Abreu and Rodon.
  12. Because the Twins don't think he will duplicate 2022 again (as you said yourself, he "overperformed") and think Miranda's offense will be far superior, plus his defense will be at least average at 3B if he plays every day there. We'll see who is correct after 2023.
  13. None of this says Pagan is on the opening day roster. If he is, I won't be happy. Maybe the Twins wait until all the relievers are signed and get better value for a team desperate for a reliever who can throw hard.
  14. I'm thinking this means the Reds were taking Legumina in the Rule 5 draft. So the Twins turned that into Kyle Farmer rather than cash. Twins seem to be making moves so maybe there are a lot of moves this offseason....................
  15. Rooker claimed by the A's. He does great in AAA but not the majors. I didn't want the Twins to get him back.
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